Report: Lovie Banking On Darrelle Revis

January 4th, 2014

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Some Bucs fans believed Darrelle Revis’ days with the Bucs were done, that Lovie Smith is a Tampa-2 guy and that isn’t what Revis plays. Thus, Revis and his $16 million a year salary were toast.

Well, maybe one shouldn’t choke on that toast.

Per Ian Rapoport, a plugged-in NFL insider, Bucs fans wringing their hands over losing Revis can rest easy tonight. Not only is Revis staying with the Bucs, but apparently Lovie is banking on Revis’ solid play.

@RapSheet: There were questions about how Lovie Smith would use Darrelle Revis. I’m told he has big plans for Revis. Absolutely has a future in TB

This is very good news. As he wrote earlier, Joe just couldn’t fathom Lovie cutting Revis loose. That Joe always thought a good coach would always craft a defense to highlight the talents of his players, not try to shoehorn a player into a specific system.

Already Joe likes what he is hearing from Lovie. Now, about that quarterback problem, Coach…

69 Responses to “Report: Lovie Banking On Darrelle Revis”

  1. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Now put Tillman on the other side and rush Jared Allen from the blindside and the QB can’t throw it and he’ll either have to eat the sack from Jared or step up into Mccoy you choose yuppppppp my bucs are back baby!!!!!!

  2. canadian bucsfan Says:

    I agree Joe that the QB position needs to be addressed but I don’t think it will.

  3. NY Buc Says:

    The question may end up being how will Revis respond in public if he is asked to play even more zone? I think Revis is a total pro and will respond well to whatever he’s asked to do (as long as the Glazers keep paying him the big dollars anyway). I guess we’ll see how it all plays out in a few months.

  4. Macabee Says:

    Of course Lovie wants Revis. Any coach in his right mind would want Revis. But they still may want to sit down and talk about some sort of cap friendly restructure that will improve cap space – the V-Jax type!

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Revis’ futute was never in doubt….I think the Glazers wanted him and didn’t need a sales job from Dominick/Schiano.

    One bonus to the Lovie/Leslie combo is their familiarity with the NFC North….we play 4 games with that division next year.

  6. Couch Fan Says:

    The more and more that comes out, the more it sounds like this plan has been in place for a while now.

  7. stevek Says:

    Glennon will improve upon last year, and be our answer at QB.

    I just hope 3 QBs go in the top 6 picks.

    We need one of these cats at #7

    1. Jadeveon Clowney

    2. Anthony Barr

    3. Jake Matthews

    4. Sammy Watkins

    I just hope 3 of either the: Texans, Rams, Browns, or Vikings.


    When was the last time a 4-12 team had to pick outside the Top 5, even 7th? The “strength of schedule” tiebreaker is just like the BCS, broken. The record tie breaker should be years removed from a playoff berth, your thoughts?

  8. Couch Fan Says:


    We always get screwed in the draft. If were in a tie breaker, its a safe bet that we are getting the shaft.

  9. kh Says:

    Bucs have the highest pick ever for a 4-12 team

  10. Jerry Says:

    That ends that stupid speculation.

  11. stevek Says:

    We should trade up with the Rams and take Clowney.

    Bring in Julius Peppers and trade up for Clowney.

    Man, that would be something.

  12. stevek Says:

    I wonder if Revis is willing to restructure his deal to pay about the same, and be cap friendlier?

    I hope Revis and his Agent have an open mind to neogotiate a better deal for both parties.

  13. Couch Fan Says:

    lol sure makes lots of sense when 3 4-12 teams are picking ahead of us.

  14. Bobby Says:

    I think it will amaze people how much better Glennon will be with a combo of V-Jax, Sammy Watkins, M Williams and Tim Wright with Martin and James coming out of the backfield as check downs. Still need an O-line though.

  15. Mumbles Says:


    The Rams and the Falcons are going to be our nemeses in this draft. They pick before us and have the same interests.

  16. Buc You Says:

    In a cover 2, the CBs play press coverage at the LOS. That is Revis’ biggest strength.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ stevek

    I would like to have any of those players….especially Watkins….there will probably be a great QB prospect still available at 7.
    I still like the idea of trading either up to 1 or trading down for extra picks. (both of those depend on the deals)

    Mack is also a player that would be a great pick and he will probably be there.

  18. Lev Says:

    After that game last night….. I am betting my house that the Bucs will take SAMMY WATKINS with their first pick.

  19. THETRUTH Says:

    Great coaches know how to use the talent they have. Tampa 2 is not run the same it has been getting tweaked for years now by these coaches who run it. We must keep revis , it would also be throwing away the #1 pick last year to let him lose. Buc fans complained schiano would not use players to their strength and that made him a bad coach so that means since lovie is great he will do the opposite.

