Passing Yards > YAC

July 12th, 2018


What are the Bucs going to miss with America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, shelved for the first three games? Chunks of yards, that’s what.

Joe doesn’t always swallow what the PFF tribe shovels, but Joe found what the well-trained orangutans pumped out lately interesting.

It seems no quarterback in the NFL last year passed for more yards in the air than Jameis.

Now Joe can hear people hollering. What Joe is getting to is that Bucs had so little YAC (yards after catch). Sixty-five percent Jameis’ passing yards came just on yards gained with the ball in the air to the point of the catch.

The next four quarterbacks on the list aren’t shabby either. In order, they are Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott and Tom Brady.

But yeah, let’s cut Jameis.

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  1. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Of course Winston shouldn’t be cut for his play. At least not yet. It is a no brainer that it comes down to if the negatives off the field AND on the field outweigh the positives. So far they do, hence the “prove it” year if not an “earn it back” year. I haven’t seen it yet but with the talk of YAC, one factor is Bucs recievers don’t have the ball placed often enough to be able to keep stride during the catch…which hurts YAC. Like Freeman to VJax goes Winston to Evans. So you have the Bucs often playing from behind and without a good running game forcing the pass (big chunks of yards), with not-the-most-accurate passer getting to ball to the receivers on the run.

  2. Walter Seidel Says:

    Joe, is it REALLY ok to call people “orangutans” ????? Are you really sure the yard counters are people? Really? Where’s your sense of humor. Joe’s been using that line for the PFF stat mammals for many, many years. –Joe

  3. Brion Says:

    C’mon man. I mean I agree you don’t cut Jameis and he’s a great talent and what not but he has more passing yards in the air than Tom Brady because Tom Brady runs a short yard passing offense that is designed for guys like Edelman to get YAC. Not exactly comparing apples to apples with this stat. Wish their was a stat for “sanity”’, because the man has everything else.

  4. feelthepewterpower Says:

    That is the design of this offense. Sometimes it is a good thing, sometimes it is bad. If we are needing aerial yards because it is is constantly third and long…its a bad thing. We didn’t use the running back out of the backfield too much either.

  5. Pete I Says:

    More yards in the air? Pointless stat. Points? Scoreing! Being the best hitting team in baseball is not as good as being the best team to get runners to the plate. And the lack of yac suggests either our recievers aren’t all that or America’s Choir Boy isn’t or both.

    Of the 5 QB’s mentioned who had the worst Red Zone scoring? Fumbles? Eating his fingers?

    Touched women inappropriately and lied about it?

    Nope one of those guys is certainly not like the others. And Wentz was leading his team to the playoffs.

  6. Resurrection of Fitz Says:

    If our running game works this year, we might see a balance attack. Watch for Howard and Godwin having more passes thrown their way this year.

    BTW I’m with Walter here!!! Having racial comments at JBF is as bad as Jameis lying to us. Both are UNACCEPTABLE!
    Also, I notice the doom and gloom blogs have faded away as of late. Thank God! Lee is on vacation!!!! This will help for sure. Hmm maybe they complaint?!?!? First, a man being in Vegas doesn’t equate to vacation, but thanks for listening to the podcast. Joe filters loads and loads and loads of comments. And some are ditched, unfortunately, after they get through. –Joe
    Go Bucs!!!

  7. JameisNOT Says:

    Let me break it down for you once again:
    JameISNOT racked up yards when the Bucs were way behind due to his poor play and turnovers earlier in the game. The opposing team was in prevent D
    YAC so low: because he can’t hit a receiver in stride or hangs them out to dry because he is not smart enough to read through his progressions. Face it, this clown will melt down with the off the field questions and interviews about his sexual misconduct. Silver lining; he plays in a city (Trampa) that is stuck in the 90’s from a sociaconomic and values perspective, these kind of folks tend to forgive failure more often that not….misery needs company. I was born and raised in Tampa but fortunately was educated and escaped.
    PS: we do go back to visit family 4/5 times a year in which we have developed a family game: count how many people you find barefoot while shopping, eating, pumping gas, etc. Hell, we even saw one at the airport our last time visiting.

