Is Left Tackle A Priority?

March 12th, 2014

GlennonPennNo, the media hasn’t seen the fine print on the contracts of new Buccaneers DE Michael Johnson, TE Brandon Myers, CB Alterraun Verner and DT Clinton McDonald. It’s unknown how much these signing will count against the 2014 salary cap.

On the surface, it seems those deals ate up about $21 million of the roughly $25 million the Bucs had available this season entering free agency.

Throw in new contracts for Jamon Meredith, Danny Gorrer, Jonathan Casillas and Eric Page, likely totaling around $3 million, and the Bucs don’t have much room left. Maybe $2 million?

Now here comes the “if.”

If the Bucs released Donald Penn, then they’ll have a lot more money, about $7 million to play with. However, the Bucs would have to be brain dead to release Penn without a better player in the fold. You absolutely don’t mess around at left tackle.

Yes, Joe’s heard the rumors/reports of veteran Bengals free agent backup/sometimes starting tackle Anthony Collins being in the Bucs sights. But how can anyone be sure he’s really as good as Penn? Collins has never started a full season. Penn is one of the NFL’s top ironmen, having never missed a start since 2007.

Jeremy Zuttah could be on thin ice, and he’s worth about $4 million in monopoly money. Darrelle Revis’ ousting would free up $16 million.

Keep in mind the Bucs likely are wooing quarterback Josh McCown in person right now. He’s going to command at least $2.5 million.

Money is an issue, much more than it was 20 hours ago. Joe has a hard time believing replacing Penn is a major priority this afternoon, given that the top left tackle talent in free agency is already gone. There’s also the possibility the Bucs hold on to Penn and keep their options open to see whether they can select Penn’s eventual replacement with the No. 7 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

35 Responses to “Is Left Tackle A Priority?”

  1. Pewter_Power Says:

    Don’t forget Joe they will free up another 16 million here in a few hours.

  2. Cubone Jones Says:

    Are we allowed to add back that $16 million we will be receiving when Revis Island gets set free?

  3. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Thats what I would like to see. The Top left Tackle falling to the Bucs at #7 in the draft. That would be a ideal.

  4. Theodore Says:

    Perhaps Joe knows something we do not.

  5. Buc1987 Says:

    Collins spells doom for Donald Penn.

  6. b.Bruce Says:

    the Raiders are about to trade for Revis you.I have a strong feeling about this.

  7. bucsd04 Says:

    When they cut revis they will have another 16 million to play with!

  8. bucsd05 Says:

    The raiders ….were all good players go to retire!

  9. biff barker Says:

    I may be one of the few that thinks Penn can still play. I also think the Bucs do too.
    Bad year? Sure. But what stability have did we had at right guard?
    Go big or do nothing at all.

  10. BirdDoggers Says:

    The entire line underperformed last season, not just Penn. Unless there’s a plan to bring in a better, less expensive LT to replace Penn, there’s no reason to let him go. Even if a tackle is the priority in the draft you can’t show your hand by releasing Penn now.

  11. Brandon Says:

    overthecap.com , one the coolest salary cap site…and only… I’ve ever been on… lists McDonald’s 2014 salary at $3.5 mil

    Whereas subtracting Revis will add $16 mil back into the cap, Penn being cut would bring a cap savings of $7.4, Nicks being cut with June 1st designation would bring $7 mil of cap relief this season and $5 mil next season. Michael Koenen being cut would give us $3 million. Zuttah counts $4.5 mil against the cap.

  12. Mumbles Says:

    There are millions left in Stocker, Crabtree, Koenen and a whole slew of wrinkle necks making 540k or more. Not to speak of the cap saved when they extend McCoy. Not to worry, Licht has this Lichted!

  13. You Go Joe Says:

    Per Bucsnation.com

    Michael Johnson: $9 million

    Alterraun Verner: $7 million

    Clinton McDonald: $3.5 million

    Brandon Myers: $2 million

    Jamon Meredith: $1 million

    Danny Gorrer: $1 million

    Total spend: $23.5 million

    Cap space: $0.5 million


  14. Bucfan282938 Says:

    I wish we could keep revis or at least get a draft pick n return for him. Oakland is a viable option but his agent already told Oakland not to bother because he wouldn’t play there. Cleveland would be another but they aren’t willing to pay 16 mil and he won’t restructure… Seems like we’re losing a draft pick for nothing.

  15. bucrightoff Says:

    Remember the last time we drafted tackle in the first round? Been a long while…Kenyatta just got another 15 yard penalty! But yeah we really need to target some OLine with that first pick. Unless Mr. Watkins falls, OLine needs to be the play.

  16. You Go Joe Says:

    @Brandon nicks is not being cut. To much of a cap hit his contract is very complicated. Good Source of why – http://www.bucsnation.com/2014/1/24/5341988/2014-buccaneers-salary-cap-carl-nicks-and-the-construction-of-a

    in breif:

    Release date
    2014 cap number
    On or prior to June 1
    (2014 + 2015 + 2016 prorated bonuses)
    2015 cap number
    On or after June 2
    (2014 prorated bonus)
    (2015 + 2016 prorated bonuses)

  17. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Just thinking outside the box here…what about a package deal with Revis and Penn being traded to a team…like Oakland maybe? In exchange the Bucs would free up over $20 million in cap space and maybe land a first round pick? Oakland (and maybe one or two other teams) has the cap space to pull it off, they have a need at both positions and they have a high enough 1st round selection to make it enticing for the Bucs to pull the trigger. If we are going to get anything in return for Revis (other than just the cap relief), Licht and Coach Smith may have to get creative and put a package like this together.

