Make Your Call On The 2014 Season

August 31st, 2014

Feel free to elaborate in the comments section, a great place for regular readers to get their predictions on the record.

86 Responses to “Make Your Call On The 2014 Season”

  1. Pewter Jesus Says:

    9 wins. O-Line struggles early in the year, defense quickly becomes a top 10 defense and we just miss the playoffs.

  2. Eric Says:

    I got 11 and NFC South Champs. Top five defense. Mediocre but opportunistic offense.

    Lovie ball.

    If this happens please don’t run him out of town in favor of the db coach.

  3. t-dub Says:


    I’m on board with you. I, too, picked 11 wins with this team. Our-D can handle the load, and I have total confidence in our Offense. They will gel when the season gets gruling later on. Our problem was we couldn’t finish last year, and we have the D that can.

    Lovie and Licht will guide the ship and keep calm.

  4. NewTampaChris Says:

    7 wins. I really like what Lovie and Licht have done to the roster. I just think it’s a 2-year project and this is just Year 1. There’s no depth. If anyone important gets hurt – and they will – there aren’t enough decent reserves for the team to excel.

  5. ChanEpic Says:

    It looks like Bucs fans broke out the rose colored glasses with aplomb. Look, anything more than 8-8 is a HUGE accomplishment for this team. I think an 8-8 season would do more than enough to show me something and to change the “Feel (stink)” that has permeated 1 Buc place for 10+ years now. But let’s be realistic, this is NOT a 10-6 11-5 team.

  6. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    It all depends on on the offensive line. I say 8 wins but if they do t gel I can see them losing us 2 games but if they come together and work as a unit I can see us getting up to 10 wins.

    McCown had me worried but when the line played……ok, he showed a little promise.

    Season prediction by game:

    Vs. Panthers – W
    Vs. Rams – W
    @ Falcons – W
    @ Steelers – L
    @ Saints – L
    Vs. Ravens – L
    Vs. Vikings – W
    @ Browns – W
    Vs. Falcons – W
    @ Redskins – W
    @ Bears – L
    Vs. Bengals – W
    @ Lions – W
    @ Panthers – L
    Vs. Packers – L
    Vs. Saints – W

  7. t-dub Says:

    they said that about NE years ago, and kc

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    after watching them play in preseason, I’m not there yet. I think O line and QB both have a long way to go and with that I can see low scoring close games going down the toilet.

  9. t-dub Says:

    not a single fan has been talking on how Glennon has REGRESSED this year.

    He has not impressed me at all. He should have been tearing the 2nd and 3rd team D’s up.

  10. buc'd Up Says:

    8 – 8. Growing pains and NO depth on oline hold this team back.

  11. ChanEpic Says:

    Vs. Panthers – W
    Vs. Rams – W
    @ Falcons – W
    @ Steelers – L
    @ Saints – L
    Vs. Ravens – L
    Vs. Vikings – W
    @ Browns – W
    Vs. Falcons – W
    @ Redskins – W
    @ Bears – L
    Vs. Bengals – W
    @ Lions – W
    @ Panthers – L
    Vs. Packers – L
    Vs. Saints – W

    So, we’re going to beat the falcons twice, beat the Lions, Redskins and Bengals?
    But, we lose to the Ravens at home? That would be, a very interesting season for sure.

  12. Bawlmerbucfan Says:

    You’re totally right t-dub….Glennon had every chance to make it hard to go with Josh. I’m going with 10 wins. 1Gr8Buc, I like you’re breakdown, the only difference being the Bengals beat us and we beat the Panthers in Carolina. Go Bucs!!!!

  13. Chef Paul Says:

    I voted 7 wins. Turns out I’m a little pessimistic compared to most.

    I dont feel pessimistic though. I’m f*cking stoked!!

  14. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    The Falcons do NOT worry me in the least bit. They have 2 receivers and a QB last I checked they need a RB or 2, an Oline and a defense. I made a mistake with the lions I meant to put that down as a loss.

