Depth Not Always an Asset

August 29th, 2008
Joe doesnt believe having depth at receiver like Maurice Stovall is an asset.

Joe doesn't believe having depth at receiver like Maurice Stovall is an asset.

Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune writes that the Bucs consider their wide receiver corps to be an asset, not a liability, because of what they perceive to be a deep position.

Joe believes this to be nonsense.

Are the Bucs deep at receiver? Sure. But if the receivers are a bunch of underperformers, over-the-hill graybeards or guys who seem to be more hurt than healthy. What good are they?

In blunt terms, the Bucs are rich with garbage at receiver.

Look, Joe loves Joey Galloway. But let’s be honest here: The guy is nearly 37 and has a bum groin (so Joe is told). When healthy, he is clearly the Bucs best receiver, but he’s one instant away from going down with another muscle pull, which, sadly, he has a bad habit of doing.

Antonio Bryant could be a stud, but he’s a head case. Do you really want to bank a playoff run on a guy that has proven over the years to be less than stable?

Ike Hilliard (32) is OK. At best he’s average.

Michael Clayton has tried his best over the years to play himself out of a job. Sure he runs great routes and is a good blocker. But if you can’t haul the ball in, what good is the route? And you can pull a guy off the street that can be a good blocking receiver.

Maurice Stovall, given Clayton’s continued struggles, can’t unseat Clayton. What does that tell you?

Sure the Bucs may be deep at receiver. Deep in ca-ca. Sort of like what continues to come out of Chucky’s mouth.

Meanwhile, enjoy some of Galloway’s top plays from last year, courtesy of the NFL Network.

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