“I Don’t Know What People Want From Josh Freeman”

September 10th, 2013

Former Bucs TE Anthony Becht says the Bucs’ loss was not on Josh Freeman

Daggers are flying at offensive line coach Bob Bostad and his line in the WDAE-AM 620 interview below with former Bucs tight end Anthony Becht, now part of the Buccaneers Radio Network.

“They all played bad across the board,” Becht said of the Bucs’ O-line.

Becht went on to say Gabe Carimi is a “liability in the pass protection” but the entire line was suspect, and Becht expects them to be royally chewed out this week.

One guy Becht won’t wag a finger at is Josh Freeman. Becht pointed out that Freeman opened the game sharp at 6-for-8 for 65 yards. Becht liked throws Freeman made, especially on 3rd-and-long early in the second half.

“I don’t know what people want from Josh Freeeman,” Becht said in frustration. “When you got pressures and protection errors up front and you can’t run the ball, there’s going to be an issue.” (You can hear Becht’s complete and passionate defense of Freeman below.)

128 Responses to ““I Don’t Know What People Want From Josh Freeman””

  1. TJ Ware Says:

    Thank you…finally someone with common sense…didnt matter if we had Brady back there sunday..but we will be better up front sunday…and did anyone see the start that the redskins had last night…Dropped passes, safety, penalties, turnovers…or how about the Giants start sunday night, Turnovers, penalties…2 hall of fame coaches..yall need to lay of coach schiano.

  2. Andrew 1 Says:

    “I Don’t Know What People Want From Josh Freeman”

    they unrealistically want him to be Tom Brady or Arron Rodgers and for the most part thats just not going to happen. look, there were many downfalls that led to our loss but the biggest one was- the lack of a running game. for those that dont already now this, the running game is what makes this offense go. without that our offense will struggle big time. its a miracle Doug even got 64 yards with the way our offensive line was blocking. once we get our running game going this offense will be back on track.

  3. Morgan Says:

    Anthony – I want Josh Freeman to appear to have a clue about what he’s doing. I want him to be able to handle a small crisis if his communication in his helmet goes out (have a contingency plan). I want Josh Freeman to take charge of the linemen and talk to them if they’re not pulling their weight and functioning as a turnstyle (Penn vs NYJ). I want Josh to get in Schiano’s face if the game plan doesn’t suit his strengths and abilities. I want Josh Freeman to be able to lead the Bucs’ franchise against inferior teams and establish a lead where even a couple of penalties won’t give the opponent an opportunity to pull off a win. I don’t think that’s too much to ask of a franchise QB who has been at the helm since 2009.

  4. McBuc Says:

    @TJ…Youknow what, I have been prtty tough on the coach this week, but maybe you are right. You bring up a pretty good point. I am hoping your are right, because I want to see some winning football!

  5. neal Says:

    You know what i want from Freeman? A quarterback that cares enough to call ANY play when he knows his head set doesn’t work, or a quarterback that can remember the plays that the OC scripts in the week of practice before the game.

  6. McBuc Says:

    Morgan, That is what we all want, but if Shiano does not empower Freeman to do that he will not be able to. Maybe Shiano has, but it does not appear that way.

  7. BigSombrero Says:

    I would like to see him lead this offense. Schiano threw him under the bus yesterday with his comments about Josh being able to call his own plays in case of comms failure. Instead Free melted down and burned two timeouts with a delay of game to boot.

    I would also like to see him consistently complete at least 50% of his passes.

  8. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    @ Morgan – I want a Bentley, Beyonce and a boat load of cash! 🙂

  9. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    It all starts at the O-line. If they play well, Freeman and Dougie play well. Its been pretty well documented at this point. The communication issues, false starts, and other penalty issues are easily rectified. I think Davin’s play will trend upwards this Sunday. Hopefully Nicks will be back and up to speed soon as well. Carimi is garbage. Was for the Bears, will be for the Bucs. He’s definitely not the answer. I’d rather see Larsen at center and Zuttah at guard until Nicks is ready to go.

  10. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Agreed. Freeman’s “bad” play has been grossly exaggerated by a certain person on this site based purely on his end game stats. If you actually watched the game he wasn’t THAT bad. (AGAIN, NOT GOOD but certainly not as bad as it has been made out to be.) Especially for being constantly under pressure and having ZERO run game.

    People talk about how Freeman doesn’t do well under pressure, well, who does? Is that not the goal for Br-ady and Manning? Pressure them into making bad throws? Why does this all of a sudden make Freeman a terrible QB because he is worse under pressure? (Flacco was supposedly the worst QB under pressure in 2012 by the way, statistically. I think he managed to pull of a nice season, right?)

    The game was a collectively bad effort. By the offense, by the quarterback, by the coaching staff, and, to a lesser extent, the defense. To single Freeman out is just wrong when so many aspects of this team had issues. He isn’t “excused” for his play but he was not the Bucs biggest problem on Sunday.

  11. ander Says:

    relax fans its all about how you finish not how you start. go bucs 15 to go.

