Bears Save Bucs; Re-Sign Cutler

January 2nd, 2014
jay cutler

Bratty Jay Cutler won’t be coming to Tampa.

Now that a coaching staff seems to be shaping up (so the NFL rumor mill says), and once the coaches are in place and a general manager is hired, then it is time to focus on a quarterback.

In a sense, Joe believes Bucs fans were saved this morning in one way and the angst over a signal-caller looms, as the Bears re-signed bratty Jay Cutler to a seven-year year, per Rich Campbell and Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune.

“We’re very excited to have Jay for the long term,” Emery said. “He battled through the tough times and kept fighting.”

After reciting some of Cutler’s statistics, Emery said, “I see improvement in his ball security, distribution to his targets and a transformation in his demeanor as a leader.”

Why does Joe bring this up? Well, the Bucs are in desperate need for a quarterback. Unless they are going to trade up to draft a quarterback (Johnny?), the Bucs are either looking at Mike Glennon (again) or at trying to pry a quarterback loose from another team at a massive price, or hope for the Kyle Ortons of the world to do what they have never done before.

One possibility was Cutler, who has had a chequered NFL career, recently with new Bucs coach Lovie Smith when Lovie was with the Bears. Thankfully, Emery ended that hand-wringing for the Bucs.

Yet the Bucs still don’t have a reliable, decent starting quarterback.

49 Responses to “Bears Save Bucs; Re-Sign Cutler”

  1. ctord Says:

    could not agree more Joe! Cutler had proven nothing.

  2. Patrick in VA Says:

    Glad that one didn’t pan out. If the Glazers want a face of the franchise then Cutler isn’t the guy they’re looking for.

  3. bucrightoff Says:

    Joe you should know your Johnny Football dreams died the second Lovie was announced as coach. The Bucs will get a veteran to backup Glennon, but 2015 should be the draft to target a QB (namely that Jameis guy).

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    OK with that…and I will breathe a greater sigh of relief when Vick is resigned!!!

  5. bum Says:

    ROTF LMFAO!!!! When I saw that pic of Cutler, I peed myself!!!!

  6. BIG SIR Says:

    Johnny Manziel. Please and thanks.

  7. Joe Says:

    (namely that Jameis guy).

    Joe’s OK with that, but remember: For the team with the top draft slot next year with a guy like Winston on the board, Team Glazer would have to pull a Ditka-like draft (i.e. trade the whole friggin draft) for that guy.

  8. Eric Says:

    Lovie might like Johnny Football.

  9. Tim Says:

    I didn’t want Cutler and I surely wont be renewing for my 7th year if the Bucs draft Johny Football. The guy is garbage and will be a bust in the NFL. I would like to see us draft an A.J. McKiernan’s or Arron Murray in the 2nd-4th round depending where they grade out. Then bring in vet QB so that we can have 3 QBs battle for the job. With a solid D we don’t need a flashy QB just an efficient one.

  10. bucrightoff Says:

    Jameis is worth giving a draft away for. Give away one draft to get your QB for the next 15-20 years? Totally worth it.

  11. Patrick in VA Says:

    I can’t help but think that Winston will go the MLB route. Lots more money and a much higher chance at longevity. Granted, he’ll be highly paid in the NFL but over the course of a career where the likelihood of injury is much lower the MLB would be a smarter choice for him. That said, I’d love to have him in Tampa if he does decide to go with the NFL

  12. MTM Says:

    Crisis averted! The Bears sign Cutler for 7yrs. Really ? I’m sure Bear fans just collectively vomited upon hearing the news.

  13. Eric Says:

    Remember the rock tried to get Cutler.

  14. Joe Says:


    Arron Murray in the 2nd-4th round depending where they grade out

    Drafting Aaron Murray (not “Arron” as in “Arron Sears”) in the second round is a reach of biblical proportions. Before he blew he knee Joe was told he was a third round pick. After the injury, he’s going to sink because he won’t be able to work out for anyone before the draft. It’s a no-brainer Murray is a third-day draft pick. Could very well be a big-time steal.

    Second round? No way.

  15. Eric Says:

    I meant former Bucs General Manager Mark Dominik.

