“Whipped” In The Trenches

December 2nd, 2013
Losing in the trenches and letting the Stinking Panthers punish Bucs QB Mike Glennon led to a loss yesterday.

Losing in the trenches and letting the Stinking Panthers punish Bucs QB Mike Glennon led to a loss yesterday.

The old football axiom is true today as it may have been 100 years ago. Football games are won and lost in the trenches, on the line of scrimmage.

That clear yesterday when the Stinking Panthers curb-stomped the Bucs’ offensive and defensive lines, stole their lunch money and took their glasses. It seems Stinking Panthers coach Ron Rivera emphasized his team dominated up front, so types eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune.

“Yes, they were on a roll,’’ said Panthers coach Ron Rivera, referring to Tampa Bay’s three-game winning streak that followed a dynamic losing effort at Seattle. “They had a little bit of swagger and a lot of confidence. I wanted to make sure we understood that.’’

Following up on their 31-13 triumph at Raymond James Stadium, the Panthers on Sunday more than doubled Tampa Bay’s production in total yardage (426-206) and doubled the Bucs in first downs (20-10).

“It was tough to get in any kind of a rhythm,’’ Bucs guard Davin Joseph said. “We’ve got to go back to work and do a better job on third down and in the red zone. I felt like we weren’t ourselves today. We have four tough games coming up and we have to get ready.’’

The Stinking Panthers, on offense, played it smart. The only consistent, effective pass rusher the Bucs have is Gerald McCoy. So the Stinking Panthers game-planned to make sure he was a non-factor.

It troubled Joe to learn on the Buccaneers Radio Network last night that running back Bobby Rainey say the Stinking Panthers defensive line was doing things they didn’t expect and had never seen before. Joe hopes that is just a young, inexperienced player talking.

If the offensive line of the Bucs, full of veteran players, were surprised and flummoxed by what the Stinking Panthers did up front, that says more about the Bucs than it does the Stinking Panthers in Joe’s eyes.

8 Responses to ““Whipped” In The Trenches”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The Bucs problems in the trenches is due to our failure with the NFL draft…..here are the last six year’s failures (either no longer playing or playing poorly)…..most are rounds 1-4.
    We should have developed more players through the draft….we, in particular have failed with the D-line & O-line.

    2006 Trueblood, Stovall
    2007 Adams, Sears, Piscitelli
    2008 Talib, Dex Jackson,
    2009 Freeman, Miller, Moore
    2010 Price, Benn, Myron Lewis
    2011 Bowers, Stocker, Black

  2. Harry Says:

    “…the Stinking Panthers defensive line was doing things they didn’t expect and had never seen before. Joe hopes that is just a young, inexperienced player talking.”

    Unfortunately, that is exactly what it looked like. We looked lost and overwhelmed. That one play where Penn was blocking NO ONE and looking totally confused (also where Glennon got crushed) epitomizes the whole game.

    The even sadder part is Joe wrote prior to the game about how the Bucs coaches were working on the O-line getting more physical so they could dominate again. I would hate to see what our O-line would have looked like if they did not work on that. Maybe they should work on our D-line stunts some more too – you can really see how well that is working for us. Our coaching SUCKS

  3. Harry Says:

    2006 thru 2009 are all on Gruden, part of why he is no longer around (yes, Bruce Allen was technically the GM, but Gruden was in charge of pulling Allen’s strings like the puppet he is…).

    The rest is definitely on Rock Star…

  4. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Joe
    A couple of veteran members of that veteran O-Line said the same thing Rainey did

  5. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    a little bit of the problem is that we are starting our 4th string RB and TE’s. Not only are they lesser talents in some area’s ( picking up blitzes and chip blocking.) They also recently have joined the team and not fully fimilar with the Offensive schemes. It really look like our tackles could have used a little more chip blocks yesterday. 1 on 1 our lines got beat.

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    A four man rush & three out of five of our blockers end up on their A$$. Now that’s embarrassing!

  7. Awaiting moderation Says:

    @ tampabaybucfan
    Good research I think our scouting dept. sucks too

  8. Bobby Says:

    Wow! Dotson just got owned on that play.

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