    I see another tumultuous season for the Redskins, surrounding the QB situation. On top of the league dishing out its own punishment for the name debacle Ala the refs.

    For the Ravens I think their offense is going to be just too much for us to handle and I think their defense will expose our Oline.

  15. BucsQcCity Says:

    I can see 11 wins if
    1) oline is at least average
    2) our DB are healthy (which is nothing guaranteed at this point)
    3) murray proves it was the right call

    Panthers will go down. Offensively there is only benjamin worth something. Cam is banged up, there oline look as bad as our. Falcons will march up and Saints are always dangerous but I don’t think the margin is wide between the 4 teams.

    It will be buc ball at least the first couple game while the oline starts to play as a unit.

  16. Buccfan37 Says:

    I say 8-8, give or take one either way, with some nail biters along the way. MG8 not looking good in preseason had much to do with the surrounding cast of players. I expect him to play better in relief when the games count.

  17. Finishers Says:

    I can see us going anywhere from 7~9 to 9~7
    I just think it will take more than one year to get our roster where it needs to be we still habe alot of needs on this team.
    I hope they prove me wrong,GO BUCS!!!!!!!!

  18. Johnny Dejay Says:

    Hillsborough County must be putting rose-colored something in the tap water, because there are a lot of delusional people out there thinking this team is good. Let’s take a step back and have a better look.

    This team was 4-12 last year and actually wasn’t even that good. What’s better about this year’s team than last year’s team?

    Linemen? Vince Lombardi said, “It’s what’s up front that counts.” The O-line is dramatically worse than it was last year. The D-line is essentially the same as last year, unless Michael Johnson has an epiphany and starts playing much better than he has in 18 months.

    Linebackers? All the same faces.

    Secondary? Swapped an all-world corner in Revis for a pro-bowl corner in Verner. Everyone else is the same.

    Receivers? Swapped Evans for Williams and added a few role players at WR. Swapped ASJ for Wright and they are depending on Stocker at TE (yikes!)

    Backfield? All the same faces again at RB, which might be the deepest unit on the team. Added McCown at QB, but he’s a huge question mark, and Glennon appears to have regressed significantly.

    Coaching? Here’s where there is a tremendous difference for the positive with Lovie and Tedford.

    So we have a team coming off a 4-12 season with very little talent improvement at any position. In fact, they are possibly worse on the O-line and in the secondary. We are implementing new systems on offense and defense, which always takes awhile to take root. The genius Offensive Coordinator is out indefinitely with a medical issue.

    If Lovie is worth 2 wins over Schiano, then this team could post a 5-11 or 6-10 record, but 3-13 or 4-12 are equally as likely.

    Vs. Panthers – L
    Vs. Rams – W
    @ Falcons – L
    @ Steelers – L
    @ Saints – L
    Vs. Ravens – L
    Vs. Vikings – W
    @ Browns – W
    Vs. Falcons – L
    @ Redskins – L
    @ Bears – L
    Vs. Bengals – L
    @ Lions – W
    @ Panthers – W
    Vs. Packers – L
    Vs. Saints – L

  19. RastaMon Says:

    Appreciate the heads up, but there no threats or issues from here. Joe’s got that tested left and right from multiple angles. –Joe

  20. Arealbucsfan Says:

    I picked 7 wins

  21. Cobraboy Says:

    They were serious underachievers at 4 last season.

    I guess 9. This is a better team with vastly superior coaches & F.O. Finally.

  22. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    Johnny Dejay how in the world do you have us losing to Carolina in week 1 at home then winning at Carolina? Cam is still going to be somewhat injured the first week so if we were going to beat them THAT would be the time. Not when he has most a of a season to get a rhythm with his new WRs.

    Our Dline will be fine when they are aloud to do what they have been coached to do their whole lives penetrate the line and get after the opposing QB. I do share your concern with Johnson though.

    If you have trouble with our LB corps well….. I don’t honestly know what to tell you, you’ll have to figure that one out on your own.

    Our TEs this year is a vast improvement from last. Unless you know something that NO ONE else does I really don’t think we are relying on a 3rd string TE in Stocker.

