Rip Van Freeman Still Unemployed

April 3rd, 2014

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Here’s something for you to chew on along with your lunch today: Think how far off the NFL cliff former Bucs franchise quarterback sleepy, leaky Rip Van Freeman has fallen. A season removed from throwing for 4,065 yards, Rip Van Freeman cannot find a job.

Dan Orlovsky, he of the unaware of the boundaries of a football field, has a job. Orlovsky, one of the more brutal quarterbacks in recent NFL memory, backed up Rip Van Freeman and Mike Glennon last season.

Jordan Rodgers, another former Rip Van Freeman Bucs backup, whose greatest claim to fame is that he was sired by the same parents as Aaron Rodgers, also has found gainful employment in the NFL. Rodgers is only eight months younger than Freeman.

Yet, as best anyone can tell, Rip Van Freeman is reenacting “Thriller” videos in his basement.

Rip Van Freeman is simply toxic in NFL circles. Consider the Raiders tabbed Matt Schaub as their quarterback savior, yet Rip Van Freeman is unemployed. Brandon Weeden is employed in the NFL, yet Rip Van Freeman is looking for work. Blaine Gabbert found a new team. Yet Rip Van Freeman is unemployed. The Texans just dropped $7.5 million on Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yet Rip Van Freeman is unemployed.

In a quarterback-driven league where just about anyone who has thrown a football with a modicum of ability has been scooped up by some desperate NFL team, Rip Van Freeman remains unemployed, with team offseason programs beginning shortly.

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. Perhaps former Bucs commander Greg Schiano had a clue what he was doing with Rip Van Freeman, no?

Joe is going to guess you will next see Rip Van Freeman either hawking mattresses on some closed-circuit cable outfit in Kansas City, or working a Dairy Queen in Manhattan, Kan.

136 Responses to “Rip Van Freeman Still Unemployed”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    Didn’t this site’s creator advocate we should have given Freeman an extension before last season?


  2. tmaxcon Says:

    it’s actually sad that he wasted the talent he had. All he had to do is ride out the rest of the year on the bench keep his mouth shut and play the game. he would have recieved at least 40million from another team. the self destruction is remarkable. there is no doubt that schiano set freeman up to fail that being said the alleged drug use rumors may have been true in which in case again it’s sad he wasted all that talent. I never thought of freeman as a franchise qb but there was no doubt he could have been above average. not sure he had the IQ to be elite but he threw a good 40 to 50 million out the window with the stunts he and his reps pulled last year.

  3. Chef Paul Says:

    If he ever lands in a Manhattan Kansas Dairy Queen, I’m going to drive down there and throw my autographed Jfro football at his pretty face. Recently it became my dog’s very own NFL football. I’m sure he’ll be asleep so I wont have to worry about him ducking or diving.

  4. theDON Says:

    man, that 10-6 year was crazy. Freeman on the cusp, blount on the cusp. Raheem on the cusp. The bottom dropped. Truly remarkable how things have transpired over the past 5 years or so.

  5. Fishfries Says:

    Didn’t this site’s creator advocate we should have given Freeman an extension before last season?


    So did Shaun King and Tom Jones. That would’ve been horrific. I think Freeman just lost his love for the game. It’s really sad, because he had the tools to succeed. Just didn’t have the brain and work ethic.

  6. terraj35 Says:

    I remember when Joe thought Freeman was a franchise quarterback. No I’m not talking about the 10-6 season. I’m talking about the following season when it was glaringly obvious Freemans accuracy and decision making were nowhere near the level needed to be an NFL qb. I remember coming on this site and telling people how Josh would go out drinking entirely too often and would never dedicate himself enough to last. No one seemed to believe me or see the obvious signs we wouldn’t last and instead would always say the same thing “but he’s gotta be good. He’s 6’5, 250lb with a big arm”.

  7. Espo Says:

    Someone will sign him. Eventually his asking price will go down to the point it’s considered a low risk high reward signing.

  8. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Mark Dominick traded UP for this guy.

  9. Diehard_Bob Says:

    Someone will pick him up after the draft and give him a tryout.

  10. Eric Says:

    Yep a lot of us were wrong about Freeman.

    Looks like he can hang out with Russell, Tebow, and Vince Young.

    Heck, I think Bruce Gradkowski is still in the league.

    But, the man totally sealed his fate when he carried over the late for meetings routine to the Vikings. And played absolutely horrifically when given a chance.

  11. mark2001 Says:

    TMax…good point. You have to wonder as well if the “leaking of his problems”…likely within his own camp wouldn’t hurt him as well. No one wants a mediocre employee that is looking to torch you when things get tough and you have to get on his case for not dealing with his job as a professional.