    I speak the truth, I am the truth, and the truth hurts

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    So today it’s our turn to focus on ‘Good Jameis’ correct? Love it (You’re getting almost as good at this as the Trumpster Joe. Congrats).

    Will say again, Raheem had it right … ‘We’ll tolerate you until we can replace you.’ Good Jameis has not YET shown me in 3 years that he’s a difference-maker in terms of leading the Bucs’ T-E-A-M to the playoffs. Meanwhile, Bad Jameis has shown that he’s still ever-present. That’s NOT my idea of GROWTH.

    I couldn’t care less how many yards Jameis passes for. I care very much that this team starts winning. To do that we need to see several things change, but we all know already what they are. Jameis can be part of that change, but that’s more on him than on his coaches IMO. More Good Jameis and a LOT LESS Bad Jameis is what everyone needs to see.

  9. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Rushing yards and ave 2017:

    Dallas. 2170 4.5
    Philadelphia 2115 4.5
    New England. 1889 4.2
    Tampa Bay. 1450. 3.7

    Successful rushing game takes pressure off qb – better decisions and less turnovers

  10. BuccYa Says:

    Prefer to have less passing yards and more rushing yards this year. ( Compared to last year’s stats)

  11. K_Bassuka Says:

    @Roy T. Bufford

    The negatives outweight the positives? He has only been accused of one negative thing as a member of the Bucs, and not to mention that no one really knows what happened that night. The main reason why he has a prove it deal is because we haven’t been able to win while he’s leading the team, if he can manage to do that he will get an extension.

    JW it’s the QB of the short future (2 years) for this franchise and I pray he stays away from trouble and plays great for himself and our team’s sake.

  12. Buc believer Says:

    @K_Basuka… C’mon, man. –Joe

  13. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    …..somewhere in a dark cave, Raheem Morris is yelling……….


  14. Pete I Says:

    Currently the negatives do outweight the positives, both on and off the field. His supposed great talent is never all together. He gets lots of passing yards but doesn’t score enough points. Yet inexplicably he has lots of TD’ s but lots of turnovers. Can’t control his emotions, can’t really seem to lead, yet seems passionate about the game.

    For the record I supported drafting America’s Choir Boy over MM, mariota isn’t a very good QB either but for different reasons. It was a risky choice but the seemingly more talented choice. Looking back we probably should have taken someone else or moved out of that position. But. We rolled the dice and so far snake eyes.

    But the so called talent has materialized enough and now we know he can’t be trusted off the field too. What a mess.

  15. BrianBucs Says:

    I guess those rare passes came between fumbles, bonehead plays and INT’ s. If Winston could hit his receivers in stride and not make them have to wait on the ball or jump for it then the YACS would be a lot higher. He’s just an average QB with accuracy issues. Thank Goodness that Evans can use his size and strength to get those Winston jumpballs.

  16. BrianBucs Says:

    And thank goodness for those garbage time yards

  17. K_Bassuka Says:

    The Bucs do know if he can be trusted off the field, that’s why he is still the QB. The sooner that some of you fans recognize that the better. Besides, everyone can tell that most of you rants about him are not and were never performance motivated.

  18. Locked In Says:

    Can someone explain to me how “well trained orangutans” is a ‘racial’ comment? What race do we equate orangutans to? Just wondering who the racists are.

  19. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    Those passing stats through the air are only because of the abysmal running game. When you have to rely on the passing game to move the chains almost the whole game you will have some good stats and also some bad ones too, balanced attacks will help the turn overs and help open up the field for better offensive conversions. No doubt the the biggest question marks for this season will be running game, secondary, and O-line particularly the right side.

  20. Buc4life Says:

    Most of his yards were not garbage time yards. The defense kept giving up late leads and he had to pass to attempt to regain the lead. Jameis has messed up and we are mad at him, but he is young and hopefully learned from the transgressions to achieve what I believe can be greatness. We hopefully got a running game and defense to help out.

  21. JameisNOT Says:

    Was Josh Freeman crowned as “America’s QB”? Do keep in mind that he was a pro bowl QB as well. I am willing to bet that his career stats will be far better than Winocheo.

