Record-breaking Night For America

January 1st, 2018

Record books. Again.

Records continue to fall for America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

Yes, last night, Jameis broke the NFL record for most touchdowns before turning 24, previously held by great Dan Marino. When Jameis connected with Chris Godwin for a 39-yard, game-winning touchdown pass, it gave Jameis No. 69. That’s the most in NFL history, one more than Dan Marino with 68.

Also, Jameis moved into third place in NFL history for most passing yards in a quarterback’s first three seasons with 11,636 yards, trailing only Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning.

But there is more!

Jameis pulled off a feat the NFL has not seen in 10 years, per data-driven, limousine-ridin’, jet-flyin’, kiss-stealin’, data-analyzin’, Bucs-film-studyin’ Thomas Bassinger of the Tampa Bay Times.

@tometrics: The #Bucs are the first team in more than 10 years to score a game-winning touchdown after starting the drive inside their 5-yard line with less than 2 minutes left. (The Bears did it in 2007 to beat the Eagles 19-16.) #NOvsTB

Even more, the Bucs had a fourth-and-ten from their own-five before Jameis ended it with that game-winning, 39-yard strike to Godwin.

So, Jameis can’t hit anyone with the deep ball, eh?

76 Responses to “Record-breaking Night For America”

  1. Realbucfan Says:

    Jameis is the man. Thank you Glazers for not giving up your life for Gruden, like Davis is gonna do in Oakland. The offense is not the problem here, ok the line is weak, rb needs help, but hopefully someone hires Mike Smith away, I’m tired of 4-6 losses a year on the defense and special teams. It’s freaking sad.

  2. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Joe how dare you provide stats when Jameis’ detractors only care about WINS.
    Well the haters showed their true colors. We WON tonight on an amazing pass and catch, but here come the haters. “Oh Jameis is trash he had 3 ints”.
    Whatever you have against Jameis goes deeper than how he performs as a football player. Because in that regard he has given this franchise a lot of hope this last month and outperformed nearly every one of his “peers”.

  3. NFLNut Says:


    I knew the first two stats, that Jameis is #1 ALL-TIME IN NFL HISTORY in career passing yards AND in career passing TDs before his 24th birthday … however that last stat is a great find Joe.

    The first game-winning drive from 95+ yards with under 2 minutes left in over a decade … and it was done on the road against a division champ that had everything to play for (the loss dropped the Saints down to the #4 seed and had the Panthers won, would have cost them the division title as well) and was going for the knockout punch … that is awesome and proves what everyone who has watched Jameis dating back to his redshirt freshman season in college already knows … the young man is as “clutch” as they come and doesn’t let the biggest moments bother him at all … in fact, he loves them!



  4. NFLNut Says:


    By the way … through his first 45 NFL games, Jameis also has more career passing yards, career TD passes AND a higher career passer rating than Tom Brady, Brett Favre and Drew Brees over their first 45 NFL games … Jameis is a true phenom with elite talent, elite drive and determination and I am thrilled I get to watch his career unfold!


  5. '79Defense Says:

    I think it’s great, especially doing it with no running game, but my guess is it’s not good enough for those who love to to bash him.

    I have to say, I don’t like all the interceptions. Who would?

    Comparing him to two other QBs:

    Favre: 51 interceptions in his first three seasons with the Packers

    Dilfer: 48 interceptions in his first full three seasons as a starter

    Winston: 44 interceptions (with some games missed this season)

    We’ll see where Jameis ends up in comparison to those two careeres.

  6. nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:


  7. Bucnut2 Says:

    I too love my QB who career record is 17-28. I can’t wait to continue to win 6-7 games a year while Winston piles up records! Sounds great to me! Let’s celebrate!!! Happy New Year. Guys- how do you think Winston will play this week? O wait, he’s watching on TV just like the rest of us.

  8. Jman Says:

    It’s impossible to root for the guy if you have any moral fiber.

