Mike Williams’ Legal Hassle Over A Door

February 11th, 2014

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The details of the legal hassle Bucs wide receiver Mike Williams finds himself in has everything to do with a front door. In short, a court document alleges Williams did up to $200 damage to a front door, reports Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

The incident in question occurred on Dec. 13, when Williams “without being authorized, licensed or invited, willfully enter(ed) or remain(ed) in the property of Gabrielle Edwards,’’ according to the charging document.

Williams “did willfully or maliciously injure or damage real or personal property belonging to Edwards, resulting in damage of $200 or less,’’ the document states.

The relationship between the owner of said front door and Williams is unclear.

Now Joe is not about to condone a player bashing — for those who play loose with the King’s English, this is “bashing” — in a woman’s door. No way.

But are we really going to get wound up about $200? That could be the price to repaint and surface a scratch, or to clean up a chocolate shake spill.

It is not cool what Williams did at all. But up to $200? Going through all of this nonsense for $200?

42 Responses to “Mike Williams’ Legal Hassle Over A Door”

  1. Orca Says:

    If there’s $200 damage, there had to be some physical action that caused that damage. The part that we should be concerned about is violent outbursts, threatening behavior, etc… Putting aside the misdemeanor property damage, the team needs to look into his behavior in the incident.

  2. Joe Says:

    If there’s $200 damage, there had to be some physical action that caused that damage. The part that we should be concerned about is violent outbursts, threatening behavior, etc…

    True. But what provoked that response? The reality is we don’t even know if the door’s owner was there.

  3. Orca Says:

    ^^ Well, we don’t really know. If there was violence, it wouldn’t be the first time such behavior against a woman wasn’t reported. Like I said, the team needs to find out.

  4. Joe Says:

    Like I said, the team needs to find out.

    Pretty sure the Bucs know every detail of Williams side of the story.

  5. Vic Says:

    Why assume it’s anger? He could have broken the door knob and wouldn’t pay her to fix it because he didn’t think he did it. The truth will come out.

  6. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Told you that this was staged for “Street Cred” for his rap career.

  7. Joe Says:

    The truth will come out.


  8. SAMCRO Says:

    Better he beat up the door than Gabrielle Edwards ..right? For all we know he may have slammed it real hard and splintered the door jamb like I did once pissed off at my wife as I stormed out the house. Again better than confrontation.

  9. J 2.0 Says:

    If you have been following Mike Williams on Twitter, his tweets are erratic and concerning. Because of his tweets almost assumed this was about an ex girlfriend. In December he did have some tweets that would suggest this.

  10. bwf921 Says:

    I’m sure this is garbage. Probably some woman he blew off the morning after and now she tried to get something out it. Do we really believe Mike Williams wouldn’t just pay up to fix a stupid door and avoid this. $200.00 ?????? This guy could wipe his you know what with that and never look back. If he indeed in fact act violent towards a woman, I don’t care how much I like the guy as a player he’s gotta go.

  11. Eric Says:

    Man that is inches away from a residential burglary and third degree felony.

    Very lucky to have a magnanimous prosecutor.

  12. Grizz Says:

    Rappers don’t need street cred. This isn’t the mid-90s.

  13. bwf921 Says:

    I honestly don’t get what goes through these players heads. They have more money than they know what to do with and they can’t find anything better than trouble to get into. If I had this kind of cash I would sit in my phat house and drive my phat car and navigate my phat boat and people would never hear about me. Yet they choose to act like morons. Crazy

  14. Mumbles Says:

    Just slappin’ hoes and slammin’ Cadillac doors! Make it rain Mike! Lol.

  15. The_Buc_Realist Says:


    obviously, you have not watched the movie “CB4”.

  16. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    There was no woman behind that door. It was Johnny Manziel. Williams was calling him out for impersonating a genuine NFL QB prospect. When Johnny refused to open the door Williams had no choice but to go to town on it.

    Johnny was last seen being led away by police officers, wrapped in a blanket and sucking his thumb.

  17. Joe Says:

    There was no woman behind that door. It was Johnny Manziel. Williams was calling him out for impersonating a genuine NFL QB prospect. When Johnny refused to open the door Williams had no choice but to go to town on it.

    Johnny was last seen being led away by police officers, wrapped in a blanket and sucking his thumb.

    LOL Beautiful!

    Joe’s just going to guess that FLBoyInDallas is a ‘Horns fan.

  18. Sneedy16 Says:

    I don’t think Drake has much street cred, but he is still a good rapper.

  19. BucsQcCity Says:

    I would be scared as hell if MW destroyed my front door. This is inexcusable and he should publicly apologize to the women. He trespassed, he broke the door and generally when you broke a door to make your point you threathen the one on the other side.

    Joe don’t play down violence. It’s not the consequence its the act that’s punishable

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Hello!!! What ever happened to “Innocent until proven guilty”?

    How do we know that MW19 did anything? He has just been charged. Perhaps its someone with a beef or its mistaken identity or he was with a friend who did it. We just don’t know.

    Perhaps the “Hawk” was with him and was practicing his new strike zone on the door.

