Inside Gerald McCoy’s Leadership

April 23rd, 2018

New video surfaces

Get your headphones and turn up the volume on this choice video nugget.

The massive overhaul on the Buccaneers’ defensive line also means a change in approach.

It was inevitable. The Bucs couldn’t keep doing what they were doing and expecting success.

But who will drive the change?

Players conditioning at One Buc Palace can’t work with coaches yet, per NFL rules. So new, high-intensity defensive line coach Brentson Buckner isn’t setting a tone and calling the shots.

Gerald McCoy, though, appears to be grabbing that role and it’s a work in progress.

The official Buccaneers video team caught the defensive line chat session embedded below, and McCoy’s message appears to get a respectful and healthy challenge by one of the Super Bowl champion Eagles on the roster. Then McCoy proceeds to tell everyone why the Eagles defensive line was dominant.

It all feels a little odd, which is probably normal for April. Or is it?

72 Responses to “Inside Gerald McCoy’s Leadership”

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    One of the great lines from the movie Platoon comes to mind…..I tried to post a link

  2. AKick'nTheBucNuts Says:

    When I see him get on someones a$$ in a game, then I’ll believe.

  3. 813bucboi Says:

    don’t talk about it!!!!!!!!….be about it!!!!!!!!…..simple as that!!!!!!!

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!!

  4. ATrain Says:



  5. DB55 Says:

    Yawn does anyone get motivated by Cancer93? #Nope

    McIceCream: come on guys let’s work hard. (Erkel voice)
    The entire dline: STFU MCICECREAM you won’t be here by next week anyway!

    The Bucs couldn’t keep doing what they were doing and expecting success.
    You mean like keeping McIceCream on the roster?

  6. DB55 Says:


    He meant loser. You know joe doesn’t always spell check. Lmao

    CANCER93 no one takes you seriously!!!

  7. DB55 Says:

    McIceCream: weak link

    Curry: you the only weak link around here, you need to be more consistent

    McIceCream: yea you right I am soft as toilet paper. I should just shut up

    Dline: hell yea stfu

  8. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Eagles prolly didnt do all the bs talking they just played above their heads and the coach thought outside the box…. stop talking GMC

  9. Andrew Says:

    Joe, has JPP been there?

  10. Buc believer Says:

    Two words that don’t go together… Mccoy and leadership. Except if he is leading his homies to the comic book store.

  11. Gambelero Says:

    There used to a guy on here that felt that McCoy was actually the problem. I seem to remember that he got banned because of his poor writing ability.

  12. PleadingBuc Says:

    He really needs to stop talking.

  13. KfromFLA Says:

    A different speech every season. Less talk GMC, and some action for once. Make a critical stop. Get 10 sacks. Hold your gap on run plays. Play for your team. Just say’n.

  14. unbelievable Says:

    @Gambelero he actually got banned for accusing McCoy of being a pedophile and then making some scumbag remarks about Tony Dungy’s son committing suicide.

    No one really gives a sh!t how many times someone types cancer93 and ice cream over and over…

  15. Alpha Buc fan Says:

    You girls play nice now

  16. Season Is Over Says:

    From the title you knew this would be a short article.

  17. Lord Cornelius Says:


  18. TexasStickCarrier Says:

    He needs to look at the man in the mirror and have that same talk.

  19. unbelievable Says:

    Scroll down their twitter feed and check the post about the 2018 cheerleaders… yikes.

  20. Realbucfan941 Says:

    Hey Joe? Is this a trap for all the GMC trolls so you can squash them? That way some of the more intelligent fans can read, and debate posts from knowledgeable members?

  21. Bucsfanman Says:

    If he doesn’t say anything, everybody says, “he’s not vocal enough!” When he says something, everybody says to “shut up!”
    The guy has been on this team for what, 8 years now and you expect him to be different?
    Please GMC! Please quiet this nonsense once and for all. How? Produce. Don’t turn into Ayers with a big mouth and no production. Let your play do the talking.

  22. The Buc Realist Says:

    of course he is talking, there is a camera there!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!

  23. IsrBuc Says:

    Its better that it happened than if it didn’t but does anyone but joe get excited by a preseason pep talk?
    Just a bit funny that a player who never been to the playoffs tells sb winners what it takes

  24. Dooshlarue Says:

    tmaxcon Says:

    February 11th, 2018 at 9:05 am
    the losing culture is real and led by cancer93 until that is fixed nothing will matter. you people can keep going over all the scenarios and make all the excuses you want for cancer93 but the results prove he chokes when it matters most and comes out flat more than not. bottom line you guys can choose to have selective memory all you want but facts are facts and results don’t lie…. the great first step to nowhere is nothing more than a good dt being overpaid for first qtr production. not a single meaningful win in 8 year career. nobody loves to lose like the cryin clown

  25. Dooshlarue Says:

    I felt it was time …….

