The Freeman Chess Game

September 25th, 2013

The Bucs have given up on Josh Freeman, but why didn’t the Bucs let Freeman play Sunday and then switch to Mike Glennon at the bye week?

Yes, rockstar general manager Mark Dominik already explained the company line to USA Today, saying the Freeman was failing and the Bucs wanted to give Glennon the bye week to learn from his mistakes and successes on Sunday against Arizona. But the move doesn’t help the Bucs improve Josh Freeman’s trade value.

The Cardinals have a depleted defense and they’re hardly a great team. There was a great chance that rollercoaster Freeman would have looked good Sunday, which would have jacked up his potential trade value to a team like Jacksonville and others that might be willing to take a shot on No. 5.

But in that scenario, with Freeman looking good, there also was the chance of massive Bucs-fan backlash after benching Freeman on the heels of a good game.

The Bucs made their play on the chess board and opted to snuff out Freeman today. Bucs fans are told routinely that the Bucs only make moves in the best interest of the franchise. Joe’s not sure this one — today — fits that mold.

93 Responses to “The Freeman Chess Game”

  1. Theodore Says:

    Because upping Freeman’s trade value from 0 picks to a 7th round pick isn’t worth it, W or L.

  2. Cmurda Says:

    It does fit that mold Joe. A raw Glennon is better than what we’ve seen from the Freeman Coaster. That should be a new ride at Busch Gardens. In the early part of the ride you shoot up at a 60 degree angle. Then the last couple parts are hard, steep drops just like Freeman’s career or lack thereof.

  3. Mike J Says:

    From what I just read, Dominik is on board with the benching, which makes my cynical mind wonder if the move didn’t originate at the top.The very top.

    BTW–if Free isn’t traded, what compensation, if any, do Los Bucos get when he signs with another club as a free agent, Joe?

  4. john Says:

    as long as dom is gm we will never be a 500 club.

  5. bucrightoff Says:

    lol Theodore, well played. Nobody is trading anything of value for a potential rental.

    The compensatory pick would be based on a bit of complex formula involving players added and lost. So it depends what the Bucs did in free agency.

  6. RCH Says:

    Wonder if this move translates in to the game being on TV Sunday.

  7. al121976 Says:

    I understand it, I would rather have the win than boost Freemans trade value. At 0 and 3 we have a chance to have a winning season, with freeman in there playing like he has, our chances drop. Jeff Saturday said it right “Freeman earned his benching”. I read yesterday that Freeman is the 33rd rated QB in the league, that is EXTREMELY bad, lets see what we have in Glennon so we know who to draft next year.

  8. JS Says:

    The Cardinals D is busted up and they know if the D plays well they can actually win this game. That would make it hard to bench Freeman going into the bye week coming off a win, something they were probably planning on doing anyway. They are going to turn Sunday into the Doug Martin show and he’s going to get 30 touches, taking advantage of the Cardinals messed up linebackers.

  9. NashVegasRyan Says:

    These idiots don’t know what they are doing. Glazers, Dom, Schiano. Three blind mice. No wonder we can’t fill the Ray Jay on a regular basis. The fans don’t trust any of them, especially the Glazers!

  10. lightningbuc Says:

    How can anyone say there is a great chance Freeman would have looked good on Sunday? Why – because he looked so good against New England?

  11. csidedave Says:

    Makes very little difference in trade value if you are going to bench him at anytime.

  12. d-money Says:

    Do you really think if Josh had one good game against a bad team it would improve his trade value?

    Why would anyone trade for a guy whos contract is up after this season and there is zero chance that the Bucs will resign him?

    He has 4 years of tape to show how inconsistent he is. A good game against the Cardinals would have only reinforced that.

  13. Danimal Says:

    What we’ve been told is there are teams that think they can fix Freeman.
    So maybe he does have trade value, he does not have a huge contract.
    He may be able to get a 4-5 round pick for him. And we need a backup QB
    Does anyone know of somebody that could bring some good mojo our way. #15

  14. ArloPear Says:

    They waited until after Freeman did his radio show. Chess indeed.

  15. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Can’t wait for the HC press conference today. I’m sure NSO has rehearsed his answers.

