Josh Freeman “Needs To Be Cut. Today.”

September 30th, 2013

Joe isn’t the only person who has noticed that defrocked Bucs franchise quarterback Josh Freeman, with his recent spoiled brat routine, has all but killed any chance the Bucs have of granting his wishes to be traded.

Someone else who sees Freeman all but killing his NFL future by acting like a child is olive oil-lappingpopcorn-munchingcoffee-slurpingfried-chicken-eatingoatmeal-lovingcircle-jerkingbeer-chuggingcricket-watchingscone-loathingcollege football-naïve, baseball box score-reading Peter King, of and, who scorched Freeman for turning into (?) a first-class punk.

King stated the Bucs should cleanse themselves of this stinkbomb by cutting him. Right now. Before the sun sets tonight.

5. I think the Bucs need to cut Josh Freeman. Today.

6. I think these things are always tricky. You don’t want to be giving in to players who are trying to shoot their way out of your franchise. But the Bucs are in a delicate time. They’re in a poisonous relationship with Freeman. They owe him $6.4 million, guaranteed, for the final three months of a lost season, and every day he spends on campus with the team is an ugly one. It’d be one thing if there was a team out there dying to trade for him. I was in touch with the Jags and Browns on Sunday about their prospective interest. Each has more than $17 million in salary cap money to spend now if they choose, and could afford to take on a new Freeman contract. (It’s assumed he’d try to go somewhere and get a new contract, because he’s due to be a free agent after the season, and it seems stupid to trade something of substance for Freeman just as a three-month rental if he’d hit the market after the season.) Each team told me the same thing: No interest. The Bucs should give Greg Schiano a chance to save his job and save the 2013 season, and the only way to do that is to cut Freeman loose now.

7. I think it’s too late now, but Freeman should have stood his ground, worked his way back to the job and showed future employers he can fight back from adversity. What he looks like now, to the other 31 teams in the league, is a guy who had trouble with a coaching staff, played poorly, overslept for the team photo (if that’s a true story) and started whining when he got yanked. What team is going to pay good money for a 53 percent passer (since the start of 2012) who goes renegade on a team when times are tough?

This is what Phil Simms said recently. The best thing Freeman could have done is to work his arse off so much, that Bucs commander Greg Schiano would have had to re-insert him into the starting lineup. Instead, Freeman decided to act like a petulant child. Whoever is advising him should be sued. Joe never, ever thought Freeman to be anything but a good guy. Actions, however, speak louder than words.

Teams want their quarterbacks not just to be a team leader, but to be team guys, good teammates. The stunts Freeman has pulled the past week or so has been anything but a leader or a team guy. They have been childish, selfish, punkish.

Just what NFL team, just what NFL coach is going to trust Freeman now? Factor in how he melted down in games, how he allegedly wasn’t preparing properly for games, blew off/slept through a team photo, missed team meetings/functions and them goes four-year old girl like the past few days, a coach would have to be drunk to trust Freeman.

Freeman not being elected captain sure sticks out like a sore thumb now, doesn’t it. Sort of speaks volumes.

If you were an NFL coach who was desperate. Of all the first-round flameouts available between Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden and Freeman, who would you trust?

Weeden just got benched for Brian Hoyer of all people. Anyone see or notice him pitching a hissy fit like Freeman?

Young’s shirtless appearances in night clubs and his wandering for hours driving around Nashville pale in comparison to Freeman’s immature, insolent, insubordinate antics.

78 Responses to “Josh Freeman “Needs To Be Cut. Today.””

  1. Celly Says:

    while i won’t argue that most of his points are true, it truely seems/ed as if Schiano never wanted Free there to begin with.

    Once he finally decided to make the move to Glennon, there was/is no going back to Free.

  2. D-Rome Says:

    Freeman wasn’t even on the sidelines yesterday and we’re still talking about Freeman. Let’s talk about 1-9 over the last 10!

