Redemption Sunday Awaits

September 9th, 2013

The sun had yet to rise over Tampa Bay when Joe typed this, but Joe already can hear the sports radio meltdown underway. Last night, postgame call-in tirades were seemingly orchestrated by the Mike Glennon Mob, but the daggers this morning are coming after Greg Schiano for the Bucs’ sloppiness and uninspired offense.

Yes, the loss to the Jets was one of the most heinous in team history. No question. However, if the Bucs beat the Saints at home Sunday, then the Bucs — literally — will sit alone atop the NFC South if you factor in tiebreaker considerations. The Falcons lost in New Orleans yesterday, and the Panthers in Seattle. And Atlanta and Carolina don’t play each other next week.

So there you have it. Keep calm. Keep perspective. Don’t let angst destroy your Monday.

A win on Sunday and the Bucs get complete redemption and Bucs fans will celebrate a division leader.

62 Responses to “Redemption Sunday Awaits”

  1. Bucs4life Says:

    I live in New York…my week is completely shot. If they lose on Sunday, I may mail it in for the season. Depression by way of NFL is no way to go through life. Ugh.

  2. Thegregwitul Says:

    I live in Western New York, so I’m around Bills fans, which is okay as they are a passionate and mostly educated when it comes to football. Plus, in the time that the Bucs went from dominant defense with no offensive help, to the Gruden Superbowl season, to the ups and downs thereafter, the Bills did one thing consistently; miss the playoffs. Living in Buffalo gives me perspective, and as long as the Bills aren’t playing the Bucs, I root for the Bills to succeed. Of course, they also lost in the closing seconds to the Patriots, but because they weren’t supposed to stand a chance, most people are optimistic, and why not; EJ Manuel looks to be the real deal, they have a lot of youth and they played hard. I shouldn’t get teased too badly because if there’s a team Bills fans can’t stand, it’s the New York Jets.

    I’m still in a bit of shock that the Bucs blew the game, but at least it’s week one. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things take place during the first week of the season, and often the craziness is forgotten in a matter of a few weeks, and sometimes the week one upsets feel a world away by the end of the season. Lets see how the Bucs respond in a big divisional game to open up their home schedule. With a win, the Jets blunder will be in the rearview, a loss and the stink still hangs around. I’ll be pulling hard watching the game on Sunday, lets see if the Bucs respond accordingly.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The Jets game was a game we should have won and needed to win….but the Saints game is one we must win.
    It is a division game at home…3 of the 4 teams in the division lost in the first week. We are playing the team that won.
    We played NO tight last year at home and I expect the same thing this year.
    Hopefully Lorig & Nicks will be back and we will figure out what to do at TE & the third reciever positons.
    I think our defense showed that they can play at a higher level.
    Sure, we took penalties for our hits…but also, surely we sent a message to the Saints recievers and they have got to be thinking about it. “We may take a penalty, but we will send you to the Bucs’ visitors locker room”
    Josh Freeman absolutely must be allowed to roll out and run. He looks like he is being restricted by this offense and appears very uptight and bottled up. I’d suggest Sullivan watch some film from 2010.

  4. MTM Says:

    The game tape and record does not lie or get injured. The defense was the bright spot from yesterday. It is better than last year. The offense has got to do more with the opportunities it is given from the defense. You want to lose a locker room hand the ball over to an offense
    in great field position and go 3 and out repeatedly. The offensive system that is in place suffocates the defense constantly. The coaching/GM moves are horrible.

  5. Ricardo Esteban Says:

    If we could not beat the Jets how are we supposed to believe we are going to beat the Saints?

    not blaming free for this game, but his body language was one of a beaten man. a man with no hope. I say this not for his play, which was bad, but did not lose the game…..I say it to give the team hope.

    put Glennon in. having free as the leader of the O is like having Kiffin as the leader of the D when he had one foot out the door. and we all know how that ended. free has already accepted his fate, now give it to him.