  12. Couch Fan Says:

    I find it hilarious that people defend Freeman’s attitude by saying that’s just who he is then turn around and bitch about Schiano for the same thing… I want a QB that is a leader! I want a QB that gets pissed off when the team plays like it did Sunday, regardless of whether Freeman is to blame or not. Freeman comes off as a guy who just doesn’t give a dam… Freeman IS the LEADER of this team whether he wants it or not. A fiery attitude is contagious… so is a boring one. Going into year 5 and the offense has looked exactly like Josh’s attitude through 2 different coaching staffs. Boring, soft and… a lack of passion. Is this a coincidence? Doesn’t sound like it. When are people going to realize the problem is #5!

    “Blind faith. Just do it because thinking is to hard.”

    – Freemanites

  13. Gus Says:

    EVERYONE! Take a deep breathe and repeat after me “It’s only week one. It’s only week one”

  14. TJ Ware Says:

    @mcBuc…yea I think everyone should settle down and I think we will be fine this season… alot of good teams and great coaches had bad starts.. coughlin,shannahan, Eli Manning, RG3,.and if you watch the game freeman was basically screaming for the snap several times but zuttah was late getting it to him several times..it was zuttah and dotson who played horrible to the snap count for that first quarter..and with davin being a team captain and the leader of O-line he has to a better job getting the line together.

  15. tony Says:

    Well said thank you!


  16. Gus Says:

    I saw bad and sloppy play throughout the all the games this weekend.

  17. Ricardo Esteban Says:

    what couch said…..

    and about Schiano throwing Free under the bus…. WTF? he was pissed. Free made the whole team look stupid because he could not call a play!!!!!!!

  18. Nick2 Says:

    How about a 5th year quarterback who has a better passer rating than the first game rookie on the other team!!!!!! Yes Gino Smiths passer rating in his first game ever was better than 5th year Josh’s in a must win game against a team picked to finish 31st or 32nd in power rankings. Becht is delusional if he cannot see Free’s flaws, which are completion percentage, short yardage passes and anything else which keeps the chains moving. Free is great at pulling out the big play and 4th quarter comebacks but he does not run the ball for first downs and he cannot constitently move the chains with high completion percentage throws (he just misses them.)

  19. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    Let me say this – This product sucks! It’s not just the Bucs either, it’s league wide. The league has turned what once was must see entertainment into pure garbage because of all the restrictions for fear of injuries and players safety. A majority of the teams in the league look like the Bucs.

  20. Dan Says:

    exactly, becht is absolutely correct, you have to look at the least common denominator, what part of the offense could be responsible for both a scrambling, panicked quarterback and a desperately impotent rushing game. The offensive line. I hold them 80% responsible for the loss, freeman 5% david 5% 10% bad composure to the initial panic of headset malfunction.

  21. lightningbuc Says:

    Consider the source with Becht. He and JFro do each others football camps every summer up in Pasco – $$$$$$$$$. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

  22. Jacko101 Says:

    It wasn’t Josh’s fault this week. I’m a fan of his he did the best he could do under the circumstance “Except RUN the damn ball” he’s got to MOVE. Freeman is confident in the offense so I will be too. But Sully has got to step up, I sa NO play action which is where Josh excels

  23. bucsdeluge Says:

    Unfortunately the common sense Becht speaks is not going to be heard by some of the fans who have made their mind up like Couch fan. If Josh does not exhibit the character and actions they think he should then he’s a failure. Let me tell you something couch fan, not every QB is a fiery get in your face type of player,(like Eli Manning & even Joe Montana). Josh did what he had too to get the win even with a porous O line.Even Steve Wyche had to put Ian & Ron in their place this morning, and I’m glad he did.

    Don’t forget the Jets have one of the best defenses(top 10) in the league. And to think Josh still managed to put us into position to win in a very hostile place. What are you going to say if the Jets keep Brady in check. What if they beat the Pats, then what?? Stop thinking the sky is falling after one game. And stop making Josh the scape goat, when the real blame should be spread out.

    One stupid fluke penalty does not happen at the last second and Couch Fan and others are singing a different tune

  24. kodaslc Says:

    I was at the Game on Sunday as I now live in NYC for work but raised in Tampa my entire life!!! And I’m A HUGE BUCS FAN!!! But what a horrible loss we had. I have a question for you @Joe why does Freeman wear a brace on his Knee ? I know that is something Schiano makes his QB wear . But i’ve watched Josh since his first Start in 09 Vs the Packers and I just don’t see the Mobility he once had ? its not like he has added any weight since his rookie year in fact he has lost weight since then. One thing I always liked about him was he was so hard to take down and would step up in the pocket and take off. And I haven’t seen that josh in about two years !!! For God sake even Eli looks more mobile then Freeman does at this time. And Josh Freeman will never be a pocket Passer we ALL know that so why not let him do what he knows he can do and will give him some Confidence back there. Most all the pressure cam right up the middle on Sunday Roll him out of the pocket !!! Design a Bootleg something. You can’t ask A non pocket passer with shaky accuracy at best to be Peyton or Eli he not either of them. But he can be a good Qb in this League in the right system.