  16. Jfgobucs Says:

    Careful what you ask for….

  17. Old*Skool*BucFan Says:

    All I know is I’m happy they made the switch. I supported Freeman when he got drafted and the last 4 years, but from the end of last year to the beginning of this year, its obviously time to move on. Glennon cant do any worse than what Freeman has done the last 3 games. Freeman gave me a damn headache every time he dropped back to pass. Glennon might actually be able to read a defense and complete dump off passes, lol. What ever the case Im excited to watch the game this week. If Glennon doesn’t show improvement week to week, then we all know a QB is a must in the 2014 draft. If Glennon can get this offense to score at least 21 points a game then we can finish 8-8 or so. I don’t blame Schiano or Dom, their jobs are on the line here. The Glazers have spent sum cash the last 2 years….THEY AINT GOT TIME FOR THIS SH!T.

  18. Couch Fan Says:

    We should make Captain Timmy GM. He seems to think we can get a 2nd round pick for Freewee.

  19. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Interesting take Joe. Especially regarding the fan backlash. We’ve already got our pitchforks and our “shovels sharpened” (ala Rod Marinelli).

  20. Sunny Says:

    It makes sense if Glennon can’t play draft McCarron, let’s see if he have something before we draft a new qb

  21. G_lock_40 Says:

    This move by Schiano and Dominik was the right move. Freeman has had flashes of good. But flashes of good play wont help you win a championship. Freeman was not being a leader on or off that field. Late to his own football camp, Photogate. He doesnt even talk to his linemen or receivers on the sideline. I was hoping this would happen and it did. I trust Schiano and Dominik. 100% support the move.

  22. mike Says:


  23. buc4life24 Says:

    Yes it takes a hit from Freeman’s trade value, but who is to say there was any interest?! I’m sure Dom has been on the phone and has an idea where other GM’s stand.

    The bigger picture (than a possible 6/7th rounder) is giving Glennon this weekend to play, correct mistakes during bye wee and have a total of 13 games to see where we stand at QB!

    If he bombs and folds throughout year, we know what direction to go in the draft! Big Picture…JOE!!

  24. bucrightoff Says:

    There wouldn’t have been any backlash whatsoever had Freeman had a good game and got pulled the following week. He’s insanely inconsistent, so continuing to be so would provoke a backlash? Now had Freeman had another terrible game Sunday, there would have been huge backlash to bench him.

    I also think there’s a very good chance the captains are the one’s who pushed this move. They see Freeman and Glennon every day. From what I’ve read Glennon has put in the work big time and has gained the respect of the locker room. Freeman has obviously lost it as evidence from his being stripped of captaincy.

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    Well all this just made my day and reinforces my TRUST in Schiano. I don’t care what he said about Josh yesterday or 3 weeks ago. Maybe Schiano and Sully have gone over the tapes of the last 3 games and finally figured it out. I hope they have a dink and dunk offense ready for Glennon. Still need a reliable TE and slot though.

    Starting Glennon this Sunday is what I wanted last Sunday night. I did not them to wait until after the bye. Now I have 1 more thing to cheer and root for this Sunday.
    I get to root for the kid. Freeman was not going to get better, it was just not going to happen. I saw too much in the Saints game that told me so. I’m ecstatic right now. I don’t care if he’s a rookie or not. I hope they keep him in there for the next 13 weeks though. No carousel please.

  26. snookau Says:

    “Great chance” that Josh plays well against Arizona?

    Thats a joke right?

    Because thats HILARIOUS.

  27. Ricardo Esteban Says:

    I applaud 87 for having the stones to go from a diehard freemanite to a fan of the team and their choices

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    The people that think Josh has trade value are silly. I sold my Freeman jersey on e-bay for ONLY $10.00 after the Saints game. It was brand new. I got a whole 2 bids for it.

  29. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    funny how some fans have to STILL be petty towards Freeman, even after they get their wish with Glennon.

    be the bigger man, and just wish Freeman well. and support your team this Sunday.

    Im Schiano’s biggest critic, I cant stand him, but when he goes back to the college ranks, I’ll wish him nothing but success.