    Our WRs is another big change. Last year even when he was healthy Williams didn’t really seem like his head was in the game (with everything he had going how can you blame him) so that left us with Underwood who is gone and Jackson. Evans is a huge upgrade over what we had after Jackson last year. Once again if you can’t grasp that IDK what to tell you.

    RB: We have a healthy Martin back who will hope to god not be running any BS wheel routes with two back ups that we know have the ability to spell Martin when he needs a break.

    I think it is unanimous that our areas of question are Oline, QB?, and something I don’t hear or have read anyone comment on is special teams.

    GO BUCS!


    Johnny Dejay, just curious is your tap water kinda brown and stinky !!!!!!!

  24. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    @BUCSLEGENDS I think he is the old man trying to shut down that kids lemonade stand in Dunedin.

  25. Patrick in VA Says:

    I said 9 wins but I think we have a chance to win every game on our schedule. Been a long time since there weren’t any sure losses on the schedule. Some games tougher than others but none that I don’t see a way we could win

  26. buc4lyfe Says:

    Until I see verner and Jenkins the defensive backfield is the weakness on defense, I just can’t see them being good with Leonard Johnson and no real true ballhawk at safety, yes GM and the line looked good but it’s not like they looked st Louis rams good and even if it was that good rams still weren’t good enough on defense to make playoffs but I think out offense is better than theirs, we’ll see week 2

  27. bigpoppabuc Says:

    I’ll say ten wins and a wild card. I think we’ll do good against the NFCS aside from the Saints. Breese is going to eat our cover two alive. I’m just excited to know we’ll be very competitive and should create some good momentum got ng into 2015.

  28. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Put me down on record for 6 wins this season. I figure I’ll piss people off reminding them how the reviled Schiano managed 7 wins in his first year and Lovie’s Legion will come to his defense. Now with that said I do believe the team is heading in the right direction and the following season will see us Bucs fans finally watching meaningful games in December/January. At least that was what I saw in my crystal ball (aka a tall one @ Hooters) 🙂

  29. Eric Says:

    The delusional inducing narcotics in the water supply must only flow to the ten households that thought Greg Schiano was good.

    Us Lovie supporters have history and some damn good defensive players on our side.

    Go Lovie.

  30. Warren Says:

    4-4 first half, 5-3 second half. Schedule is a beast and too many questions still early on about offensive identity and the O-line. Still, coaching (get well soon Tedford!) and our resurgent defense will help make this our first winning season in years.

  31. Buddah Says:

    8 is a reasonable expectation. Fewer would be a disappointment. Need to get one of the first two games and one of the three on the three game road trip. Shiano won 7 his first season with a lot less talent. There are no longer any great teams or dynasties. Every team is an injury or two away from mediocrity. Carolina has 3 of four new starters in their secondary, 2 of 4 on the offensive line and not a single wide receiver.

  32. MegaDaveUK Says:


    I like worst to first as a concept, but as a realist i expect 9-7 no playoffs this year, and then a dominant 2015 with dat Lombardi

  33. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    @ Eric

    While it’s touching that you are asking fans so nicely to be patient with Zlovie and not drive him out of town part of Lovie’s history was a 5-11 record with the Bears in his first season as their HC. That means we should temper our expectations this year as well. It’s cool that you’re all aboard on the Lovie train, but I am more reserved until I see how Tedford does at the NFL level of play calling as well as which Josh McCown we see (2013 good or every other year mediocre).

  34. OB Says:


    I picked 11, but as you know the way the ball bounces could have a swing either way on at least a couple of them.

    The D will only get better during the years as they play together and they are really good now.

    I believe that we are not seeing the entire offense and special teams yet and that includes players as well as plays. I know we will do something else as far as personnel is concerned and we will see additions and subtractions to both the team and who starts or rotates in and out.

