Speaking Sapp’s Language — Finally

August 16th, 2014
gerald mccoy 1207

McCoy talks about the state of his game and translating Warren Sapp

There’s really no limit to the praise Gerald McCoy deserves for his performance tonight against Miami.

Reflecting a bit in the locker room following his truly dominant effort tonight, McCoy said he’s always been a good learner but a slow learner through his life.

And considering the serious injuries he suffered during his first two seasons, it’s no surprise that it took him a few seasons to jell and blossom.

“I’ve always been like that with anything. It takes me a second to get going,” McCoy said. “Everything is moving in slow motion now, not that the game [isn’t fast]. Once you get comfortable in anything, it moves slow and you react a lot smoother, you start seeing a lot of different things you didn’t used to see. You just know how to adjust to whatever is being thrown at you. It just comes with working, man. I watch so much film, constant film, constant film on legends.”

Sapp explained that the many lessons he’s absorbed from his mentor, Warren Sapp, hadn’t take hold previously the way they have this season. Now, McCoy said, Sapp speaks and McCoy understands and can process it quickly.

“Especially now with the scheme we’re in, we’re speaking the same language. He says something, and I’m like, “Oh, I know what you’re talking about,'” McCoy said.

The message from McCoy jibes with something Sapp told Joe about McCoy. Sapp made it clear that McCoy is better than he is because Sapp never could have been successful playing in Greg Schiano’s defense, but somehow McCoy found a way.

Yes, McCoy is peaking now. Bucs fans are watching a superstar in his prime. Joe’s only wish is that McCoy gets some help from his defensive ends, which he didn’t get tonight. Amazingly, McCoy shredded double teams like Joe carves up a Thanksgiving turkey.

16 Responses to “Speaking Sapp’s Language — Finally”

  1. Jim Walker Says:

    I have to admit that McCoy is playing at this moment as well as Sapp did. If McCoy can stay at that level for 4-5 years…we’ll see.

  2. Dano Says:

    I was speechless when I watched him tonight.

  3. nate Says:

    Ismit just me but we need to bring in simeon rice to teach michael johnson how to rush he seems like a bust to me….. mccoy omg pay him watever he wants he is amazing…

  4. Digger Says:

    Sapp’s mentor was Sapp?

    It’s incredible that ‘Joe’ gets ‘journalism’ credentials

  5. Bucfan40 Says:

    Don’t let McDonald’s performance get missed either. The two of them were absolute terrors in the middle with Foster always right behind them.

  6. PRBucFan Says:

    Did you call MJ a bust after two preseason games? Lolol

    He’s proven through his career he’s no bust.

    Even with the amount of sacks he had he was still one of the best DE’s when it came to causing disruption and causing TO’s on the field. Not to mention how good of a run stopping DE he is.

  7. PhantomVash808 Says:

    The Bucs need to lock up McCoy to a long term contract ASAP.

  8. Tank4Jameis Says:

    One of my first comments on this site was about how I thought the Bucs paid too much $ for MJ. You grilled me for it. Do you really want to know how they did? He signed within the first couple hours of FA…meaning he didn’t care to hear offers from the 31 other teams…..meaning he knew he wouldn’t be offered more money. Follow me here…meaning the Bucs overpaid for him. The Rays are a destination place where players willingly sign for less money, but the Bucs are not. Still hope he does well, but nothing he did in Cincy deserves this contract.

  9. Cannon Says:

    There was no stopping McCoy.

    On numerous plays, he just ABUSED the man in front of him.

    Seriously… If you haven’t already, watch some his plays… He literally seems like some sort of freak of nature.

  10. Brandon Says:

    If he can stay healhty, 20 sacks is definitely within his reach. Defensive player of the year award is his too.

  11. Chef Paul Says:

    McCoy’s explosion is out of this world. He looked like he was jumping off a spring board all night. I kept thinking he was going to get an offsides penalty, but never did. Out freaking standing!!

  12. AF_Buc Says:

    Wow, digger… Jealous much?

  13. ChrisCo4Bucs Says:

    GMC will be the defensive player of the year……GOBUCS

  14. Brian Says:

    He’s not giving his ends any time to help him! Lol…holy hell this guy gets off the ball fast.

  15. Bucfever40 Says:

    GMC was putting on a clinic! He was unblockable on EVERY play and a regular face in the backfield, what a joy to watch such a premiere player!

    PRBucfan, I’m with you on Johnson, it’s just the second preseason game and already fans are writing him off, which is insane, he was a constant disrupter last year. Sometimes when you see interceptions, people rarely look to see what caused it, there’s other ways to be a successful DE besides getting sacks, and MJ did all those things, and to suggest he rushed to sign with TB because he wouldn’t get that kind of money elsewhere is hogwash, the guy loved what Lovie was about and could see this was the place to be…..just like all the other FA that signed here!.

  16. phil Says:

    I don’t think GMC will sign anything until Suh’s contract gets done. His agent is afraid of leaving money on the table.