“No. No.” On Trading Darrelle Revis

March 3rd, 2014
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Some claim Dashon Goldson is on the verge of exile

Joe guesses it is the offseason and fans are a combination of mocked drafted out and on edge waiting for the ringing of the free agency dinner bell. This afternoon, Twitter is alive with rumblings the Bucs are seeking a way to unload safety Dashon Goldson.

Joe will stop the Goldson nonsense with words that came straight from the mouth of Bucs coach Lovie Smith from the NFL Scouting Combine two weeks ago.

“And I know right now, Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David, Darrelle Revis, Dashon Goldson, there are a few guys in place right now so there [is] a great foundation in place.”

Those words are straight from Lovie, who doesn’t impress Joe as a bulls(p)itter. Which brings Joe back to Revis. Ever since Jason La Canfora claimed teams are contacting the Bucs to gauge interest in a trade for Revis, the rumors haven’t died down despite quotes from Lovie to the contrary.

Even fight-instigatingbarista-training, pedestrian-bumpingolive oil-lappingpopcorn-munchingcoffee-slurpingfried-chicken-eatingoatmeal-lovingcircle-jerkingbeer-chuggingcricket-watchingscone-loathingcollege football-naïve,baseball box score-reading Peter King, of NBC Sports and Sports Illustrated fame, believes this stuff about the Bucs trading Revis is folly, so he Twittered yesterday.

@FearThaSpeer: Do you see the Bucs trading Revis? Would you?

@SI_PeterKing: No. No. Lovie knows he needs top CB, regardless of scheme.

So last week it was Revis was leaving. This week is seems people are trying to stir up Goldson is leaving.

So, when do the Gerald McCoy trade rumors start?

51 Responses to ““No. No.” On Trading Darrelle Revis”

  1. Red86 Says:

    SMH. Some of the fans haven’t gotten over the Schiano’s lying tactic yet.

  2. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I’m glad Lovie is smart, unlike most Bucs fans. Whoever thinks our foundational players will be traded is an absolute dolt. I’m not smacking my head, either…I’m smacking yours.

  3. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    People want Goldson gone because even if Lovie can get him playing right, the refs have a grudge against him. That will cost us. Watch and see.

  4. thegregwitul Says:

    If Goldson can be replaced with Jarius Byrd, then heck yes, sign me up for unloading Goldson. Outside of that, let’s see what Dashon can do with the new coaching staff and go from there.

  5. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    GMC and David are the only safe ones, I am sure that they will listen to offers for all the other players.

  6. Macabee Says:

    Call it crazy talk if you want but PFF graded Dashon Goldson as one of the worst FS in the league last year. If the Bucs believe that Goldson is one more penalty away from a longer suspension and don’t believe he can easily adjust to the new rules, they will want to trade him and probably can to the SF 49ers.

    The 49ers have 12 picks including a 3rd round comp pick for losing Goldson. They have 3 3rd round picks. They still like Goldson as he visited on-site with them during his suspension last year. They are going to lose SS Donte Whitner in FA. Goldson is bigger than Whitner, played SS for the Bucs and has flourished in the SF defense.

    The Bucs could trade him net net to get Jairus Byrd with little or no impact on cap space. The 49ers would take on essentially a one year contract at 9mil and re-do his contract going forward or cut him outright if he is not the same Goldson. For a team on the cusp of the SB, they will take that offer and the Bucs could accept whatever they offer and be better off if they can get Byrd.

    The Bucs would be better off if they got nothing in return but that the 49ers took the contract off their hands freeing up 9mil in cap space to sign Byrd. Jairus Byrd is a better FS on paper. His 4 year career stats exceed Goldson’s 5 year career stats in every category. He is a 3 time pro bowler and a 3 time all-pro FS. And Byrd is not a marked man.

    Bryd wants out of Buffalo and they can’t pay him enough to stay. That is why they have decided not to franchise him for a second time. The 9mil that we were going to pay Goldson will get Byrd in Tampa playing for his dad with no income tax and great weather!