  22. Pete I Says:

    America’s Choir Boy performance has been mediocre. The Bucs are hoping he can be trusted. They will likely be disappointed. And its the desperation of the lack of leadership from all levels in the organization for a long time.

  23. Pete I Says:

    After Winston leaves Joe will change his moniker probably, Freeman became leaky, sleepy or some such stuff.

  24. Buccernutter Says:

    It seems like there are a ton of people that don’t seem to know much about prevent defense lol.

    You don’t go in prevent with a 2 score lead in the third quarter. Some of you guys are slower than you think.

  25. Bobby Says:

    Look, what happened with Winston was 2 years ago. He was
    drunk which is no excuse but it is a fact. If he’s eliminated alcohol from his life he may have turned a corner. He’s been squeaky clean for 2+ yrs now. My concern is more with his play making decisions than his off field decisions. He has the ability to be an elite QB but so far his consistancy just isn’t there. He’s like a pitcher who comes into the game with no warm up. By the time he gets going we’re usually behind. I’m not condoning what he did but it’s just strike 1 at Tampa Bay. I’m constantly reading from posters here how GMC should be more like Sapp. If Winston performs on the field my guess is all will be forgiven. Just ask big Ben at Pittsburg

  26. JoeBucsFlan Says:

    It is very difficult to get yards after catch when Jameis is throwing the ball at Mike Evans knees in traffic..
    When was the last time we saw him hit a receiver over the should in stride? Very rare.

  27. Buccernutter Says:

    The last time Jameis hit a reciever over the shoulder in stride is literally the last throw we saw Jameis make LMAO 😂

    The game winner to Godwin against the saints bruh.

  28. 813bucboi Says:

    oh boy….another meaningless passing stat…..


  29. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    DJax was supposed to fix that issue. As a result of him being here everyone elses numbers dropped because Winston was forced to throw to him. Hopefully, this will be his last year.

  30. Walter Seidel Says:

    Just because you’ve used that term in the past, does not mean it’s ok to use it in today’s world, Joe. Just like a lot of other terms were ok to use many years ago, but not so cool today. Humor is not an excuse to use a racial term.

    Joe, is it REALLY ok to call people “orangutans” ????? Are you really sure the yard counters are people? Really? Where’s your sense of humor. Joe’s been using that line for the PFF stat mammals for many, many years. –Joe

  31. Pickgrin Says:

    Sounds like Walter needs to seek out a safe space so as to be shielded from anything he might possibly imagine someone could maybe pretend to be offended by….

  32. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I was with you completly yesterday when the fool poster brought out monkey references for Jameis. That’s beyond disgusting. And it’s pretty OBVIOUS.

    Today however Joe is talking about a group of strangers…PFF…if they were a black organization or if he was criticizing a black reporter I would get you upset but since race is unknown it’s hard to accuse him of anything racist.

  33. Capt.Tim Says:

    Running game, Defense, whatever
    Jameis went 3-10
    Fitz went 2-1

    Fitz had a winning record.

    Jameis cannot be trusted on or off the field. He hasnt been “clean” for 2 years.
    He conspired with Ronald Darby, to defraud and NFL investigation.
    The commissioner, Team owners, his coaches, teammates, fans.

    I’ve said it for over a year. Winstons decision making, on and off the field, cant be trusted. Neither can his word. I also said , several times before the draft- that we should have drafted a QB in the first round.

    Before we drafted him, The Bucs re-invented Winston, and convinced us that he had “matured”- and that most of his issues at FSU were”misunderstandings”

    Typical of this franchise. They blew it. They sold us on damaged goods. A QB who is now listed as a sex Offender. Who has lied to everyone.

    Worse, We have built a decent team. With another years experience, they would be playoff ready.
    But now we will be back in the QB market.

    Its just my opinion- but I believe every word the Uber driver said.
    But now, Jameis will be the target of women who might not be honest. And with Jameis a proven liar, all accusers will be believed.
    Plus he probably has already screwed up, it just hasnt surfaced yet
    And thats if The state of Arizona doesnt press charges.

    Building this team around Jameis, is building a castle in the sand. The Bucs made a mistake drafting him.
    How long will they keep letting that mistake embarrass us?