  3. Raphael Says:

    You forgot to mention all the lies Freeman has been told …
    So he had an interview with espn ? That’s all he has done ? He was told to go to the suite . Media would never blow things out of proportion I am sure …

  4. ctord Says:

    Yes, please cut Freeman today. I hate seeing all this going on with the team I root for. I have never seen a stink like this and Freeman has got to be released. let him infect another team.

  5. Walter Says:

    Lol another article where the sole purpose is to portray Freeman as a child.

    Keep em comin’ Joe!

  6. ctord Says:

    They almost have to release him to save face for Schiano. Can’t let the public power struggle continue and Schaino keep his power with the rest of the players. Tail wagging the dog.

  7. Raphael Says:

    Trust and accountability …lolololol

    I have no doubt Shiano rigged the captains vote… A mutiny is happening at one buc place .


  8. Raphael Says:

    Walter. …. Yep. The freeman smear campaign is in full effect !

  9. Ed Says:

    Please cut him so he can join talib,blunt, and all the other player’s that has been cut by this coach. No one is talking about this defense ,which has given away four games or all the player’s that have been cut from this defense.

  10. Eric Says:

    Gee and all we heard throughout training camp was how hard Free was working and how good he looked.

    The “melt down” is Schiano who hasnt a clue how to coach in the NFL.

    The bucs said they were permanently moving on from Free. There was no opportunity for him to work his way back into the line up. None whatsoever.

    I give kudos to free for not playing this lunatics game. Have more respect for him now than before. Why participate in a charade.

  11. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Thanks Raheem

  12. Ed Says:

    Nothing is heard from other teams because their coach is not leaking information to king,and other media outlets.

  13. Jbyrd Says:

    Should read: Greg Schiano “Needs To Be Fired. Today”

  14. Brock Says:

    Talib, Blount, Winslow, Bennett & now Josh (will be) have all been let go b/c there not “Buccaneer men!?” 3 of the 5 have openly criticized the coaching staff. Funny b/c these same guys helped us to a 10-6 record with less talent, now we have more talent & can’t even get to .500! Let’s call a “Spade a Spade” Schiano is the problem!

  15. Buck Rogers Says:

    Bla bla bla Freeman bla bla bla. Schiano suckssssssssssssssssss

  16. AfroBuc Says:

    This soap opera has become flat-out embarrassing. This is supposed to be a professional sports franchise and all this drama has become a HUMONGOUS distraction and has the organization and its loyal fans looking like laughingstocks. Schiano keeps saying “it’s on me, we will get it fixed, we will get it fixed. It’s on me” Well I don’t think they can. His game management and strategy flat out stinks. We deserve better.

  17. Tom Says:

    After seeing Locker go down, I would like to see us work a deal with Tennessee for Kenny Britt and maybe a conditional pick. The Titans are shopping Britt (who played for Schiano at RU) and the Bucs are in desperate need of a 3rd wide-out

  18. RBellBuc Says:

    Thats because you media types pile on. You’re the same birds of a feather. Plus you went out and cherry picked a story to backup your personal feeling.

    Go get us some articles that are sympathetic towards Josh. But Noooo. You won’t do that because it would go against your (third person <- a joke) opinion.

  19. It's A Bucs Life 4 Me Says:


    Good idea. One problem is player for player trades in the NFL are extremely rare. That trade scenario is about the best we could hope for though.

  20. Brock Says:

    Freeman isn’t perfect but he’s been good with less talent, several OC’s & NO DEFENSE to help him out, yet he is the problem!? Everytime we get a good player in Tampa we get rid of them instead of tryin to develope them. We get a hard nose, defensive minded, stubborn coach with a ball control, predictable offense an wonder why we can’t win, really?

  21. Eric Says:

    Does Free have to approve a trade? If not he is better off just being a FA next year where he can pick a team that is a good fit.

    The lunatic might trade him to God knows where.