  9. firethecannons Says:

    Honestly I do not know what to make of this, the kid is exciting with extreme potential, incredible to watch him on tv but I’m not sure he can keep it together without throwing multiple ints/fumbles all the time, I hope he gets better and starts being more of a game manager, man I hope we concentrate on defense in draft and FA and get good in that area –perhaps then he would settle down. Kid makes me crazy when he throws to ME13 in quadruple coverage–many times I attempt to latch onto a new team. Waiting for Arians, Palmer and all the old folks on cardinals team to leave then I can get on board with a young team.(live in Az) but need them to leave/retire already first.

  10. Greig Says:

    I kind of agree with Bucnut2 BUT the point is that the potential is there and hopefully he lives up to it as he develops.
    One thing articles/memes about how good Jaboo has been compared to others always seem to leave out is the big time rule changes.
    Guys like Marino, Favre and even Brees had to play against actual defenses not glorified, mobile obstacles.
    Also, yes Winston has the most TDs before the age of 24 by 1 but for a true picture you need to factor in the extra 19 games he played compared to Marino to get that record, even Stafford missed 15 games more than Jameis. Suddenly it’s not so impressive

  11. SteveK Says:

    Winston has str By paasjg numbers, can we secure the ball better, please?

    Too man senseless picks and fumbles. Picks will happen, but the ones yesterday were all on Jamwia.

  12. firethecannons Says:

    JW3 keeps taking me on a roller coaster every sunday and I think my family has had about enough, spiked the remote, angry, incredulous etc, too much, like bucnut I could care less about these stupid bs stats, we only won 5 games and will pick #7. No doubt it could be worse–could have cam newton who throws 3 pics and cares less but they have a decent defense and win games as a result.

  13. SteveK Says:

    Touchdown/Turnover ration needs to be worked on

    Too many turnovers, but Jameis iour best QB ever.

  14. IsrBuc Says:

    playing from behind on every game will get you passing yards records, i guess

  15. IsrBuc Says:

    @SteveK – that’s his game. nothing to work on. When he completes them he’s a genious and when he fails he’s an iterception machine. I don’t think it’s going to change.

  16. BucV Says:

    @greig Thank you for pointing out the obvious. All these articles and Jameis fans always fail to mention the defenses that Favre, Marino, and even Manning played were allowed to play physical. Much different league today, 5k passing yards is the new 4K yards.

  17. Jim Says:

    All these Haters care about is winning…

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Last night we had Good Jameis & Bad Jameis in the same game…..

    One thing about Buc games is they always seem to come down to the last play…..last night, finally it went in our favor.

    Chris Godwin is an absolute great WR…..this guy is tough, has great hands can get open and get YAC.

  19. Tom Edrington Says:

    Give Godwin credit for showing us that there is no need for Desean Jackson on this football team!

  20. Nick Says:

    Steve K , the picks are NOT all on Jameis, they fell on Evans too for stopping short on one, and not being aggressive on the other,

  21. OneBuC55 Says:

    Realistically, in this offense Jameis should be able to pass for 4500+ every year…the problem is, our offensive line play has been imo below average to mediocre since he’s been here…

    If we ever put a nasty offensive line in front of this kid, he’d be an MVP candidate every year…Jameis has already proved he doesn’t need superstars at the skill positions to produce…at least half of the turnovers he’s had in his career are a result of him having to improvise because of the jail break our Oline allowed immediately after the snap…

    The scary thing is, Jameis is still a puppy…He has the talent, the work ethic, and the fire to be great; Licht and Co. needs to “build a wall” around him…if we can protect this kid consistently he will get us back to the playoffs…I still believe J3 has a couple Super Bowls in him…

  22. Greg Says:

    Meaningless stats….especially the under 24 stuff….very few franchises are desperate enough to ever have someone so young start for their team. I appreciate his passion, but am getting sick of his stupidity.

