You May Not Like Clayton But Others Do

August 26th, 2008
Chucky claims other teams are screaming for Michael Claytons services.

Chucky claims other teams want Michael Clayton's services.

Michael Clayton is a lightning rod for Bucs fans. Even Joe admits getting frustrated by watching the former first round pick drop balls that are right off his hands.

Well, if you believe Chucky, there are enough teams out there that like him, even like him enough to trade for him. Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times writes that Chucky seems a bit defensive at the criticism leveled at Clayton, who is in the final year of his contract with the Bucs.

“I’m interested in Clayton, too. I don’t care who else is,” coach Jon Gruden said Monday. “We’re going to keep our best players, and I’ll leave it at that. We’ve had a real competitive camp, and Mike has done some good things. People call all the time about all kinds of things.”

Stroud suggests the Bucs might trade Clayton because they have “a surplus of pass catchers.”

Sure, they have a surplus. A surplus of low-rent receivers. Wide receiver is easily the weakest position on the Bucs. Clayton is marginally average. They need him, especially if Joey Galloway continues to nurse his groin all season.

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