  25. Nick2 Says:

    I am not saying Free can’t turn this around but he definitely needs to show some fire and understand its up to him to right this ship. Yes we have issues with other areas of the team but until Freeman starts playing like he is more in control rather than the victim of circumstance we will all watch a team that looks in disaray. I think Free can be very good but whether it was the lack of playing time in the preseason or O-line play he just didn’t look completely right Sunday.

  26. SirustheVirus Says:

    I agree Josh didn’t lose us the game, but he also didn’t win it. O-line played bad and the play calling was horrible. It seems like nobody got better in the off season. This 3 man rush is killing me and Sullivans/Schiano not letting Freeman throw. Run Run Run!!! I understand the whole letting the clock run out, but give the man a bootleg or something, let him run if you don’t want him to throw, but try and win it, not maintain the game. Both sides were playing like we had a 2 possession lead. Coach Schiano lost us that game!!

  27. Stanglassman Says:

    How do you guys know more than the coaches, players former and current that seem to think Josh has the leadership and skills to be a great QB? I’m sure you can find a quote here and there of a player or coach saying something negative about Josh but people who know and worked with Freeman are overwhelmingly positive about his skills and leadership. You don’t have to be a loud month hot head to be a fiery leader. I see Josh’s passion and can tell when a teammate is just stating the company line, these players believe in Josh and so do I. He is the Bucs QB and therefore my QB and if you are a Bucs fan get behind the guy. You might be amazed in life what happens when you give someone positive support and let them know you believe in them.

  28. stevek Says:

    I want 2013 playoffs, and for WCBF to tell me when Freeman will know how to audible?

    I am curious to see what the fans expect this year?

    Losing is ok?

    The O-Line was bad, as was the coaching. The play of our QB wasn’t good either, and it is hilarious to see everyone try to dig up every excuse in the book to give our QB a pass.

    When is Josh Freeman accountable for winning?

  29. stevek Says:

    Honestly, who is at fault for last Sunday’s loss to the Jets?

    On the surface, everyone can blame LVD, but I blame the offense. The typical, no audible time out buring, undisciplined, and boring.

    Hows did Geno Smith have a better game than Josh Freeman.

    Answer that, Freemanites, hows does a Rookie in his NFL debut outshine Freeman?

    Is it really that the O-Line is that bad, or?

    Could it seriously be that Freeman just doesn’t do enough to get this team over the hump? We shall see this week. I hope Josh can get it done, as HE IS OUR BEST OPTION. I just don’t like what I saw this preseason and Sunday.

    Call me a “hater”, it’s ok, just hate losing. I wonder why we lost? Did our QB execute well enough to win? Was our QB better than Geno Smith last Sunday?

  30. bucsdeluge Says:

    Unfortunately people do not use the common sense that Hecht talked about. They have blind fury, like Couch Fan and others. It was easy to see what the failures were on Sunday and it wasn’t all Josh. That man with all that went wrong still put us in position to win that game. If not for a FLUKE penalty at the end Josh would have given us a victory in a very Hostile place.

    Let’s not forget that the Jets have a top 10 defense which is the strength of their team. What are all you naysayers going to say if the Jets hold back the almighty Brady this week. heck, what are you going to say if they beat the pats?? Of course their will be an excuse for Brady.

    I loved it today when Steve Wyche put Ron & Ian in their place today when he told them Josh did well after the initial problems. He didn’t say what they thought he was going to say, and didn’t know how to react. That’s nice..

    I’m sorry Couch Fan you don’t have a rah rah type QB, but neither is Eli or even Joe Montana back in the day. Its not a prerequisite to be a succesful winning QB. You and others need to chill and let the season play out. Then you can discuss failures and needed changes. All your bitchen is neither fair nor productive. Get behind your DAMN team and QB and help to support them.

    You’d think the freaking sky was falling the way some of you so called fans are reacting. I love my team, and I’ll be behind them always. None of this part time bull crap.

    I’mlooking forward to this week and I think we have an excellent chance to win, especially with this hard hitting defense.

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  31. bucrightoff Says:

    More than 1.5 real scoring drives (the 5 yarder doesn’t count; the 43 yarder is 1/2), 60% completion, no more idiotic mistakes, leadership. running the ball as a QB again.

    That pretty much some it up.

  32. stevek Says:

    When will someone analyze Freeman’s play, as our starting QB, and bring it to question?

    Why do we sit around pointing the blame at every position, other than the most important in all of professional sports: the quarterback?

    It is just one week, but it has been 3 years since we had a winning team. Freeman is without a doubt our best option this year. I just hope he can be the better on game days so that we can win.

    Schiano deserves blame, surely, but what about Dominick? When is Dominick expected to put together a competitive team?

    Schiano can’t afford to have any more STUPID games like last week’s.

    Freeman’s contract runs out at the end of the year, and if he plays like he dad last weekend over the next 15 games then GOOD RIDDANCE.