  23. lightningbuc Says:

    Jaboo hit a semi-deep pass. WooHoo! Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

  24. webster Says:


    You would be incorrect and you make yourself look ignorant to football. Do you actually think the bucs have been the only team desperate for a qb since marino was drafted? I guess teams like the redskins or rams trading the farm to move up in the draft in order to draft a qb was not desperate? You jameis haters continue to show your stupidity, hatred and in some cases racism. Get over it. Jameis is your qb and one of the best young talents in the league period regardless of what you haters say.

  25. Chris Says:

    Gloss over his ints , fumbles, accuracy. Didnt we hate Mike Glennon and others before him because of w-l record? Oh, now it’s not important when you talk up Jameis. And those qbs had far less weapons and the same crappy defense weve had for years. None of you here, the Joes included are fair and non biased, hell, not caring about the good of the team. Well, theres a few. America? You keep regurgitating that monicker, hoping it’ll catch on. It won’t. The rest of America gives two rat arses about Tampa and Jameis. Hell, the Cleveland Browns are more relivant that the Buccaneers are.

  26. dmatt Says:

    Well said. Another concern is Jameis trying to appease ME13 by forcing too many balls which leads to ints. I have reach a conclusion that Godwin is the new n young Vincent Jackson. He just make plays without the trash talk, wining, complaining, push offs, n drama which is frequent by ME13. Godwin is a team player who is consistent. ME13 is hurting this team as he continues to drop easy passes. He’s fragile n always falls to the ground after the first
    contact. ME13 has hurt this team in too many ways. His response is the same…”I’ve gotta play smarter than that n can’t hurt my team. ME13 is not b n held accountable for his actions, if so this behavior wouldn’t continue. Sean Peyton would put him on the bench n b done. I’m willing to give koetter one more chance but he’s gotta rule with an iron fist n take control of this team.

  27. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Everybody else has a better Oline than ours…..when we play them. I can’t imagine how well Jameis would throw if he received the protection others get.

  28. Chris Says:

    Its not hate, when you want to hold your franchise qb to franchise qb standards. The NFL is not the NFL of Brett Favres age. The defenses are looser, you cant continually turn the ball over 3 or more times a game and win. We’re proving it two out of the last three years.

  29. AceofAerospace Says:

    Wow. I’m by no means a Jameis hater. I do, however point out the bone headed plays that Jameis “still” consistently made in his third season. But to argue that Jameis can hit the long ball because he finally hit a receiver in stride to win a game is really rich joe. I guess since he completed that pass, we can say the bone headed interceptions are finally behind him also. And, since we won that game, losing is obviously a thing of the past also. Give him another placque to hang on the wall for that completion. Stop consistently doing stupid shat and he will deserve to be mentioned with the greats.

  30. Jman Says:

    He’s got a strong groping and meltdown record too

  31. Bucanole Says:

    I keep forgetting that most of these ppl b!tchin and moaning were the ones working on a cure for cancer and solving world hunger when they were 23. Really top notch ppl you guys are. You only deserve the best.

  32. Dreambig Says:

    Chris Spearman’s point of view last night was spot on. Jameis ceiling is limitless but the Bucs will never be better than mediocre if Jameis cant start playing better mentally. Real winners like Arron Rodgers or Brady are the best when the heat is on, they get into the zone and become deadly. That next level play in the zone is a mental thing that comes from internal competitiveness, not from talking or getting all hyped up in pregame warmups.
    Does Jameis have it in him? We see glimpses but we see more plays where instead of being in the zone, he panics and does something stupid. At some point tomorrows potential has to be realized. Is his 4th year the magic year? I hope so but Koetter better figure out how to get through to him. The answer is probably build a better defense that can win games and not rely so much on Jameis to win for us.