  7. Orca Says:

    If they could unload Goldson, his giant paycheck and penalties, in exchange for a draft pick, I would do it. Is a safety worth 8 million a year? No. That money would be better spent elsewhere, like on DEs and a new contract for McCoy.

  8. You Go Joe Says:

    @Macabee why would the 49ers want him back??? They picked up a Eric Reid to replace Goldson. And The niners might was well draft another safety as they have 12 picks.

    I’m sorry but the whole idea of trading to 49ers is just as bad as the idea of trading Revis/Goldson.

  9. BO Says:

    Maybe they can trade Glennon so you can finally be happy, Joe!

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You heard it here first…..we are trying to trade Goldson, Revis, Martin, LVD, GMC, VJ, MW19, Banks, Penn, Joseph, Dotson, Zuttah, James, Rainey, Wright, AC, Spence, Bowers, Glennon.
    I heard we were trying to trade Myron Lewis, but found out he was no longer with the Bucs.

  11. feelthepewterpower Says:

    The real question about Revis is next year after his contract is up. Unless someone sells the farm for Revis he remains a Bucc. Now do the Buccs franchise him next year, or break the bank during this year and try and rework a new cap friendly long term deal? He made the probowl pretty much playing at 80 percent with a lousy d’ and scheme at times….or do we let him walk on the open market?? I hope he wants to stay, and feel the pieces are starting to come in place….and that this is where he wants to be.

  12. DontBucN8 Says:

    We didn’t need Goldson with Barron. Dom was so desperate to win and keep his job after Raheem, he thought he’d sign the best Free agents thinking they get us back to winning and save him lol.Should have got Ed Reed. He’s a true FS.Goldson didn’t play all that well last year and Keith Tandy did just fine in there when he was suspended.

  13. louden Says:

    The Revis Trade – just showing how desperate and stupid the previous regime and/or current owners are..
    I could preach it on and on:
    New regime speaks about value. And speaking of value: I could imagine myself paying 16MIO a year for Derrick Brooks (because i like him so much). From a value standpoint – i am not so sure. You could have had a Lance Briggs + Tillman for that kind of money. Ronde playing for such low contracts like late in is carrer, thats great value.
    All the possibilitys and playmakers and depth along the team that could be had and could come again.. by just trading a 16Mio CB who is up in age, had ACL surgery = repaired knee; you never know, how long it holds up and the prize was 2 high draft picks.
    Last years draft we could have picked up a pretty good one there.. This years draft seems to be pretty deep (yeah the media always hypes sth. about the draft pool; but damn, that 3rd rounder would be usefull).
    Plus, if we don´t trade him, we loose another 1st rounder.. Another 1st rounder this or next year would be huge!!
    another 16MIO in FA is freaking great – having an old CB running on a repaired knee from serious injury, on a team thats not good enough to go to a SuperBowl next year and holds his own team down (because we could easily add 2 very very good players with that cap alone; proven Veterans who will actualy stick with this team for quite some productive years; like an Rice did..).
    We actually lost building pieces by trading for Revis and continue to loose resources by keeping him.. there shouldn´t even be a premium QB with a 16MIO/year contract IMO, yet we pay a CB that kind of money (and that CB is not as much of a shutdown corner as Sanders was). Revis got burned on plays, in which his health status didn´t matter, he simply got fooled by the WR.
    Even not so great WR´s got open against him, they just weren´t thrown too, because QB didn´t see it…
    Trading Revis (including the right moves of course) instantly makes the team better in the very very near future.. Its just either you prefer one household name on youre team (but holding that team back) or getting that good futuristic material that you need to build sth. special…
    Every “expert” writing that “revis trade doesn´t make sense” is simply talking/writting BS.
    Of course it does make sense.
    again: We all say how good it would be, to pair up GMC with some other dominant player.
    We could sign two good CB´s right out the FA gate. Plus draft one, this or next year and J-Banks develops.
    We all know, a good passrush helps out the secondary big time.
    And we haven´t had a good push on the QB since a long time ago.
    Why not adressing all the different starting posiitions and using additional draft picks and cap space to get quality depth.
    Why tying up all that possibiltys just to secure a big time household name – who is way overpaid and doesn´t represent (against the former options) the best value FOR THE TEAM????
    Revis is good but not worth it – the trade was BS by the Shianomik Deamon in the first place (or Glacer push to increase ticket sales). But didn´t make ANY sense from a football standpoint.
    Keeping a player like him would be nice of course – but we simply isn´t worth it (the benefits of a trade outweight the keeping big time – no doubt about that!!!)