  33. Stanglassman Says:

    Well He drove the team down field to kick a field goal to put us in the lead with 38 secs to go in the game. That was with dropped passes and with the star WR getting getting caught from behind and alligator arms when the ball was thrown over the middle. Guess that’s not enough for you maybe he should have gone out there on defense and covered K2 wide open over the middle of the field or sacked geno on that last play. Should we have put this team away early, yes but that’s not all on Josh.

  34. Patrick Says:

    Freeman can do no wrong! Completing 48% of his passes, failing to build on a 14-12 lead throughout the 2nd half, and making fundamental errors had NOTHING to do with the loss.

  35. buc4lyfe Says:

    when is josh freeman not held accountable by this fan base, the head coach threw him under the bus because he’s a coward, he’s the one preaching accountability but he didnt do that to david. Nor did he do it to his coordinators for i guess they had too much time to prepare or something but a real head coach would stand up and admit it’s his fault because it’s his team but he deflected the blame to his quarterback the you NEED to be confident because of a long season…..i thought that was pretty weak of him. you guys want freeman gone but maybe his agent didnt try hard to negotiate a contract because he wants to be gone….maybe 5 years in the league with no real nfl test head coach and staff would do that to anyone….he’s had to deal with clueless head coaches his entire career maybe he wants glennon to put him out of his misery, he’s gonna get his money whether its here or not then you’ll see a real head coach make a good player a better one, not keep tearing him down

  36. stevek Says:


    When will you evaluate the play of our starting QB, and see if he is deserving of some blame?

    It’s not like Freeman took control of the game and led us to victory.

    All Freeman did was the minimum, and it wasn’t good enough. When will Freeman be able to lead this offense to 21+points per game?

  37. stevek Says:

    Our defense, as mentioned non-stop by Freemanites, only gave up 16 points last game, and they handed the offense easy field position for some scores.

    When is Josh Freeman SUPPOSED to be ACCOUNTABLE for the production of this offesne?

    What QB in his 58th career NFL start can not audible?

    Are we a weaker team with the 25-30th best QB?

  38. Stanglassman Says:

    Yes Freeman jumped offsides, dropped balls, run blocked like crap all game good point and coached poorly. Its too easy to blame the QB. We are just saying it’s a combination of things.

  39. Goodolebucfan Says:

    Yup let’s blame Freeman. Stevek think he did audible a few times remember Martins biggest run that was an audible. This team was out coached plan and simple that starts with the head coach. It is easy to sit in your recliner and blame one person but this loss was a team effort from penalties, play calling, execution. You don’t know if the interception was even a wrong route unless your calling the plays. I am sure Glennon will come in and light it up.

  40. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    Your constant bashing of Freeman only makes you look increasingly ignorant with each post. You say you hate losing but you really just hate Freeman. I know that you won’t admit but no one posted more hate comments on Freeman this off season than yourself.

    The only people that came away from Sunday thinking Freeman lost us that game are the ones that have been bashing him for the last six months.

    “Hows did Geno Smith have a better game than Josh Freeman.”

    I wouldn’t expect such an obviously poorly educated football “fan” to understand this but Geno Smith did not take a single snap against Freeman.

    This was not Geno vs Freeman.

    This was the Bucs vs the Jets.

    This was Geno versus the 2012 worst pass defense in the league.

    This was Freeman versus the 2012 2nd ranked pass defense.

    The Jets have had one of the top defenses in the league FOR YEARS. The Bucs have had one of the worst defenses in the league FOR YEARS. Wake up and stop comparing QB’s that “played each other”. QB’s face defenses not other QB’s.

  41. Stanglassman Says:

    What was the Adj. last year? 26-27? I think your answer is he has been doing that and more.

  42. stevek Says:


    I agree, we were not sharp last weekend due to a combination of things.

    However, when is Freeman expected to best a rookie QB in their debut?

    I see QBs changing and getting better around the leauge.

    What do you do if we can’t win this year with Freeman at the helm? Do you extend his contract on good faith, or do you need to SEE SOMETHING?

    Turn back to 2010, and we all think that Josh Freeman would have arrived by now.

    We should have beat the Jets. You don’t make the playoffs by losing to Geno Smith and the Rex Ryan circus to open up the season.

  43. buc4lyfe Says:

    Couch Fan & stevek

    I find it hilarious that you look at the qb and say its your fault even when the entire team was out of sync you still want to blame one player. i thought this was a team game you retards…..geno smith beat a more talented and experienced team and your trying to say even though freeman was on the sideline after putting us in field goal range? you knock the guy because he was to lost to call plays when the headset malfunctioned but i guess he’s the one who called 3 straight running plays to kick a field goal huh. You fools are the one with the excuses

    before this raheem morris sucked as a coach but atleast he knew how to make half time decisions, his second year he went 10-6 with less talent so can we expect that from schiano?

    the glazers have done everything to make this a winning team and you blame one guy because we got beat by a garbage offense. Schiano has all the support he needs, the biggest coaching staff in the league and 3 head coaches at his disposal. butch davis doesnt even coach he has nothing to do but watch tape and plan lol ok freeman has no excuses but schiano does?