    Having said that here are my picks as if anyone cared

    Vs. Panthers – W
    Vs. Rams – W
    @ Falcons – W
    @ Steelers – ?
    @ Saints – ?
    Vs. Ravens – ?
    Vs. Vikings – W
    @ Browns – W
    Vs. Falcons – W
    @ Redskins – W
    @ Bears – ?
    Vs. Bengals – ?
    @ Lions – W
    @ Panthers – W
    Vs. Packers – ?
    Vs. Saints – W

  35. Westsidebucsfan Says:

    7 wins tops. This team has a long was to go before becoming a “playoff” team. They will lose some close games tho (if that makes any difference)

  36. Hawk Says:

    Regardless of what L&L say, this IS a rebuilding year. Their actions speak louder than their words, in this regard.
    I would be content with an 8-8 season, as long as the new players (draftees and FAs) look like they are learning and growing, and the coaching staff acts like they can adapt from week to week and more importantly, make halftime adjustments.
    I expect next year’s draft and free agency to securely put the Bucs into ‘contender’ mode.

  37. RealityCheck Says:

    @ Johnny Dejay you might have the most delusional post I’ve ever seen on this site, and that says a lot. “What’s better about this year’s team than last year’s team?” You can’t be serious…

  38. RastaMon Says:

    L&L…There will be NO Honeymoon……

  39. t-dub Says:

    fair to say we all are making predictions based on the current events (preseason) but our playbook has yet to be rolled out.

    For most teams, i would say this would be a fair post to write about, but with this year’s team and Lovie… I say this should have been posted around week 2 or so.

    Just my opinion.

    People need to give a fair assessment of what they have seen and make a pre-mature prediction and save your final one until then.

  40. Louis Friend Says:

    I’m not sold that this offense is going to work. I’m really not.

    I don’t care about the WR’s being special (they are) or Martin being ready to resume rookie form. So far our line play has been atrocious. And I’m not talking about just Cousins. We aren’t good enough to handle front 7’s like the Panthers and Rams yet. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see Mankins coming right in and dominating. It’s going to be a work in progress for that line early in the season. Don’t expect much.

    Second concern is our secondary and LB’s in pass coverage. The ones not named David. Teams like New Orleans are going to shred us if we see repeats of the first half of the Miami game. Cover 2 defenses are long known for that being an achilles heal, but I’m sure Lovie will game plan differently depending on opponent (he’s not Schiano after all)

    Along with that, we still have 2 corners who’ve been banged up all of preseason that won’t be starting in top form. Which may be an issue early.

    I see 6 wins, maybe 7 – with the team being much better in the last half of the season than in the first half. The opening 5 games will tell the tale. If they somehow get 3 wins out of that rough stretch then my prediction is completely shot and I’m an idiot. But I can’t see them getting through with more than 1-2, tops.

  41. RastaMon Says:

    A more interesting Poll would be
    Richie !

  42. Eric Says:

    I dont think Lovie had the defensive material he has here when he took over in Chicago.

    But we shall see.

    I hope the crowd shows up and Cam can’t think per crowd noise.

    Like the old days.

  43. Capt. Blighe Says:

    Crack ya’ll been smokin it !!
    6 wins we have Crap at QB and Crap for OLine that is a bad combination.
    The Defense will be good but we just won’t be able to score enough.
    Better sign Richie.

  44. RastaMon Says:

    Defense will be good…only if the O can stay of the field……seen this movie too many times before……
    L&L…There will be NO Honeymoon……

  45. TeamFriendlyJFroContract Says:

    I concur,
    As my Pal Rumsfeld used to say:
    There are Known Unknowns & there are Unknown Unknowns …..

  46. Buccfan37 Says:

    Everyone who picked all the games had the Bucs losing at the Steelers. I don’t think so. This is a game the Bucs will win.

  47. Harry Says:

    I am in for 9 wins. I think that is probably a little optimistic, more like 8, but 9 is doable. For those who chose 11 wins, like
    I love and respect your deep love for your Bucs, but it is probably just that. Lets hope you are right. That would be so cool.

  48. Eric Says:

    Im so pumped im ready to run on the field myself.

