Too Much Fawning Over Offensive Line

August 11th, 2008
The praise for Bill Muirs offensive line in Saturdays win over Miami may be a bit much.

The praise for Bill Muir's offensive line in Saturday's win over Miami may be a bit much.

Joe did some quick glancing at the various MSM reports on the Bucs first preseason game with Miami Saturday. Most gave glowing accounts of how the offensive line was so solid, one such piece penned by one of our favorite Tampa Bay area scribe, eye-RAH Kaufman. For some reason the numbers don’t show that.

Joe is not a stat geek. It pains him to read all the mathematical gymnastics that some geeks use as a crutch in baseball arguments, using formulas such as OBGYN and the like. But if the Bucs offensive line was so dominant Saturday, why did Bucs running backs rush for slightly over three yards a carry?

Granted, three yards a pop isn’t too bad. But the Bucs offensive line is supposed to be a strength and run blocking its forte. They were facing the worst team in the NFL last year. I mean, Bill Parcells is a good football man but he’s not a miracle worker.

It just seems the fawning praise of the offensive line from Saturday’s game was a bit much. Not bad, but nothing that will make people forget the Oakland Raiders offensive line of the 1970s.

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