  6. bucrightoff Says:

    Would be one of the most surprising wins in recent history. Nothing suggests its going to happen however. The Jets are a bad football team. The Chiefs played a bad football team and destroyed them, like they should have. The Bucs defense did its job and the offense produced absolutely nothing. The Saints D looked very good yesterday, held Atlanta, a much more explosive offense than ours, to 17 points. Gonna need the Dougernaut to produce a 200+ total yard game to have a chance.

  7. Robbie_G Says:

    We need some kind of hope here, I know it’s only game 2 , but after that performance ohhh boy. Let’s hope the offense gets more innovative, Penn figures out how to block again, that Hillis and Leonard can give Martin a rest at times, that Foster can figure out how to do something in coverage, That somehow, a TE will find his way to do something, that a 3rd receiver can catch the damn ball, Freeman can complete at least 50%, and that we can rush the passer and get a sack from one of the front four. Gee wiz am I depressed.

  8. CT Bucs Says:

    Yes, the loss to the Jets was one of the most heinous in team history.

    I agree.

  9. Jim - Palm Harbor Says:

    This one is on the coaching staff. The team was not ready to play. The offence has NO sense of urgency. After a good play, get up to the line and run the next play rather than giving the defense time to get set and adjust.

    A successful coach designs a system to fit the talents, what little the players may have, to put them in the position to excell. Freeman needs to roll out & run occassionally.

    Then only rushing four with 34 seconds left to allow a rookie qb time to make a play.

    Sad state of affairs at ‘One S— Place.

  10. NJBucsFan Says:

    I’d like to see Demps get a shot at the slot WR position. DeSean Jackson and Tavon Austin like speed. I think it will make the office dynamic.

  11. NJBucsFan Says:

    offense….not office

  12. bucfanjeff Says:

    We need to dump Ogletree – he’s worthless.

    OL was a turnstile.

    Freeman needs to play better, but given the OL play – he did lead us to a go ahead score.

    Defense needs get stops when we need them. 1 stop we win the game…oops…just like last year.

  13. Mean D Says:

    Freeman Sux! Defend him, Joe!

  14. Fil Says:

    ARE YO SEROUSE!!!!!!!!!! The bucs beat the Saints wow that type of thinking is why the buc suck.

  15. BrianDorry55 Says:

    One more week to keep hope…

  16. BrianDorry55 Says:

    Same for this guy “Fil” up there ^ …

    If you work at it hard, maybe you can learn to spell simple words by next Sunday…

  17. bucrightoff Says:

    Seriously who hasn’t seen enough of Josh Freeman yet? Its year 4 as a starter, if we don’t know what we have by now then thats the worst sign of all. He has 3 weeks to save his job. Get to the bye at 2-2 and survive. 1-3 maybe, but still no for me. 0-4 and just move on.

  18. Splengo Says:

    Not calm, lost perspective, angst at 98 on the 100 scale. I’m thinking more like Rejection Sunday.

  19. Tuggz Says:

    You live in New York? I traveled UP TO New York to witness this train wreck.

  20. Fil Says:

    BrianDorry55: I’m sorry I spelled a word wrong thanks for the catch unlike the Bucs wide receivers. Lastly, if the Bucs paid as much attention to detail as you do my spelling then maybe they will win game. NOT

  21. tonytwocents Says:

    a caller made a good point on 620. he mentioned how Freeman was frozen after the headset issue and didnt want to call a play without Schiano’s approval. Freeman is a grown man, with 50+ NFL starts, and Schiano treats him like a college player. The fact that Schiano wouldnt take FULL responsibility for our lack of production and preparedness, and blamed it on penalties… well penalties are a reflection of coaching. Josh Freeman will be Schiano’s sacrificial lamb, to buy himself another season if the team plays like sh!t again. If I was Freeman, I wouldn’t want to stick around a city where the coach and half the fanbase want him gone… Remember, the QB controversy STARTED with Schiano.

  22. Warrenfb12 Says:

    We lost to the Jets.