  33. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Deep in his own territory yesterday Jameis threw yet another bad pass into triple coverage. He was lucky it was not pick #4 to end the game and seal a season. Seal a season where he has not developed, and has only shown himself to lose control when he’s losing the game. He’s clearly a turnover machine, and to say “that’s Jameis” dooms this team to more of the same. That’s a huge problem that cannot be glossed over. Yesterday very well could have ended as the last couple of losses…where he turned the ball over (yet again) with a chance to win. And then there is continued suspect character issues to get to the bottom of….

  34. Lakeland Says:

    Dan Marino had an Super Bowl appearance before 24. The Bucs has nothing but another early exit. The fresh starting QBs in the playoffs this season:

    Blake Bortles- Jaguars
    Tyrod Taylor-Bills
    Marcus Mariota-Titans
    Case Keenum-Vikings
    Jared Golf-Vikings

    The Bucs home watching (again for the 10th consecutive season).

  35. Lakeland Says:

    Jared Golf-Rams

  36. Ndog Says:

    You guys that keep talking about lack of wins just don’t get it do you. Do you really think any one player can win games? Have you seen our defense, have you seen our kickers, have you seen our o line, have you seen our runningbacks? I mean come on he perfect? Heck no but what he has done in the circumstances around him are increditable and plus it’s not like he’s had Bill Walsh and Bill Belichick to work with. But you keep on rooting against him and expecting him to win games alone cause that how games are won wink wink.

  37. BucFamous Says:

    I love how when Joe points out Winston’s record setting pace that the sad sect of Bucs fans point out the Bucs losses as if Jameis plays RB, OL, Defense, and kicker.

    Like look at Lakeland’s post above. Only two of the teams he mentioned made it to the playoffs because of good QB play. Mariota has been demonstrably worse than Jameis, but he’s got a strong run game and has been getting damn good defensive play. Taylor was benched, and Bortles has possibly the best defense in the league playing with him and a strong run game.

    LOL–some people just don’t understand TEAM sports.

  38. Lakeland Says:

    One players cant’ win a game, just like stats don’t win a game. It takes a COMPLETE team to win and that’s what the Bucs don’t have. And as long as Jason Licht is GM, they will never have. This will be a long offseason for the Bucs (as usual). Another preseason full of hype, then another let down. But hey at least they will have some individual records to show for the team failures.

  39. Ndog Says:

    What are you talking about Dreambig you mean you don’t want our QB to win games all by himself anymore? Do you guys even hear yourselfs? Freaking the best QB ever Aaron Rodgers has only one Super Bowl cause duh his defense sucks and doesn’t usually have a runningback to work with. Guess what happened the one year Eddie Lacey played well and their defense played well? I’ll let you figure that out.

  40. AceofAerospace Says:

    Ndog, I think we do get it. You’re right, one player usually can’t win a game, but one player sure as hell can lose it for you. Save your “I understand football better than you” lectures for a 4 year old.

  41. Ndog Says:

    Lakeland this is where we disagree, as I don’t believe there will be any hype and we will be picked by everyone to go 6-10 or worse nest season. On yesterday’s Fox pregame show the entire panel laughed at the prospect of us beating the Saints. So what is going to change that over the off season? We will have no primetime games, other than Thursday cause every one does, and we will be expected to get a top 10 pick with a new coaching staff taking over, as people have no respect for anything about this team and frankly why should they?

  42. Ndog Says:

    AceofAerospace when you are mature enough the lessons will stop. Until then please try to pay attention.

  43. Lakeland Says:

    The Buccaneers has become a team of stats. And the other teams outside of Cleveland has passed them by the roadside. It’s really sad that a team that had so much promise before the season. Will end the season as the 7th worst team in the NFL.People can point fingers at the defense, special teams, RBs etc. But this is a team sport and every position is important. Setting records at one position and stinking in other areas will not win football games. But as long as the fans are pleased with stats instead of wins, the team will continue to feed them stats instead of wins.

  44. Lakeland Says:


    The Bucs will get the annual “local hype”
    I know they won’t get the National hype

  45. JabooBuc Says:

    Lakeland- Dan Marino played on a stacked Dolphins team (remember he was taken at the end of the 1st round) with a HOF coach and staff. It would be like dropping Winston on the Patriots or Steelers roster.