    @Glennon, go out and get us your first win on Sunday! You dont have to carry this team, just stay consistent. Youre our new QB, and I’ll support you 100%

    and no pressure Glennon, but you not only control your own destiny, but Schiano’s as well. just F’n win! Go Bucs!!!

    “You don’t have to love your Head Coach to be a good fan (or player). You just have to love your TEAM!”

    ~ MakaveliTheDon aka TonyTwoCents

  30. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    lmao ’87. at least you got something out of it.

  31. bucrightoff Says:

    Makaveli is a walking contradiction. On the one hand, he wants Schiano gone. On the other, he wants Glennon to succeed. Of course if Glennon succeeds, there is no way Schiano is gone. So which do you want Makaveli? I would hope the correct response is the Bucs to win regardless of who and why, but if you truly want Schiano gone, you can’t want Glennon to succeed.

  32. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I always liked Josh…but it is time for a change, for the Team and for him! I’ve said all along that Freeman lacks that “killer instinct” and attention to detail that the great QB’s all seem to have. From everything I have read, Glennon is intelligent and a hard worker…let’s give the kid a shot and see what he can do! As for Freeman’s “trade value”…who is going to trade for him? Oakland? Jacksonville? Cleveland? Minnesota? No one is willing to take on a 45% passer making $8 million…unless a top team suffers a devastating injury at QB in the next 2-3 weeks! Goodbye Josh and I wish you well in the future! Hello Mike Glennon, it’s your time to step up and show Bucs fans if YOU can be one of the top young QB’s in the NFL (along with Luck, RGIII, Wilson, Tannehill, Kapernick, Dalton, etc…) p.s. Anyone want to buy a white #5 jersey, 2XL? Only worn a few times and then buried at the bottom of my hamper for the last 10 games!

  33. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    the whole trade talk is ridiculous. but itd be funny as hell if Belicheck picks him up for a 7th, and turns his career around like Talib. after Brady steps down obviously.

  34. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    the whole trade talk is ridiculous. but itd be funny as hell if Belicheck picks him up for a 7th, and turns his career around like Talib. after Bradey steps down obviously.

  35. BirdDoggers Says:

    If Glennon struggles, I suppose Schiano can use the excuse that he’s a rookie. I’m not sure that will buy him another year at the helm though. I don’t think Schiano did a good job of handling Freeman throughout the offseason and the first three games of the season. It looks to be another misevaluation of a player to me.

    There are a host of other issues to fix on this team aside from making a QB switch. Glennon will more than likley struggle at times. That’s a given. What will be telling is how Schiano handles his team throughout the rest of the season.

  36. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    I’m still on your mind, huh bucrightoff. You must be a female then.

  37. jjuice Says:

    u can’t polish a turd!!!!

  38. Northend Says:

    I think some simple details like a proper WR progression and not staring down primary receiver and a pump fake to freeze a safety are some of the little details that Glennon may really excellent at.I am excited to see what happens.
    Keep in mind, Glennon was good enough to allow NC State to move on from Russel Sheppard.Just Saying.For what we are running a big armed pocket guy can really excell if our WR corp can hold on to the ball.

  39. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    bucrightoff Says:
    September 25th, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    Makaveli is a walking contradiction. On the one hand, he wants Schiano gone. On the other, he wants Glennon to succeed. Of course if Glennon succeeds, there is no way Schiano is gone. So which do you want Makaveli? I would hope the correct response is the Bucs to win regardless of who and why, but if you truly want Schiano gone, you can’t want Glennon to succeed.

    you know what bucrightoff, I’ll admit it. you make a good point. If Glennon finishes with 8+ wins, then Id have to give Schiano credit, and wouldnt mind him returning next year. So lets just wait and see.

    In the meantime, I view Schiano as a double talk, smooth talker, a coach that took a playoff ready team, shook up the locker room, messed with his QBs style, messed with his head, created a QB controversy, which divided the fanbase. And so far, in the last 9 games, he’s 1-8 as a head coach. Not including those awful 4 weeks that he called a preseason.