  23. Fil Says:

    We need a leader at QB and I dont mean Glennon plane and simple. What was Penn yelling about on the side line to Freeman? BE A QB maybe.

  24. tonytwocents Says:

    I also think him meddling with Sully’s playcalling, which they showed in the fourth quarter when he was relaying some words to Sully before a play, thats holding Sully back.

    PJ Fleck mentioned how he’s a control freak, he really needs to take his own advice had put more “trust” in Freeman & Sully, which can only give them more confidence.

  25. Lewis Says:

    Enough of this Mike Glennon mob crap. There isn’t one. He isn’t good enough and neither is Freeman. That’s it.

  26. Snakeman Says:

    6-10 season if we are extremely lucky. New batch of draft picks. Decision on whether to waste another 2K on Season Tics or watch this crap on the dish.

  27. SteveK Says:

    How come Freeman can’t call an audible? Year 2, and it looks worse than before.

    We have reason to be concerned.

    Ian Beckles yesterday, “The Bucs game is over. Now we can watch football.”

  28. Fil Says:

    “Tampa game over now lets look at some real football games”

    Radio 620 WDAE

  29. SteveK Says:

    What does Fran Tarkenton have to say?

    Freeman is the biggest contributor to the Mike Glennon fan club, all he does is suck suck and suck some more.

    Where the hell is the Buccaneer QB?

  30. SteveK Says:

    How can we be satisfied with the regressing play of our QB? Say what you will, but the whole team is brought down for some reason.

    Nice saftey yesterday, headset fail, and then a time out that led to back to back delays of game.

    This is not NFL football, This is hog wash.

    All offseason we got to hear and see that the Jets are a huge circus, only to go up there on opening day and watch our team, coaches and QB SUCK!

  31. bucrightoff Says:

    Seriously if Freeman walks, who’s taking him? Arizona? Cleveland? Jacksonville? Teams with less talent than this one, and then he’s gonna become great? Like for real?

    I would love it so badly if Josh was the guy. That means we’d be thinking playoffs, maybe even Super Bowl. He’s just not the guy folks. I’m watching Colin Kaepernick, and Russell Wilson, and Andrew Luck every Sunday, and as second year players they have lapped Josh 5 times now. He just isn’t good enough to be the guy in the NFL. We have too much talent on this team to be looking at nothing but 7-9 or 9-7 seasons going forward.

  32. Fil Says:

    Here’s a thought maybe it’s not Freeman, hmmm maybe it’s the QB coach.

  33. Stevene Says:

    Fox Networks has just sold the last 15 games of the season to be viewed on Comedy Central…

    bucrightoff, lol 9-7? 7-9? The Bucs will just be lucky not to match Detroit at 0-16.. I see them getting smoked next week, 45-3.. Then the Patriots will destroy them 41-10. Arizona with Carson Palmer, Larry Fitz, Cards 24-Bucs 13.
    Philly 24 Bucs 10.. They may, may get lucky and win the Buffalo game if not 0-16..


  34. tonytwocents Says:


    What do you have blinders on?? Its obvious that Schiano wont give Freeman control of the offense, and that causes Free to be tentative. Rah was Freeman’s biggest fan, and when the game was in Josh’s hands, he pulled through. Schiano’s power trip isnt gelling with this team.

  35. Drew Says:

    Voice of reality says they lose to the saints and pats.

  36. Tomcin Says:

    0-16 Might be the worse team in NFL. What a joke. But whose laughing.

  37. jb Says:

    While Freeman looked lost at the beginning, middle and end of the game, considering all his overthrows and his propensity for vomit plays, this loss hangs solely on the shoulders of Greg Schiano! As was brought up here earlier, he basically said after the game, that all they needed was to take care of the penalties. REALLY?
    That’s all you need to work on Greg? I went to bed last night thinking…… least it’s not Raheem Morris, but after watching the replay of his press conference, I’m afraid that’s exactly where we’re headed! At least Raheem gave us a few wins in 2011 before the team imploded. Schiano has them imploding coming outta the gate!