    He might like throwing to Larry at Arizona, as Carson isnt the long term answer. Arians is a good coach. Obviously he totally schooled Schiano Sunday with half his defense out of action.

    No way someone isnt signing a 4000+ passer and a 25td/6int man.

  22. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    BINGO!!! One of your very best posts. Given the fact, as you point out, that you thought Freeman to be a nice guy until all of this crap emerged, I give you kudos for being objective.

    I criticized you last week on this subject. I’ll compliment you today.

    You nailed it with this…

    “The stunts Freeman has pulled the past week or so has been anything but a leader or a team guy. They have been childish, selfish, punkish.”

  23. rdbucfan Says:

    Do what they did to Keyshawn. Send him home and pay him. No need to cut him and lose the compensatory pick in 2015. It is a business after all.

  24. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    You can’t put this on Josh, I’m sorry, you just can’t. This HEAD coach has ruined this team. Prime example – How is it that you come to the conclusion that Blount can’t be used on this team? Ok, just run Doug Martin to death. How do you let your best corner walk when your secondary is handicapped anyway? Schiano and Company should be cut not Josh!

    He is far worse than Raheem! Dominick never fortified the team with the talent this bum has. If Raheem would have had this teams talent and veteran presence in the locker room, he may have succeeded.

    I’m out until Schiano is bounced!

    Canceling season tix TODAY!

  25. Brock Says:

    I find it embarrassing to be a Buc fan b/c of the constant “no direction, blame game” organization we have. Freeman has been a damm good QB for us with no talent around him what so ever for seasons. Am I the only person that sees this is dumdest move we made in years!? Schiano will be gone & we’ll be right back at square 1, “LOOKIN FOR A QB!”

  26. Eric Says:

    The only reason for the piling on Free is simple.

    He refused to talk to the local media. Went to ESPN instead.

    Thus, hes gonna get roasted by the local hacks because they missed out on their story. Simple. He didnt say anything that bad in his interview. He disagreed with the assessment that he didnt give the team the best chance to win. Of course he did. He also said the coach is the coach, hes the player, and the best thing would be a trade. Whats wrong with that? The bucs had already said they didnt want him.

    The real spoiled children are the local media all upset cause Free didnt talk to them.

  27. Joe Says:

    Thanks StPete!

    Am really shocked how terrible Freeman has reacted to this. Sort of wonder what else was happening before the change at QB?

  28. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Why does Sullivan get a pass?…I realize a fish stinks from the head….but the last time I checked, he is OC and the offense is awful. I agree it isn’t just the QB…
    Also, Sheridan is getting absolutely no credit for the defense…
    So…what we have here is everything and everybody going straight to the despised & hated Schiano for everything.
    Is it not possible that our offense is suffering because of Sullivan?

  29. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    I’m with you Eric! 100%

  30. Mr. Patrick Says:

    My advice to the Glazers would be to Clean House. Schiano looks like he would make some team a really good Defensive Coordinator, but as a Head Coach, no way. Josh Freeman is not looked at by any team in the NFL as a Franchise QB and lost respect of his team because of lack of dedication and poor work ethic. Mark Dominic is a numbers, cap and contract man who has no personnel skills. Glazers have spent a lot of money bringing in Free Agents and Coaches, plus just went on the hook for keeping the stadium full enough to avoid blackouts and have a horrible product to show for it. Good business people know that you can’t keep beating a dead horse, gotta cut your losses to stop wasting money. So clean house fellas. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you keep getting what you’re getting.

  31. Brock Says:

    Josh’s strength has always been being mobile an making plays, now he’s asked to stay in the pocket, make his reads (with no one open) & get killed. The literally put the cuffs on him & asked him to play. This play play offense just wasn’t for him. GM failed Josh an this team. He’s only 25….

  32. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Who really is going to get screwed in this?

    Bartenders, and similar types in South Tampa.