  40. Buc1987 Says:

    BTW I just checked the ticketmaster map. I’m pretty sure that the game is going to be blacked out this Sunday. Shocker huh? lol

  41. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Go look at the message boards on non-Buc sites. Especially PFT. Browns and Vikings fans are clamoring for him. The Jaguars seem like a sure thing to some of them as well. All non-Buc fans see is a 25 year old quarterback that had some bad coaching and regressed. (Hard to argue with either of those points.)

    Someone said this earlier but Freeman won’t leave for less than a third round pick. Why? Because that is what we would get as a compensatory pick if he walks. Why trade him for less than you would get for letting him walk at the end of the year?

    I hope Glennon wins us 13 straight and we win the Super Bowl. I also wish Freeman the best wherever he goes. Even though I, personally, feel like he was shafted here. I just worry about the repercussions of the ownership directly controlling something like this.

    I read from some reporter on Twitter that Schiano met with ownership before this announcement. Possibly Monday night or Tuesday. Now Glennon is the starter immediately after Schiano declared Freeman the starter so, you do the math.

    Either way, I hope Glennon proves to be the answer so that we don’t have to draft a first round quarterback next year. Go Bucs!

  42. Ricardo Esteban Says:

    free will end up with the skins next year backing up RGIII

    and I believe we get a 3rd cound compensatory pick for him someone said. is this accurate?

    why would they trade him for a 5, 6 or 7 even when he could ride the pine and get paid and potentially come in if Glennon gets hurt and improve his value in the offseason.

    I just don’t see him being traded. and you can bet rah would love to get him there….and it’s not like RGIII is not adverse to injury.

  43. Marlow Says:

    Joe, I disagree, this is the best move for the franchise. A late round pick for Freeman is not worth losing the morale of an entire team. Glennon is a gamble, no doubt, but if the Bucs win it will surely begin us in a new and better direction. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again. Putting Freeman at the helm this week would therefore be insane, and only be prolonging the inevitable.

  44. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    September 25th, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    BTW I just checked the ticketmaster map. I’m pretty sure that the game is going to be blacked out this Sunday. Shocker huh? lol

    after this QB change, give it another 24 hours. ITS GONNA AIR. if we dont sellout, the Glazers will buy up the tickets.

    they dont want to lose their fans, so they’ll let Tampa watch the new QB Project – I mean Product.

    all of Tampa will be watching, guaranteed!

  45. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    WestCoastBucsFan Says:
    September 25th, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    Go look at the message boards on non-Buc sites. Especially PFT. Browns and Vikings fans are clamoring for him.

    no sh**? huh..

  46. bucrightoff Says:

    This game would have been blacked out even if Peyton Manning was our QB. Arizona versus Tampa Bay is about as unsexy a matchup as you can get.

  47. RBellBuc Says:

    Joe says, “but why didn’t the Bucs let Freeman play Sunday and then switch to Mike Glennon at the bye week?”

    C’mon it’s pretty obvious, I’ll even give you a hint.

    It’s one word, five letters, and starts with m and ends with a …. m e d i a

  48. Buc1987 Says:

    “if we dont sellout, the Glazers will buy up the tickets.”

    It will be a lot of tickets.

  49. lightningbuc Says:

    This is from

    “Under the rules for compensatory draft selections, a team losing more or better compensatory free agents than it acquires in the previous year is eligible to receive compensatory draft picks.”

    This myth about getting a 3rd rounder is not a done deal by any means. The Bucs may not get anything.

  50. bucrightoff Says:

    I believe there are only 9 teams in the NFL who can take Freeman’s contract on at present without making roster moves. Worth keeping in mind.

  51. RBellBuc Says:

    Freeman as a Viking would help even the balance in the NFC Norse. That would be a good move for Minnesota. Maybe, the best remedy is a fresh start and a new perspective would tap Josh’s potential. It has worked before with other exBuc QBs.

  52. Buc1987 Says:

    I found a Vikings fan on

    Vikings Fan : “As a Vikings fan, no thanks, we’ve had enough painfully streaky performances… And, please Frazier, don’t answer the phone if Cook calls about Favre…”

  53. RBellBuc Says:

    wow you found one against … imagine that

  54. Paul Says:

    I don’t know why anyone thinks Jacksonville would want him. They already have 2 bad qb’s and are biding their time waiting for the draft to do something about their qb position the right way. No reason why they’d trade for him. If a team thinks it has a chance at the playoffs with a qb upgrade and believes Freeman given another chance with a different team could be the answer, they might take him. But teams that are going nowhere and know it won’t have any interest at all.