  18. Harry Says:

    “… Josh McCown -He’s going to command at least $2.5 million… Money is an issue, much more than it was 20 hours ago…”

    First, I am assuming McCown is going to be closer to $5M – isn’t that close to what Cassell got? Second, we need a starting guard (if not two) and a slot receiver. Revis will be gone shortly (THAT makes me ill) and then we have plenty of room again. I am assuming that once Revis is gone we need a nickel back too.

    And in about 2 months we draft Teddy or Johnny… happy days!

  19. kh Says:

    Looking at stats in isolation without any context…

    The only reason Collins hasn’t been starting is that he was playing behind Andrew Whitworth and Andre Smith – both of whom are studs on big money.

    Whitworth started last year hurt and Collins got a crack at the job and never relinquished it and they moved Whitworth to LG. Once Collins became a free agent they liked him and would prefer he stay but they have too much money wrapped into Smith and Whitworth.

    On top of all that, Penn got beat like a rented mule last year – it’s time to move on.

  20. bucrightoff Says:

    Revis doesn’t want to play for Oakland or any loser team. So he will force a release if he’s dealt there and as such, those teams have no interest. And again without a restructure, which he refuses, no deal is gonna happen. Sorry to all you dreamers, but we’re not getting anything above a 5th rounder here if even that.

  21. Bee Says:

    Its admirable hes been healthy but too bad Penn hasn’t been that good of a player. So far it seems what they’re doing is going according to plan. Lets see what else they have up their sleeve.

  22. Hank Says:

    I think Joe is still hoping we keep Revis.

  23. Touchdown Gus Says:

    Making an educated guess, the bucs are going to have zone blocking scheme. It would fit Martin better

  24. Jeagan1999 Says:

    How about a 3 player trade with Oakland…Revis, Penn and Mike Williams (since he seems to have fallen out of favor with Coach Smith)…cost about $25 million in salary this year for Oakland (they have plenty of cap space), they get 3 pretty good players in exchange for their first round draft pick, then they sign Mike Vick for $6 – $7million and make their team more competitive and their fans happy! The Bucs get $25 million in new cap space, the #5 and #7 picks in the first round of the draft (Sammy Watkins/Mike Evans and a top Tackle like Matthews or Robinson) and Lovie/Licht have gone a long way in remaking the Bucs the way they want to! Something to think about….

  25. Que589 Says:

    Lovie wants an athletic LT

  26. bucrightoff Says:

    Revis does not want to go to Oakland. That is the end of trying to trade him there. The Raiders know he will not play for them, so at the absolute most its gonna be a conditional 7th rounder.

    Sorry but Revis is being cut for nothing. I hate retyping it story after story, because it sucks. But its going to happen.

  27. BucsfanNJ Says:

    I just don’t see the point in paying 2.5 -5 million for a 34 year old career back up just so we can pressure Glennon with competition. ESPECIALLY if they are planning on drafting a QB in the 1st round. Whom ever that QB is , will be expected to start. EVERYONE loves the back up quarterback, nevermind if that back up QB is a first round top 10 pick.

    Lastly I find it oddly suspisious that there aren’t any media reports (other than Joe) reporting anything on Revis today. No Rapsheet, no Rotoworld, no PFT…Leads me to think there is something going on behind closed doors and just letting him walk at 4PM isnt written in stone just yet.

  28. StAugBuc Says:

    Jeagan1999 Says:
    March 12th, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    How about a 3 player trade with Oakland…Revis, Penn and Mike Williams (since he seems to have fallen out of favor with Coach Smith)…cost about $25 million in salary this year for Oakland (they have plenty of cap space), they get 3 pretty good players in exchange for their first round draft pick, then they sign Mike Vick for $6 – $7million and make their team more competitive and their fans happy! The Bucs get $25 million in new cap space, the #5 and #7 picks in the first round of the draft (Sammy Watkins/Mike Evans and a top Tackle like Matthews or Robinson) and Lovie/Licht have gone a long way in remaking the Bucs the way they want to! Something to think about….
    Ummmmmm . . .
    You rarely see multi-player trades in NFL. It’s not fantasy.

  29. Jeagan1999 Says:

    StAugBuc…You rarely see multi-player trades in NFL. It’s not fantasy.

    Yeah, I know…just daydreaming. But it would seem to be a win-win for both teams.

  30. BFFL Says:

    Collins in Penn out + Revis out = $20 million in savings
    Now total cap room = about $25 million at least but could be more if some of the new contracts are back loaded

    Still sign center, corner, WR, QB and veteran DE = about $12million
    Now cap room = $13 million to sign draft picks and other cheap veteran free agents that may be available after draft

    Khalil Mack & a Guard rounds 1 & 2

    With this plan the Bucs will have at least 10 new starters

    Here come the playoffs!!!

  31. bucrightoff Says:

    McCown and Collins apparently are close to signing. Well I like one of those two signings….

  32. Mumbles Says:

    Last man to leave, turn out the lights. Thanx!

  33. Justin Says:

    Do. Not. Sign. Josh. McCown.

  34. pick6 Says:

    my prediction is zuttah won’t survive this purge at his current salary. frankly, he has had the benefit for years of looking good by comparison with his companions on a consistently inconsistent o-line, and probably made to look more solid in practice by the fact that he doesn’t face any truly dangerous players not named gerald mccoy.

  35. Hawk Says:

    The Bucs will want to keep ‘a few million’ for the the second round of free agency. Teams who draft can’t-miss-studs in the first round are going to lighten their cap issues by letting decent(i.e. expensive) veterans seek out new opportunities.
    It is highly unlikely that the Bucs will contend for a playoff spot next year. With that in mind, view this off-season as nothing more than a step in the direction that Smith/Licht want to go.

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