  34. Walter Seidel Says:

    Pickgrin, I don’t need a safe space, and I certainly don’t need your dumbass comments. Using a term like that to describe people is very shaky ground. Why don’t you go into the Bucs locker room and toss that term around to describe people, and see how that turns out buddy.

  35. Buccernutter Says:

    Capt Tim is going to be very dissapointed when Jameis is our QB for the next decade and is successful.

  36. stpetebucsfan Says:

    So let’s look at the five QB’s.

    How many of you would worry about Wentz, Prescott, Wilson, or Brady missing games because of bad behavior. Of course Brady did get suspended for allegedly trying to win too much and changing air pressure in the balls.

    Jameis? Would you bet the farm on his personal conduct going forward. Or in the Glazer’s case would you bet the franchise?

    How many of these guys would go out and get smashed with a CONVICTED RAPIST and the guy who was the most influential witness in Jameis own trial.
    That’ Forrest Gump Stupid! Stupid is as stupid does and so Jameis was clearly stupid…and that has nothing to do with groping it has to do with his horrid decision making.

    This year he decided to lie about much of it…another stupid move…and RECENT. Please stop with this two years ago crap.

    Now I realize we are stuck with him now and I”m a Bucs fan so I hope this somehow all works out. It should have NEVER come to this. It’s all on ONE person who happens to be the face of our franchise.

    I do not hate Jameis…the non stop adulation and all the enabling by coaches fans teachers for more than a decade has not benefited “Fameis”. And so I can feel some pity for him. I hope he finds a new team and resurrects his career.

    If the Bucs feel stuck then I’m stuck with them because I surely will not root against Fameis this year.

  37. Pickgrin Says:

    Walter Says:
    “I certainly don’t need your dumbass comments”

    It’s Funny – Because that’s exactly what everyone reading anything you post here thinks to themselves…

  38. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Kbassuka…first, what Joe said below your post.
    There has been controversy around Winston from well before the start of his Bucs career right? It doesn’t matter which side one takes, whether they want him here or not…the fact a big chunk of the fan base that was never on board or like me–giving him benefit of the doubt before yet now wonder about it all, is not good for the Bucs business. His latest antics dust all of the stuff up–like it or not. Unless I am incorrect, there are ZERO sponsors out there wanting Winston to endorse their products–it should be pretty obvious how he’s seen by a great great many. So…

    I ask a simple question here. “If the Bucs had a crystal ball back in 2015 to know everything Winston has done ON the field and OFF the field…do they still draft him today as the FIRST OVERALL PICK?

    I doubt it.

  39. Walter Seidel Says:

    Pickgrin, I’m sure everyone appreciates that you presume to speak for “everyone”. That’s not funny.

  40. stpetebucsfan Says:


    “Unless I am incorrect, there are ZERO sponsors out there wanting Winston to endorse their products–it should be pretty obvious how he’s seen by a great great many. So…”


    Hadn’t thought about that but it’s clear Hard Knocks thought Jameis had the star potential to light up the room. They were clearly using him to sell the show. So it is amazing that Jameis can’t even get a local commercial in three years. You guys keep making assumption after assumption after assumption, presented as fact, and he did a Ford commercial. In addition, these guys make so much money, you really think they’re interested in a local commercial? The big names really aren’t for what they get offered. –Joe

  41. Locked In Says:

    @Walter, please list all the other racial animal names we’re not allowed to use, along with the race they insult.

  42. Kobe Faker Says:


    whats your opinion that because the past draft already occurred, this season to the glazers and forest gump regime will be a temporary “transition year for JW3 and the Bucs”

    They will draft a QB in the 1st round 2019 draft and try to get the best trade value for JW3 because….

    It is already set in stone….

    JW3 will not be on 2019 Bucs roster and the only reason he is still here is because his lies and suspension occurred after the draft and they didnt draft a QB (Rosen or Allen)

  43. Roy T. Burford Says:

    Joe, I do recall that local Brandon Ford commercial but it’s been a while. Hence why I said “are” vice never was. I am not aware of any sponsors now–don’t read about them, don’t see them. Do you?

