More Quarterback Freefall Nonsense

April 17th, 2014

WR Odell Beckham at No. 7? Really?

In this Season of Smoke, aka the 10 weeks leading up the NFL Draft, it amazes Joe how expert analysts who quickly will tell you the NFL is a passing league all about quarterback play now somehow believe a long list of QB-needy teams will pass on a quarterback in the first round.

Joe puts no credence in this popular nonsense. Forget about the Bucs for a minute, Joe will be stunned if the Jaguars pass on a first-round QB with the No. 3 overall pick.

Are we really to believe that in Year 2 of the Gus Bradley regime in Jacksonville there will be no emphasis on drafting a premier QB prospect with the No. 3 overall pick? We’re to believe that third-year owner Shahid Khan, who paid about $750 million for the Jags, doesn’t expect to go all-in with a new face of his franchise? Someone other than Chad Henne?

That’s just not happening. The top college QBs will not freefall, as NBC Sports/ analyst Josh Norris suggests in his latest mock draft.

With every QB on the board, Norris has the Bucs going wide receiver with their No. 7 overall pick.

7. Tampa Bay Bucs 

WR Odell Beckham Jr., LSU – There is no doubt in my mind that OBJ is a top three receiver in this class, and it is in the realm of possibility he becomes the best prospect at the position from the group. He offers a vertical style and wins in contested situations better than most receivers his size.

Now Beckham is an excellent, versatile talent, but Joe’s confident he’s a needless reach at No. 7, especially in a draft that’s deep with wide receiver talent. Joe also can’t help but thinking Beckham is a bit like departed stabbing victim and stripper-pole advocate Mike Williams, who possesses similar acrobatic ability.

Regardless, Joe’s sure the draft isn’t going to shake out with Beckham as the Bucs’ target at No. 7 — while every QB is on the board. Joe believes the Bucs would be far hungrier for Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Football in the scenario painted in Norris’ mock draft. Lovie Smith and Jason Licht are too smart not to take the best available quarterback, provided they believe one somewhere in the draft is capable of being their franchise guy.

34 Responses to “More Quarterback Freefall Nonsense”

  1. Snook Says:

    So tired of hearing about taking WRs at #7.

    Such a waste.

  2. WalkdaPlank Says:

    How DARE that thug Mike Williams get stabbed. The nerve of that guy!

  3. finishers Says:

    i agree there is no way everyone passes on QB!

  4. Architek Says:

    I would love to have Beckam but dang at 7?

    Someone should check what he had for breakfast before he posted that mock.

  5. FB Says:

    Odell is twice the receiver mike Williams is. He rus a 4.43, Williams barely cleared 4.6. So he is acrobatic and fast. That is a ton more explosiveness than Williams could ever bring. I think Evans May be a better receiver, but I am intrigued by Odell’s speed.

    Now on your Qb falling question, I just don’t think anyone really knows and probably won’t until the 3rd pick. If they start to fall, they may fall hard. If that happens, Odell May not be that bad of a pick unless you have the TE from the fighting Irish that much higher

  6. Celly Says:

    LOL. This would be hilarious.

    I dont know where to begin. Whether its the fact that he’s mocking a trade down or that he doesn’t have a QB going until 13 (@ where MN traded down to).

    With that being said, given this scenario, i don’t see how the Bucs choose OBJ over Mathews (much less a QB)…

    inb4 every other comment on here just says “trade down”

  7. Leon Says:

    Jackass pick made by a jackass

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If that happens & all the position players we want are gone….try to trade down.
    I stll think we have a shot at Sammy @ 7

  9. Lou. Says:

    This jelly stuff is silly weird.

    I have not mentioned the redirect problem as I thought your site would get it fixed soon. And it only happened occasionally.

    Now it’s twice in one download. Sheesh.

    Yes, an occasional issue for some mobile readers only. Joe thanks you for your patronage. –Joe

  10. Bucme Says:

    LOL, so in Joe’s scenario all QB’s are still on the board at 7, but the
    bucs only give consideration to Bustwater and Johhny, absolutly no mention that the Bucs would even consider Bortles if he was there at 7. What a
    Joke, now lets see how long it takes for joe to take down this comment…

  11. Mudlitemike Says:

    Joe’s explained before that there are occasional glitches for certain mobile readers. It’s certainly not all the time or harmful to your phone, and Joe makes no money on these redirects. –Joe

  12. biff barker Says:

    Agree Joe, no way a QB needy team passes on one early in favor of a WR.
    Dexter freaking Jackson nightmares…..

  13. StAugBuc Says:

    Any update on the app you’ve been teasing?