  33. Buck Rogers Says:

    They shouldn’t do anything with Josh till end of season for 2 reasons. 1st I believe they get a 3rd round comp pick if he walks and the 2nd is when SCHIANO IS FIRED the next coach might want to work with! Schiano = joke!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Brock Says:

    I agree wit ya Eric!

  35. Walter Says:


    I understand what you’re saying, I’m not saying they should fire Schiano because of the fans, I’m simply saying that I expect the team to lose A LOT of games, and that’s going to force the Glazers to act. They have opened up their pocket books the last two years because we were supposed to be a playoff contender this year.

    Schiano does not have the tools to turn the offense around, without a viable 3rd WR or pass catching TE, and now a Rookie QB in the starting lineup, our offense will be predictable and easy to stop, and he will make plenty of rookie mistakes. Our defense is not yet dominant, but it’s really good, so the losses will be close, but I think this trend of losing close games will continue unless Schiano proves he can out-coach SOMEBODY on game day.

    I think if the Bucs were to hire a new HC next year, it would be an offensive minded coach with either previous HC experience, or very successful as an OC, preferably with a knowledge for developing QB’s.

    The bottom line is, this team needs to get with the times, and quick. Offenses are too good in the NFL to play ground & pound and try too hang on to a win.


    ^^^^ this was my response to your question you asked me earlier

  36. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    @ Tampabaybucfan – As head coach – the onus falls squarely on Schiano

  37. Joe Says:

    @Eric — Joe’s gotta disagree, at least for the perspective here. Freeman knew his teammates would be very aware that his cozy couch interview for BSPN violated team rules. That’s intentionally stirring the pot in a negative way, reacting like a baby to getting benched.

    Freeman could have talked to a BSPN reporter in the locker room or in a team-sanctioned way. But that didn’t happen. Freeman would not have been censored by local media or national he talked to during the time when players are available to chat in the locker room.

    By turning to the TV sit-down, Freeman fired off a public F.U. at the head coach. He has every right to do that, but he can’t expect to be lauded or considered a good teammate in a time of crisis. Freeman had just spent five months working alongside Glennon daily. By all reports the two were close. Nice way to steal your buddy’s spotlight and distract the team.

  38. QueDogg86 Says:

    I will stop reading these hack articles as of today. Please, have the stones to publish a non slanted article in favor of the high school coach. Shiano, is in over his head and Freeman is the fall guy. The dude had two rookie coaches, and incompetent offensive/qb coaches, as well as, an overhyped GM. Don’t forget the “Joe Buc” that works as the Glacier’s hack news.

  39. NY Buc Says:

    Agree with Tom on the Britt for Freeman trade, maybe get the Titans to throw in a late round pick too. Tennessee is very much in the race and now has a need for depth at the QB position; both teams have players that have fallen out of favor with the current coaching staff, and maybe if we’re extremely lucky the coaching staff here could figure out a way to use Britt as a 3rd WR option. A bit of a desperate move, but both teams are paying money to guys who obviously aren’t going to play again on their current teams.

  40. Brock Says:

    I really hope the Glazers step in an stop the madnes.s, Free is the best thing we had in Tampa since we won the Superbowl in ’02. But they probably won’t, that’s why we suck. Gonna try an sell my tickets b/c I’m finding it hard to continue to be a fan of this organization that hits the Reset button every 2yrs.

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    For everyone bitching about Joe’s articles. If you can’t handle the content then simply stay away or don’t read the article. You people whine more than Josh.It’s no wonder your in his corner. BTW it’s not JUST a so-called Freeman smear campaign by the local media. It’s happening on a national level too, but of course you guys don’t see the comments that are said by King, Simms, Mortensen, Herm Edwards, Yasinkski and many more when it comes to Freeman.

    Also if you fans want Schiano fired. What good does it do you to say it on a website? Why don’t you all call One Buc Place and tell them? Voice your concerns to the right people and not flimflambucfan207 and fairweatherbucfan122 on JBF.