    Naturally that would be followed by a visit to intensive care.

  49. RastaMon Says:

    I’ll be there Sec 123 next week…

  50. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Joe – Wanted to say thanks for continuing to bring coverage over the Labor Day weekend. Hopefully you guys are still able to find time to enjoy your last leisurely weekend before the season starts.

    Cheers to the Joes as well as the motley band of miscreants that make up the JBF fan base.

  51. Cobraboy Says:

    My 9 is pure homer guess.

    We have not seen much of actual gameplanning, and neither the O or D has tipped many cards at all.

    I have vastly more faith in these coaches than either the Raheem or Schiano staff.

    I’m less pessimistic about the Oline than many. It was bad last season and the coaches neither gameplanned nor adjusted worth a crap. I doubt this bunch will follow that path.

  52. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I chose 8-8, on the power of this Lovie/Frazier defense. I believe LVD and GMC are the second comings of Brooks and Sapp. Mason Foster is due for a breakout season in his contract year. No more damaged, overpaid goods in Revis, instead we have a proven, not injured, and significantly cheaper option in Verner. If Goldson can evade Warden Goodell he will have a good season.

    The offense, however, will do this team no justice IMO. I’m tired of hearing how college coach Tedford’s advanced offense is such a mystery. McCown CAN win, but he will be running for his life behind this O-line unless the Bucs sign an actual guard other than Mankins, unproven Anthony Collins proves himself, and Evan DS has a good season. I predict a 1,000 yard season for Dougie Fresh if healthy, but not like his rookie year. We still have no slot receiver, and Evans, Vjax and ASJ will do well if McCown can get them the ball, but can he?

    This of course, is just my opinion. When it comes to teams with high powered offenses like the Packers, Ravens, and Saints, I can’t see the Bucs offense keeping up. But I would love to be proven wrong.

  53. Hawk Says:

    Eric Says:
    August 31st, 2014 at 1:11 pm

    “Im so pumped im ready to run on the field myself.

    Naturally that would be followed by a visit to intensive care.”

    More likely, the ‘Cross-bar Motel’. 🙂

  54. RastaMon Says:

    OK…established teams don’t game plan in preseason….the Bucs are not an established team !….so that argument don’t hold water(not that they could have game planned in PS )….what I do KNOW…is that the Panthers and every team to follow….HAS been game planning against the Bucs NO NAME offensive line…..shooting fish in a barrel…..folks it WILL be ugly !!!! UGLY !!!!!!

  55. t-dub Says:

    so we have a starting tackles in collins and dotson with game expreience, a 6 time pro bowler in mankins, a proven stud in dietrich-smith (who was at the hands of aaron rogers, literally).. whats the worries besides rg?

    I say thrown Johnson in there and we’ll be set. It’s gonna take a few games to get into the groove, but we have strong hands on the outside and quick feet in the back field to back up the o-line.

  56. t-dub Says:

    “The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are signing players to their practice squad now that they’ve cut down their roster to a 53-man roster. The Bucs are likely to add quite a few players they cut to their practice squad, most notably quarterback Mike Kafka.

    The Bucs can sign 10 players to the practice squad, with certain restrictions. You can find the rules of the road here. If you want to know what the 53-man roster currently looks like, check out Leo’s breakdown.

    We’re tracking the Bucs’ practice squad below.s

    Practice squad so far
    KR/PR Solomon Patton, DT Matthew Masifilo, TE Cameron Brate, LB Brandon Magee, DT Matthew Masifilo.

    1:32 p.m.: Tommy Streeter signed with the Dolphins’ practice squad, per Adam Beasley.

    1:31 p.m.: Roy Cummings reports the Buccaneers have signed RB Jeff Demps, TE Cameron Brate, LB Brandon Magee and DT Matthew Masifilo to their practice squad.