  55. Couch Fan Says:

    In the meantime, I view Schiano as a double talk, smooth talker, a coach that took a playoff ready team, shook up the locker room, messed with his QBs style, messed with his head, created a QB controversy, which divided the fanbase. And so far, in the last 9 games, he’s 1-8 as a head coach. Not including those awful 4 weeks that he called a preseason.


    Could Schiano of done all that if Freeman played well? If your honest with yourself then the answer would be no. So, that means Freeman has not played well…. so knowing that, is it Schiano who has divided the fan base or was it Freeman’s god awful play?

  56. Couch Fan Says:

    And knowing that Freeman has not played well validates drafting a QB last year also. Stop and think before you post…. Your post would make sense IF Freeman has been playing well. But he has NOT. Schiano deserves some criticism for sure. Can’t dispute that… but you seem to be blameing EVERYTHING senselessly on him.

  57. Buc1987 Says:

    RBellBuc …I’m sure I could find several more and I did find several more. Just saw no need to blast the site with all of them.

  58. bucrightoff Says:

    Actually if you go on PFT, most of them don’t want Freeman because he’s not much of an upgrade over Ponder.

    In fact the fans of teams who want him are teams like Green Bay and Kansas City, so they can have a solid backup.

  59. Kryq Says:

    I would trade freeman for a TE or SLOT receiver

  60. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    back to Glennon, If Schiano’s putting his career on the line with this kid, he better go out and get him a TE and slot receiver ASAP.

    Im pretty sure Crabtree will start, (I can hear Josh saying “oh NOW they start him!”). But Glennon needs a #3 that can play the middle. Based on Ogletree’s 1 reception in 3 games, Crabtree’s 0 starts, Schiano and Dom might want to get to work. Go huntin Dom!

  61. ImissAlstott&Lynch Says:

    I agree with Jeagen 1999 110%. NO KILLER INSTINCT. When is the last time we ever beat a team down and stepped on their throats???? I am thinking it was our one and only Superbowl. Can anyone name our last blow-out win? We need a wolf (No pun intended NC State fans) at quarterback, not a sheep.

  62. Buc1987 Says:

    Go get Tiquan “Rutgers” Underwood back in.

  63. MakaveliTheDon Says:


    good point. prob a slot if Crab is coming back. and assuming he’s as good as Joe said he looked in training camp.

  64. RBellBuc Says:

    How about finding how many that would like to make a move for Freeman?

    Little tougher assignment but I’m sure the ideal has some Viking fans interested.

  65. Jfgobucs Says:

    So who’s going to buy an #8 Jersey…

  66. Buc1987 Says:

    Maybe the Bucs will trade Freeman for a player and not a pick. Maybe a slot or a TE? Dom has to be working the phones right now.

  67. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    “Go get Tiquan “Rutgers” Underwood back in.”

    ^^^^^ that. 450 yds in 2012.

    And the Saints released Preston Parker. 550 yds in 2011. bottom of the barrel??? you betchyour azz! but times are tough here at Rutgers South!

  68. ImissAlstott&Lynch Says:

    I will be at Sundays game, Section 315 screaming for a Bucs win. I do not care who is playing quaterback. They could put Martin Grammatica in at QB and I will still make noise for this team. GO BUCS!!!!!!!!

  69. Buc1987 Says:

    RBellBuc Says:
    September 25th, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    “How about finding how many that would like to make a move for Freeman?”

    Actually I really don’t care how many fans want Freeman on their team… Does Vegas still have an Arena FB team?

  70. Buc1987 Says:

    ImissAlstott&Lynch…me tooooo!

  71. Patrick Says:

    Even when Freeman DOES lead us to victory, we barely squeak it out. And when we play a team above .500…..pffttttttttt.

  72. lightningbuc Says:


    You mean that hasn’t been Grammatica out there the past couple of years?