  42. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    @ Walter – he had every opportunity to acquire those tools – it ain’t like they’re in this position due to injuries. This position is due to ineptness on the part of Schiano and Domick!

  43. FrankPillow Says:

    I’m tired of all of the drama surrounding Josh. The team should either work a trade or suspend him Keyshawn-style. As for our coach, who hasn’t made a halftime adjustment in 20 games, I don’t know how the Glazers don’t fire him today, install the mustached-maven as interim HC, and start looking for an established NFL OC to take the helm next year. Roman, Bevell, Gruden? Maybe I’m more shocked that Schiano hasn’t announced that Sully isn’t being relieved of his play-calling in favor of McNulty. It’s the only move he has left to try and save his job. OL, RB, WR were all terrible yesterday. Rookie QB looked like a rookie QB…so we make him throw 40+ times.

  44. SteveK (MGM) Says:

    If Schiano goes, Dom must go too…

  45. Brock Says:

    If the GM & HC agree that he should’ve been benched & the pen & mic club in Tampa have done nothing but [email protected] on him, can you blame him for going to ESPN!? Even when he was given a chance to speak freely he still kept his composer. This is all on the organization & they messed this up BIG TIME! Offense is garbage an the only person to blame is Freeman.

  46. QueDogg86 Says:

    Where is the credible sources with proof that Josh Freeman was such a slacker. The years that he served as the QB, we never heard of late night traffic stops (Mike Williams) or DUI arrest (Cody Grimm). We only heard of positive things until the coach of the best college football program in the nation came on the scene. Sure, there is much room for improvement, but is heard to trust a coach that we say “Mike Glennon gives us the best chance to win” I heard Kurt Warner and Troy Aikmen laugh at those comments this weekend. Who would you trust? Is Freeman even allowed to talk or stand on the sideline?

  47. Brock Says:

    It’s happening on national media b/c it was hyped up in Tampa! Nothing doesn’t get out this hyped up unless there’s a reason for it. We had losing streaks before & it wasn’t the QB that lost his job. This is a move to give Schiano & Mark more time to save there jobs b/c they messed up period!

  48. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Now that we’ve been sucking on the suicide pills let’s try to become rational once again.

    The worst thing that would have happened for the Bucs is going 9-7 making the playoffs and then handing Mister Scatter Arm a “franchise Q.B” salary.

    I always felt that Josh could have risen to the level of Trent Dilfer, and not become an impediment to winning a Super Bowl. But he was NEVER going to be a Rodgers, Brees, Brady, much less a Peyton Manning. Those are franchise Q.B.’s.

    We don’t NEED a franchise Q.B. we need a competent Q.B. a good game manager with a great head on his shoulders. Can you say Brad Johnson?

    Defense wins championships. I really like what I see from this defense. Yes they’ve made stupid mistakes and squandered 4th Q leads but they are clearly balling right now and headed in the right direction.

    The offense is truly scary however. We have no team speed, unless they can find a way to utilize Demps like yesterday. We have no speed at WR, and we do not have a possession receiver like Welker. Both VJax and Mike are capable of spectucular plays but they can just as easily drop easy catches.

    Our O line may be overrated. I hope Dave Moore is correct and an attitude adjustment can help. I also give them a little leeway because the two stars are coming back from injury. But Donald Penn letting a guy beat him to the inside down near our own goal line is a mental mistake.

    Which brings me to Schiano. Freeman’s self destruction is not Schiano’s fault. Penns mental miscue along with all the other stupid plays like Levonte’s bone headed move that cost us the Jets win are a reflection of the coach.

    Still they are playing hard and I’m growing to love this defense. Gerald has morphed into the stud we all hoped for after his high draft selection. Clayborn is still growing. Akeem is going to be the next Booger along side McCoy (Sapp). The linebackers are playing lights out and Barron, Goldson and Darrell are 3/4’s of an awesome secondary. Banks is also showing lots of promise.

    Yep this year is gone. But the future is not that bleak. I’m truly loving this defense and their swagger despite their youthful stupidity at times.