    1:30 p.m.: Jenna Laine reports the Bucs signed returner Solomon Patton to their practice squad. There’s a decent chance they call him back up to the regular season roster after they place Charles Sims on injured reserve, designated for return on Tuesday

  57. t-dub Says:

    theres your answer for patton

  58. BUC4LIFE79 Says:

    Rishaw Johnson Starts at right guard…dude was a beast in the Washington game. Maybe he wasn’t pancaking opposing defenders flat on their backs but in terms of effort, understanding (dude knows how to pass off on stunting linemen unlike Cousins or Ohmameh) and physicality, ESPECIALLY with the dreads, Guy looked the part of our missing Davin Joseph. Not saying he is Joseph, but looked ALOT like him on the field. Is saying the Bucs win atleast 10 games being optimistic?? To each their own, but if Schiano’s defense could hand the smug saints their ass in week 2 of last year except for the final drive where the defensive genius that was Bill Sheridan called upon lil Leonard Johnson to cover Marquise Colston, then Lovie’s D ought to be able to rid the game of Drew Brees and the bounty squad once and for all. I mention the Saints because apparently behind Brady and Manning’s offense’s, it’s the offense that just nobody has an answer for…we’ll see won’t we.

  59. t-dub Says:

    im an so SICK and TIRED about hearing the saints offense. Well how come they haven’t won the SUPER BOWL more than once in their 6 years give or take?!

  60. t-dub Says:

    “Rapoport reported that the Niners ended the lengthy standoff by rolling Boone’s incentives into his base salary. Boone can now make $6 million in salary over the next two years. Before the deal was reworked, Boone was scheduled to make $3.7 million in salary. He can earn $8 million if he earns All-Pro nods in both seasons.”

  61. jo mama Says:

    6 and 10 and that’s a great season for this team.

    Vs. Panthers – W
    Vs. Rams – W
    @ Falcons – L
    @ Steelers – L
    @ Saints – L
    Vs. Ravens – L
    Vs. Vikings – W
    @ Browns – W
    Vs. Falcons – L
    @ Redskins – W
    @ Bears – W
    Vs. Bengals – L
    @ Lions – L
    @ Panthers – L
    Vs. Packers – L
    Vs. Saints – L

  62. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @t-dub – because the Saints defense forgot how to tackle after being embarrassed by Marshawn Lynch.

  63. RastaMon Says:

    L&L…There will be NO Honeymoon……

  64. MadMax Says:

    Im going with 8 to 9 wins…..need more Oline help which Im sure will be a major focus next draft.

  65. Buc the Haters Says:

    I see 12-4 & a deep playoff run/SB this year. And don’t get it twisted. That prediction is coming from a logically-optimistic perspective. No rose-colored glasses here. We stack up really well against any team out there. We just need to execute.

  66. Buc the Haters Says:

    Jo Mama, you’re a loser. U seriously think we’re going to win 1 division game this year??? That’s preposterous. Put your money where your mouth is or STFU. I’ll bet anyone any amount of money that we finish closer to 12-4 than 6-10.

  67. Buc the Haters Says:

    Here’s a prediction u can take the bank:

    jo mama vs Life – L

  68. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    Rishaw played better than any guard we’ve played so far.
    And he played like the worst guard on KCs roster. That’s where we are at.
    A Beast? No. Just better than the horrible players we’ve trotted out to the slaughter.
    We had worst guards in the league.with Mankins- now we have one great guard, and one bad guard. Unless Cousins starts. Then we have one guard, who might be worst starter in the history of pro football!
    If we sign the , Charming, Kind, and talented Ritchie Incognito, then we have two great guards!
    And a tree hugging poster holster who’ll be losing his mind.

    Eric- yup! Anyone who believes Schiano accomplished anything positive- has to be on drugs. Worst coaching hire in my lifetime.

    I’m on at 9-7. Last year, I had 5 unaddressed weak spots on this team
    This year- it’s only one guard spot. Im not saying SuperBowl- this team needs a year to play together.
    But Man- they look good!
    Lovie!! Licht!!’

