“Steamrolled” Defense Could Be A Tonic

August 16th, 2014

McCownlaughBucs fans read deep into their team’s woes and highs out of the preseason opener in Jacksonville. And observers of the Dolphins, the Bucs opponent tonight at 7:30 p.m., did the same thing.

Last week, the revamped Falcons offensive line and Matty Ice absolutely abused Miami.

It’s a sting that hasn’t been forgotten in South Florida and one that has Dolphins brass edgy, much like Joe assumes Bucs honchos are about their offensive line.

Here’s how the Dolphins sad defense was described in the Miami Herald.

The starting defense looked lost last week. The Dolphins gave back that early touchdown on Atlanta’s first drive, getting steamrolled in 15 plays. Along with surrendering three third-down conversations and committing a couple of ill-timed penalties, Miami missed at least three tackles on the possession.

It’s not an anomaly. Rather, there’s more than enough evidence to classify the Dolphins as a bad tackling team. To wit, Miami was statistically one of the five-worst tackling teams in the conference in 2013. The Dolphins missed 116 last year — most in the AFC East.

You can read more by clicking the link above. The Dolphins stressed tackling basics this past week in practice, and there’s doom and gloom in Miami on defense, starting with bust talk surrounding defensive end Dion Jordon and a linebacker collection reminiscent of the stink the Bucs trotted out during the Raheem Morris regime.

Yes, Joe hopes the Bucs’ first-team offense can show signs of life against the Dolphins defense. They’ll be seeing far nastier front-7s next week in Buffalo, and in Weeks 1 and 2 against Carolina and St. Louis.

18 Responses to ““Steamrolled” Defense Could Be A Tonic”

  1. bigpoppabuc Says:

    I know it’s only preseason… But I really would love for our Bucs to kick some arse tonight. I live in So Flo and these Dolphins fans down here are so annoying.

  2. Finishers Says:

    GO BUCS!!! you can do it O`line

  3. Owlykat Says:

    It also means Miami will be blitzing and fighting hard on Defense tonight and we stupidly have turn style Cousins, found by PFF to be the worst OL in our Jax game of our first team, starting at LG tonight. Until Lovie decides to replace Cousins with Daniels tonight, he will be risking serious injury to Josh as well as our whole season with Albatross Glennon who PFF rated a minus 3 last week (when Josh was rated 4 times higher at minus .07, mainly for his pick 6). Lovie is deferring too much to Worflop instead of holding him accountable for the OL fiasco so far. Too bad we did not take a QB with ability like Bortles with our first pick. That was a capital mistake by Licht!!! Looking forward to watching our best defense in years tonight though, due to Lovie.

  4. DB55 Says:

    It was more like Anton smith who lit up Miami more so than Matty ice. Smith is a special teamer with the size and speed of Jeff demps except he tries to avoid tacklers. As for picking a Bortles like QB I think jimmy garapalo looked good w the first team last night.

  5. Mumbles Says:

    Can’t get blood from a turnip! No O-Line.

  6. T-DUB Says:

    Second (unofficial) Bucs game of the new season is here! Time to turn it up and FIRE THE CANNONS.


    Im ready for some football, a saturday night party!

  7. Alex Says:

    first of all his name is dion jordan, miami’s D steamrolled ??? no way, they just missed tackles which is expected in a first live game of the year, they also got hosed on some ticky tack calls, atlantas defense got steamrolled by the dolphins first offense though

  8. DallasBuc Says:

    Hey don’t panic crowd…if our lousy QB and lousy oline get molested again this week do we have your permission to be a little concerned?

  9. BUC4LIFE79 Says:

    In the interests of aquireing a proven starting guard, I hope their Defense makes our O-line look just as worthless and inept (at the guard positions) as they did last week…Yeah it REALLY makes sense to go with the reasoning, Oh we’ll look good against a 3rd rate D line and that’ll make those chicken spit (Big Dog’s words) guards look like something they’re not…. Which will only go to reinforce what they are…HORRIBLE, and a starting QB IR list injury WAITING TO HAPPEN.

  10. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Right before that picture of McCown was taken, the reporter asked him: The Buc’s are pinning their whole season on you leading this offense. What do you make of that?

  11. DB55 Says:

    Joe mama – points!

  12. BoJim Says:

    owlykat is our albatross. :(

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    DallasBuc Says
    “Hey don’t panic crowd…if our lousy QB and lousy oline get molested again this week do we have your permission to be a little concerned?”

    I would rather have Carr starting for us, but in all fairness, I don’t think McCown is “lousy”. I think he is average, but fragile.

    I suspect he’ll have a career ending injury this season and even if he doesn’t. he’s not a long term solution. Great mentor though.

    Also in all fairness, Carr is no more proven than Glennon. I just wanted Carr. 😉

  14. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Hey Joe, any indication that Glennon may get a series or two with the first team offense tonight?

  15. Kevin Says:

    Tonight should at least give us an idea of what the offense CAN do with a game plan. I still don’t think we are going to see ANYTHING that Jeff Tedford is going to lean on heavily in the regular season. That will play a big role in the success they have on offense. On the flip side they need to come out and show they can drive down the field and put up 6 points. I see Mccown throwing one of the many to come jump balls tonight. TD BABY!!!!! BUCS ARE RIDING THE RED TIDE IN TO TAMPA BAY TO WIPE OUT THE DOLPHINS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! POOR LITTLE SEA CREATURES!!!

  16. DallasBuc Says:

    Bonzai- in all fairness? In all fairness McCown has been steamy garbage for his entirely too long career. And who mentioned Glennon?…you! He sucks too. Our team will suck because our QB situation is abysmal. Case closed.

  17. louden Says:

    @bigpoppabucs: On Buccaneers.com is a video with Glennon throwing to V-Jacks — excited?
    “Lovie is deferring too much to Worflop instead of holding him accountable for the OL fiasco so far. Too bad we did not take a QB with ability like Bortles with our first pick. That was a capital mistake by Licht!!! Looking forward to watching our best defense in years tonight though, due to Lovie.”


    “Worflop” is not the one to blame. He can only coach whats here. GM “serving” the HC – HC having history of bad O.line. Claims he has learned from past – lets see.
    Give me the honey love, but no blind love for Lovie.

    Bortles may have tools, but look at Freeman. Bortles could even have 2 decent years, but look… Freeman.
    Jaguars gambled and try out Bortles. Bucs, with the 7th were in position to get “sure fire top talent with no risk”. They could have gambled, but why?

    As GM is serving HC, Lovie, i guess, will have the final word as he is the ultimate total person to be held accountable (was even hired before the GM, seems like Glazers trust him as the ultimate Football knowledge person – at least they knew him way better, than they knew Licht) so hes in charge..
    If there is blame to give, give it the ones deserving. Its Lovie.

    Go Bucs!

  18. louden Says:

    too make sure:
    “skills like Bortles” – Manziel is doin f´n coke and everything else he´s f´n doing… would you have bet a years sallary on him before the draft, in terms of him becoming a franchise. As he is already completely selling out; a franchise QB i mean?
    The injurey risk ey.
    His football smarts (more of a one read system in Texas and happy feet – will they carry on in the pros?).
    i dont know, but find it hard to put blame on Lovie and/or Licht here.

    the ultimate draft plan overall? yes, i will agree. Absolute amateur BS

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