  44. Bobby Says:

    Didn’t I tell you the ones who actually played the game and coached would not be placing the blame on Freeman? Hmmmmmmm……

  45. cmurda Says:

    I just want wins from Freeman. That didnt happen. The QB and the coach go down with the ship and in Freeman’s case, deservedly so. You can’t be a top notch QB in this league without making progressions. What do I expect from Freeman? I expect him to have football IQ and the ability to look off receivers that are covered and find another option.

  46. stevek Says:


    You spinning Freeman’s body of work last game to your advantage. Obiously, Geno Smith and Freeman did not play against eachother, but you know what, Freeman got outperformed by Geno Smith last weekend.

    I don’t hate Freeman, he seems nice, I just doubt his QBing.

    You can sit here and say I am ignorant all day, and guess what, you’re right.


    We keep seeing young QBs come in and dominate. When will get a return on our investment with Freeman?


  47. Stanglassman Says:

    Average points scored in 2012 was 24.5. Your answer is he has been doing that and more.

  48. Bobby Says:

    Again the posters show their total lack of understanding of the game of football….

    Tell me brainiacs….how does Josh Freeman control posting a better QB rating than Geno Smith? Also, how did Freeman get ‘outplayed’ by a rookie that got sacked 5 times and turned the ball over twice, both leading to TD’s??? Freeman turns the ball over once and gets sacked three times and Geno outplayed him because our defense gave him 2 scores? What game were you looking at??

  49. Sneedy16 Says:


    It’s easy for a rookie to have a better game when Leonard Johnson is getting beat regularly. It’s easy to have a better passer rating when the team stop blitzing and allow you to stroll down the field on the final drive. When Kevin “Micheal Clayton II” Olgetree drop easy passes. It’s easy to have a better rating when your Oline turns into a turnstile.

    Not making any excuses for Josh, but there are many factors that can contribute to it. Joe Flacco out plays Brady almost every time they play, but I doubt you will say Flacco is better than Brady.

  50. stevek Says:


    So, hitting 48% of your passes, having a turnover instantly after your D gives you a turnover and overall having the rookie QB, in his NFL debut, outshine you is not football knowledge?

    When will Freeman be tasked with getting the offense together and LEADING them to VICTORY?

    Victory in Sunday is all that matters. The Bucs left the game out there on the field last week: coaches, D, and Freeman.

    Freeman should have found a way to win last game. The last second heroics were not enough to hide his spotty production from all game.

    In today’s game, you need a QB that can consistently throw the football.

  51. stevek Says:


    How does Freeman fail to win?

  52. Goodolebucfan Says:

    I agree Westcoast but let me add sometimes a coach putting a player in the best position to succeed plays into them have a better game the Jets did that with Gino but I would have to say that the Bucs didn’t do it with Freeman play into his strengths. Think that slant route was working pretty well a quick pass to help but we went back to the five step drop with our line getting beat bad don’t make sense. Bad play calling can make a qb and a defense look bad.

  53. Chef Paul Says:

    Josh Freeman lost this game all by himself. Everyone else played an All Pro mistake free game.

    There I said it Steve. Now will you please just shut the hell up. I’ve seen every single last Freemanite on this site put blame on Josh. Why is that not good enough for you? Is it because they don’t have tunnel vision like you do? Is it because they blame others too? I’ll gladly say Freeman lost the game all by himself just to get you to shut up. I’ve never seen a troll with so much conviction.

  54. tamparob Says:

    I agree with Becht- I’m not a huge Free fan, but look at it for what it was: a total mental meltdown. I blame coaching more than anything, though. No FB, so keep drilling Martin into the line for no gain? Where was Hillis? Where was Leonard? Both proved that they can run w/o a proven FB. As for the OL, VJax tried to get Penn (who has been a huge disappointment lately) to buck up and play better, and Penn was caught on camera throwing a hissy fit. Bostad did a great job last year, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now– but until Penn starts living up to his contract and taking criticism from his elected captain I think he should put up or shut up.

  55. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Ok, lets start Mike Glennon and go 1-15. Sounds great. Problem solved.

  56. stevek Says:


    Our Defense gave Freeman two scores.

    The Jets D called their shot, Mo Wilkerson, and they beat Freeman. Freeman was SCARED back there.

    Maybe Mark Dominick is to blame, since Freeman has zero time on offense? Why can’t Dominick put together a winner?

    How long is this rebuild?

  57. mike norris Says:

    Might of wanted to give freeman more than 6 snaps in the preseason.

  58. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    Freeman faced the second toughest pass defense in the league and was marginally outperformed by a rookie that faced the worst pass defense in the league.

    I really can’t lay it out any simpler than that.

    Freeman went against a MUCH tougher defense than Geno did. (As in 2nd vs 32nd pass defense.) That is why he was “outperformed”, statistically, by a rookie.