    I agree with you, a local commercial is not a big deal, but the big network commercials are big for the players and the franchises from a PR perspective. That is a huge part of the business.

    Now, what company would want to put Winston’s mug on their product right now? Even local? I said unless I’m incorrcect, ZERO….and that “assumption” stands! Another assumption is no one (else) wants to call this guy “America’s QB” with a straight face.

    Nothing wrong with a logically based and properly couched assumption.

  44. Roy T. Buford Says:

    But but but…Jameis is America’s QB?
    Oh that’s right, only in some twisted Fantasy Land.

    I think Winston will be around one or two more seasons for the Bucs’ convenience but I think his days as the face of the franchise are over.

  45. Trench War Says:

    I will just say this,

    All Winston’s glorified passing yards never amounted to more than 20 points a game on average. The rest of the QB’s you mentioned had lot’s of passing yards too, but they averaged more points per game. So passing yards does not equate to greatness, but rather with the lack of points per game tells the story that Winston was forced into playing catch-up. Our teams propensity to turn the ball over forced Winston to make up ground through the air. Winston’s passing yards is nothing but a red herring. The true gauge for a QB’s success is in their average points per game output.

  46. Walter Seidel Says:

    stpetebucsfan, I hear ya, but……you (and presumably Joe) do not know the racial makeup of PFF, so the “oragutan” term cannot be used. In fact, is it ok to use that term REGARDLESS of the racial composition of the group? Is it ok if you discover there are ANY non whites? Or is it ok if it is a homogeneous group? See what I mean? Again, I respectfully call on Joe to cease using that term. Thanks, and appreciate your civility.
    Jiminy Christmas! This is out of hand.–Joe

  47. K_Bassuka Says:

    @Roy T. Buford

    It’s comical to me how for the JW situation some of you and specially the media use anything and everything in his past to bash him, yet no one did anything like this when Peyton Manning was accused of much worse, just like JW was ACCUSED, and not found guilty (at least the NFL hasn’t put out that info) of anything but the media chooses to demonize JW but not PM. The media did the same to Cam Newton as well for much less than what PM did. I wonder why?

    What’s up with the “if they had a crystal ball” argument 🤨. I’m sure if they did they wouldn’t be picking #1 in the first place.

    Bottom line is JW is a Buc and fans need to drop all the hate and support the team. Even if you don’t trust JW you should trust that ownership will do what’s right, unless you think they don’t care about their community and team’s image that is. I don’t believe in judging people, especially judging them for petty things they did in the past.

  48. Capt.Tim Says:


    No, Friend I wont be disappointed. I will have moved on.
    After 46 years of buying tickets, merchandise, and supporting this team,
    -I will have moved on.
    I wont suport a team, led by a sex offender

    I have a daughter, going to college out of state.
    With all due fatherly Pride, she is stunningly beautiful.
    Winstons history leads me to believe that she would not be safe with him.
    So Im not going to spend money on a team, that will give him millions of dollars. Not my money, not my support. Its that simple

    I wont Watch Ben Rothliesburg( whos offense is much worse), Ray Rice, Joe Mixon. Now Jameis. The NFL players behavior is making it difficult to support them

    That Uber driver is someones daughter. And this drunk, self entitled moron has put her life in chaos- because he thinks he can act like an animal.

  49. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @KBassuka…knowing what you know now, you think the Bucs would say “Oh yeah, let’s get Jameis Winston in here with first overall. He’s worth all the baggage?” Not me. And the 64K question is do the owners think that?

    PM performed…and it was a differnt era. Whether in a moral, ethical, or legal sense, many things acceptable decades or centuries ago in varying degrees aren’t acceptable now and vice versa (booze, slavery, smoking in public, living together, abortion…from big to small stuff) …and some things fall through the cracks. This isn’t about PM. And what they got all over Cam Newton for last year would have not made news 5 years ago. If PM’s allegations were more recent than college and done in today’s era, he’d be under a lot of pressure too.

    I don’t “need to drop” anything. This is my call. I will say I can support the play of the Bucs QB whenever he is on the field and makes a play. I can support the Bucs all day any day as long I believe the organization is worhty of MY support–speaking only for me. I can also stand silently when the same guy runs out the tunnel and hope he is not back next year if I think he is a moral degenerate and loser. I can boo him in my stadium if I want to, but that’s not me.

