Oh, When The Saints …

August 19th, 2008
Shockey And The Saints Are Struggling Through The Preseason

Shockey And The Saints Are Struggling Through The Preseason

Joe continues to track the Saints, whose defense was awful in a preseason loss, 31-27, against Houston at the Superdome on Saturday.  The Bucs open the regular season In New Orleans on Sept. 7.

The Texans marched to  touchdowns on their first two drives, and quarterback Matt Schaub lit up the Saints in the first half, 14-of-16 for 187 yards and two touchdowns.

Saints Coach Sean Payton didn’t hold back when talking to the Times Picayune.

Payton had barely anything positive to say about his team after the game. He emphasized the Saints’ mistakes on defense, including missed assignments, lack of quarterback pressure and allowing big passing plays.

“It was just frustrating to watch,” Payton said. “It was painful to watch that game tonight. It was painful.”

In his weekly blog for the Times Picayune, new Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma dejectedly talked about how his defense couldn’t get off the field.

Joe’s liking the disarray in Saints camp. Tight end Jeremy Shockey has yet to play in preseason, as he continues to recover from foot, ankle and knee injuries suffered last year.

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