  38. Ben Says:

    A one point loss on the road is the “one of the most heinous in team history.” Seriously? Maybe if the Jets go 1-15, sure. But I can think of plenty of losses much more heinous. Losing 0-41 to the Saints seem far worse to me.

  39. tonytwocents Says:

    Why did Freeman all of a sudden stop running the football when he was so good at it?? Is it cause he’s all of a sudden scared to run?? If thats the case, Schiano should recognize the benefits of him as a dual threat and demand that he moves more. THATS what a good coach would do.

    But given the QB Schiano drafted, and Freemans 0 run attempts, it looks like Schiano wants Freeman to be a pure pocket passer.

  40. jb Says:

    Looking forward to next years draft after the first damned game of the season!
    PRICELESS…….Thanks Greg!

  41. jb Says:

    Hey Joe, How much do the BUCS pay you to keep trying to put positive spins on this turd they’re trying to polish?

    Redemption Sunday???????????
    Child PUHLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. bucrightoff Says:

    Losing 41-0 to Drew Brees is bad, but not shameful. This was a disgraceful loss if the Bucs are actually going to compete for the playoffs in the brutally difficult NFC. When the Jets lose by 3 TDs or more Thursday Night, it will simply reinforce what a bad loss this was.

  43. SteveK Says:

    Dominick and Freeman are on the hot seat.

    Schiano needs to get his sh!t together too. This is looking like a horrible year.

    6-10 may have been too much to expect.

    Freeman looks broken out there. I am sorry, I know I hate on this sumb!tch more than anyone, but I am over watching his uninspiring, dreadful and regressing play.

    I hope Freeman can come back to where he needs to be.

    How do you get a delay of game out of a timeout? That is awful. What the hell do we do?

    Why can’t Freeman audible. Why doesn’t he just do it anyways and ball out. Freeman is scared.

    Teddy Bridgewater called off his punt team this weekend. Peyton Manning used to do that to Dungy.

    We need a signal caller that is going to ball out with confidence and determination.

    I’ve seen all I need to see from Freeman. It is impossible to think he will ever win us a super bowl.

  44. Mean D Says:

    Joe worships Freeman. He will talk him up no matter how many crappy throws he has. Tonytwocents wants to have sex with Freeman. And where is Buc1987 talking about how great Freeman would do in game 1? Still thinking 11-5 you fool? My dogs know more about football than you.

  45. Eric Says:

    ‘We had a great draft”

    “We look tremendous at practice”

    “Its only preseason were still great” “immense talent”

    “It was only the first game of the season””the refs stole the game”

    Soon to be followed by, “it’s only Schiano’s second year”………..


  46. SteveK Says:


    Perhaps some of it is coaching, but why does Freeman look shattered out there? He looks completely overwhelmed, inaccurate, telegraphing and made a couple nice throws like the MW19 TD.

    But what? Freeman finished with a QB rating of 67.9, and Geno Smith flat beat Freeman.

    Freeman couldn’t even outperform a rookie in his debut. I thought it was Freeman’s 57th start, 2nd year in the system, and “comfortable”. Yeah right! He is done, it’s like watching Chuck Knoblauch throw to 1st base, just dreadful and inexcusable.

    We are not overreacting. This team got beat down by Geno Smith and the Jets.

    We are playing the Taints this week, good luck. Drew Brees is going to put up points.

    Freeman had to take the safety? What the hell is he doing out there?

    Everyone wanted to HATE ON MUHAMMAD WILKERSON for talking sh!t, but HE BACKED IT UP. FREEMAN WAS SCARED.

  47. lightningbuc Says:


    Don’t forget:

    “It’s only Freeman’s first game in the 2nd year with the same offensive coordinator”

  48. Mean D Says:

    Freeman sux!

  49. Mean D Says:

    Now loves Freeman so he will NEVER admit that he sux and needs to go.

