Lynch Returns Sunday With Pats

August 16th, 2008
Having John Lynch On His Team Won't Erase The Stink That Hovers Around Coach Belichick

Having John Lynch Won't Clear The Stink That Hovers Around Coach Belichick

Belichick: So Johnny, we just signed you for $1.5 million. Yeah, Yeah, I know you’re a Hall of Famer and maybe you’ll behead Laveraneus Coles on a Favre overthrow. But let’s talk business. You spent four years in Denver, and they look like contenders this season. So where should I hang digital video cameras at the new Mile High?

John Lynch: Coach, I just want to play good football and help out in the community. I think we’re better than Denver anyway. Don’t you think?

Belichick: Come to my office after practice.

It makes Joe sick to see good-guy legend John Lynch join the likes of the Cheatriots.

Oh, well. Let’s hope No. 47 does a curtain call Sunday for the Bucs faithful, and proudly wears the Bucco Bruce hat to Canton one day.

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