  12. robert6 Says:


  13. Macabee Says:

    Reprinted from RotoWorld:’s Gil Brandt says he isn’t sure if free agent Josh Freeman “has the desire to get better.”

    Dedication concerns hounded Freeman as he showed very little improvement through four-plus seasons with the Bucs. They eventually gave up and cut him midway through last year, leading to an embarrassing stint with the Vikings. Now on the street again, Freeman has attracted zero known interest. Brandt, the Godfather of scouting, believes Vince Young is a better option for teams at this point. Mar 24 – 9:24 AM

  14. mark2001 Says:

    Oil Derrick…no one really has to tell us that Dom made a boatload of bad personnel decisions….of course, some of us have been saying it many more years than others….

  15. stevek Says:


    The pick Dominick used to trade up for Freeman (#199 overall) was used on a guy that made the cover of “Madden”- Peyton Hillis.

    What a horrible job.

  16. robert6 Says:


  17. Macabee Says:

    Yesterday, Orlovsky to the Lions, Jordan Rodgers to the Dolphins. Something has gone horrilbly wrong here! Freeman is a young guy that has no significant injuries, that we saw play football in 2010 and set Buc QB records in 2012. Something has gone horribly wrong!! Better man than me to figure this one out!

  18. Bucsfanman Says:

    Sad, just sad. I guess football just isn’t his priority. I hope he invested wisely. He’ll never make that kind of money again.

  19. Eric Says:

    As painful as it is to admit, Greg Schiano was right.

  20. Kgh4life Says:

    Freeman’s career has really taken a nose dive. At one time he was considered one of the up and coming young QBs in the league and now can’t find a job. Mi can see why Freeman has a lot of work to do, he has talent but it must be refined. For a while outsiders were saying that Freeman has to work on his mechanics and after all this time his mechanics are still horrible not only that but he has trouble reading defenses.

  21. Phaneuf Says:

    Maybe he forgot it was off season

  22. StAugBuc Says:

    I’d love to know what has happened that he can’t even get a phone call. I guess the truth will come out someday, but all parties involved lost on this one.

  23. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Freeman has great size and could run over people, give him that.

    Freeman has a cannon arm and could throw it through a brick wall. If he could only hit the brick wall.

  24. Tristan Berry Says:

    “…I think Freeman just lost his love for the game. It’s really sad, because he had the tools to succeed. Just didn’t have the brain and work ethic.” -FishFries

    Agreed. Which is precisely why we shouldn’t touch Clowney with a 10-foot pole.

  25. bucrightoff Says:

    He and his agent leaked all of that crap last year to get Freeman released. That’s why he’s gonna struggle to get a look. Teams don’t want a potential controversy creating malcontent on their team. They’d rather have a gang member (DeSean) or a murderer (Ray Lewis), but someone like Freeman, who creates controversies when things don’t go his way? Please…

  26. StAugBuc Says:

    Last year was the culmination of Freeman’s problems, not the beginning. something has been left untold.

  27. Phillip Says:


    Other than the Raiders and Jets I don’t think there was any other starting positions open(That aren’t drafting a QB with their 1st pick most likely) which is what I think he was trying to accomplish… I actually hope he does succeed whether that is as a full time starter or a back up that has to come in after and injury and can win a game or two… If I were him I’d try and sign with any of the following

    STL – Bradford injury prone and in final year of contract
    Tenn – Locker injury prone and final year as well and great Off HC
    Chi – Cutler seems to miss 2-3 games a year along with great Off HC
    Ari – Palmer is older and injuries tend to happen more when you get older
    SD – Same as Palmer and great Off HC
    Phi – Foles could be a one year wonder and great Off HC
    GB NE Den or NO – Can’t do any harm to sit behind one of the best QB’s in the NFL

  28. teacherman777 Says:

    Schiano was soooo right.

    Josh betrayed everyone in Tampa Bay.

    And God.

    Josh was given more physical talent than ANY QB in the NFL!

    And he blew it up his nose and up his arse.

    Josh Freeman was given, by nature, an elite body.

    And he took it for granted.

  29. BoJim Says:

    Maybe should become a rapper.

  30. Couch Fan Says:

    Freeman was never very good. The 10-6 mirage of a season fooled almost everyone but you could see that he just never had it after that season.

  31. William Says:

    I was hoping he did well with the Vikings. What a waste of talent. All the come backs from 2010 and QB records on 2012 are history just like him.

    Big pay day as a rookie allowed him to flush his commitment down the toilet. I’m glad rookies don’t get big pay days anymore.