  46. Easy Says:

    Atleast he didn’t fumble yesterday. But he did throw 3 ints

  47. Lakeland Says:


    Jason Licht has had 4 seasons to stack the Bucs
    Everyone is saying that he’s doing a “great” job

  48. Bucsmon Says:

    Yes, he did make some records indeed.
    Put in perspective
    1st 3 seasons, 45 Games played
    69 TDs 44 Ints 15 Fumbles Lost (59 Total TOs)
    11,600 yds Passing
    1544 Passes ATT

    Dan Marino 1st 3 seasons 43 games played
    98 TDs 44 Ints Fumbles Lost not showing
    11,400 yds Passing
    1427 Passes ATT

    So what can we learn? Lots of passes & yards resulting in a much lower TD pass ratio than Marino in his 1st 3 seasons and most likely a lot more fumbles lost. Not all the losses can be pinned on the QB but a great deal of our 5-11 season is highly a result of very inconsistent QB play.

  49. AlteredEgo Says:

    Jameis needs to continue to work on conditioning….he really did a great job getting into top shape last offseason…..more importantly….he needs to work on his mechanics…there is a correlation between his good throws and interceptions with his mechanics…bonehead poor decision throws aside

  50. Cgmaster Says:

    A LOt of salty Bucs fans who’d rather watch our qb struggle than succeed. The buccaneer fanbase is filled with clowns like bucnut who can’t get mariotas jock out their mouth. And stop with the wins and loses stat, it’s a lazy comparison from somebody of you geniuses that forget our defense is ranked 32nd overall. Or that our line is horrible, or that our kickers can’t hit the board side of a barn, or that we’ve had zero running game for the last two years. The stupidity of some of you runs deep.

  51. Mike Johnson Says:

    I counted 7 losses in which the Defense were directly responsible for. There may have been more. But 6 for certain.Yet many of you Losers here are screaming for us to draft a running back with our 1st pick.

  52. AlteredEgo Says:

    MJ….Defense was definitely on the hook…along with Special teams…

  53. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Greig Says
    “One thing articles/memes about how good Jaboo has been compared to others always seem to leave out is the big time rule changes.

    Guys like Marino, Favre and even Brees had to play against actual defenses not glorified, mobile obstacles.”

    Um…then why has no one else done it these days?

    That’s the fault in your argument.

  54. Pick6 Says:

    Jameis is not INT prime, per se. If you look st his history he is prone to throw INTs in bunches. He’s coming off multiple games without an INT. of his 44 picks, I’d bet half of them come from about 5 or 6 games. He has plenty of clean games on his resume

  55. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Mike Johnson Says
    “I counted 7 losses in which the Defense were directly responsible for. There may have been more. But 6 for certain.Yet many of you Losers here are screaming for us to draft a running back with our 1st pick.”

    Several losses were do to the kicker position as well. At least 2-3 losses.

  56. Pick6 Says:

    *INT prone

  57. Pick6 Says:

    Just looked it up. In 20 of his 45 games Jameis did not throw a single pick. He has 5 games where he has thrown 3+ picks, and those 5 very bad days resulted in over one third of his career INTs.

  58. BrianBucs Says:

    You stat lovers and fanboys still just don’t get it. Stats mean nothing if you are not winning games.
    IF you base everything on stats then here’s one for you -Jameis had 3 pics last night that could have easily been 5 or 6. Jameis should be thanking the defense this morning for bailing him out

  59. Lakeland Says:

    The Bucs don’t have a balance team. And when one position is outperforming another position, there will be problems. Jason Licht has stacked the passing game and neglected the trenches. But the games are won and lost in the trenches.