  14. Macabee Says:

    You Go Joe,

    Not to replace Eric Reid at FS, but to replace SS Donte Whitner who they will lose in FA. Goldson is bigger than Whitner and is Just as much an enforcer. He knows the defense, even flourished in it and is still well-liked by Harbaugh. The Bucs have already paid the up front premium on the 22mil guaranteed money. All that remains is a 6mil salary and a 3mil roster bonus.

    Maybe the Bucs can fix him. They couldn’t last year and he’s no good to anybody when he’s suspended. He has a history and another big hit even though unintentional could earn a lengthier suspension. His situation is altogether different from Revis!

  15. louden Says:

    People who say “trading Revis opens another hole”.. – well, is it easier to fill the hole of one player (with lots of choices in form of FA AND DRAFT) or is it better the way it is (lets say about 20 MIO in Cap and our current draft picks).
    And don´t forget the Win-now disaster from the very last year.
    You gotta have a plan. Remember you can spend till the limit, but we also will have to sign some players to big time contracts.. LVD of course being one of them..
    Keep you mind fresh – V-jacks as much as i loved wathing his abilitys in pewter and red – he is old. slow. I don´t think he will witness a SuperBowl caliber team talent wise, while with us.. therefore – think about trading him while he got some value.
    He could be that one player that gets a legit team “over the hill”. Therefore he could be 1st round value for some teams.
    or High two very high picks. 2nd this + next year as example…
    So many options to BUILD A LASTING CONTENDER – but keeping Revis is simply holding the team back from GREAT options of finishing that LASTING CONTENDER project…

  16. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Good luck trying to find someone willing to pick up THAT contract. We just traded for the guy, now we are going to trade him? We have NO DEPTH behind Revis. Banks? Jury is still oit. Johnson? Average nickel corner at best. Gorrer? Please…

    Regardless of Revis’ status as a Buc the Bucs need to sign Brent Grimes or Tillman. Maybe look to the draft again. Either that, or greatly improve the pass rush by adding Clowney, Allen, or Johnson. Otherwise Newton, Ryan, Brees and just about every other QB we play will have a field day against the Bucs.

  17. WalkdaPlank Says:


  18. blind melon Says:

    Denver needs a veteran SS. Sayin’

  19. zam Says:

    I’d love to see Goldson gone, he’s an embarrassment.

  20. RastaMon Says:

    Nothing less than Ditka/Ricky Williams #sssssssss

  21. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Seriously. this years 2nd round draft pick and next years 2nd round draft pick will get the deal done. Dom way overpaid and outbid himself. its not Lovie’s and Liicht’s fault that the past GM way overpaid.

  22. Jerry Says:

    Anything less than 2 firsts and I won’t support this regime. They’re be as dead to me as those stupid new unis.

  23. Eric Says:

    Revis is not part of any foundation. He is 28 with a bad knee. He’s a “put you over the top quick fix” if you already have the foundation, which we don’t.

    Goodson played lousy.

    We’re not getting any Ricky Williams, Herschel walker compensation because these guys aren’t nearly worth it – delusional to think otherwise.

    Trade them, get what you can. Then we can be in position to build, especially the absolute worst offense in the league, and numerous other huge holes like no pass rush.

  24. Kevin Says:

    Id rather see Bryd in a Bucs uniform. I hope Revis would take less money but Guaranteed or something like that. We’ll see here soon.

