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Rookie Quarterback 101

Monday, November 24th, 2014
josh mccown 0920

Joe illustrates and wags a finger of shame at Demar Dotson

Joe really wants Bucs fans to watch this video link a couple of times. It illustrates why, in part, Josh McCown doesn’t belong on the field in this lost season.

It was one of many times yesterday that McCown looked like a rookie. Heck, as Joe’s written, McCown’s entire season has been one that looks like that of a typical rookie QB. (more…)

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Monday, November 24th, 2014

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Banks Keeps Paying Dividends

Monday, November 24th, 2014

johnthan banks 0824It’s been so rare for Tampa Bay to score a quality player in the second round of the NFL Draft, that the standout play of second-year man Johnthan Banks is worth a standing ovation.

Banks put another solid game in the books yesterday. (more…)

Josh McCown Played Santa

Monday, November 24th, 2014

????????????????Joe thought the Bucs were in perfect shape yesterday. Playing on the road in rainy, chilly Soldier Field right on the banks of icy Lake Michigan, shutting out the Bears at halftime, well, Joe felt good about the game.

And then came the second half. (more…)

Jacquies Smith Soars, Michael Johnson Vanishes

Monday, November 24th, 2014

The Find and The Flop.

The Animal and The Apparition.

The Beast and The Bust.

The Bucs have a couple of stunning stories starting for them at defensive end. (more…)

Nursing Home Neglect Should Never Happen

Monday, November 24th, 2014

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Nursing home neglect should never happen.


Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

Monday, November 24th, 2014
(Photo courtesy of

(Photo courtesy of

A long look at the Bucs yesterday, today, and what to expect tomorrow and beyond.

For this entire season, Doug Martin has been nowhere near his rookie self, when he made the Pro Bowl and it appeared the Bucs had their version of Ray Rice (the football player) for years to come.

Now, he plays like he’s third string.

What a far fall. Joe knows way too many Bucs fans quickly blame the offensive line. While that may not be accurate, it’s lazy. Bobby Rainey runs behind the same offensive line and gets much better results. So the offensive line is laying down for Martin? Get real. (more…)

Bears Say McCown Made Life Easier

Monday, November 24th, 2014

mccownlovie1Forget about the Division III ball security displayed by re-starting quarterback Josh McCown, his mere presence on the field was a bonus for the Bears yesterday.

Chicago safety Chris Conte explained. (more…)

Second City

Monday, November 24th, 2014
Bears QB bratty Jay Cutler once again proved yesterday if you don't have a quarterback, you don't have a prayer in the NFL.

Bears QB bratty Jay Cutler once again proved yesterday if you don’t have a quarterback, you don’t have a prayer in the NFL.

At one point, Joe was outraged. Then depressed. Then numb. Losing upon losing will do that to a football fan.

But there is one person who has not yet gone apathetic. That is Joe’s good friend, “The Commish,” Justin Pawlowski of He watched yesterday’s nutkick of a loss to the Bears and it proved to him why the Bears waved goodbye to Lovie Smith and Josh McCown. (more…)

Morning Cup Of Joe From

Monday, November 24th, 2014

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Start your day with the Morning Cup of Joe from And don’t forget to visit for the 2014 calendar, amazing videos, pictures and cool gifts. It’s Joe’s second favorite website.

Bucs news forthcoming.

Bedlam in the beltway. [NFL]

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Trying to take out a player’s knees. [TheBigLead]

Why are UCLA players going blackface? [TheBigLead]

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Blow Up The Entire Offensive Line?

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

lovie and lichtLovie Smith is all about staying the course when it comes to his defense. Keep up the “stern teaching” and keep upgrading the roster.

“Simple as that,” as Lovie likes to say.

But on offense, Lovie isn’t such a simple guy. (more…)

Vincent Jackson Talks Fumble

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
vincent jackson 1123

Vincent Jackson skies for a pass in the Bucs’ loss to the Bears Sunday. (Photo courtesy of

One could say it was the turning point. The Bucs, down 21-10 late in the third quarter today, looked as if they had the play of the game when Josh McCown connected with Vincent Jackson on a 24-yard pass down the right sideline.

Jackson was tackled at the Bears-4. But the ball popped loose and the Bears recovered.

Was it a fumble? Replays Joe saw in the press box were awfully close but seemed to suggest the ball came free just an instant before Jackson’s arm hit the ground. (more…)

Takeaways, Not Turnovers

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
Bucs DT Gerald McCoy gets around a block on his way to blast Bears QB bratty Jay Cutler Sunday. (Photo courtesy of

Gerald McCoy gets around a block on his way to blast bratty Bears QB Jay Cutler. (Photo courtesy of

As he usually does, defensive tackle and team leader Gerald McCoy spoke about the game, after the game.

Many today will blame Bucs turnovers for ruining what looked to be a promising day, up 10-0 on the road at halftime, only to toss their cookies all over their shoes in the second half for a 21-13 nut-kick of a loss to the Bears at rainy, chilly Soldier Field. (more…)

Doug Martin Sinks Deeper

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

DougMartineyesToday’s starting running back, Doug Martin, entered the Bucs-Bears mess averaging 2.9 yards per carry.

That paltry number has fallen. (more…)

Not Using Your Head

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
josh mccown 1124

Photo courtesy of

The Bucs’ final drive of the first half made Joe want to slam his head against the glass of the press box window at Soldier Field.

It was bad enough the Bucs left way too much time running off the clock, it was quite another that Bucs quarterback Josh McCown played (again) like a rattled Pop Warner quarterback. (more…)