  60. denjoe Says:


    I agree 100% That OL has been depleted the last couple of games too!
    People forget how many Qb’s we had with way more INT’s than TD’s
    Also, if we could run the ball and play sound defense, he wouldn’t have to take so many chances, while running for his life.

  61. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Isn’t it amazing that what we consider a bad year for Jameis still places him in the top half of league QBs?

  62. Bucsmon Says:

    Cherry picking stats because Jaboo is 23 tells only half the story.

    Jared Goff in only his 2nd season has improved far more than JW. A 37 point jump in QBR, About double the # of pass attempts but his Ints remained at 7 picks but his TDs went from 5 to 28, and the Wins followed.

    Carson Wentz improvement was not as dramatic but until the injury he was having an MVP season.

    These are the young QBs that the league is talking about as Elite or America’s Greatest QB.

    And no, Mariota after his dropoff this season is not in the conversation anymore as someone we should have drafted either.

  63. Bird Says:

    Best ever.

    Joe’s you guys are the best ever.

    Just took a dump that was the best ever

  64. Ndog Says:

    Bucsmon take a look at your post and ask yourself is the Rams and Eagles defense and running game better than the Bucs? I let you think about that for a minute and see if you can figure it out.

  65. DoNUTS Says:

    The comparisons to Dan Marino are complete nonsense. The before 24 stat is illegitimate hence why national media don’t use it in the case of Winston. This is more Lee #3 blindness. Bucsmon laid out the correct statistical comparison above.

    Let me know when Winston has 48 TDs in a season like Marino did in his second year. I witnessed Marino growing up and now I see Winston. Winston is not Marino. lol

    Please stop.

    Winston played better at the end of the year and thats about the highlight of 2017. In an ordinary NFL game, a QB who has 3 INTs in the game loses 90% of the time. He got lucky and I am glad the Bucs won to end the season of depression.

  66. AceofAerospace Says:

    Thanks ndog, but you constantly repeating what Joe writes doesn’t qualify as a teacher. Nice try though. Come up with something original if you want to be taken seriously. Oh, and pointing out the obvious doesn’t count. And before you mention it, I’m not professing to be “the expert”, I’m giving my opinion.

  67. '79Defense Says:

    “I keep forgetting that most of these ppl b!tchin and moaning were the ones working on a cure for cancer and solving world hunger when they were 23. Really top notch ppl you guys are. You only deserve the best.”

    Haha. That was great. I’m sure these Jameis whiners are tops in their professions– whatever the hell they might be. But you know they’re not.
    They just like whining about something they were never good at, or never attempted. I suppose it makes them feel better.

    Look, Jameis has his flaws, and I hope he gets better and leads this team to success. One thing I won’t fault him for though is his strong work ethic. Dumb plays or not, you can’t say he’s not driven. Hopefully it will all come together for him.

  68. mark2001 Says:

    The problem with the D this year was misjudging the health of the pass rushers, and the quality and growth of a D back. But then, we have never seemed to be very good at judging pass rushers and CB’s. LB’s? Great. Now is that Licht’s fault, Smith’s fault, or both? I’d guess the last.

  69. Bucsmon Says:

    Ndog- You are right about the Rams & Eagles run game being better. Part of that problem is the Bucs always wishing for the Old D. Martin to come back which never did. They should have stuck with P. Barber and Rodgers for running and Sims for 3rd downs 90% of the time.

    But the Bucs have the edge over both teams with dangerous WR weapons, Evans 6’5, Brate 6’5 and OJ Howard 6’6. No team in the league has the Height that can cover all 3 of those so teams know by watching film that Evans on deep balls will usually be an overthrow so they either put 8 in the box which does hurt the run game but opens up the TE plays. Winston was 63-67% completions on those Targets to the 2 TEs and Howard had a screaming 17 yds a catch, far better than the Eagles & Rams TEs. So that made up for some of that run deficiency. The real issue this season was the Red Zone.Averaging 20.9 pts per game the Bucs were 24th in the league for Red Zone TD efficiency. Was Koetter part at fault? Perhaps, but a lot of it was indecision and lack of execution. You have to go through a lot more reads in the Red Zone unless you focus on fades and pick plays to score TDs and they just cant seem to execute enough of those. That always falls to the QB.