    Cheer up folks. The Bucs ARE getting better! Just not as quickly as we hoped.

  49. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    “Where is the credible sources with proof that Josh Freeman was such a slacker.”

    Um…Boomer Esiasen, Phil Simms, Terry Bradshaw, Cris Carter…on and on..

    But this is what you’re asking of us Freemanites. You expect us to believe bloggers more than Ronde Barber.

    Sorry I gotta go with Ronde!

  50. SteveK (MGM) Says:

    Lets see this thing play out for the rest of the year. If for some reason we and the Jags are tied at 0-16, we should play the “Bridgewater Bowl”, just prior to the superbowl, with the winner taking the #1 overall pick.

    We suck….

    Our D isn’t too shabby, and look for Goldson to be suspended.

    Freeman and Schiano’s public divorce and tirade is growing tiresome.

    We can’t even win a damn game.

    We look like the “factory of sadness” aka PFT- Florio’s term for the Browns.

    If Schiano can’t get this team to play better, then he shall be sent packing.

    Same goes for Dominick, this nitwit will be the final undoing to the complete turnaround this franchise is going to have to make if 0-8 is a reality…

  51. Brock Says:

    Talib & Blount are ballin wit the Patriots, Winslow is still a weapon, Bennett was the sack leader in Seattle & now Josh is gone…. Funny how suddenly all these guys were problems when Schiano got here but now there elsewhere playin lights out! I’m tellin you, Bucs have no idea what to do with talent… at all.

  52. Brock Says:

    It’s a shame we have such good talent in Tampa only to see it play better somewhere else. Schiano & Mark need to go….

  53. Architek Says:

    2 words – to right this ship
    Clean House
    Cut Ogletree
    Fire Schiano
    Cut Freeman
    Fire Dominik
    Cut Bowers
    Cut Stocker
    Draft QB
    Fire Coaches

  54. RBellBuc Says:


    Josh’s interview was in private setting in a controlled environment. Do you really think that Josh or any player for that matter would ask for a trade without all of you media types ganging up and putting him on trial in the locker room, hammering him with condescending questions? Think about it? Would you?

  55. Celly Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    September 30th, 2013 at 11:07 am

    Why does Sullivan get a pass?…I realize a fish stinks from the head….but the last time I checked, he is OC and the offense is awful. I agree it isn’t just the QB…
    Also, Sheridan is getting absolutely no credit for the defense…
    So…what we have here is everything and everybody going straight to the despised & hated Schiano for everything.
    Is it not possible that our offense is suffering because of Sullivan?

    not sure if someone addressed this already, but Sheridan has stated time and time again that this is not his defense. he is coaching Schiano’s defense.

  56. MTM Says:

    How about a trade for Dominick, Schiano and Freeman for an average TE?

    Dominick has made too many piss poor signings and overpays for every FA.

    Schiano is over matched at every turn. Lets Bennett go, Selvie was never considered, Blount given away and picks up any player from Rutgers or that was sent a recruiting letter from Rutgers.

    Freeman- see the last 5 abysmal years.

  57. Mike Bass Says:

    For a website and fan base that hates Freeman, there sure is a lot of time spent on the guy. Remember, he can’t play, just like Blount and Talib couldn’t play. Stop being so weird and spending so much time talking about a bust. The Glennon era is here in all of its glory. You should all be celebrating the gift of not hearing from the worst QB to ever play.

  58. Being Ickles Says:

    Doesn’t the NFl test for molly or in some instances pain killers or is pain killers just a part of doing business in the NFL so it is just assumed that if they are prescribed then it is in their system. Because of hippa unless a friend or dealer speaks out this is something that will always be a rumor in tampa

  59. jose Says:

    Well said Joe,well said… The fact is while people continue to blame Shiano for Freemans misfortunes he just knew the way Freeman really was . I remember how Rah would jump at the chance to talk about Josh and he’s work ethic like he was trying to divert the reality. I still remember two years ago some reports coming out about Josh being lazy and not a leader and everyone jumped to cover it. The fact is where there is smoke there is fire and now the flames (cancer) is starting to spread.

