It Pays to Play Madden

August 25th, 2008
Joe would be smiling like Jeremy Zuttah too if playing Madden helped him block John Henderson.

Joe would be smiling like Jeremy Zuttah, too, if playing Madden helped him block John Henderson.

Sometimes, Joe feels left out. He never got into the Madden video game craze. Joe has nothing against it. In fact, playing video football sounds like fun.

Just like its namesake, Madden apparently helps develop good football players. Real football players that is, not just virtual.

There wasn’t much notable about rookie offensive lineman Jeremy Zuttah Saturday night. That’s a good thing. That means the lineman was doing his job.

Zuttah, a third round pick out of Rutgers, was playing in place of the injured Davin Joseph. Zuttah had to line up against stud All-Pro John Henderson of the Jags. Zuttah did well, but the rookie had a trick up his sleeve, so he told Brant James of the St. Petersburg Times.

“I’ve been playing Madden, and I always pick John Henderson on my teams.”

There’s a lesson for you young football players: When Mom is screaming at you to quit playing video games and get outside, tell her you are doing research for your football team.

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