  70. Rod Munch Says:

    The amazing and exciting part of the story is that Dirk, like usual, was playing for the FG and Winston ignored him on that last play and decided to take the game into his hands (well arm). If Winston just ignores Dirk next year and plays for TDs instead of FGs, the Bucs will be in great shape.

  71. The Anomaly Says:

    stats are for the losers

  72. LovieBall Says:

    65% completion while also being the most aggressive passer in the NFL. No one else could do it.

  73. satchseven Says:

    Another concern is Jameis trying to appease ME13 by forcing too many balls which leads to ints

    this is my concern too way too many forced passes to me13

  74. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    There are three kinds of Buc fans; Jameis fans, detractos and haters . The fans and detractors all have their correct points of views. He is exciting to watch and is the best qb we’ve had or drafted. He has the love and passion for the game, his team and his teammates to be one of the greats. He has a winners mindset and that’s what he cares about. Unlike Scam Newton he has the heart of a warrior. Unlike Brady He is a genuine young man who does hold himself accountable trying to become a man. He is a consummate competitor who believes in himself and abilities to make a play. He refuses to give up on a play. He has improved his game each year he has been in the league. These are the things his fans see. They would rather talk about the positives.

    On the flip side he does turn the ball over too much! I would put the ints more on him than the fumbles because too many times he chooses to throw the ball into a bad situation than a defender making a great play on the ball. Some of them are on the receivers. The fumbles are somewhat on the linemen not giving him time to throw, deeper routes called alot and receivers taking so long to get open but even with understanding for some of his turnovers most cannot. He has to cut them down. Ball security must be learned. At times he does hold onto the ball too long because he always wants to make a play. Sometimes he has to just throw out of bounds, take a sack or run. He needs to improve on his overall accuracy on passes he should make when players are wide open allowing more yac. He has to come out hot not taking an entire half to get going. His decision making process has to become faster and better. Still throwing into coverage has to change. His faith in his ability and the receiver has to be tempered with reality of the situation. Not every play can be made. Trying to throw when going down has to stop. Too many times it has led to a turnover. These negatives and a few personality quirks his detractors point out and that’s all they do. Reading the game thread you never see them give him props for any good or great plays but are sure to post on every single bad play he makes. If they do it’s always some kind of backhanded compliment.

    Now the haters despise Jameis as a person. Doesn’t matter how many wins and super bowls he wins will never like him. These are the ones who bring up the allegations against him as if they are already fact even though he was never found guilty of rape. They refuse to see the path both these women are taking by having the same lawyer, golf diggers. The one got money out of FSU but nothing out of Jameis. Now the one who is accusing him of groping story is inconsistent like the first. These people refuse to acknowledge the fact after two years she now gets a lawyer, the same lawyer the first one hired. The other thing is they’re white and he’s black. Still many men in America cannot stand seeing a black man with a white woman let alone be accused of assaulting them.

    I do believe if our qb was white the detractors would not be as harsh on him as they are on Jameis, but hopefully that they are true Buc fans and ou’d he improves and becomes what many see he can be will become fans and key the negative stuff go. The haters gonna hate nothing you can do for them.

  75. NFLNut Says:


    Jameis puts up monster stats but the team loses: HATERS say, “stats are for losers, only wins matter.”

    Jameis has a rough game for 3 quarters but then pulls out the best game-winning drive in 10 years to win the game: HATERS say, “Jameis’ stats sucked, he should be benched whether we won or not”.



  76. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Jameis proved that if the defense gets a stop that is needed he can win for us. No matter how bad he plays if it’s close he has it in him to get that game winning drive. Yet all the haters could say was oh we lost a few spots in the draft. It was a meaningless win.