  20. Jordan Says:

    Ideally, we are able to draft the #1 player at their position. Clowney, Mathews, Watkins, or Barr. If these 4 players are off the board, we are then most likely stuck with the 3rd ranked QB in the draft, 2nd ranked OL, 2nd ranked LB.

  21. Vincente Says:

    Take the best player at the current draft pick we have. No need to trade up. Bring in F/A to help with the D line and help on the O line. Then let Coach show everyone how a team is SUPPOSE to be taught/coached. Just listen to how the current players are responding l, they are gonna play their hearts out for this guy so get ready to see some new players start to breakout this season.

  22. Paul Says:

    I like how the FL hating news outlets expect Bucs to release Revis, no compensation what-so-ever, just out of pure hate for FL teams. Like we don’t deserve any good players. Same crap with the Magic. Good player? Can’t have him, you have to give him to the Lakers.

  23. Eric Says:

    Of course Lovie Smith wants Revis.

    Pure lunacy to think otherwise.

  24. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Grats to David and McCoy on being named ALL PRO!

  25. Jordan Says:

    Jacksonville and Oakland have to select QBs with their 1st pick because Cleveland will get to pick again in the first round before Oakland and Jacksonville get their 2nd picks. Jville and Oakland would be betting that the Titans and Vikings won’t select a QB at #8 or #11 or Cleveland at (20-32). Assuming that one of these teams lands Mccown in FA as a short-term solution, there could be 4 QBs off the board by the time Jacksonville or Oakland select their 2nd round pick. If Cleveland doesn’t select a QB with their #4 pick, they would have to assume that Oakland, Tennessee, and Minnesota, won’t take a QB after them.

  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I don’t think the Bucs should restructure the Revis contract. Currently his salary is very high, but the Bucs have the option to release him without penalty after every season. Restructuring would possibly change that, and he would still be making a lot.

    Better to keep him, draft a CB in the middle rounds and see if we can replace him after his second year.

  27. Eric Says:

    Trade up to number two then pick either Manziel or Bridgewater, whichever one hasn’t been picked.

    We can’t win a championship with Glennon.

    I’m betting Lovie and Tedford will reach that same conclusion.

  28. PRBucFan Says:

    Look no further than how he used Tillman as a shut down man to man guy to prove that Revis was going to be elite here.

    As far as QB coach goes I just read Lovie is going to go in the Tedford’s past coaches at Cal for his offensive assistants.

    Marcus Arroyo QB coach works with Ted at Cal and is the offensive coordinator at Southern Miss

    Tim Spencer RB Coach former bears running back coach

    Kevin O’Dea Special Team taking same job with Bucs, has worked with Lovie at Bucs and Bears

  29. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Eric, let me ask you this. What if the Bucs brought in a seasoned vet to work with Glennon for a year, or even to start ahead of him?

    There are several teams that will be cutting QBs in the coming weeks and months because they will draft one.

    And what about Mark Sanchez? He is no starter as far as we know, but he could be a good backup option. He’ll be released soon as well.

    Heck, I don’t believe ANY QB could do well with the Jets. They could have gotten Peyton Manning and still been bad.

  30. PRBucFan Says:


  31. Jordan Says:

    Eric, moving up to #2 would cost at least our #7, #39, and next years 1st round pick. This would mean that our first pick in the draft would be a 4th rounder. Very Al Davis of you Eric.

  32. Eric Says:


    I don’t think it matters who you bring in to work with Glennon. I just don’t believe he has the skill set to be a top tier QB in the NFL. Which is what we need.

    I was listening to Bill Polian today previewing the wild card games. He flatly stated the QB is the key to getting through the tournament.

    Glennon is a great kid, deserves all the credit in the world for his play last year, but not taking us to the promise land IMO.

  33. PRBucFan Says:

    Bonzai I found it, look in the other article to find what you asked me for

  34. Jordan Says:

    Eric’s logic works well in Fantasy Football where one’s mistakes don’t carry from season to season, and the cost of your mistake is only $29.99. Did you not see what happened to the Redskins this year. The Redskin’s risky move has shown the two possible outcomes when a team makes such a jump at such a great cost.

  35. Eric Says:


    I don’t know about that, we’re at seven, only five picks from two, rams may figure they can get who they want at 7 and pick up our 2.

    It’s not Al Davs, I’m talking about getting a QB for the next 10 years.

    It beats trying to win the NFC South when our opponents have Bree’s, Ryan, and Newton and we have Mike Glennon.

  36. Eric Says:


    Skins have two quarterbacks way better than what we have. they won their Division last year with RG III.

    We had just as bad a disaster as the skins and have no QB.

    All these playoff teams have a good QB or a great QB.

    Therefore, we need one too.

