“Power” Time For McCoy Starts March 1

January 27th, 2014

Gerald McCoy tells JoeBucsFan.com what’s next for him and what he needs to work on after yesterday’s Pro Bowl fun

Joe was busy drinking warming, soothing beverages in frigid New Jersey, the site of Super Bowl media festivities during yesterday’s Pro Bowl.

Forgive Joe for not watching much Hawaii action. However, Joe did have his Hawaii A-team at the game finishing up its great week of work, and they got to ask Gerald McCoy a few postgame questions.

(If you missed it, here’s a link to McCoy’s chat earlier this week.)

Yesterday, McCoy explained his work schedule — and what he needs to work on. That was unique for McCoy, because he’s typically a guy who will say he needs to work on everything. But this time he gave specifics.

JoeBucsFan.com:  What is your offseason schedule look like?  How much R&R do you take?
Gerald McCoy:  I do a little cardio in the month of February, but for the most part, for the month of February I’m sitting down.  Come March, I’ll start back up.

Joe:  Are you still doing offseason training in California with renowned trainer Todd Durkin?
McCoy: Yeah, San Diego.  March 1.  Right back at it.

Joe:  Will you be back in Tampa for all of OTAs?
McCoy: Yeah, I’ll be there for all that.

Joe: What part of your game do you think you need to work on?
McCoy: Power rushes. All my moves from my right side.  My overall run game, playing the run.

Again, that was noteworthy to hear McCoy offer focus areas for his game. Joe wonders whether he crafted a little work list with Lovie Smith when the two chatted in Tampa recently.

Regardless, McCoy’s second studly, healthy Pro Bowl season is now in the books. If he can hone those power moves and play a little stronger (as in physical strength) this season, then the Bucs could be downright scary, assuming they can secure the edge rusher that’s eluded them for many years.

17 Responses to ““Power” Time For McCoy Starts March 1”

  1. LUVMYBUC Says:

    Luv this kids work ethic. He’s become the leader that, I’ve always hoped he would become. Plus the extra time in the weight room will definitely; prolong his promsing career. We’ve just got to get a few more quality guys in the rotation, to help take this to another level.

  2. Architek Says:

    This guy was absolutely dominant yesterday and for the first time in his career we saw him play next to great players and it was art work. I can say that I are what Sapp means and I’m looking forward to greatness from GMC.

  3. Tut Says:

    We need to lock him up long term!

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    GMC looked great last night….sacked Brees right at the start….loved it!!!

  5. Mumbles Says:

    We need a pass rushing DE (Jared Allen)and another DT (Linval Joseph) to take the double teams off McCoy and we’ve got a top 5 defense!

  6. SAMCRO Says:

    GMC is like watching poetry in motion.

  7. Halifaxbucsfan Says:

    I missed the first part of the game last night, so missed GMC’s sack of Brees. Any other time I was watching him, I saw him drawing a double team and the O line was trying to deal with Suh and Watt 1 on 1. That says how much he’s feared as a DT.

    It was sad though not seeing David being there to play. Seeing some of those 3-4 LB’s trying to play some coverage was awful to watch. It’s a shame that the 4-3 outside guys are an after thought to the game, because people want to see the sack leaders.

  8. Tomcin Says:

    Jared Allen could be the key.

  9. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Sanders vs Rice. No more AFC vs NFC in pro bowl. The stadium looked half empty. Welcome to the new era of NFL lite.

  10. Old*Skool*BucFan Says:

    @Bucfan#37, stop crying. That was the best Pro Bowl since I was a kid and im 34 yrs old. I thought it would be corny, but ended up watching the entire game because those dudes played there @$$ off. GMC, Watt, Quinn, D. Johnson from K.C. played all 4 quarters, that’s unheard of in an all-star game. You’re a hater dude. Revis showed off his coverage skills again…great way to get ready for 2014. There should let legends draft teams every year. Next year can be Marino vs Montana. C’mon how could you complain about something positive?

  11. Supercereal Says:

    I was actually pleasantly suprised by the game last night. It actually kept my attention. Looked like the players were having a blast. I agree we need that edge pass rusher. Can you imagine Simeon in his prime next to Gerald! But please stop with the Jared Allen talk. Yes he’s been a great d-end but he’s on the backside of his career. Why tie up a bunch of cash with a guy who might not even be effective next year.

  12. Cody Says:

    Depending on how we do in Free Agency I wouldn’t be mad at all trading up to get Clowney…Imho he’s the only player in this draft worthy of trading up for…Him and McCoy would be Sapp and Rice 2.0 for us…

    If we sit tight at 7 I’m hoping that either Watkins, Robinson, or Mathews is still available…I also like Barr alot…

  13. pick6 Says:

    the ultimate irony from GMC’s solid pro bowl performance is that his sack came off of a d-line stunt. the guy did seem to enjoy rushing alongside some legitimately dangerous players, which he hasn’t had a chance to do here in tampa. i’m sure it got lovie and frazier a little pumped up too

  14. Luther Says:

    I watched the whole game and I NEVER do that. It was by far the bet Probowl game that I have seen. and I’m 47. It was also cool to see the guys go all out for their heros (Rice and Prime Time). Getting to see a few of them do the Prime Shuffle after a great play was cool too.

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    The game was not half empty. There were a lot of empty seats because it was raining pretty much the entire game, so people took turns getting dry. Attendance was over 47,000 in a stadium that seats just a shade over 50K. It was a really competitive game for being an exhibition.

  16. stanglassman Says:

    I agree that McCoy looked great and we should lock him up ASAP. I was the best pro bowl in resent history. Did anyone here go to the pro bowl at the old sombrero? I was pretty young but I remember we got two tickets in a season ticket lottery and my father took me over my older brother, I wore my 76 Dave Pear Jersey proudly!

  17. Paul Says:

    That pro bowl ended up being pretty good and competitive. JBF coverage was good too, got a big headline with Revis’ knee q. Sad to see him get burned for a TD.