    It seems to me that this should have been settled one way or another. The court system’s time is valuable and should be used for more serious crimes.

  21. RustyRhino Says:

    Lol flyboyindallas

  22. BucsQcCity Says:


    You’re right but if he’s found guilty, he needs to step up

  23. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Please please please let the combination of this and the article by Pewter Report scare him straight and motivate him! This is not looking good so far. Maybe he can post 10 seconds of him walking on a treadmill again like he did a couple weeks ago to prove that he’s rehabbing. That would make me feel so much better.

  24. Kevin Says:

    Well he didn’t break the door r the frame, because if he did, it would cost more than $200.00 to replace and re-paint labor and material cost. And was this a some crappy motel room or her house in Avilla??? Either way I hope we get a better no.2 receiver or a giant tight end/receiver. I have never seen Mike williams as being worth the money we are paying him.

  25. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Joe, I actually don’t root for or against any Texas teams. I was born & raised in Florida so all my teams are there. I’m only here in Dallas for business reasons.

    I do enjoy a good Jerry Jones or Tony Romo slam and I take every opportunity here in Dallas to do so.

  26. Buc1987 Says:

    Perhaps he was just testing out the hammy?

  27. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Just look at that picture… Mike is a weird dude. This seems like a harmless incident, and as long as Mike shows up to work when he’s suppose to and puts his best foot forward on the field then I could care less how weird he is.

  28. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    MW19 needs to be challenged….we need a #3 reciever that coould take his job….that will get him going. He has what it takes….we’ve seen it!!!

  29. blackmagic00 Says:

    Door damage? Rap career? Has to be $200 in graffiti.

  30. Eric Says:

    I figure NFL guys should be able to obtain the benefit of female companionship without breaking down doors.

    Plenty of it around Mike. Don’t get obsessed with one.
    Many a man has gone down in flames over that.

  31. Cmurda Says:

    $200 or less? I’m calling weak on this one. We don’t know if he punched a hole in some crap door or if he spilled juice on it but we do know one thing. It’s freaking less than $200. non-issue

  32. Harry Says:

    As soon as I read it was a front door, my first thought was there was a woman on the other side of it. Please, it seems pretty obvious to me. The only think I wonder about is why MW19 did not just pay for the damage. Thats strange, and stupid on his part.

  33. BuccoBill Says:

    He may have mistaken the house as his own and took it out on the door when his key didn’t work.

  34. Eric Says:

    Seems like almost any door damage would be more than $200.00, unless Ms. Edwards lives in a trailer park.

    Kinda sorta sounds like the man was trying to break her door down.

    Of course she could be a psycho and is trying to get back at him for breaking up with her, and he did nothing. Who knows.

    Can’t see where this one would lead to anything serious happening to Mike.

  35. Kory Says:

    This could have been a $250 screen door ( it is Florida people) that someone grabbed and a foot was blocking it causing it to bend and needs to be replaced. How about we stop jumping to conclusions. Someone who values a Dante of property at $200 dollars, against anyone is looking to cause a scene

  36. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Wow. I cannot believe there are still individuals trying to judge Williams on this. The charges will end up being dropped because this is nothing more than a CIVIL MATTER.

    And people pointing to his tweets seems judgemental too, by someone who is clears not grounded in hiphop culture.

  37. PRBucFan Says:

    The law will handle this accordingly but as far as anyone questioning who he is on the field or what he gives us until he gives us anything other than what he has always given us on the field when he’s healthy there is absolutely 0 reason to make up why he’s all of the sudden not what he has been.

    And that’s been one of the top receivers on the game who can go up and come down with the ball.

    Quit playing detective and making up reasons why he’s now not that guy.

  38. Jaydid Says:

    Have a connection to inside knowledge of this situation and there was an ex-girl behind the door and he went kinda crazy on the door. Can’t say much more about it but his angry outburst is concerning. Legally it probably won’t be too much but it is a concerning sign for a guy that wasn’t known for this kind of action. I think it was wrong and he needs to make it right. Hopefully this will start a turn around for him. I think Lovie will handle it well and everything will be fine, Mike is normally a good guy he is just making some poor choices right now.

  39. Keirster Says:

    Sounds like he was attempting to go In through the Out door 😉

  40. pick6 Says:

    while this feels like it will end up being a non-story, isn’t it interesting how many strange incidents with outsized potential consequences williams is involved in? a series of seemingly small issues or misunderstandings at syracuse resulting in suspension and then him quitting…the dui charge that was dropped…his social media weirdness…now this.

    no single incident makes me think he has a negative affect on the locker room, or shakes my belief he has the ability to produce like at least a pro bowl alternate. but neither did freeman until he went weirdly off the rails. not sure if this will all fade into irrelevance or if we will look at stuff like this and the Pewter Report article and say we should’ve seen something big coming down the line

  41. sho-nuff Says:

    …more dead money brought on by the weak sauce star….between resigning this man child, over paying for an injured line man while drafting the handicapped…the WSS cost the glaziers a half a bil at minimum……

  42. PRBucFan Says:

    resigning? He just got a contract not too long ago