  26. The Buc Realist Says:

    Nice Dooshlarue

    Here is one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!

    tmaxcon Says:
    December 3rd, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    every player the bucs try to bring in to help mccoy turns to crap… they meet that soft POS quitter and it sucks the life out of them and will to win… the legacy of that little beotch you are a fan of his the FACE OF THE BASEMENT years… mccoy has never and will never win a meaningful game with the bucs. captain blowout is a career loser with a smile the results prove it.

  27. Joe Says:

    Joe, has JPP been there?

    No media access to guys working out in the Doug Martin sandbox. Haven’t heard that JPP wasn’t there.

  28. AlteredEgo Says:

    tmaxcon Says:
    December 3rd, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    every player the bucs try to bring in to help mccoy turns to crap… they meet that soft POS quitter and it sucks the life out of them and will to win… the legacy of that little beotch you are a fan of his the FACE OF THE BASEMENT years… mccoy has never and will never win a meaningful game with the bucs. captain blowout is a career loser with a smile the results prove it.

    “the truth shall set you free” 😉

  29. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Nice response to Gambelero over TMAX getting the heave ho.

    There were many here who tired of reading TMAX’s endless BORING takes. He can hate on GMC all he wants…and some posts would have been OK…but when you reach the repetitive level of TMAX…he’s just boring.

    I wish this blog had an ignore feature but it doesn’t. So I simply use the scroll wheel. I can’t honestly remember the last TMAX post I’s been a long time since I read that Johnny negative one note…I just scroll which Doosh is what your forced me to do if you’re going to re-post TMAX dung. As soon as I read TMAX I started scrolling.

    This is exactly what I expect people to do to me. Many here I’m sure do not “appreciate” me….LMAO….sorry you can’t “ignore” me with a button but you can and should scroll past me.

    I have a couple of friends whom I respect enormously. They are ALWAYS nice and pleasant and they shared their secret to a happy life with me. They always avoid angry people. AMEN. TMAX is consumed with some anger that I don’t understand but I’m not in his shoes so I try not to judge it…just avoid it.

  30. AlteredEgo Says:

    StPete..easy…I don’t read boring posts….

  31. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Some of you make really stooopid points about GMC. IF GMC can turn a good player into a softie you should wake up and smell the coffee. That says far more about that weak minded player than it does GMC.

    Does anybody here really believe on an NFL team with 53 players plus practice squad…turning over every year that ONE FREAKING player…other than perhaps QB can make the ENTIRE team bad. That’s just absurd IMHO. IF that ever happened that would be a total indictment on the rest of the weak minded sissy players as well as every coaching staff member…the GM…the owners the entire group of weak minds that could be sooo messed up by ONE player. It’s just unfathomable.

    But I feel pretty sure that’s why GMC gets to the PRO BOWL every year….because he’s a softie who is sooo strong however he can corrupt an entire team. That’s just an oxymoron.

  32. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Altered Ego

    That’s because you’re getting too old just like me. LOL

    But you’re correct if you’re pointing out you don’t really need an ignore feature. Scroll wheel works fine.

  33. Red86 Says:

    Where was all this last year? smh

  34. Bucsfanman Says:

    StPete- You have to at least appreciate the consistency of his rants. I read them from time to time to get a laugh! Likewise, I’m sure the same could be said for my posts as well.

  35. ATrain Says:

    I LOVE the You are stupid if you don’t like McCoy
    He is the Best only dumb fans call him out

    WELL and NFL players, retired players, Teammates

    Yea they are all stupid Too

    Hahahah. Love it.., Blindly Follow

  36. DB55 Says:

    The day will come when McIceCream finally melts for good and is no longer on this team. Then the team will start winning. I just want to be here when that happens, I really want to see what you have to say then.

  37. DB55 Says:

    Well Kwon called him out last week. Last year it was Barber, the year before Winston wrote him a letter. There’s at least 4-5 players from the championship team that have called him soft but wtfdwk? Amirite?