    If we get Johnny, Bortles or Shaw, I’ll be happy.

  32. Mr. Patrick Says:

    When the Bucs released him, I said then that he would be out of the league in 3 years. Looks like it might not take that long. Thanks Raheem

  33. biff barker Says:

    BoJim Says:

    Maybe should become a rapper.


    Now that that was funny!

    Unfortunately the only he will be w rapping is his NFL career up.

  34. Eric Says:

    Remember that 10-6 season had a lot of games where we were playing against our opponents third string QB.

    One of the weirdest seasons in bucs history.

    That team had absolutely no business going 10-6. And, looking back that may have ruined Dominik because he held pat the following year, which turned into perhaps the biggest collapse ever.

    4-2 to 4-12 and total destruction near the end.

    Then again that 0-8 start last year was pretty bad.

    I hope Lovie turns this around so we can wash that entire era from our memories.

  35. mpmalloy Says:

    @ teacherman777

    That’s a bit poetic.

    I met Josh in a BedBath&Beyond when he first came to Tampa.
    He was there with his Mom and brother shopping. Super-nice guy.
    Physically imposing. I’m 5’11” 185 and I felt like a kid standing
    next to him.

    Very sad. The whole thing.
    He really changed a lot during his stay in Tampa.
    I don’t wish him any ill.
    I hope he can make a comeback.

  36. lightningbuc Says:

    I think Boomer Esiason tried to tell all of us about Freeman two years ago already. but some felt he was just making things up.

  37. BigMacAttack Says:

    He went from hero to zero almost over night, totally betrayed his team mates and it’s a wonder the Vikings even gave him a shot. The guy is pretty much useless and Joe, when calling him a “Bust in Waiting” couldn’t have hit it any closer to the head.

  38. BigMacAttack Says:

    And Go Bolts!!!

  39. lightningbuc Says:


    I can’t help but notice the irony that he was in a BedBath and Beyond, and sleeping became his undoing.

  40. Firethecannons Says:

    I actually am on my lunch break and I get articles about scrub ass josh freeman and Chris owusu…Really Joe? Atleast try next time

  41. tj Says:

    i dont feel sorry for a guy tht has millions of dollars ass should have to pay it back

  42. Joseph Mamma Says:

    He put on such a good show when playing for the Vikes last year, you would think he could get another shot. He had like a 47 quarterback rating but I don’t even think he played that well. He robbed two teams last year and won’t be robbing any this year most likely.

  43. Kevin Says:

    This is HILLARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I remember when this photo came out while he was our starter and I just closed my computer screen and walked away disappointed. Now I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Funny as hell. It amazes me that people are so STUPID to have such an opportunity land in they’re lap and just piss it away. I have no sympathy for him. Hard work is what it takes to be successful and he obviously has not been putting it in these last couple of years. I was one of the beleivers and hoped he would take the next step. Five years wasted and I’m glad it’s a new day in the Bay.

  44. Phillip Says:


    Hills wasn’t even in the 2009 draft he was in the 2008 draft… Then Hillis was traded from the Broncos to the Browns in 2010… Please just stop commenting on things unless you actually know what you are talking about or get the full facts atleast… SMH

    This is what and who was traded…

    Tampa Bay traded 2009 first round pick (#19-Jeremy Maclin), 2009 sixth round pick (#191-Coye Francies) to Browns for 2009 first round pick (#17-Josh Freeman) on 2009

    BTW aside from one year from Hillis he hasn’t done ANYTHING… Maclin is still a project WR and coming off of an ACL tear…

  45. mpmalloy Says:

    Poor guy.
    He probably can’t even “pull” anymore.

  46. Pete 422 Says:

    I hope Freeman actually earned a degree from Kansas State. He’s going to need it.

  47. Harry Says:

    From a GMs perspective: “Freeman = Fired”

  48. Reality TV Says:

    I don’t understand why the REAL story on this kid is still being held back by the Tampa Bay Media.

    If you look at the clues it’s pretty obvious.

    He rises quickly in a couple seasons to become one of the most promising young quarterbacks. A leader who organizes team activities during the lockout. Then slowly, he starts missing things behind the scenes. He skips a kids camp, misses a meeting or two, misses the team photo. His play goes from mediocre to awful. He looks lost and tired on the field. Makes excuses…gets benched…more excuses until he is released. Given a shot to start with a new team and blows it like never before. Placed on IR. Out of the league.

    There’s one thing that I can think of that can make someone fall so far, so fast.

    Hope he gets the help he needs.