    Not one Joe can share yet. But Joe’s optimistic. –Joe

  14. Bucdon Says:

    This guy is a moron!!! Does he get paid to writs this kind of crap???

  15. Mumbles Says:

    If you think this is nonsense, why feed it to us? There are lots of things I would like to know about the Bucs. Are there any up and comers that they like? What’s the deal with Luke Stocker?

    How about something we like for a while? Ask your loyal followers what they would like to hear about for a change!

    Joe often shares national views of the Bucs. Joe’s been doing that for six years. As for Luke Stocker, if he’s available and willing at minicamp next week, Joe will talk to him. –Joe

  16. Bucdon Says:


  17. Jordan Says:

    Manziel could easily fall to the late first round. He led the Aggies to a 5-7 record against ranked teams. Glennon was 0-4 against ranked teams.

  18. coolman Says:

    Trade dwn with the cowboys and select beckam his speed is sum we need get a qb in. The 2nd and get another gd wr like saunders in 4th

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I also see mocks with the Bucs taking an offensive tackle. I wonder if the mockers even pay attention. The Bucs need OFFENSIVE GUARD. And there are none rated as a 7th pick.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Mumbles Says
    If you think this is nonsense, why feed it to us? There are lots of things I would like to know about the Bucs.”

    And Joe provides such news. There is no reason why he can’t provide both. And some of us enjoyed this article.

    Quit being an @$$.

  21. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Joe’s explained before that there are occasional glitches for certain mobile readers. It’s certainly not all the time or harmful to your phone, and Joe makes no money on these redirects. –Joe”

    Joe, are you aware that there is one that pops up on tablets only claiming the tablet has a virus and tricks people into installing a virus? It looks like an actual tablet warning instead of a browser window. I don’t know if it pops up on a phone, but it does on tablet and itIS harmful.

    Happens at least 3-4 times a week and only when I come here. Never happens on my laptop, only on my tablet. I have to go back a page to get rid of it every time.

  22. Eric Says:

    At least three mock drafts, including Walter Football, have us taking Johnny Football.

    So, either we might be or the smoke screen is working!

    I keep thinking Lovie would like to have Mosely. L&L are big on system fit guys and he fits that bill. Our DC mentioned the importance of the ML in their defense.

    I cant remember when our choice was so uncertain.

  23. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Fortunately the Bucs are NOT a QB needy team at this point in time, so they will have the option to take best available talent on the board should they decide not to reach for any player…who pulls…named Johnny…who as a rookie would be the 4th best QB in the NFC South

  24. Nate_tweetz Says:

    Odell is a WAY better prospect than Mike Williams. He is not the same type of player at all Joe. His strength is his vertical threat and getting behind the coverage. Although I would love to have him on the team, I agree it would be completely ridiculous to reach for him at 7. That’s just not going to happen. Next these anal-ist will have us taking the top punter #7 overall. smh.

  25. lightningbuc Says:

    Walter Football’s final mock for 2013 had Geno Smith going #6 and Ryan Nassib going #8. They were real close with Nassib – he ended up being taken 14th….IN THE FOURTH ROUND!

  26. Hawk Says:

    Why would a team waste a high first round pick on a player who rates second round… or lower? So many posters, in here, have championed “BPA”. They must be the only ones not surprised by this ‘free-fall’ talk.

  27. Brian D. Says:

    That is the worst mock draft I’ve seen…

    Browns and Raiders to pass on quarterbacks for Mike Evans and Aaron Donald? Those are luxury picks…as dysfunctional as those franchise are, there’s no way they could botch this draft that badly. And there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that every QB is still on the board when we pick.

  28. Mumbles Says:


    Sorry it took me a minute to get back to you. You quit kissing Joe’s a$$. He’s already successful! You wannbe greasy mouthed know-it-all!

    Can’t we all just love each other?–Joe

  29. SAMCRO Says:

    It just goes to show us that all the QB needy teams don’t see any of these QB’s as first round talent. They will get a potential All-Pro with their first pick and a just as equally talented QB with their second. They have done their homework and are doing the smart thing unlike our [email protected] if we select a QB.

  30. Patrick Says:

    There was nothing wrong with Williams and we just gave him away for peanuts. A completely unnecessary hole was created on our roster.

  31. BucNasty!!! Says:

    If u want him u deff trade down and add picks no way he goes in the top 10

  32. Daffy Buc Says:

    All Williams did was bang hot chicks on a filthy mattress!! Johnny will do that when he gets here, will he be traded too?

  33. bucrightoff Says:

    NFL Draft Countdown > Walter Football

  34. BoJim Says:

    I love this site. Great articles. Great comments. Keep me sane till Draft Day.