  16. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Lovie only had 3 losing seasons out of his 9 in Chicago, making the playoffs 3 times as well as a Super Bowl AND HE DID IT WITH REX GROSSMAN, KYLE ORTON, CALEB HANIE AND BRIAN GRIESE AT QB!!!

    Even if, worst case scenario in some Bucs fans minds, we end up being “stuck” with Glennon do you really think he has less upside than any of the clowns listed above? Not likely.

    My point is, even with a mediocre QB Lovie is gonna win here. And if we can score an above-average QB (or better) then the sky’s the limit.

  17. INVESTWAX Says:

    Was wondeirng if Vick might come in to carry the team until a franchise QB is developed. Lovie probably wouldn’t want him. But Father Dungy might recommend it to furhter rehabilitate his image under Dungy’s supervision.

  18. THEYTRUTH Says:

    I agree that was good news for bucs fans. TPA fans get off of the Aaron MURRY juice, just cause he is from area doesn’t make him great. So was SHUAN king , guess he was probably great to some buc fans. Reality is there is no Andrew luck in this years drafts just good college QB’s NOT EVEN GREAT COLLEGE QB.

  19. bucrightoff Says:

    Oh FYI everyone, Lane Kiffin is likely to be the WRs coach. Clean our some MSRA, replace is with some Kiffin-disease. At least his wife is hot..

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    Now maybe Lovie can win a Super Bowl with Schiano’s team.

  21. Joe Says:

    Now maybe Lovie can win a Super Bowl with Schiano’s team.

    Well played!

  22. Patrick in VA Says:

    @BigMacAttack – I like it. Maybe that’ll land Schiano a nice gig with MNF where he can talk about how teams need to use more stunts on the D line

  23. BeeMoney Says:

    Bucs will bring in a vet —–> Josh McCown or Mike Vick to battle with Glennon and a second day draft pick i.e. AJ McCarron

  24. mark2001 Says:

    Thank goodness….Cutler always is one good pass short or one interception in excess of what a team needs to be successful in any given game. Still like to see us draft an early round QB to give Glennon some real competition.

  25. Nick2 Says:

    Joe where on earth did that photo come from? Is that real or photo shopped??? Freaking hilarious if he actually posed for a pic with his pet cat DAMN!

  26. Tom S. Says:

    That is my favorite photo ever. It almost makes me wish I was a Bears fan so I could put it up as a poster on my wall….then throw darts at it every time Jay Cutler throws an awful interception.

  27. Tom S. Says:


    Winston spends roughly 3-4 months a year on baseball (while the rest of the year is focused on football). Winston has good tools for it but will likely be the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft 2015. If he was that interested in Baseball professionally he would’ve gone the Joe Mauer/Chris Weinke route and played minor league ball not dedicated his time to college football while part-timing baseball like he has.

  28. Matthew Says:

    For all that is good in the world can the Buc’s please not draft another game manager (Cough AJ McCarron Cough). Just once I’d like the Bucs to have a TOP 10 QB, someone who might actually strike fear into a defense late in a game or during a 2 min drill. McCarron is Alex Smith 2.0 with less mobility. He had the luxury of playing with loaded squads, with unbelievable offensive lines at the college level and he still just looks “okay”. Manziel, Bridgewater, or Bortles (not sure if we will get a chance at any of them) if we can’t get one of those we’ll have to make a trade or sign a legitimate veteran QB. Glennon did nothing to earn the starting gig going into next year or at least not have to compete for it. Please Buc’s fans lets stay away from AJ.

  29. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Seriously doubt all four QB’s mentioned as first round possibilities (Bridgewater, Carr, Bortles, Manziel) will be gone before we pick. That would be unprecedented. More than likely only Bridgewater and Carr will be selected before we’re on the board from everything I’ve read so far.

  30. BigMacAttack Says:

    I only saw a little bit of Bortles last night, because I was watching the Lightning Kick Ice again (without Stamkos) but what I saw, Bortles looks good. Bridgewater is a really good QB but deals with consistency issues, sounds familiar. Johnny Football is a true leader, balls out, do whatever it takes to win. I love the guy and think his upside is off the chart. IMO the next Drew Brees. I would take any one of the 3 three over Mike “Statue of Puberty” Glennon.