  37. Jordan Says:

    4 teams traded up within the top 10 picks in the 2012 draft: Redskins, Browns, Jags, and Cowboys. All four of these teams had the same or worse records just 2 seasons later. The teams that traded down in the 2012 draft within the top 10 picks had the same or better record just 2 seasons later.

  38. deminion Says:

    Keep revis restructure his deal…. Cut nicks restructure or cut penn and Joseph sign a Oline men…. Create more cap sign peppers or Allen draft Watkins

  39. Anthony Gironda Says:

    Vincent Jackson, Darrelle Revis, Dashon Goldson, Mark Barron, Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David, Mason Foster, Doug Martin, and Mike Williams.

    I say this group is pretty great for Lovie Smith to work with in the future.

  40. Jordan Says:

    Eric, what Free Agent QB or rookie QB will outperform Brees, Newton, or Ryan in 2014?

  41. PRBucFan Says:

    Revis already has built in options to his heal that will open ud lots of cap space in and of itself.

    If Nicks can get healthy this offseason, he will be a Buc.

    Even on one toe he was the best guard in the game when he was in.

  42. PRBucFan Says:

    The question would be which FA QB or drafted QB would provide more than Glennon.

    The other QB’s in our division mean nothing

  43. PRBucFan Says:

    What the hell?

    To his heal? To his contract* and up*

  44. deminion Says:

    Show me a QB better then Glennon in the draft ? Glennon had Nthn to wrk with no Oline a 3rd and 4 th string RB 1wr a rookie TE… I forgot he had to deal with the drama at one buc palace and still 19td 9 INTs ill take that get the kid sum weapons and a Oline he will b as good as Matt Ryan Ppl look at upside I’m gimme me the proven guy… Show me someone who has been successful when they mortgaged their draft picks and got a guy that didnt cripple their franchise?

  45. Snook Says:

    Revis will be playing mostly man coverage. Much the same way that Lovie used in Chicago.

    The BS about not being able to use Revis is the results of idiots not understanding that no NFL team uses one defensive scheme exclusively.

  46. Cmurda Says:

    Revis graded out as pro football Focus #1 CB. Not Top 20. No. 1 Who in their right mind would think Revis should be dumped for cap space. He’s a once in a generation cornerback. He wasn’t even at 100% and was still the best in his craft. Lovie would be a fool to get rid of him and with all due respect, anybody would be foolish to think we should. Next year this defense is going to be scary good.

  47. Macabee Says:

    I want a sure-thing QB too. Problem is – there is no such thing. Seeing the Rams sitting there at pick #2 reminds me of the price that Shanahan paid for RG 3 Sticks and the unemployment line he’s in now.

    It is too early for me to want to make that leap by giving away the draft for another promise that may be an on-time failure. I remember that first Jaws movie and how long it was before I would go into deep water.

    I say sit still and let it come to you. We have so many needs and there is so much beef on the hoof in the 1st round, I would be tempted to trade down and pick up another pick. For instance, we need a good TE and the good ones are slated for the 1st round – Amaro, Ebron and Sef-Jenkins. The only TEs in FA that are worth the money are Graham and Pitta – both longshots.

    Draft picks that could get starter DEs or O-Linemen that will cost a small fortune in FA will come in handy. Our O-line is a far cry from what we thought last year this time. I think that’s where we’re going to see the most turnover this offseason.

    Color me scaredy-cat, not trading up – no way!

  48. deminion Says:

    Wouldn’t trade up at all… Let the draft come to us

  49. BirdDoggers Says:

    Players like Revis are hard to find. He plays one of the most important positions in football. If you have Revis, you keep him. Past history with the Tampa 2 doesn’t suggest that’s what Lovie will use as his every down defense.

  50. Rich Says:

    Love your idea but less also add DE Greg Hardy and then focus on the offensive Line.

  51. Jordan Says:

    Macabee is right on – let the draft come to us.

  52. Mach Says:

    Just something off topic –

    Rumours are Kevin O’Dea is special teams coordinator and time spencer is new RB Coach, Marcus Arroya is the new QB coach

  53. PRBucFan Says:

    Yup I posted it earlier in this thread

  54. Mach Says:

    Oops sorry mate I didn’t see that post.

  55. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    the smart move is to get a vet backup QB, draft Sammy Watkins, draft an Arron Murray or Mettenberger in the mid rounds get a vet TE to go with Wright & Crabtree and most importantly see what we have in Glennon with proper coaching and healthy returns of Martin and Williams.

    I like the kid but his lack of down field passing is my main concern.

  56. lurker Says:

    seriously, need a qb with this pick. st.louis will not get what they got from the redskins. if we go atleast 7-8 wins or more, like all you fans think, then we will not be picking this high again.

    no one in the draft is a “sure thing.” clowney isn’t, and yet people want to move up for him. we have defensive ends and can get more in free agency. there are no decent freeagent qb’s available.

    and how would giving up our 2nd to move up be an al davis move? we lost our 3rd rounder for revis. so we shouldn’t have done that for an injured revis? we took a risk and it is paying off. where are all the people that said we should not do the trade for revis?

