Clayton Needs Garcia

August 23rd, 2008
Clayton should draft a thank you note to Garcia. The veteran QB is being very patient with Clayton's inconsistent play.

Michael Clayton should draft a thank you note to Jeff Garcia.

Like the rest of you, Joe dropped F-bombs when Michael Clayton dropped the first pass thrown his way by Jeff Garcia in the Bucs preseason loss against Jacksonville on Saturday. It was right in the numbers. Then Clayton missed a block on a wide receiver screen for Maurice Stovall.

Joe was screaming to cut Clayton’s ass.

But unlike many veteran quarterbacks, Garcia showed confidence in Clayton, looking for him deep right away and then later hitting him over the middle in traffic on a key third down. Then it was back to Clayton for the Bucs’ first touchdown. 

Joe rescinded his call for Clayton’s head.

Garcia knows he needs this guy to have a good season, and he’s willing to work to restore his confidence. Jeff’s a true leader, even if he lets Carmella tie him up sometimes.

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