  50. SteveK Says:

    Freeman is 4-12 in his 16 away games. Ew.

    Should we only let Freeman start the home games from here on out, where he can have a solid headset so he knows how to play football?

    We can always call more time outs and then get a delay of game.

    Or kick a safety, smart play, but sad that it came to that.

    Geno Smith, in his NFL debut, outplayed Freeman in his 57th start and 2nd year in the system.

    At what point are Dominick and Freeman accountable for the hog wash that is?

  51. Mean D Says:


  52. Mark G Says:

    and if the Buccs lose by 17?

  53. MTM Says:

    The definition of Buccaneer way: Poor management, coaching, play and black outs.

    The plan is coming together nicely!

  54. Rob Says:

    Last year we played a Rob Ryan defense and played absolutely abysmal. Probably our most lackluster offensive performance the whole year. Whats gonna give this year? I am so down on my Bucs. All this talk during the preseason that they were all on the same page being in the second year of the same system. It’s sad when a rookie QB on a dysfunctional team, outshines us. I hope it’s a case of only being week one.

  55. MTM Says:

    @ Rob

    This was just a continuation of the pre-season. This is not going to get better soon either. Its going to be real ugly next week.

  56. Bobby Says:

    Get a life people…it’s a football game. Amazing how ugly people can get over a game that means nothing in the scope of what is truly important in life. We lost. Get over it and if you are a fan cheer them on next week. If you’re not then keep crying in your beer. Whatever….

  57. bucrightoff Says:

    Alrighty then Bobby, don’t watch anymore. If you don’t care, don’t care then. The rest of us would like a winning franchise and not the mediocrity some want to accept.

  58. Bobby Says:

    I didn’t say I didn’t care. I just said that I’m not going to make myself miserable like all of you seem to be over it. You act like your being pissed off and angry is going to somehow make a difference in the outcome. LOL! I realize that my being upset affects one person only…me. I’m not ‘accepting mediocrity’ or happy with the outcome but that game is over dude. I’m not throwing in the towel on the season because it’s one game. Everyone assumed the Jets were going to have a horrible team….they don’t. Their defense played very well. Offensively they did enough although we certainly gifted them with penalties. The beginning of the game was a debacle….plain and simple. Now, was it the 45-0 at halftime debacle that we had against Atlanta in 2011 bad??? Hardly. We should have won this game in an ugly performance. We didn’t. Now we look to next week. Vent all you want. It doesn’t change anything and just causes you to lose hope…not the team.

  59. Ben Says:

    “Losing 41-0 to Drew Brees is bad, but not shameful.”

    Getting shutout by the worst defense in the NFL isn’t shameful, huh?

  60. bucrightoff Says:

    When the Jets lose 41-13 this week, it will only maginify what an embarassement yesterday was. The team that lost 41-0 was a disheartened bunch after the Philly loss. Bad, but understandable after the post season was no longer possible. This was week 1, against a team in turmoil, destined for a bad season. This team is the most talented Bucs team since 2002 and maybe ever. And they lost. Just unacceptable, even more so with the next 2 weeks against Brees and Brady. A win means you can lose both those games. Now they’ll need a heroic effort to be 2-2 at the bye, and 0-4 is possible.

  61. Ben Says:

    “When the Jets lose 41-13 this week, it will only maginify what an embarassement yesterday was.”

    No argument there. I take it you are all over the Pats -13, then.

    That is right, this is week one, the only week everyone is undefeated. Predictions are a fun way to burn time in the off season, but that’s about it. You are your record and the Jets are 1-0, which is why I opened my comment with “maybe if the Jets go 1-15.” The Saints were already well on their way to having the most porous defense in NFL history when they shut the Bucs out.

    Losing by one under those circumstances in the last minute is unacceptable, but so is losing at home. Good NFL teams win at home, period. It doesn’t matter who comes to town.

  62. Ben Says:

    Hope you didn’t put your money on the Pats. The Jets D (and the Pats’ WRs) made Brady look worse then Freeman. At home!