    You complain and whine about Freeman non stop but facts are facts. With the game on the line Freeman got this team down the field and got them in position to kick the go ahead field goal with 38 seconds and no timeouts left.

    I am sorry stevek but you simply don’t get it and probably never will.

  59. buc4lyfe Says:


  60. Sneedy16 Says:


  61. stevek Says:

    Chef Paul,

    Thanks, but you are all good.

    I think Tampa Bay fans accept mediocre/supbar QB play, and that is not good. We should not settle on mediocre.

    Sorry to Freeman, seems nice personally, but he is failing at being a successful QB.

  62. Couch Fan Says:

    I find it funny that every single week, after another disappointing game where Freeman underachieved, you are still sitting here pointing fingers at everyone else.

    “Blind faith. Just do it because thinking is to hard.”

    – Freemanites

  63. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I also agree with Bobby in that if you really watched the game, and not just the stats, Freeman was definitely the better quarterback in that game.

  64. bucrightoff Says:

    Whether Geno Smith outplayed Freeman is irrelevant. Freeman should have led this team to 21 points with the weapons that offense has. The fact the Jets stacked against the run and dared Freeman to beat them is all you need to know about what NFL defenses think of him. They do not respect his abilities.

    Now the playcalling wasn’t great, but isn’t that another indictment against Freeman? If the coaches trusted him 100%, they would let it fly. Instead, and its been said by many analysts, Josh does not make progressions. He locks onto his first read, and when thats not there, he scrambles until someone comes open. I watched Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and Colin Kaepernick all make multiple reads many times Sunday, and they all have 3 years fewer experience.

    Josh is who he is: A Jason Campbell clone. Good enough to win some games, occasionally looks great, mostly not good enough to get you very far. We need a guy who can lead us to a Super Bowl. After 3+ years as a starter, who here can honestly say they’re convinced Josh Freeman is that guy. And if we don’t know, do we really want to be making him the guy long term?

  65. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    WestCoastBucsFan, some of the cats on here won’t change their tune even if Freeman lights it up. They’ll single out a few mistakes and blame any loss on him. I wouldn’t even bother anymore.

    I’m not a “Freemanite”, but I think the coaches would know who the best option at Quarterback is, so I’ll trust their judgement before I listen to raving lunatics in the JBF comment section.

  66. buc4lyfe Says:

    ok you guys are idiots….tim tebow went down to denver and took his team to the playoffs not because he’s a good qb not because he can throw because he cant throw. They went to the playoffs because they have a hall of fame gm and a proven head coach that tailored the offense to what the qb does best. who in buccaneer history has been better as a qb?

  67. Chef Paul Says:

    buc4lyfe is absolutely correct. What worries me more than Geno out playing Freeman, is Rex out coaching Schiano. That is terrifying on its own. Rex is a joke of HC

  68. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I guess people will see what they want to see. Stevek and Couch Fan obviously feel that Freeman lost this game. They are certainly entitled to their own opinions.

    Even if they are wrong.

  69. Buc1987 Says:

    Off topic : Okay this is for the idiot whoever it was earlier that said the Bucs still have 20,000 tickets remaining for the home opener. I know Joe corrected him by saying that if he used ticketmaster as his source that they are not a reliable source.

    So i just went to the ticketmaster map of this Sunday’s game. Unreliable or not. I clicked on the upperdeck sections the ones with the most available tickets and counted a few of them up in different sections. I came up with an average of about 130 seats still available per upperdeck section. I then multiplied 130 times 21 sections. To come up with a number of 2,730 seats left in all of the upper decks. Could be a hair higher or lower. A lot of the light blue sections on the map only have single seats left. So say there is about 3,000 tickets (I think it’s lower than 3,000 though) left scattered around RJS that are not in the upperdeck and are in light blue single seats available only sections. Then your number comes up to around or near 5,700 tickets remaining for the opener. RJS has 65,857 seats. You do the math the rest of the way and try and figure out if they reached the 85% or not. I think they have.

    Of course once again Ticketmaster is NOT a reliable source.

  70. Stanglassman Says:

    Perfect example of simply blaming Free for the interception and yes it’s partly his fault. But watch it again and you will see his elbow gets hit by a rusher because the O-line didn’t give him enough time to get his pass off cleanly. This made up myth that Josh has a low football IQ and can’t go through progressions or look off receivers is just ridiculous. Stop believing your own little made up crap its not true no matter how many time you repeat it.

  71. Bucworld Says:

    Well said Goodolebucfan. We have to look at coaching at some point. Freeman did not create the depth chart. The conservative play calling and non creative offensive plays will make it tough to win in the NFL. This loss smells a lot like the Eagles loss last year. I like Schiano but I’m starting to believe that his weakness is arrogance and he over look sub par teams. I hope he rights the ship this week and not let up the rest of the season.

  72. stevek Says:


    Why couldn’t Freeman lead the offense to more than 20 points?

    He gave 2 to the Jets.

    When will Freeman be able to audible? The delay of game, time out, delay of game situation was dreadful.

    How does a QB with 58 career starts look so lost?