  49. Leonard Scarnesi Says:

    Wow! Joe, Tom Jones and Shaun King all recommended a pre-season extension for Freeman. What a titanic trio of mental giants. The only genius I can think of who is missing from that group of analytically challenged lovers of conventional wisdom is Joe’s “Dean of Something or the Other”, Steve Duemig. Hilarity reigns!!!!!

  50. Maze Says:

    Have the Buccaneers every employed a bigger sell out. Quitter and a damn liar. He looks sooo stupid that MJ photo. Just Beat It joshy

  51. Ladyfan Says:

    Whew! Y’all kinda like to kick the dog when he’s down. I have never been a Freeman fan but I felt uncomfortable reading all these comments. Chill out and look under your bed and see if you can find your compassion where you left it. Just say….

  52. bucrightoff Says:

    Hey ladyfan, Freeman went out of his way to torpedo the Bucs season last year. Forgive us for enjoying his demise, but this is what is known as karma. He acted like a selfish, immature malcontent, he wanted to take his ball and go home…and now he can, forever.

  53. Maze Says:

    I’m sorry but josh made his own bed. Then layed down in it and fell asleep.

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Freeman self-destructed his last year here. Before that, he was doing okay.

    I’m wondering if everything he did was at the advice of his crappy agent, saying he could get him a better deal elsewhere. That agent should be fired.

    Sad to say, Johnny Manziel has the same agent.

  55. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    bucrightoff Says
    “…Freeman went out of his way to torpedo the Bucs season last year.”

    And the other teams saw that and I believe that is why he is unemployed. Again though, I also think it was at the advice of his agent, who probably thought a Josh Freeman would have been hot on hte market at the time (just after Josh’s good season would be when he gave the advice).

  56. Chef Paul Says:

    I would have completely agreed with you Ladyfan, until I found out about the whole MIA one hour before the Jets game thing. That was the last straw for me.

    Because of that, Josh Freeman should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell.


  57. Phillip Says:


  58. Shawnbucfan Says:

    Maybe josh “thriller ” freeman can spin discs with his buddy d j toes on the line . Just don’t meet up with the soldier for lunch .

  59. Tye Says:

    In 2012-2013 I predicted This guy would be out of the NFL by 2015 and so many people thought that was impossible and that I was just hating on the guy…. Hate is a strong word because I don’t know him personally but watching him play, it was clear he was highly overrated and over valued…. Hopefully he has a plan B because plan A seems to be rejecting him.

  60. SteveK (MGM) Says:


    You mean we didn’t eff up a Madden coverboy pick?

    Thanks for correcting me.

    Dom still drafted Bowden over Greg Hardy. Just too many dumb azz maneuvers.

    Can’t wait to see our first draft pick. Licht was on PFT and told Florio that “BPA” would be drafted.

    That means, sticking at 7, we have a chance for:

    BPA is coming to the Bay! 🙂

    Ps. Let me know if I “spelt” anything wrong.

  61. Snook Says:

    “The pick Dominick used to trade up for Freeman (#199 overall) was used on a guy that made the cover of “Madden”- Peyton Hillis.”


    WRONG. The pick used for Hillis was Denver’s that we traded away for the rights to Jake Plummer. Look it up.

  62. knucknbuc Says:

    I use to be a huge Josh Freeman fan when he came to Tampa. Thought he was going to light it up and become the next great qb. He was the last buc Jersey I bought since Brooks. Something happened after that 2011 season and raheem was fired but it was a drastic change.

    I think he lost the love for football that he had growing up and didn’t have that hunger he had from that e60 they did on him 4 years ago. He’s totally different . I hope Josh can do good wherever his life takes him next. Not gonna kick him when he’s down a slippery path already

  63. WalkdaPlank Says:

    You said Rip Van Freeman 12 times. lmao

  64. WalkdaPlank Says:

    “should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell”? haha WTF?

  65. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Hey I agree completely with BigMacattack

    GO BOLTS!!!

  66. Phillip Says:


    Ya I’ll be sure to let you know that just like all the other times you are wrong… You seriously were spouting that same sentence over and over too… Do a little research…

    BTW let’s draft Donald another 3 tech DT when we already have two… Please dude your football knowledge is pathetic…

  67. Phillip Says:

    BPA can include QB’s too… Or are you that ignorant?

  68. Chef Paul Says:


    It’s from that wonderful, 5 star movie “Ace Ventura Pet Detective”

  69. Destinjohnny Says:

    Not like dom to blow a draft pick – nope he missed on the whole draft class

  70. JGM 2.0 Says:

    As a bystander, I have noticed that Phillip and Stevek need to start their own blog together. Point and counterpoint. Skip Bayless and whoever the hell else no one gives a crap about.