    Manziel also has the stats to back it up, something Freeman and many others did not. This kid can play football. When Eli Manning won the Super Bowl with the Helmet Pass, that type of play is Johnny Football and he could thrive under a coach like Lovie Smith.

    I wouldn’t be upset though if the Bucs drafted Matthews or Clowney either.

  31. patrickbucs Says:

    Joe Says:
    January 2nd, 2014 at 12:08 pm
    (namely that Jameis guy).

    Joe’s OK with that, but remember: For the team with the top draft slot next year with a guy like Winston on the board, Team Glazer would have to pull a Ditka-like draft (i.e. trade the whole friggin draft) for that guy.

    Exactly, does bucrightoff remember was was given up for RG3? To add to that the team with the number 1 pick next year probably needs a frickin QB! Draft a guy if you like him when he’s available.

  32. patrickbucs Says:

    Tim Says:
    January 2nd, 2014 at 12:11 pm
    I didn’t want Cutler and I surely wont be renewing for my 7th year if the Bucs draft Johny Football. The guy is garbage and will be a bust in the NFL. I would like to see us draft an A.J. McKiernan’s or Arron Murray in the 2nd-4th round depending where they grade out. Then bring in vet QB so that we can have 3 QBs battle for the job. With a solid D we don’t need a flashy QB just an efficient one.

    Tim are you wanting to go 8-8 every year or are you interested in making a run at another SuperBowl? Teams with the 4th best QB in the division are not going to win the division or most likely go to the playoffs, our d is not anywhere close to dominate. Is Johnny Manziel the answer who knows? But for people to say he’s going to be a bust imo is ignorant, know one knows. He’s a more athletic Russell Wilson and the best college player the last 2 years so he will be a top 10 pick most likely. Personally I would rather have some excitement then the same stale offense that a lot of other teams in the league are running and ours was 32nd!!

  33. Matthew Says:

    The big pluses on Bortles/Bridgewater they were both over 62% passing while under or facing pressure, highest in the NCAA. That is a huge state for the NFL and a great predictor of future success as lots of college qbs can rack up high completion percentages (McCarron, Carr, ect) when they never face pressure or a pass rush. The main problem with the Ginger Giraffe (Glennon) is his inability to sense pressure or step up into the pocket and deliver a throw while being rushed.

  34. Luther Says:

    Hopefully you can get a picture of Cutler’s man card because he surely doesn’t have it on him in that picture…wow. I’m glad he renewed his contract because I certainly didn’t want him here.

  35. ManzielMadness Says:


    Excuse me if I’m wrong but I thought Kiffin knew what he was doing on offense.

  36. pick6 Says:

    say what you will about glennon but he gave off much more of a “leader of men” vibe than freeman or cutler, and certainly moreso than the kid Johnny Manziel. i think manziel might be statistically prolific but i’m not sure he has the maturity needed to lead an NFL franchise without a major maturation process & lifestyle change. teams will have to evaluate his true ceiling on that front more than athletically. when i see manziel i feel like i’m looking at the next vince young. he may put up stats and win some games, even the admiration of some teammates, but his career will be brief and feature a losing battle against public perception and his own weaknesses of character. i also think he will get beat up physically more than his advocates might predict. and in the end, he will get the coach that drafted him fired

  37. MTM Says:

    A.J. Mc Carron looks good behind the biggest offensive line in college. A.J. may struggle moving outside of the pocket under pressure. Manziel looks better on film.
    But I’m sure Joe will be doing a Mc Carron to the Bucs article soon which show cases A.J.’s girlfriend(“that lovely lady”).

  38. Bobby Says:

    God, that photo of Cutler actually makes the one of Freeman as Michael Jackson seem manly….

  39. zam Says:

    I’d like to see what his backup McCown could do, considering there’s no obvious franchise QB to draft or sign.

  40. Ian P. Says:

    Actually Glennon’s numbers were very similar to Cutler this year. Cutler’s TD/INT is 19/12, Glennon was 19/9. Advantage Glennon. They both threw for 2600 yards.
    I just don’t understand this “desperate need for a quarterback” stuff that Joe keeps spewing. The numbers say otherwise.

