THE PESSIMIST: The Absurd NFL Preseason

August 22nd, 2008

It was frustrating enough for Joe to learn of Bucs guard Davin Joseph breaking a foot earlier this week. Hey, it’s football, injuries happen. But then it was further aggravating to know that Joseph’s injury took place in a worthless preseason game.

Worthless, that is, unless you’re a member of the Family Glazer. Only in the NFL can owners of a business extort top dollar for tickets, beer, food, parking, etc. on a horribly inferior product and still draw 63,365 saps on a Sunday evening.

The fact the NFL even plays these abortions is beyond the pale. But to lose players, good players, to this tripe is the highest order of lunacy.

But brace yourself Bucs fans, still it gets worse. Really: Joseph broke his foot late in the second quarter on an extra point. Yes, an extra point. In a preseason game!

Just what in the name of Rich Kotite was Chucky or special teams coach Richard Bisaccia doing with Joseph playing on an extra point attempt in a glorified scrimmage of a preseason game? Can you imagine?

Consider, some alleged learned soul of a football coach sat in a discussion and was of a mind that the Bucs’ best guard needed extra work on the extra point team.  Late in the second quarter no less.

In some circles, this would be enough to provoke a mental health evaluation of an assistant coach. But with Chucky, such a move is enough that the special teams coach is promoted to “associate head coach!”

Earlier this week, Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe ran a story about how the NFL commissioner (whose hot wife is Fox News anchorbabe Jane Skinner) wants to extend the NFL season to 18 games which would eliminate two preseason games.

Goodell could do away with all of the preseason monstrosities. There is no need whatsoever to play these preseason games. Coaches can evaluate players in practice. If they need to see different teams they can schedule scrimmages with other teams, as has been the practice for years.

The fact the NFL extorts fans with these garbage games is enough to warrant an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission.

Meanwhile, enjoy Mrs. Roger Goodell talking naughty.

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