  38. AlteredEgo Says:

    Well until McCoy loses his position to a better player, I believe he gives it all he has … its not his fault he is not a different player

  39. mike10 Says:

    Tough talk in April from McCoy, tell me we haven’t seen this movie before.

    This guy has been in the league for ten years and has nothing to show for it. Not a playoff appearance, not a top 10 defensive line finish, not a double digit sacker. If this guy is such a perineal force to be reckoned with, how can he lead a unit that finished dead last in production.

    The IG videos of him working out in the offseason, or press conferences where he accepts the challenge laid forth by Hall of Famers to lead better are just off the field storylines.

    This is a man’s game. You lead your men into battle with a dog-like mentality! Of which McCoy has none. Kwon has said it, HOFers have said it, and even 93 has said it. He hasn’t shown what it takes to lead his men into battle, and the stats & losses have shown it.

    This team will make the leap only once someone else takes the reigns on defense!

  40. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Gerald “Six time pro bowler” McCoy will dominate this year as he has the added talent along the defensive line to get the one on one matchups that he will win time and time again.

    I read the vitriol spewed by DB55, funny thing is as he was typing it he was wearing a #93 jersey.

  41. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Number 1 and Number 2 fans of the Gerald “Six time pro bowler” McCoy fan club

    1) Tmaxcon

    and a very close second 2) DB55

  42. GhostofSchiano Says:

    DB55 Says:

    The day will come when McIceCream finally melts for good and is no longer on this team. Then the team will start winning. I just want to be here when that happens, I really want to see what you have to say then.

    And when the opposite happens I want to see what you have to say……..CROW will be served with all the fixins.

  43. Bucsfanman Says:

    Kwon needs to work on his own game, first of all. Second, whether you like it or not GMC is the best player on the d-line.

  44. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    So if the Browns start winning are you going to say it was all Joe Thomas’ fault they lost for so many years in a row.

    Makes as much sense. And what if we do win this year. Does that make GMC a good player…a “toughie”?

    And so you realize if GMC retired before the season his reputation is EXCELLENT within the league. But I feel pretty certain TMAX is a better judge of pro football talent than the guys who actually make a living at it and believe GMC is one of the top DT’s in the league. I guess they’re all just sheep.

  45. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Bucsfanman what’s up Buddy?? Tmax would blister your ass with that comment!!! McCoy is the worst All Pro Defensive Lineman in the NFL

  46. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    And once again…Did Leroy Selmon have a “dog like” mentality. Was HE a great defensive leader? I ask honestly because I was not a Buc’s fan then. We just made fun of the Bucs like Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show.

    Did Merlin Olsen play with a “dog like” mentality.

    How about “The Minister of Defense” Reggie White. I could go on but the point is really simple. There are some trash talking guys who played very well…Sapp and others…there are ALSO some decent human beings who played the game at an HOF level without any of those theatrics.

    Just sayin’ you can be a total jerk and succeed but it’s certainly not mandatory for success. Old school guys like me were always taught “talk is cheap”
    Old school guys are used to looking at the talkers and laughing our butts off…the vast majority of the time they were talking to jack themselves up not trying to intimidate. If you can be intimidated by talk and yelling you should not be in the NFL to begin with.

  47. Bucsfanman Says:

    Tandyman, what’s good my man?! I can only picture tmax seething in his lazyboy reading these comments. I pity the fool that crosses him when he’s “re-instated”!!! LOL!
    tmax- If you’re out there, we miss you! Well, a little anyway!

  48. AlteredEgo Says:

    “tmax- If you’re out there, we miss you! Well, a little anyway!””….I suspect a Meeker tmax next times he posts 😉

  49. Horse Liver Says:

    To the haters of Gerald McCoy —

    Please go get a brain stem, a few cells of gray matter, STFU, and eat a few tablespoons of drain cleaner.

  50. unbelievable Says:


    Winston wrote a letter to everyone on the team. Not just McCoy.

    We get enough revisionist history and fake news from the president, we don’t need it here too bro.

  51. lambchop Says:

    You guys have a lot of mancrush going around for an annoying poster. I don’t disagree that McCoy needs to step it up, but for the love of everything interesting, can we stop resurrecting mundane chatter about the same old stuff. Let the man talk, let him smile, let him do whatever. Do you guys play in the NFL to talk smack or something? Last time I checked, it takes a team to win. We haven’t had a competent team in forever. Does Mike Evans suck because he can’t win games single handed?

    Like someone else said, if he talks he’s told to shutup and if he doesn’t talk then he’s not a leader. Some of you guys love to corner yourselves between a rock and a hard place.