  60. Tye Says:

    This guy will likely treated like Vince Young now and rightly so… Teams don’t want to put up with baby sitting grown men… To go from having an offseason that some fans even acted as though JF was their god to being one of the worst situations in the NFL….

    Years ago, I invisioned him being out of the league by 2015 or sooner…. looks like I may have gotten this 1 right!

  61. Tony Dungy Says:

    We all know Freeman’s future in Tampa is gone. The media has been going after him for some time. And now, gasp, Josh doesn’t do interviews with local media and they are the ones acting like crybabies about it.

    What you get for believing the media and the half educated former players that probably have brain issues.

  62. QueDogg86 Says:

    Terry Bradshaw and Cris Carter are hypocrites! Terry Bradshaw is a bigger baby than Josh Freeman. He was mad at the Steelers organization for years and crying, need we say anything regarding Cris Carter. Enough said, not a Freeman lover, but a lover of a real coach. We need one to apply for the job. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Can you say, Ray Perkins! I was there during the Yuccanneer days.

  63. Stranger Says:

    Peter King is kind of misguided and naive. Both Schiano and Freeman do need to part ways since there’s nothing but bad blood there and Freeman needs a change of scenary. But doing so doesn’t give Schiano some kind of edge to keep his job. Freeman has nothing to do with the fact they set Glennon up to throw a pick near our endzone. Glennon was struggling with the game speed at that point, so VJax should have gotten a safer route near the sideline. That way, Glennon could put the ball where either Jackson grabs it or it goes out of bounds.

    Also, Freeman wasn’t coming back. Nothing he does, could do, or should have done gets him back on the field in Pewter. That would be a disaster for everyone involved, especially Glennon. And yes, over sleeping would worry teams somewhat but teams and experts simply don’t think much of our offense, let alone Schiano. I mean Freeman did get his chance in 09, a season filled with trouble. He did hang around in 2011, when people knew Morris was gone. Why is he suddenly a renegade in 2013? Because our 2013 staff has done virtually everything wrong. Our team was nothing but a circus before the season even started.

  64. Eric Says:


    I see where your coming from. But the way the bucs handled the announcement made it pretty clear Free had no more teammates. He was deflocked and dethroned forevermore by the head man in charge.

    So, ill cut him some slack by the way he reacted. The bucs, however, oughta know better. You dont publicly go out of your way to criticize a guy (too inconsistent), just make the change with the typical company line that its in the best interest of the team at this time. They went personal on it first IMO. I dont blame the kid for standing up for himself.

  65. JMOON87 Says:

    The Bucs Org is at fault somewhat for Freemans attitude as they let it go with him . ..all we heard when Raheem was here is ‘Its All About 5 ” I think Freeman took advantage and felt he could do whatever he wanted as though he had a lifetime contract and it is ‘All about 5 ‘ .

  66. D-Rome Says:

    Why does everyone think we need to draft a QB? Why not go after Phillip Rivers once he is done in San Diego at the end of the year. San Diego is probably not going to resign him.

  67. Celly Says:

    D-Rome Says:
    September 30th, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    Why does everyone think we need to draft a QB? Why not go after Phillip Rivers once he is done in San Diego at the end of the year. San Diego is probably not going to resign him.

    Excluding this year, Rivers has 1 more year left on his contract.

    I did the research (not sure how much i can trust the site i found) and it seems as if Cutler is the only “name” QB whose contract is up at the end of this season. I just saw an article on PFT that said the Texans can get out of Schuab’s contract at the end of this year and owe him nothing, so that could be an option as well….be brought in as “competition” for Glennon.

    So, besides those 2, as it currently stands, or only options at QB for next season are Glennon, Cutler, Schuab or the crap shoot (draft).