  73. RBellBuc Says:

    If Rivers continues to struggle, you might see Freeman in SD as a backup. Remember this, even though Freeman was a 1st round pick if the Bucs don’t trade him for at least something, they will lose it all at the end of the season. And even if Freeman doesn’t land on a team this year, he’ll get a chance to compete next year with somebody, probably at the league veteran price for a QB. Win Win for whoever gives him a shot.

  74. RBellBuc Says:


    Oh so not only have we flipped like a cheap informant, we also gained the same attitude as the mob. Just to think I actually liked you when you had perspective. I wonder how your buddy Junkie thinks of your new found personality?

  75. bucrightoff Says:

    Philip Rivers is struggling? Really? For the season Rivers is…

    70/100, 798yrds, 8TDs, 1INT.

    Holy freaking crap! I wish our QB was “struggling” like that.

  76. RBellBuc Says:

    wait for it, Rivers is the version of rollercoaster 2

  77. Buc1987 Says:

    RBellBuc…no I said I could care less right now how other teams fans view Freeman. I’m throwing my support behind the new kid.

  78. Buc1987 Says:

    I also threw out my support for Freeman as I walked out of RJS week 2. I saw what I saw. I saw that he could not be fixed. I saw far too many open receivers at all different points in the game. Nothing anybody said in here or any TV analyst said changed my mind about Josh. I saw what I saw.

  79. bucrightoff Says:

    Your quote was “If Rivers keeps struggling”…well, he’s not struggling at all. And he’s in a new offense with a new coach, so he only figures to get better. Freeman’s most likely destinations next year are Oakland and Chicago where he can develop more as a backup.

  80. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    $23 tickets on ebay??? If Glennon plays well, this might be the last time we see tickets at this price.

  81. @CAeric Says:

    Trade for Kirk Cousins with a #2 draft pick and get the Chin into Tampa….or better yet if for some reason the Steelers let Mike Tomlin go then jump all over him…..he wont put up with all this BS

  82. RBellBuc Says:

    Everybody got what they wanted. Freeman is no-longer the QB. Even so, like couch said, I hope Freeman lands on his feet. I have never had ill will towards Josh the person. For those of you so hell bent on dispelling every Freeman supposed landing spots have gone beyond football and have made it a personal assault on Freeman. Regardless how you feel about him as a Buc, he doesn’t deserve to be completely blackballed. It’s almost as if you’re saying if the Bucs can’t have him nobody can. That’s ridiculous.

  83. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Freeman will mature big time from this experience. And a mature & talented Freeman is definitely a starter in this league.

    He’ll pull an Alex Smith. I wish him well.

  84. Buccaneer79 Says:

    I understand that Freeman’s overall numbers in the last 9 games have been terrible. 1-8, I get it. What I don’t understand is how Mike Glennon is going to change all that by himself, and believe me, I want to be wrong; I mean, I hope he’s Tampa’s Russell Wilson all of a sudden, but I have strong doubts.

    As Coach Schiano had stated in his PC Monday, it was not just Freeman. Benching him now is a really bad move. I think it’s clear that Freeman’s mistakes are mostly mental, if not all of them. But even he isn’t dumb enough to stay in Tampa now. He will go to a team that builds around his strengths & come back to haunt this organization. History is repeating itself. I’m not saying Freeman is Steve Young, but Mike Glennon? Yeah, he isn’t Steve Young either. I admit Freeman was on a nasty cold streak, but this is a terrible decision. I admit I have patiently waited for that fire to burn in Josh, that fierce competitor to awaken from within; now, it will just be for another team under better coaching. I blame Dominik for not adding quality depth to the offense, the offensive coaching staff for not playing to Freeman’s strengths (how did Greg Olsen get Freeman to have such a great year in 2010, but Mike Sullivan gets defensive about every question he is asked concerning the offense–he wasn’t an OC before he got here, he’s learning on the job), & Coach Schiano for not recognizing all of that & if he did, for not making it known.

    This only makes Adam Schein look brilliant & maybe the recent reports, although originally inaccurate(?), are now true. I don’t know how much of my heart is in watching anymore. It’s frustrating. It’s a joke, right? This team surely is divided, while the fans will surely suffer. Maybe Shaun King was right all along about Dominik. This team could definitely be 0-16 now. I hope & pray that I’m wrong.