  52. Bucnjim Says:

    Nobody hates McCoy! What is hated is the hype that is spoon fed to us by the team and media. I’ll give you another name: Barrett Rudd! WHO? Exactly my point! Another good player who was sold to us by the organization and the media as the next best thing since sliced bread. At least Rudd was humble and didn’t buy into the hype. (Thanks and sorry for ripping you back then) The crying cameraman has been sold the hype where he does think he is something special. This is the equivalent of investing in Bitcoin @ $16000 a share.

  53. unbelievable Says:


    You’re making way too much sense for some of these guys!

  54. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    That’s some funny stuff right there Bucsfanman my man!!! Yeah it is a little lonely without TMax. Maybe Joe will reinstate him when the season gets started. Until then enjoy the peace and all the good things we can say about GMC without TMax telling us he hasn’t been relative in all the years he’s been here, yet he’s an All Pro!!! GO BUCS!!! Thursday is almost here!!!!!!

  55. DB55 Says:


    True but what’s the difference? He’s still getting called out every year. They want him to be more accountable. That’s your team captains telling McIceCream to stfu and make a play to win a game.

    Their words not mine. Lmao

    Funny how for a team game his only accomplishments are pro-bowls. Speak volumes if you ask me. Someone is in it just for themselves, it’s obvious on tape. This dude don’t give a darn about his team only his fckn pro-bowls.

  56. Not there yet Says:

    Lol he’s talking to guys while been to the playoffs and win a Superbowl, I’m sure they are thinking McCoy needs to get in their level. No credibility of he isn’t the best player on the d line this year

  57. lambchop Says:


    Riiiiiiight, because McCoy is voting himself into the pro bowl. Gotta come with something better than that to attack the man.

  58. ATrain Says:

    Hey Two Sides to a Coin

    If McCoy doesn’t dominate with this new DLine will the McCoy Lovers call him out Finally??????

  59. DB55 Says:


    Nope they’ll blame the guys who have SB rings. McCoy’s is surrounded by SB winners let’s see what excuses they can conjure up now.

  60. ATrain Says:

    Well I’m asking for the McCoy Lovers to step up

    Also miss TMAXs post but if that guy said all of those things truly CLASSLESS

  61. BucEmUp Says:

    This entire defense has sucked every year except for when Schiavo was here it was at least close to average I guess, but before that, after that to.present is crap.

    Why can’t we see a little change in the scheme ANF the way these dbs line up?

  62. BucEmUp Says:

    Can’t sack the qb when everyone us lined up 12 yards off the line in coverage. Everyone is wide open before the ball is snapped

  63. bucs4ya Says:

    I’m not a McCoy hater/ lover but I’ll agree that for years guys have called him out as far as not taking over games and being dominate. This year with the FA additions I’m curious to see if he finally lives up to the hype. As a Bucs fan I sure hope he does. If he doesn’t I do wonder what all his fans will say. Heck I’ll be happy if he plays all 16 games which I believe has only happened 2x in his career but I may be wrong.

  64. Drew aka q Says:

    This guy…. every year about that bull spit

  65. Bucdon40 Says:

    Yah, that was just weird

  66. gotbbucs Says:

    None of those guys need pep talks, just let them get to work while you do the same old BS you do every year.
    STFU and play football!

  67. Dave Says:

    No intended disrespect but that wasn’t inspiring. It actually felt weak. I miss Sapp and Brooks, roaming the field like wild beasts. THAT was fire. THAT was intensity. I hope this new blood brings some new (and far angrier) voices.

  68. Destinjohnny Says:

    93 made his money but I hate that he was drafted at such an awful (Manchester United) time in buc history
    He deserved better

  69. bucsfanman Says:

    @ATrain- For what it’s worth, and I’m not a “lover” per se just a fan, you have my word that if GMC falls on his face I will officially disavow my defense of his play. You have my word!
    However, I’m hoping that will not be necessary. Instead, I’m hoping it’s the doubters that finally realize his worth. We’ll see. There really aren’t any excuses, are there?!

  70. Gator4life1 Says:

    People on these comment threads are morons. you guys actually think GMC is our biggest problem on our dline LMFAO

  71. jmarkbuc Says:

    Enough talk already!!!!!!!!!!

    And not just GMC, all of them from FO to waterboy and everything in between


  72. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Selmon was a great defensive leader. And you know how he did it? by speaking softly and carrying a big MFing stick