  71. Jim Says:

    Josh Freeman is a sad example of what success can do to you. Hopefully he has saved enough of his money to live a modest life outside of football. He is a leper now, no one will touch him.

  72. tgregs Says:

    More than one GM predicted this fall when he switched agents to…you got it, same as Joe’s man crush

  73. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    He should go to the CFL for a year, switch agents and prove himself there. Come back to NFL next year with a new attitude.

  74. LoggedontoSay Says:


    In your article, if we can actually call it an article, graffiti might be a better word, you write that Freeman, “has pass for 4065 yards.” Then you list other quarterbacks in the NFL that has not accomplished what Freeman has accomplished. I do not have a clue as to why Freeman has not signed a contract with a NFL team. However, your “article” suggests that NFL teams have hired quarterbacks that are less qualified than Freeman. This would appear as discrimination to any reasonable person. Who hires someone that is less qualified than another candidate to fill a position of employment? Being that the other quarterbacks you mentioned are Caucasian and Freeman is certainly of African decent, Freeman is being racially discriminated it against and you seem to relish in the idea that Freeman is receiving disparate treatment. Then again, it could be any reason that Freeman has not signed a contract with an NFL team which would mean you are an irresponsible journalist.

  75. Phillip Says:

    @JGM 2.0

    There’s just no point in what he says… Literally is obsessed with Glennon to where his ignorance refuses to say those QB’s are among the top 15 prospects in the ENTIRE draft… Any position you draft is a total crap shoot no one knows if they will actually turn out to be great but that doesn’t mean you settle for mediocre play and not draft an upgrade if you have the chance to get it… He doesn’t want to trade away picks to get a QB(if we even have to this year) and wants to put it off till next year… Chances of us being in the top 10 next year?? Um try 10%… So pay a small ransom this year to move up a couple spots or pay a King’s ransom to move up next year? Hmm seems like a no brainer to me… But Where’s Waldo is convinced of Glennons 19 TD 9 INT.. SMH

    Dude thinks you can score 14 points a game and make it to the Super Bowl… Ignorance really aggravates me lol… I am just glad we don’t have people like him running the Bucs…

  76. lurker Says:


    the kooks are out.

  77. chef paul Says:

    Yeah its descimination against guys that consistanly can’t get to work on time, and go all kamakazi on their team.
    Not even Bradee would have a job with Josh’s work habits.

  78. Buc1987 Says:

    Who is going to pick him up as a back up?

  79. Buc1987 Says:

    LoggedontoSay ….Freeman’s a mental case that’s why no team has signed him yet. He’s a bi-racial mental case and color has nothing to do with it.

  80. Chef Paul Says:


    Pay no attention to this trolling little fu*k wad. This dipsh*t is either a grumpy old granny with a dried up pus*y, or a short guy with a little dic*, trying to make everyone as miserable as that piece of shit. Fu*k him!!

    I know you won’t let this through, but as long as it’s read by one or both of the Joes, that’s good enough. And hopefully you found a little humor in it too.

    Despite the clowns that give you a rough time now and then, most of us love this site. Keep up the great work fellas!

  81. Mitch Says:

    @Loggedontosay: Freeman is where he is because of his actions and nothing else. Take that simple minded BS somewhere else.

  82. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    (2013) Fewest points:

    • Jaguars (247)
    • Texans (276)
    • Buccaneers (288)
    • Jets (290)
    • Giants (294)

  83. buccanAy Says:

    It’s amazing what some people will do or say for a dollar.

  84. LoggedontoSay Says:


    Simple mind BS is your brain. If you cannot follow the conversation just shut. It is better to let people think your are stupid then open your mouth and remove all doubt. Buc 1987, the same goes for you. You are too stupid to follow the conversation. The response is directed at Joe. If Joe needs someone to respond on his behalf, he should not recruit idiots to do so. If you to are from FL. then I understand your view point is shooting a black man in cold blood is gods plan. Both of you are not smart enough to talk to me so shut up. As for you lurker get back in your bunker.

  85. kh Says:

    hard to get signed when two teams both said that he cant make it to practice or games on time.

  86. Joe Says:


    The response is directed at Joe.

    Interesting that, in your words, Joe writes “graffiti.” If Joe is so awful (though Joe is happy you do read), not sure why you are so adamant for a response.

    Here it is anyway:

    If your conclusion is that Joe is dancing on Freeman’s grave because he is — help Joe: Freeman’s father is black/his mother white so Joe’s not sure what race he qualifies as — not blonde-haired or blue-eyed, then Joe really wants to sample whatever vodka you are drinking.