  25. Jeremy Says:

    Goldson needs to be unloaded. His entire game has been blown up by the new rules. I love the guy’s grit, but the era of intimidating safeties over the middle is over. Dude can’t cover at all or stay out of the commish’s office. We need corners not head hunters

  26. Old*Skool*BucFan Says:

    @Eric…Revis is STILL a great player if you like it or not. At 28 someone with a skill-set like Revis can play at a high level for years to come. Players like Revis, Champ Bailey & Charles Woodson don’t come along often. If he stays healthy than yes he is a foundational piece of the puzzle on any team. A guy like him can easily move into the safety position like Woodson did in his later years. We just had a guy like Rhonde Barber retire while still playing at a high level. Of course we wont be paying Revis $16 million forever, but as of right now he deserves what he signed for on the dotted line. We will see this season if he is truly back to form. Unlike the cry babies on this blog, I feel EVERY NFL player deserves all the money they get for putting their health on the line for owners and fans. Trade Revis if you want, there is a reason powerful teams like the Broncos and Patriots wont mind paying him what you think is a lot of money. Unlike you simple folk here, people in the league KNOW Revis’s value, why do you think he was able to get $16 million after being traded with a major injury. Revis has clout, period.

  27. Eric Says:

    Barber never had a major knee injury and played behind one of the best front sevens in league history.

    Apples and oranges.

  28. Old*Skool*BucFan Says:

    Not really apples and oranges. Barber studied Revis’s skils with Talib in order to cover and recognize routes better. Revis came back from that injury and played at a high level and made the Pro Bowl as he should next year. The Bucs need a few more pieces and their defense will be set. Stop acting like Revis is a charity case on the field, he came back from that injury, why do you think the Broncos and Patriots want him. Say what you want Revis is the real deal on that field. Did you see the play he made in the Pro Bowl…that’s what shut down corners do

  29. WalkdaPlank Says:

    This is getting ridiculous, THE BUCS ARE NOT TRADING DARELLE REVIS. If it happens I’ll be the first to say I was wrong, but with him now coming back “100%” from his injury one would think the Bucs would at least see how he manages when he is at full health before entertaining trade offers. On top of that the Bucs are weak at corner even WITH Revis. Imagine it with him gone. The guy hasn’t even hit 30 yet and at most would probably give us only one 1st rounder along with one or two later picks. I don’t see any Joe Haden’s or even a Patrick Peterson in this draft. Why give up a proven star corner to take a chance on some draft pick? FA would only give us short term answers. Revis still has at least 5 more good years of quality play if not more. Only way I would trade if I’m Licht, is if you get 2 first rounders out of it. And I don’t see it happening. But that’s JMO.

  30. PRBucFan Says:

    Feel thepewterpower

    His contract isn’t up next season… He won’t be walking anywhere lol

  31. PRBucFan Says:

    Lol we don’t lose any other first rounders by not trading him, where in hell did you get that from?

    Until this team isn’t capable of picking up the players they want specifically because of Revis’s contract there is absolutely zero reason to get rid of him.

    Not to mention his contract will get reworked he has no say in that the Bucs own the right to rework it as it’s written in the contract.

  32. mike Says:

    My wife thinks I am crazy for watching/reading about football when it’s not on. I wish I could convince her to read some
    of this garbage, but I couldn’t pay her enough. All the whining about glennon, new uniforms, trade revis. Come on guys….wait til free agency and be excited for some change. The fact is half of you guys will never be happy no matter what they do. I love the bucs good or bad. I’m excited about it all!

  33. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Nobody said anything about losing draft picks. Gaining…

  34. Andrew 1 Says:

    Revis; no way, not going to happen. Goldson on the other hand, I could see that happening.

  35. PRBucFan Says:

    “Plus, if we don´t trade him, we loose another 1st rounder.. Another 1st rounder this or next year would be huge!!”

    Yes they did 😉

  36. Andrew 1 Says:

    I mean Goldson is a walking personal flag, his play did not live up to his contract, and we already have a similar type of player with Barron. So to mean trading Goldson would make a lot more sense then trading Revis. I doubt either will happen, but no harm in listening to offers.