  57. lurker Says:

    ps and aj mccarron is overrated, just like mariota.

  58. PRBucFan Says:

    Oh no it’s cool Mach it probably was best you did cause I don’t think many people noticed the first time around 🙂

  59. B.D Says:

    just a stupid question maybe someone could answer for me? what if the Bucs traded Revis for another First rounder. I know not many would want his, or could afford his salary,but what if the Bucs ate some of it? Bucs have money to spend correct? could they do that? or are there rules against it? I would rather have him anyways myself,but if say Lovie doesnt want him.

  60. Mach Says:

    I think all the thinking on Revis is legitimate.. He is costing us 16m and there are better fits out there for less and maybe we could trade him to the right team for a 1st rounder and more if they are desperate enough or maybe say a playoff team is looking for that 1 final piece and is desperate enough?

    Having said all that.. His name attached to any defence on any team is just going to bring that intimidation factor lol- it’s probably not much but it’s not everyday you could say you got one of the best in the league in dline(McCoy), LB (David) and secondary (Revis). Lol doesn’t that just sound cool.

    But I do get the other points though and they are very valid points too..

  61. C. Alaka Says:

    Joe I’m shocked @ you & hearing what many people have been saying. Do you guys think that coaches don’t get better or learn from previous seasons or coaching jobs? You think that Lovie hasn’t evolved from a defensive standpoint in the way he runs his D or calls his plays? You think Tedford hasn’t learned from his failures in Cal? Remember Lovie DECIDED not to coach last yr & I think a lot of the reason was so he can work on those issues so he can come back a even better coach & same w/ Tedford. That’s why I think we are very well set up for success; we have talented, veteran coaches who have been successful, stepped away for a little bit & are now going to be better @ what they do. I’m all for “Lovie Bauer” coming back a better man!

  62. lurker Says:


    that is what I am hoping; that his time away was spent shoring up his deficiencies and weaknesses. by choosing tedford, I am believing so and am intrigued at the offensive possibilities.

  63. stanglassman Says:

    You want to give up the Bucs 2nd rd pk (35 overall) to move up for someone who may be there when we pk anyway?I say let the draft come to you someone good is going to drop right to the Bucs. If not a team could call and offer well over market to swop 1st(s). The RT/DE or whoever you wanted may still be there and you have a extra 2nd and a 3rd in this draft. We are not one player away and this is a deep draft at QB. We just don’t know who Tedford QB grades he may think the best QB is going to be picked in the 3rd round.

  64. PewterPirates Says:

    We are going to get a prospect that fits our needs and is the top of their position. I’d say let the draft come to us and go from there. After watching last nights game I want Sammy Watkins cause he was a monster. Let that knee heal up and he gives us the explosiveness that we need along with helping out in the return game. If one of the big DEs or QBs fall to us then stay true to your board but regardless we will be in position to draft an excellent player to fill a need.

  65. bigpoppabuc Says:

    You guys are nuts. Revis is the best in the game. Get rid of him and this D takes a giant step backward. You want Banks as number one corner next season?. No way. Lovie must be giddy as can be, knowing he gets to game plan with having a guy like Revis.

  66. Rich Says:

    I agree bigpoppabuc. Let’s not get rid of our best DB. Greg Hardy on the other side of McCoy with Jarred Allen will make our DBs better. Sammy Watkins is our best option at pick 7.

  67. Cody Says:

    Lucky # 7….Do NoT trade up….Sit tight and see who falls to us…

    I worry about taking QB’s high…Imho Bridgewater and Manziel are the only 2 worthy of a top 10 selection…

    Don’t believe the hype; every year all of these draft gurus talk these QB’s up every ones draft board only to watch them crash and burn…Glennon is not a bad QB; our offense was a mess last year and that was mostly due to putrid OL play, no WR’s, and no running game…

    We need a sure thing at the 7 spot and QB’s Bust more that any other position…Just say No to QB in the 1st rd Lovie (unless for some crazy reason Bridgewater or Manziel falls to us at 7…Sammy Watkins has been on my (Buc) radar since mid-season…I’m hoping he falls to us at 7; he’s special…

  68. Cody Says:

    Also wouldn’t mind Jake Matthews at 7 as a second option to Watkins if available….

  69. hornblower Says:

    Revis is a wonderful player but no team can afford to pay a CB that kind of money. Maybe that is one of the reasons the Bucs have struggled. QB’s and elite WR’s control today’s NFL. The new Jets GM couldn’t get rid of his contract fast enough. Don’t think he will restructure either. He and his people chase every dollar.