Luke Petitgout Must Have Been in Pain

August 20th, 2008
Luke Petitgout must have been in some serious pain if he couldnt recover from injuries while taking roids.

Luke Petitgout must have been in some serious pain if he couldn't recover while taking 'roids.

The Bucs released tackle Luke Petitgout over the weekend. Aside from the Glazers’ money, he was no big loss. Last year he had a hurt back, and when he did play he later had a bum knee. As a result, Petitgout never returned to the lineup.

It seems he wasn’t faking. He really wasn’t faking. Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune notes that Petitgout got popped for ‘roids.

Petitgout must serve a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s steroid policy, according to Greg Aiello, the NFL’s Senior Vice President of Public Relations.

Generally ‘roids enable a body to bounce back quicker from injuries. The fact Petitgout could not, even while ‘roiding up, suggests the guy was in a significant amount of pain.

Of course, Chucky said the timing of Petitgout’s release had nothing to do with his testing positive for steroids. Uh, huh. Given the fact Chucky didn’t know his best offensive lineman had surgery for a broken foot, one wonders about Chucky’s inner clock.

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