  37. PRBucFan Says:

    If Byrd’s dad knows he will come to Tampa.

    It’s absolutely worth it.

    Goldson was horrible in pass defense last year lol

  38. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ PR

    I think what whoever said that was trying to say was that we loose out on getting another first round. Im guessing thats what he meant, because obviously you cant loose what you dont already have. Then again some of the things I read on here still amaze me so who knows. lol

  39. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @PR – thought u were referring to me. My bad 🙂

  40. James Says:

    It’s a good thing The Bucs Realist isn’t in the front office, he’d trade everybody for a few picks. Stop playing Madden on here, it doesn’t work.

  41. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Speaking of Madden the latest one is ruined without Lovie Smith and the new unis lol 😉

  42. ButIt941 Says:

    I’m ok with trading Goldson only to obtain Byrd. That would be a dream come true and a much better fit for our team. Either Goldson or Barron should be moved because they are both SS and I am not about to let go of Barron. We need a FS with range to play single high while we are in man coverage.

    My second step would be to grab Sam Shields bring the Florida grown player back home and add quality to the secondary group. He could easily take over the #2’s responsibilities, is scrappy and willing to tackle. Would allow us to use Banks as a Nickel CB and that drastically improved the secondary to top tier.

  43. Capt. Tim Says:

    They signed Goldon, tho try and cover for Barron.
    Goldson is a very good strong safety, struggled a bit when moved to Free safety.
    Barron struggles at Strong safety, and has no Prayer at Free safety

    Does the new regime have the courage to get rid of Barron, a recent high first round pick?
    That is the question. Secondary will struggle until they address his inability to cover anyone.
    If they do anything with him, I’ll be amazed.

  44. Brandon Says:

    Louden- I agree with everything you say except your use of the word “loose” instead of “lose”.

    Seriously, there is little value in devoting $24 to two members of the secondary when ancient and recent history has proven (Bears, Ravens, Bucs, Seahawks) that great defenses are built on the backs of their front four. What Schiano and Dominik did should be criminal acts. Then they wasted a high 1st rounder on a freaking safety!!! I would love to meet Greggy boy face-to-face and let him know what I think of him… I just hope I don’t get carried away and knock his moronic arse out.

  45. Brandon Says:

    You guys are okay with trading Goldson to obtain Byrd? Give up one terrible contract just to write another one on another member of the secondary? Wow!!! Why don’t we just give Koenen and Lindell extensions at $5 mil a year a piece?

  46. PRBucFan Says:

    Byrd is elite and Seattle has the best secondary in the NFL, try that again Brandon 😉

    And all those members will be getting paid big money when their contracts expire.

  47. Mike J Says:

    PFF ranked Goldson very low for 2013.

  48. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    No way they get rid of Dashon. I love Byrd but that is a whole lot of things to be completed to make that happen. I’m a big fan of Dashom and have no desire to lose him. That said Bryd is a beast. Only Asantee Samuels has more picks than him. 22 is way more than we have now. Either way we have a great Safety to pair up with Barron.

  49. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    And with Revis we can get 3 FAs, an extra 2 early draft picks, and we keep our 3rd instead of our 4th. For a team that needs several new players with a new regime taking over. No DB in the league is worth all of that. Oh yea as of now we have 5 picks in the draft.

  50. PRBucFan Says:

    Wrong, Revis is

  51. louden Says:

    @Brandon: cool that you agree – and yeah i failed badly ^^ english is not my “main” language.. even with that being said, there is no excuse for writing “we lose another 1st rounder” – as was suggested, it wanted to say we lose out on the possibility of getting that 1st rounder.. Next year Revis will be a year older (who knew that?) and this year there seem to be some teams with a good amount of cap space… even if the cap figure goes up in the next years, maybe now The Revis Trade Value is at it´s top.
    At the very least its a great option for the bucs to take – and taking everything in account, the bucs have to trade him (in order to get the most out of every single way they choose to build this franchise).
    But saying they have to means knocking leaverage…..