Price Says Haynesworth Is Not “A Butthole”

November 13th, 2011

If Joe’s going to try and find a glimmer of light from the crushing by the Texans today, it would be starting undertackle Albert Haynesworth.

Big No. 95 contributed.

He had five tackles and blocked a point-after in the first quarter. (Joe didn’t see who blocked the PAT, but the Buccaneers Radio Network reported it was Haynesworth). Haynesworth got penetration and looked to be giving consistent effort. At least he looked like a live body and a solid pickup at a position where the Bucs are terribly thin.  The CBS cameras even caught Haynesworth interacting in an interested and professional manner with defensive line coach Keith Millard on the sidelines late in the game.

Everyone knew of the unflattering reputation that followed Albert Haynesworth to Tampa, even Brian Price, who when asked to comment on Haynesworth after the game on WDAE-AM 620 told listeners that the guy lined up next to him is a standup dude.

“Man he’s a great guy. People look at the media and you think that he’s a butthole,” [but he’s not,] Price said. “Everybody respects him. …  You look at TV and he’s portrayed as a bad person, but he’s a great guy.”

As Joe’s typing this, Bucs color analyst and former TE Dave Moore is raving about Haynesworth’s performance.

At least it wasn’t all bad today.

4 Responses to “Price Says Haynesworth Is Not “A Butthole””

  1. Bucnnole Says:

    Haynesworth may not be a butthole but Rah and Ollie certainly are. Our whole coaching staff is full of buttholes. Please fire Rah and Ollie. Enough already.

  2. Dew Says:

    I was at the game and left at the end of the 3rd qtr. Sad. Also sad to say the best player on the field today was Fat Albert. The rest of the team sucked. I still blame a lot of it on Dom. Still playing the 3rd down back is a guy who couldn’t make most teams practice squad. We are so weak at so many positions. Can we please get rid of K2 and get a real TE that can block and catch? And what was that other TE’s name? Is he still playing? I’m not renewing my season tkts next year until I see what kind of product we’re going to put on the field. Lord knows nobody else is going to grab them. I also will wait until after the pre-season. I can be cheap too.

  3. Niko (The Optimist) Says:

    No doubt Hanesworth proved his value today, and hopefully, he showed bucs management that an influx of veteran talent next year at key positions is going to be needed.
    Linebacker, Corner, Tight End and WR must be addressed in Free Agency, with a breakaway running back in the draft.

  4. Tommy Boy Says:

    I heard that interview live and almost drive off the road laughing. Guess it is my juvenile sense of humor. Butthole is just a funny word to be heard live on radio. At least I had that one moment of joy in regards to the game today.