Stomping Victim Has Come A Long Way

March 16th, 2014

Did the Bucs’ new center provoke Suh?

Centers and guards rarely make headlines, unless they’re making ludicrous claims of poverty among active NFL players, contracting MRSA, or getting viciously stomped by angry defensive linemen.

On Friday, Tampa Bay signed Packers free agent center Evan Dietrich-Smith. He’s hardly a household name outside of cheese country. Dietrich-Smith was undrafted in 2009 and cut that year and in 2010, by the Packers and Seahawks, respectively. He returned to the Packers before the 2010 playoffs and got a Super Bowl ring, and finally earned a few starts at guard in 2011.

That’s when he got stomped by Lions manbeast defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, an event that made widespread NFL headlines.

What was most memorable to Joe was the story that came out later via former Packer Matt Brook. It seems Dietrich-Smith was a bizarre instigator.

“One of his guards, he’s had like one or two starts in his career and he’s got to play against Suh. So he’s pretty puckered, right? So, he’s talking to James, the offensive line coach, going, ‘What do I do? What do I do?'”

“James is just in his mind going, ‘This guy is going to get killed. I got to take his mind off it, give him something else to do.’ So he says, ‘OK, every time you’re in a pile, I want you to focus on something. I want you to untie his shoes.

“‘Anytime you can, just reach in; he’s got floppy shoe laces, he doesn’t spat (cover them with tape) or anything, just untie his shoes. It will irritate him.'”

 Brock said the Packers offensive lineman untied Suh’s shoes three times during the game.

“That’s why he stomped him,” Brock said. “That’s why he banged his head on the ground and he stomped him.”

Joe just wanted to share Dietrich-Smith’s big claim to fame.

He played a little center in 2012 and got the starting nod last season. Aaron Rodgers had lobbied for him then — and to keep him this offseason. But now he’s a Buccaneer.

For the record, Joe’s never read that Dietrich-Smith admitted to messing with Suh’s footwear. Regardless, Dietrich-Smith will get another crack at Suh’s shoes when the Bucs head to Detroit this season.

30 Responses to “Stomping Victim Has Come A Long Way”

  1. 1bucfan88 Says:

    Of all the out sh*t you hear that happens at the bottom of piles or after plays, this has got to be one of the more benign and amusing things I’ve heard. I actually chuckled out loud to myself when I read it.

    Definitely makes me glad we got GMC instead of that overgrown man-child.

  2. Jay90 Says:

    Off topic, but I’m curious to know if the “NO FLY ZONE” banner still hangs at RJ stadium LOL

  3. Mr. T Says:

    I wonder if Suh still wears floppy shoe laces, I’m sure he won’t when we play them :)

  4. INDYbucsfan Says:

    Hahah that is awesome. This is my new favorite lineman if true.

  5. zam Says:

    Suh is *** for sure, but that’s really unsportsmanlike if true. You can’t beat me on the football field so you have to untie my shoes when I’m not looking?

  6. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I hope EDS has some nasty in him as well as Collins. Then I will be happy…;) Any word on their nastiness?

  7. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Lol… Good stuff.

  8. mark2001 Says:

    Tedford/ Rodgers relationship…his former starting center that calls the protection is now a Bucs and knows the scheme well….makes you wonder how much our O will look like the Packers…once we get at least three good receivers?

  9. lurker Says:

    ok zam. so listening to your coach and undoing a shoelace is unsportsmanlike, but the stomp was a fair response?


  10. Bob bucks fan Says:

    I love this guy already if he did this. That’s funny, I don’t care if your a Detroit Lions or Suh fan you know that’s funny.

  11. Bob bucks fan Says:

    Just watched the game tape not even three plays after the stomp he unites his shoes laces again I love this guy……….Not really it would be funny if he did though.

  12. Couch Fan Says:

    ok zam. so listening to your coach and undoing a shoelace is unsportsmanlike, but the stomp was a fair response?


    Do you not swat at a fly if it keeps pestering you?

  13. Eric Says:

    Ah the old untie his shoe laces trick. A favorite back in high school.

    At least we know he has nimble fingers.

  14. Rene Jack Says:

    That’s hilarious Joe. I’m sure not many people know that story.

  15. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    head scratcher: Bucs signed G Oniel Cousins to a one-year deal.

  16. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Experienced camp body-So its understandable I guess

  17. deminion Says:

    I know this is random but why do I hve the feelin we gettin teddy b

  18. Rrsrq Says:

    I find it interesting the players we are getting that are linked to the left coast, EDS was with the Seahawks, McDonald was with the Seahawks, Verner played for UCLA. I wonder if this is the Eric Stokes influence. Even Myers played for da raiders

  19. mark2001 Says:

    Deminion…mine is Watkins or trade down…if neither is an opportunity, BPA.

  20. Gorrilabuc Says:

    Charles”peanut” Tillman resigned with the Bears!! SMH

  21. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Oniel Cousins is not worth an article LuvBucs.

    Now if they cut Zuttah for this… yeah problem.

    Bucs are just filling holes. Can’t wait until its too late like Dummy Dom did.

    Kind of reminds me of Gruden and Allen signing all of those free agents to medium deals. :-)

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    zam Says
    “Suh is *** for sure, but that’s really unsportsmanlike if true. You can’t beat me on the football field so you have to untie my shoes when I’m not looking?”

    Suh is known for punching guys in the nuts while in piles, so consider it a small amount of karma.

  23. Daffy Buc Says:

    Trade down for Moseley. Then we can pick up Benjamin a corner and qb Jimmy G!! No Fly Zone banner was taken down, made into clothing for Salvation Army!!

  24. deminion Says:

    First choice is Watkins, Mack, Matthews, Moseley

  25. Hawk Says:

    @ zam
    Obviously, you have no idea what goes on in the ‘pile’ (it’s OK, most people don’t). Untying shoelaces is irritable, but it’s not even in the same league with ‘unsportsmanlike’. I worked for the NFL for 20 years and saw/heard a lot of things that go on in a pile. If I had seen this, I would have busted a vein laughing.

  26. louden Says:

    Another QB to consider that already has been on our roster once and fits the job describtion perfectly 😉 in his last college season he went with 43TD-01 INT..He went a college season with the best passer effeciency rating; he is perfectly example of speed in space and seems to be a good teammate to be arround (Gruden saw potential in him – both Grudens) and he was said to be a hard worker even as back up.
    In a presseason game he took an too early snapped ball right into the endzone.. He played at the West-Zone and at very least would be perfect back up if Glennon should be traded (not advocating anything, i just love..) JOSH f´n Johnson
    Give him the right system and coach him up damn! i love this guy.. my personal Manziel nemesis..

  27. teacherman777 Says:

    Going up against King Kong is always hard.

    He is amazing.

    DMS was scared. So his old coach tried to help him.

    I dont think he warranted getting stomped though.

  28. lurker Says:

    “Do you not swat at a fly if it keeps pestering you?”

    with a fly swatter, not a bazooka. anger-control issues are not a good thing.

  29. feelthepewterpower Says:

    1bucfan88 Spews: Definitely makes me glad we got GMC instead of that overgrown man-child.


    Gmac is actually rated higher than Suh on profootball focus. Thanks for your ignorance. :)

  30. lurker Says:


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