    How you could somehow imply that this is racism tells Joe when you buy a bag of jellybeans, you must count how many jellybeans are of a certain color so you can blame the manufacturer for trafficking in prejudice of some sort.

  87. Joe Says:

    hard to get signed when two teams both said that he cant make it to practice or games on time.


    Or meetings!

    On a related note, Pat Kirwan is on Twitter now torching Johnny Football’s agent, who is also Freeman’s agent. Kirwan stating that teams don’t want to work with the guy. Hhhmmm???

    (To be fair, Kirwan hasn’t brought up Freeman in any way in his diatribe.)

  88. [email protected] Roof Cleaning Says:

    The term “Blackballed” comes to mind here, and as we all know, the NFL does just that.
    Josh Freeman is done as a player, and a QB, in the NFL.
    Perhaps one day, we will all know the real story about what happened to him, and I am curious.

  89. David Says:

    Bucrightoff…..lest not forget to add to the list of bad guys racist riley cooper who just got an extension from the Eagles. I bet Richie “redneck” Incognito will be employed again at some point as well. And im with u guys about Josh’s “karma”. But geez, im never gonna make attacks personal. Grow up fellas.

  90. BFFL Says:

    That picture tells the whole story.

  91. Tpabaysteve Says:

    But the orange Lamborghini will look pretty outside the Dairy Queen

  92. lion Says:

    I am willing to bet it has a lot to do with everyone now knowing he has ADHD. I mean come on how can anyone expect someone with ADHD to play quarterback in the NFL. The position is so complex and the quarterback needs to make accurate, split second decisions with 300 pound beasts trying to rip their head off. A quarterback having ADHD is like a surgeon having Parkinson’s disease. It’s no wonder Freeman never succeeded as an NFL quarterback, even with all the potential and physical tools he possessed; defenses wound up figured him out and he could not make the necessary steps to counter act the different scenarios.

  93. Eric Says:

    Bradshaw has it.

  94. Joe Says:


    Understanding where you are coming from but think what you are suggesting is more of a crutch than anything. Yes, someone with ADHD would be challenged, but that’s like saying those afflicted with that are handicapped people. ADHD, when treated, doesn’t prevent people from getting college degrees or having successful lives and careers, etc.

  95. Buc1987 Says:

    Bradshaw has it.

  96. Buc1987 Says:

    I think I have undiagnosed ADHD.

  97. BigMacAttack Says:

    I remember Freeman’s parents when he got here. They seemed like very nice people with high hopes for their son. I feel sorry for them that their hopes and dreams were pi$$ed away by him. Parents always want the best for their children and never stop. I know Josh made a bunch of money but like so many it will evaporate quickly and he’ll be back living with his parents, lazy, fat and playing Madden piling up pizza boxes and empty beer cans. Such a waste of talent.

  98. Buc1987 Says:

    “Joe really wants to sample whatever vodka you are drinking.’

    Jack Daniels, ginger with a splash of grenadine and a cherry.
    I don’t quite know if there is a name for it. I call it a dirty Shirley Temple.

  99. Buc1987 Says:

    “he’ll be back living with his parents, lazy, fat and playing Madden piling up pizza boxes and empty beer cans. Such a waste of talent.”

    Yikes BMA!

  100. Buc1987 Says:

    They’re out to get you, there’s demons closing in on every side
    They will possess you unless you change the number on your dial
    Now is the time for you and I to cuddle close together, yeah.
    All through the night I’ll save you from the terror on the screen,
    I’ll make you see

    That this is thriller, thriller night
    ‘Cause I can thrill you more than any ghoul would ever dare try
    Thriller, thriller night
    So let me hold you tight and share a killer, diller, chiller, thriller here tonight

    ‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night
    Girl I can thrill you more than any ghoul would ever dare try
    Thriller, thriller night
    So let me hold you tight and share a killer, thriller

    I’m gonna thrill you tonight…

    Thanks Josh!

  101. Eric Says:

    How long till the season starts?

  102. lurker Says:

    “he’ll be back living with his parents, lazy, fat and playing Madden piling up pizza boxes and empty beer cans. Such a waste of talent.”

    then he will post here supporting glennon as the starter like half the mob does.

  103. lion Says:


    I never said a person with ADHD couldn’t ever become a successful professional. Getting a college degree and becoming a successful accountant or manager with ADHD is far different than being an NFL quarterback. There is a big difference between being a successful student or business professional living with the disability than being an NFL quarterback where you have to make crucial split second decisions as a part of your job every single second of your career. I’ m sure there are thousands of successful people living with ADHD, but how many successful NFL quarterbacks with ADHD do you think there are or have been? Quite a big difference than your average working professional and an NFL QB wouldn’t you say?