  73. Warrenfb12 Says:

    How about a completion percentage above 49

  74. buc4lyfe Says:

    josh freeman’s passing statistics are worse ever since this head coach got here, he would play better if they turn him loose….the coach lost that game by being a coward, going for the field goal instead of the win say what you want but what about 3rd down pass ogletree dropped or the 3 passes martin dropped. officially annoyed…i see you fools back here on sunday after rob ryan does the exact same thing his brother did, its not like they will change the game plan. their tooo stu stu stu stupid, 2 weeks of game planning and thats what they roll out. greg schiano, ron rivera thats why these two teams are at the bottom of the division

  75. cmurda Says:

    Chef Paul Says:
    September 10th, 2013 at 2:56 pm
    buc4lyfe is absolutely correct. What worries me more than Geno out playing Freeman, is Rex out coaching Schiano. That is terrifying on its own. Rex is a joke of HC

    That’s very true and I admit that it is very troublesome. The lack of discipline and playcalling in this game were not up to standard. Plain and simple. I’ve been a Schiano fan but you gotta call a spade a spade. I’m not ready to bury him in Week 1 of the season but there needs to be dramatic improvement against a very tough Saints team at home this Sunday.

  76. McBuc Says:

    TheBucs got out prerformed by the Jets. Everyone says how bad the Jets are, but in reality they lost one more game than the Bucs did last year. They have all sorts of talent as well. The defense the Jets puts out is good, and the offense was a QB away from being OK. Maybe Geno is the answer. Freeman had a lot to over come, and that is not an excuse. They had way too many1 and long, 2nd and long, and 3rd and long due to penalties. They also abaondoned the pass everytime he looked like he was getting into a groove. Not to mention several dropped passes. The entire offense was unprpared to play. The defense actually looked better than all of last year, but this offense was a disgrace. Shiano and Sully are to blame. You can say it is an excuse for a QB tro be under constant duress, but every QB in the NFL will tell you that is how to beat a QB. This entire offense needs to be bitch slapped with the exception of Jackson and Williams…and that includes Freeman…but to say this loss was on freeman is weak at best.

  77. bucrightoff Says:

    I want to actually know: Who here would actually at this very moment sign Josh Freeman to a long term extension for the going rate (so say 6 yrs $90)?

  78. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I recall the Pats losing to the Cardinals last year game 1. And that was in Foxboro. Week 1 sloppiness and upset losses happen every year. You people need to relax before you start wanting to see heads rolling down the hall of One Buc.

  79. Chef Paul Says:


    Not me

  80. buc4lyfe Says:

    how about 6-8 to start the game….how about some toughness from the coach and play callers….how about this idiot worked out vishante shancoe and decided he wasnt good enough and look what happened with out tight ends, luke stocker got beat so badly as if the defender knew the snap count better than he did, by the time he turned to block the defender was gone….but fine josh freeman played bad but we lost because of his when the entire team was unprepared? that falls on one person the head coach, accountability huh i guess he meant everyone except him. why would you let the guy thats gonna take you to the playoffs take all this heat? he might not be up to tampa’s high standards for a quarterback AS IF WE EVER HAD ONE but he’s all we got, you’ve never seen hall of fame quarterbacking in tampa bay so get over it

  81. Goodolebucfan Says:

    Stevek if Freeman don’t kick the ball out of the end zone the Jets would of got 7 points. Oh thats right it must of been his fault the ball was snapped before he signaled

  82. stevek Says:


    I would love to eat some crow on behalf of Freeman, but when will we see it?

    When does Josh win 10 games for the Bucs again? That was 3 years ago.

  83. Jacko101 Says:

    @ Stevek Smith and Freeman had the same Yards per pass. Jets had more Rushing Yards and smith was a double threat. Smith threw more passes and had a few more passing yards. Stevek (whoopty Whoop) wouldn’t call that out played.

  84. Stevene Says:

    The Yucs have fans?

  85. Couch Fan Says:

    Freeman had 1 nice TD pass to Mike Will. Freeman also had 1 nice pass to some wide open Jets defender. And he sure did lay down nice for one of the Jets D-Lineman on a Free play late in the 3rd instead of trying to make something out of it… Oh and the pass to a wide open V-jax was nice to. This is pretty much all Freeman did Sunday. He was not the better QB. Not sure how anyone could think that.

    However, I do agree the safety was not Free’s fault.

  86. Joseph Says:

    Already done with this head coach. Sick of his college hard ass routine, as if he somehow going to TOUGH ALL THINGS into existence, and sick of his Bill Bellichik-wanna be routine.

    Go back to Rutgers, Greg, and take your 900 coaches with you.

  87. stevek Says:


    We need answers, why did we lose? Was it 100% Schiano? Was it Schiano and the O?

    Is Freeman progressing?

    This is a QB league, and we need someone to step up.

    Maybe Greg needs to loosen up on Freema and let him play?

    Why doesn’t Freeman scramble? He used to never just sit there and take a sack? He is much less exciting to watch.