  69. Cobraboy Says:

    I predict a low scoring Bucs-Kitties game…

  70. Kevin#1 Says:

    I voted eight wins for this team with the quick turnaround. 9-10 wins next season. That is assuming Jeff Tedford is in the booth every game. If he doesn’t return my gut tells me things will unravel…

  71. Buc the Haters Says:

    Talent-wise we were an 8-9 win team last year. And we’ve added tons of talent this year and a better coaching staff. If we underachieve again this year, we’ll still win 9-10 games…. Do I need to go over every game that we lost by a single play or 2 last year? If a handful of plays went differently last year, we would’ve finished like 9-7 (& Schi & Dom would still be here, yikes).

  72. Fritz50 Says:

    “The O-line is dramatically worse than it was last year.”

    I can’t see where this comes from, just don’t see how it COULD be worse, possibly not improved a lot, but WORSE ?…delusional.

  73. Kevin#1 Says:

    Jo Mama thinks we will be swept by ATL and NO and only take one against Carolina. I think we sweep Carolina and split with NO and ATL. Leaving us closer to 8-8 or 9-7. Again assuming Tedford is well and up in the both calling plays

  74. BucFan20 Says:

    I see 8-8 at best. For some reason this team is always bitten by the injury bug. I just don’t see good depth on offense let alone starters

  75. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    6-7 wins! Maybe more if lovie benches old man mcCown earlier in the year. But movie will stick to his guns saying that old man mcCown is the starter until it is too late.

  76. Buc the Haters Says:

    The Buc Realist, here’s a new screen name suggestion: The Buc’n Idiot. You’re out of touch with reality & illogical.

    Illogical pessimism = Idiocy

  77. Skyline Crew Says:

    I see a 7-9 season at best. The o-line hasn’t convinced me.

  78. Buc the Haters Says:

    See above equation ^^^ Even though our Oline is mediocre at best, we are stacked with talent everywhere else. I think a bunch of our games will resemble the 1st half of our 3rd preseason game against Buffalo. Basically, we are going to be able to score on other teams easier and more often than they can score on us.

  79. buddha Says:

    When making a prediction for the Buccaneers, one is also making an estuimate regarding other teams. No doubt, the Buccaneers (like all others teams in the NFL today) have weaknesses. So if you’re predicting an ugly season for the Buccaneers, by default you’re saying something about our rivals. Take Carolina. They’re offensive line lost two starters from last year and Cam was running for his life in the games he did play in the preseason. They lost all of their wide receivers and replaced them with two journeymen nobody wanted and a rookie who dropped a lot of balls for Florida State last year. Then they lost three of their four starters in the secondary, which was already a weakness. Is this a 12-4 team; 10-6; 8-8? How about Atlanta? Why are they so great? Matty Ice was Matty melt last year. They lost their Hall of Fame tight end; they had the worst running game in Pro Football and they don’t rush the passer. What makes them better than an 8-8 team? They have problems at guard, at defensive end, in the secondary and at running back. I think you have to look at the overall talent level of the team and by that metric, the Buccaneers are 2nd in the Division and among the top 12-14 in a league that no longer allows teams to be strong from top to bottom. This is where coaching comes into play. I’m predicting 8-8, but I could see anywhere from 6 to 11 wins.

  80. Buc the Haters Says:

    Buddha, a wise post. Thank you for providing some perspective to this site. I’m a bit more optimistic than you, but I like where you’re coming from. Kudos

  81. Pete 422 Says:

    I’m going 8 wins. I think the offense will take about 4-6 games to gel & that will cost us a few early games.

  82. T-DUB Says:

    Well said Budda!

  83. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’ve read the readers opinions on the Bucs finish. What is your opinion Joe?

  84. mpmalloy Says:

    No one has used the S-word yet.
    Probably better that way.

  85. Andrew 1 Says:

    I say 8 wins, but who the hell really knows. Could easily be a playoff team with some good luck.

  86. tye Says:

    Lovie Smith ~ building this team like the 1 that he got fired from…
    Tedford ~ ?
    Josh McCown ~ QB
    questionable O-line

    Below 8 games win season team…. My prediction – 6 maybe 7….