  85. john Says:

    anyone wanna still give me shiet for saying bucs will never be a 500 club as long as Dom is GM????/
    anyone still wanna give me shiet about my 5-11 prediction??
    Just wondering.

  86. bucrightoff Says:

    How is it personal? I wanna get maximum value for Freeman. Unfortunately there are very few teams that he can be traded to (only 9 can take his salary), and very few teams with interest. He’s a UFA and can be had for nothing at the end of the season. The Bucs will get 6th and 7th round picks as offers. They can lose him as a UFA and get a compensatory pick up to a 3rd rounder depending on certain conditions. Why trade him for lower value than you can get? Makes no sense, especially since Orlovsky is the backup. Glennon can always get hurt after all, so there is a need for a solid backup. Trading Freeman for a 7th just to trade him is poor asset management.

    Every team seeking a QB to start this offseason will use the draft, The rookie cap has changed how teams view QBs, now they will always prefer the draft because it doesn’t cost nearly as much (Sam Bradford cost $78 million; the next year Cam Newton cost $22 million). Freeman will be a backup next year or will be fighting to start against a rookie the team really wants to succeed (which ironically sounds like now). He’s sort of in No Man’s Land right now. He needs a coach who fully believes in him. So if anyone is dumb enough to give Raheem another chance, maybe thats where Freeman starts.

  87. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    The Bucs went 10-6 in 2010 . . . with Dom as GM. So saying that you were right about a Dom run team never being above .500 is already wrong.

  88. BamBamBuc Says:

    This move is just perfect for those wishing to maintain the Bucs mediocrity (or worse) into the foreseeable future. Bench Freeman, start Glennon. Maybe even win 6 of the last 13 games finishing 6-10. We’d be out of the race for ANY of the top QBs in next year’s draft class and have a QB that may or may not be able to win 50% year in and year out until we draft the “next” franchise QB in another bad QB class of the draft and go through this again.

    For those thinking Glennon is the “next Russell Wilson”, you should first remember that Wilson fell to the 3rd round because he was considered “too small”… I don’t think that’s why Glennon fell. History shows drafting a QB is anything BUT an exact science, however history also shows that teams get it “right” more often in the top 10 picks than they ever do on a pick outside the top 10. A few exceptions, yes (Aaron Rodgers for example fell to outside the top 10). Picks outside the first round are the exception, not the rule, when it comes to successful QBs in the NFL. Any thought that Glennon is a savior for this team is fooling themselves. Sure, anyone can find exceptions to the rule, but you won’t find proof that 1st round picks aren’t typically more successful.

    If Glennon wins a few games, and everyone begins to believe the “potential”, they won’t draft a QB next year. Is that what you want? Do you really want a David Garrard, Trent Edwards, Colt McCoy type QB? Mediocre to below average starting ability? Personally, I would rather see them go all out, play Freeman to the end, for better or worse. If for the better, then there is nothing to complain about. If for the worse, we have the opportunity to take a QB in the 1st round next year that has a MUCH higher potential for success than either Glennon or Freeman. Don’t settle for mediocrity, this is not the answer. I really don’t want to go into every season for the next 5 years prediction 5 or 6 win seasons because we didn’t handle this year well and don’t take advantage of an opportunity next year.

  89. SteveK (MGM) Says:


    Look, man, Freeman is the reason Glennon is playing.

    If Freeman was good enough to get the job done, and showed the proper effort, then this would not be an issue.

    Look no further than Josh Freeman, as to why Glennon is playing.

    Why do you need to see more Freeman? 60 starts, and NOTHING. Sorry, he is just not NFL QB material.

  90. Eric Says:

    We have a lunatic in charge.

    I’m just not sure who is in charge.

  91. Buc1987 Says:

    Vinny Testeverde 1st overall pick in the draft….

  92. Party Says:

    Here is some information that sounds interesting, Shiano stayed behind in New England after the game Sunday due to some family issues. Well someone is speculating he got together with Tebow to discuss a possible open position at QB in Tampa. We know Dominik was after free agent QB all summer.

    Either way, the Offensive Coordinator should be fired! I thought it was Mike Shula calling plays again all season!

  93. John Crest Says:

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