    I will trust ownership to do what’s right until I see them do something I don’t believe is right. Then I will simply not support the organization anymore. They are in a tough jam–this will take a couple years to play out. That is Jameis Winston’s fault, not your, mine, or the owners. You pay money for a product and it sucks, they mess you up, or make things worse than before. You have every right to diss the product loudly, and not buy it. Period. That is not judging…that is not supporting something you dont want to support. It is a lot more fun to cheer for a team when you respect the leader of it and the owners for their decisions. There is no such thing as blind trust over the long haul.

    This is not a “Jameis or no one” proposition. The owners CAN get a guy who is not full of all the baggage of Winston and who also fails to progress. I’ve been around, and the Bucs have been around, a lot longer than Winston. I sat out a game last year because of my beliefs over kneeling for the anthem. I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings or bottom line, but I stood on m principles, and returned with the Bucs players all stood and when the owners put out a statement. And it didn’t hurt to get phone call from the Bucs front office either.

  50. Pryda... sec147 Says:

    Jameis is not going anywhere!!!!

  51. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @KBassuka…want to add to you say “fans need to drop all the hate and support the team.” Really?

    Winston was drafted to lead this team on the field. To represent his owners and our community as the face of the franchise. To be the reflection of the Bucs brand. To win football games. He is an epic failure in all of these for getting himself suspended, getting others supsended, for being unprofessional, and in addition to all that, for lying to those he is hired to support and to be true to. Winston was not there for his team. Why pray tell, does anyone else have to, especially in shelling up up to $2K per game or more like some do? Don’t forget, this is not the first dance with this guy.

  52. Locked In Says:

    Lol, IMO an Orangutan looks mostly like my Irish grand dad. Better switch it up to ‘well trained hippos’. Oh wait that might offend fat people.

  53. K_Bassuka Says:

    @Roy T. Buford

    If I knew then what I know now about JW I would draft him #1, I would have had someone trusted waiting outside said club in AZ to drive his drunk behind home.

  54. Buccfan37 Says:

    JameisNot.. a little heavy on the Tampa trashing there. The south is more laid back, a positive no matter how you slice and dice it. I wear my flip flops everywhere.

  55. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @K Bassuka…I’d have drafted someone else #1, no…not Mariota. Another position. Jameis was too much risk, and I think it’s come home to roost. But thanks for your opinion on it. You know mine….

  56. stpetebucsfan Says:


    As Roy T. points out the difference between Manning and Fameis is it’s a new day…#metoo.

    Same for Big Ben…he suffered for his transgressions far more than Peyton…earned the nickname Rapelisberger in stadia across the country.

    But even allowing for the time difference there are other differences. What Peyton did was disgusting and disrespectful but he did it another person in the Tennessee football department and she was a trainer if I recall correctly. Again I’m not defending Peyton but I doubt it was the first time she saw balls in a locker room. But that’s it! What else did Peyton do? Did he bring a laundry list of screw ups out of college like Fameis?

  57. Trench War Says:

    Why the [email protected]#k are some of you still fixated on talking about Jameis’s sexual deviance? The article was about Winston’s in game passing yards and how Joe compares those numbers as a reason Jameis should be considered equal to the other teams franchise QB’s. I’m getting sick of seeing intelligent comments made about the actual subject of the article ignored and have the usual [email protected] corrupt the thread with their incessant single minded shock value BS. They so desperately want the attention and some of you short-bus simpletons oblige. I’m even seeing some of the longtime good commenters get caught up in it. Let’s try to stay on subject. I know it’s hard for some you Adderall, Prozac, and Xanax users but give it a go. If some of my words are above your vocabulary, then by all means, I suggest you google them. It’s that easy

  58. JameisNOT Says:

    @stpetefan: you are spot on with your assessment. The JW supporters on this site have been duped and are still hanging by a thread in hopes that their narcissistic idiot comes through. After all, misery needs company.

  59. Walter Seidel Says:

    Trench War…….because Winston’s transgressions are omnipresent, and inescapable.