  104. lion Says:

    It sure would explain a lot as to why Freeman looked like a deer in headlights on multiple, multiple occasions. I’m not saying it is the definitive reason, but you can’t honestly say that it definitely didn’t affect his game in anyway. When you think about all of his flaws, you could easily make a case that it just may have played a role in his downfall.

  105. Maze Says:

    He does not deserve the CFL the more I think about it. Maybe a job at ESPN. That interview he did after he quit the team was, actually I now remember that drunk interview he did on the radio so I guess maybe media is not his thing either. Oh well Manziel at 7 it is

  106. lion Says:

    The odds of being a successful franchise NFL QB while having ADHD are definitely stacked against you.

  107. Andrew 1 Says:

    You know, it’s to damn bad that I didnt post this earlier, but according to Joe, we are all a bunch of stupid red necks. YES, he had a youtube video about what exactly he thought of his commenter’s of JBF on youtube. Smartly He took it down. lets just say he doesn’t value any of your opinions.

    Amazing how so many readers can’t distinguish satire from reality. It’s dealing with the fallout of that stuff that unfortunately drives Joe to clean not leave things up forever. –Joe

  108. lurker Says:

    lion, quit making things up. you obviously don’t know anything about adhd. you don’t know the odds either. and “you can’t honestly say that it definitely (did) affect his game in anyway.”


  109. lurker Says:

    wow. why did the joes take it down?

  110. lurker Says:


    there are plenty of idiotic comments on these threads. there is definite racism of all kinds in this world. hell there are racist comments from time to time on these threads. but what you espouse has no merit especially in light of freeman’s recent issues.

  111. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Lurker

    because it represented commenters in a negative light. But you know what, Its ok. Karma.

    I sympathize with who suffers from ADHD. I have people within my family that struggle with it everyday. I have nothing bad to say about Freeman.

  112. lurker Says:

    dang joes. you pride yourselves on writing what you want but then take down your opinions.

  113. kh Says:

    Joe Says:
    April 3rd, 2014 at 11:22 pm

    hard to get signed when two teams both said that he cant make it to practice or games on time.


    Or meetings!


    Or a kids camp

  114. tmaxcon Says:

    How did the greatest generation win WWII without antidepressants and add/adhd medication. More and more people make excuses and use crutches to escape personal responsibility. If someone really needs meds I am supportive but too many people today are looking for the easiest way out versus taking responsibility and working hard to resolve issues. And before you bleeding heart losers and PC Police start bashing me the research is on my side. Too many crutches and to many people relying on meds instead of dealing with core issues. Man up take responsibility and work through the issue(s) don’t mask them. Freeman had everything going for him and he wasted multiple opportunities and a ton of cash. Make all the excuses you want but those are the facts. Drugs and alcohol if those are or were the issues is a CHOICE not a disease. That’s just another bs excuse to justify lack of personal responsibility. Bringing racism into this is absolutely ridiculous.

  115. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ tmaxcon

    Not making excuses for Freeman, For all I know It could have been just one big excuse. After all, I know nothing about the guy personally. BUT he does not speak for the rest of the people with ADHD/OCD, if in fact he is hiding behind that. Saying all those things about people who are suffering with those disorders is just plain ignorant. I hope you never have to deal with those issues. You might actually agree end up agreeing. Read up about it, you might actually learn something.

  116. Andrew 1 Says:

    And dont bring in that WWII veteran BS into it. These are different times we are living in. Like I said, I hope for your sake, you never have to deal with it. I wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemy.

  117. tmaxcon Says:

    You are entitled to your view / opinion. I stand by my post. Meds are over prescribed and personal responsibility is devalued.

  118. Andrew 1 Says:

    LOL, God bless you.

  119. tmaxcon Says:

    So you are saying the physiological make up of the human race has changed that dramatically that 20 million Americans need pills to relate.

  120. Andrew 1 Says:

    Look buddy, It is a fact that people with those disorders have a slightly enlarged frontal lobe. I’m not saying that the human race has changed that drastically over the years, but the treatment of such conditions has improved with medication. It’s not a matter of will power. Trust me.

  121. tmaxcon Says:

    And suggesting WWII vets had it peachy and today’s society is so much more difficult is laughable. I suggest you review some history books or if reading is not your thing watch a few old documentaries on the difficulty soldiers faced. Conventional war is hell and suggesting life today is worse than war is ignorant and insulting those who fought so you could have an opinion.