    I think I’d go with Cutler.

  68. BucsFan2002 Says:

    You people defending freeman are pathetic. It’s out now, and the whole NFL sees what a punk he is. Peter King, Herman Edwards, Troy Aikman etc. etc. How many football guys need to tell you before you get it through your head? Freeman has had 5 years to get it together, and he hasn’t done anything consistently. I’m sick of the excuses, it’s everybody else’s fault but Josh’s. Schiano has had only 20 games. Give him the rest of the season, and if you don’t see improvement, fire him.

  69. Bucks_Sam Says:

    How long till Josh is a Titan? ESPN Reporting Locker 4 – 8 weeks.

  70. Eric Says:


    I agree, Schiano has twelve remaining games this year. At the end we should know whether this is all Freeman’s fault.

    So far 0 dash one and ten points without Josh.

    Go for it coach nut case.

  71. BucsFan2002 Says:

    Look, every head coaching hire can’t be a home run! Look at the endless list of great college coaches who couldn’t hack it in the pro’s: Saban, Petrino, Spurrier, the list goes on and on. The track record can’t be much better with NFL experienced coaches. The fact of the matter is that MOST head coaches do not win championships, and are fired for not doing so…. but you’ve got to at least give them a chance.

    I think the guy at least deserves 2 seasons. It’s boggles my mind that all these folks aren’t willing to give the guy his second season, but willing to make a million excuses why Josh is so terrible in his 5th season?

  72. chris Says:

    Has anyone heard the interview by 620 wdae with mike Williams and Williams kind of slipped “I have confidence in Glennon…he’s been taking 50% of the 1st team snaps all year” Does anyone else see a problem with that? If Freeman was your “starter” as exclaimed by Shiano all year, then why is he splitting snaps with the 2nd string QB? I can see why the offense has seemed a tad off this year. Who know’s if taking all the snaps with his offense in practice would have helped him stay more on the same page with his receivers. Too late now huh?

  73. Matt Says:

    Yep!! Freeman smear in full effect… SCHIANO BACK TO JERSEY!!!

  74. Matt Says:

    Article should read “Schiano should be fired today!”

  75. delson Says: this relates to the story as it is another point of view of who should be cut involving freeman and schiano.

    Joe means your comment should relate to the story if you’re going to include a link, such as, Here’s what I have to add … that I learned in this story … (link). –Joe.

  76. BuckeyeBob Says:

    This guy was a loser in college and is way in over his head at the NFL level. If you cannot win in the old Big East how can we expect better results in this league….Toes on the Line for a head start out of town!

  77. Snook Says:

    This guy was a loser in college and is way in over his head at the NFL level. If you cannot win in the old Big East how can we expect better results in this league….Toes on the Line for a head start out of town!

    This could be said about Josh Freeman as well. Switch out “Big East” to “Big 12” and its a match.

  78. White Tiger Says:

    Like the spoiled brat version of @joe that wrote this column – it will be made all too clear who the eal spoiled brat is.

    The gutless (and no I’m not talking to you EyeRAh, or Woody…you have plenty of gutts…plenty…), classless, low-intelligence, No character coach (like the Sports writers of this particular column) needs to be fired FORTHWITH.

    Schiano is a detriment to the future of this team – he is as stubborn and intractable as Tom Coughlin, except he has no credentials showing that it’s worth putting up with – to the contrary – he’s from the state university of New Jersey – he has no chops and he’s running out of coaches and players to blame.

    The 1 for 12 record over the past 13 games is Schiano’s fault. You’ll find it out soon enough like when you get sick about the fact that he’s turned on Glennon’s performance if Greg decides he’s just not getting the performance from him he needs for success…always seems to be someone elses fault that Greg is inconsistent when it comes to winning games.

    Time to check your pants and your bed boys – the fans have turned on Schiano and you – mainly for propping up a gutless, worthless, no-cunt coach that struggles with consistency in maintaining his character.