  41. Mach Says:

    I say keep Glennon and bring in Mcown as a backup. Glennon deserves another year. You don’t just cut a guy who had one of the best rookie years for a QB. Even Payton manning had worse numbers than glennon his rookie year…

    Other than that all we need is some good veteran backups which would finish off the defence and maybe sign jimmy graham if we can( Saint are in cap hell) and draft Watkins. As for the offensive line you just make the call on nicks and Joseph starting , or cut them and sign some decent veterans.

    That should balance the team and the. You build through the draft from that point..

  42. delson Says:

    Joe how do u mock the adderall twins talib wright n sleep leaky party animal freeman? But u want a known party animal like manziel who scrambles for his life. Maybe he scrambles cuz he cant focus on the play or the designed plays.u think freeman was a diva?

  43. Joe Says:

    Joe how do u mock the adderall twins talib wright n sleep leaky party animal freeman? But u want a known party animal like manziel who scrambles for his life

    Good grief! Please document when Manziel’s partying ways hurt his team (or sabotaged three men’s careers)? That’s absolutely outrageous comparison and tells Joe you are a hater. There is zero comparison between Johnny Football and Talib/Wright/Mr. Can’t Tell Time.

  44. delson Says:

    So its ok to party as long as it dont affect the team? In the most important position of the lg. I seen him play once n i wasnt impressed he dropped back went thru two reads n scrambled it was like he wasnt tryin to pass just waiting for a lane to thru. He repeatedly parties substance abuse talib wright n freeman hear of that? A qb to get suspended would be shtoopsh!

  45. Mach Says:

    Well to be honest most college kids do go out and party at their age and Johnny Manziel hasn’t really done anything wrong in that sense except for having fun which all of us did in college.

    BUT… All of us weren’t future NFL quarterbacks. I think the issue is that when you are seen to be a future NFL draft prospect people expect you to carry yourself differently and show some leadership and humility. NFL teams dread drafting and paying kids who can’t stop their partying ways and then get themselves into trouble jeapardizing the team. That is what most people are worried about manzie is that he would eventually do something stupid if he doesn’t show some restraint.

    I think his arrogance shows through all of this in that most people would have curbed their partying ways in light of the draft coming up but Manziel just doesn’t give a damn. But their is a fine line between arrogance and confidence and it’s this same arrogance/ confidence that also makes him the player he is.

    I guess one team will take a chance on him but I hope the bucs do not take that chance. It’s too much of a bit and miss. remember the quote that says with great powers come great responsibility and I don’t think manziel has shown that he has that humility and leadership of a Payton manning to harness the skill he has which is a shame.

  46. delson Says:

    My exact point mach.

  47. NY Buc Says:

    Some good news to be happy about, but I agree with the above poster about feeling even better once I know Mike Vick has been signed to some other team not the Bucs. Plenty of other mediocre FA QB’s without the baggage to be had to either start in front of or backup Glennon (or a rookie QB)

  48. Aubpierce Says:

    Johnny plowed into defenders to get extra yardage thinking he was a bulldozer in the bowl game not knowing he is only a cub cadet in the NFL.Only pocket passers survive in the NFL.The Bucs have one, and he is by far the best of the rookie QB’s even with his best receiver dropping around fifty passes.Give Mike a chance,don’t throw under the bus because he was drafted by the previous coach.

  49. Brandon Says:

    I wished the Bears hadn’t resigned Cutler. Not because I wanted him but because I was hoping one of the QB needy teams ahead of us in the draft to sign him. The way I see it, there are 5 sure fire 1st round QBs: Bridgewater, Bortles, Hundley, Manziel, and Carr. With us picking 7th and with all but the Rams and Falcons desperately needing a QB, we may get who’s left instead of who we prefer.

    If the Redskins thought Cousins might be worth a 1st, he’s not, and Kevin Kolb was worth a 2nd, and Schaub a 3rd, I would think Glennon may carry 2nd round value. If there is a QB that the team is totally sold on, I wouldn’t be opposed to us moving up to get him.

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