  122. Andrew 1 Says:

    You must be misunderstanding me. In no way am I comparing WWII veterans in todays society. The fact is that they are not relatable. But to understate what people are going through today because of what WWII veterans went through is wrong. I cant imagine what they went through, but It doesn’t make what we are going through today any easier, believe it or not. I mean what you are talking about, Its like saying that a crippled person is using metal braces as a crutch to walk. Its not that its is a crutch, Its more like an essential tool for them to walk. Times have changed, things are different.

  123. Andrew 1 Says:

    And, while am at it, God Bless ALL the veterans.

  124. lurker Says:

    wow, crotchety comes to mind. up hill in the snow both ways.

    there were many issues back then, but issues are different. so u are a wwii vet?

    science and technology has come a long way since the 40’s and 50’s. yes, medications might be overprescribed but that is also because of big pharma, hello. the baby boomers have contributed to the corporatization of america. hell, war is big business but the average soldier gets screwed.

  125. LoggedontoSay Says:


    I am not adamant for a response. You wrote the…. I am only having a discourse about what you wrote. As far as reading, all I do is read. I read good stuff, bad stuff not so good stuff etc. I am just forcing you to take a look at what you wrote. All of the dummies that have responded to what I post on your blog, not one of those dummies have responded to the content of the post. That is why they are called dummies. Joe, If you were going to respond, I would at least expect you to address the pertinent factors. Forgive the bad English. I just got in from visiting with friends from Swiss and Seattle. It was a hell of a time Joe! No cheap beers, and I live in Hawaii.

  126. LoggedontoSay Says:


    How did the greatest generation win WWII without antidepressants and add/adhd medication.

    You do not know history my friend. I do not know how to tell you this without hurting your feelings, but this statement is just dumb!

  127. Evan Says:

    Shame. When the whole benching and eventual release came about, I defended jf5. I really liked him and he did great things on the field, however he was a turnover machine.. All in all, I feel bad for him, a lot went wrong last season with the team, he played a big role. Whoever advised him to do that interview and all that is ultimately at fault. I thought he’d succeed with the vikes but shows how much faith I had in him as a player. I’m pretty sure he’ll be picked up as a camp body.

  128. TylerDurden Says:

    He doesn’t have “ADHD.” He has deep seeded emotional/maturity issues that require specific treatment. Football, at this point in his life, would be the wrong thing for him to subject himself to.

  129. SteveK (MGM) Says:


    Looked for your you tube rant. Couldn’t find it.

    I hope I’m not on your shit list.

    As Joe wrote previously, Joe took it down because so many didn’t get the satire and were giving Joe grief. Not worth the annoyance for a 3-year-old video. –Joe

  130. Couch Fan Says:

    Freeman just sucked. Had nothing to do with ADHD or any other mental disorder. And in the end he gave up on this team and community. Thats the bottom line.

    All this other crap is just stupid. This LoggedOnto character is calling people names and insulting intelligence while trying to say Freeman is being picked on because of his color. A color doesn’t suck. A person does. Freeman is that person and he would suck if he were pink/blue/black/white/biege/green or any other color you could think of.

    And Joe, you can spin it however you like but if you made a video insulting your own readers, even if it was a joke, you should have the testicular fortitude to leave it up. Obviously you should of know that if you insult people they will want to retort. Kind of cowardly, but I still love the site. (I havent see it myself)

  131. Mord Says:

    Thought-provoking posts, lion.

  132. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    I was mentioned in it twice.

    Buc You and… hell it was so long ago I forgot my other user handle.


    It was Joe’s rebuttle to the trolls… setting him straight.

  133. Bucfan#37 Says:

    It seemed to me Freeman’s abilities took a nosedive after the Michael Jackson mimic photo shoot. He could’nt handle the response and ridicule. He may have been in the closet.

  134. Mike Says:

    Loggedon……. So if Joe said pat White was signed by Carolina, then all would be fine in your world?

  135. LoggedontoSay Says:


    What are you talking about. You are not capable of understanding the issue, so move on…

    For all the people making statements about ADD/ADHD, you do not understand the disorder. Here is something that you stew about: EX-POTUS George W. Bush has ADHD.

  136. Mike Says:

    Actually having taken PR classes, I’m very capable. I did simplify my question to you, but I do believe its you that’s unable to understand that some people may actually see your point. You seem to like use the words idiot or you are not capable to swing your points. Fact is, I deal with what you said on a daily basis. I understand where you’re coming from with your statement, but it would only take just a few words to fix. But thanks for thinking what I’m capable and incapable of