THE PESSIMIST: Sapp Has New Job; BSPN Loses

August 27th, 2008
Joe is more impressed with Warren Sapp working for the NFL Network than he is working for some terribly lame dancing show.

Joe is more impressed with Warren Sapp working for the NFL Network than he is competing on a terribly lame dancing show.

Joe is not much of a Warren Sapp fan. In fact, Joe is not a Warren Sapp fan. So when Joe learned that the former Bucs great defensive tackle is going to compete on Dancing with the Stars, Joe shrugged his shoulders.

Why? Because Joe hates that tripe of a television show much more than Sapp. Can there be a more worthless reality show on broadcast television (Joe apologizes for the redundancy of the phrase “worthless reality show.”)

In short, any guy who watches that really needs to take a peek and see that his mantools haven’t been surgically removed while he was sleeping. A Sam Kinison skit springs to mind. The fact that a jerk like Sapp is appearing on arguably the worst TV show this side of “Mama’s Family” didn’t mean much to Joe. Eh.

But now Joe has learned Sapp has another new gig on the NFL Network. Seems as though the NFL Network is going to do battle with BSPN on Sunday mornings with a three-hour pregame show and Sapp with be one of the analysts. Anything, and I do mean anything, the NFL Network does blows the four-letter network away. Anyone who has ever watched the NFL Network’s draft coverage knows what Joe means.

(Memo to alleged sports fans in the Tampa Bay area that have Out House Networks: There are five ways to get television piped into your home. Four of those five have NFL Network. Only Out House Networks doesn’t. So what’s your excuse? Let me guess, you enjoy watching the eighth update of the day of the Brandon city park getting a new swing set on Bay Sludge 9?)

The funny thing about this new NFL Network show is that it begins at 10 a.m. What is BSPN broadcasting at 10 a.m.? The Mike Lupica Show.

Joe might actually watch this NFL Network show, even though he long ago quit watching pregame blather. Sleeping off a long day of college football and adult beverage consumption is more valuable than learning about Kyle Boller playing hopscotch with his cousins on his day off. Even if the lovely Bonnie Bernstein is reporting.

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  1. auger Says:

    WHAT? you don’t like ESPN’s NFL coverage?