  88. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    stevek, I hope its this year. and if he tanks, i’ll route for the next guy they trot out.

  89. stevek Says:


    Of Freeman’s 215 passing yards 150 came after the catch. That tells me that our receivers made plays after getting the ball.

    Freeman completed 3/12 passes over 10 yards on Sunday.

    We need to be better, as a team, with our coaching, and the execution of our QB.

  90. stevek Says:

    “I Don’t Know What People Want From Josh Freeman”
    September 10th, 2013

    ^^^2013 Playoffs^^^^^

  91. Couch Fan Says:

    Freeman went against a MUCH tougher defense than Geno did. (As in 2nd vs 32nd pass defense.) That is why he was “outperformed”, statistically, by a rookie.

    Wait a minute LMAO… I thought this was a new year. Both teams were 0-0. Now your saying that you want to actually count last year as an excuse for Freemans performance?

    The excuses just keep on coming. I was super pissed about this loss but now its just comical to see the abundance of new excuses even if it goes against everything they said before. Such as Freeman could win with a better defense.

    Keep em comin!!

  92. BucFan20 Says:

    I just don’t understand why we lost. The line was so perfect Martin ran for 100 yards, Ran all over left side right side. Protection was great. No pressure on Freeman. Receivers we open all day. Receivers played perfect.
    I AM NOT a big Freeman supporter BUT. THE line SUCKED. Martin COULD not run. FREEMAN does not open the holes. FREEMAN does not provide the blocking. Carimi, Penn, Stocker JZ, DJ ALL got blow up all game long. Mistakes were made at the start yes. Should there have been more points. Yes. Freeman COULD NOT do it by himself. The LINE SUCKED. When you 1000 yrd RB can’t find any holes there is a big problem.. And FREEMAN did NOT push Geno. Freeman does not play defense. Also in case you have not figured it out. They still had enough time to run one play try a 63 yard FG and may have won anyway!

  93. bucfanjeff Says:

    @sirusthevirus says, “I agree Josh didn’t lose us the game, but he also didn’t win it.”

    1) Freeman led us down for the go ahead FG.
    2) Defense gave up 50 yards in 32 seconds to a rookie QB with no timeouts.

    I think most fans could agree that no matter what happens during the game, if the game is on the line, you want an offense that can score to win the game and\or a defense to preserve the lead and win the game.

    With all this pressure we think Freeman can’t handle and how he sucks so bad, blah blah, when the game was on the line at the end, tell me exactly who folded under pressure, the defense or offense? (Hint: see 1 and 2 above)

  94. Stanglassman Says:

    If you think that’s all Freeman did you should watch the game more closely. Guess you got up to take a piss when all those passes were dropped. I always watch them at least twice try it sometime.

  95. Bucworld Says:

    Maybe Greg needs to loosen up on Freeman and let him play?
    Why doesn’t Freeman scramble? He used to never just sit there and take a sack? He is much less exciting to watch.

    Schiano discouraged Freemann from running out of the pocket last year. I don’t know if anyone else recalls that. Great point, I think that they need to loosen up a bit or start Glennon.

  96. McBuc Says:

    Steve…Wewill never have those answers. The entire team can divy up the 100%, because it really does not matter. I take offense to the “Freemanite” name calling, because I am a Bucs fan. I support the team and defend the team enough against ATL and NO fans that seem to come out of the wood work whenever Tampa posts a loss. You are right, Freeman had a sub par game. You want answers, but whenever someone points out why he had a bad game you call it an excuse…such as the poor play by the o-line, the bad play calling, the entire team being unprepared, dropped passes, constant pressure…Those are answers, but you do not reallly want answers, becasue you feel those are excuses. I hope they can turn this around, but not too many QBs would have done any better with this team playing the way they did yesterday.

    Brightside, either the Falcon’s and Saint’s defenses have grossly improved, or their offenses played a sloppy game too. I did not watch it, but I would never have guessed that game to be so low scoring.

  97. McBuc Says:

    Thething to remember is when Josh Freeman and the oofense left the field it was so the kicking team could post three points…and they did…Whether he should have had more points is a moot point, he left the game in the hands of an improved defense, and they let us all down. I do not blame them 100% either, but Freeman did not lose this game.

    Now, SteveK brings up a good point. Everyone supporting Freeman says with a better defense Freeman and the offense will improve. This makes total sense. Unfortunatly the offense regressed last Sunday. Lets see if they can turn it around and the defense continues to improve. They need to learn how to finish their defensive effort.

  98. Bobby M. Says:

    If Freeman were as much a threat as everyone defends him to be and the offensive line were as bad as they accused of, why was Rex Ryan willing to let Vincent Jackson run free and blitz both corners from that side knowing he had only 1 LINE OF DEFENSE left being the safety on a 3RD & 10 YDS with the game on the line? Nobody fears Freeman and Ryan begged us to let him try and read a defense with the game on the line. I believe Freeman gives it his best but the guy simply cant read a defense and is terribly inconsistent.

  99. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I just love how the Freeman bashers are comparing him to veteran elite QBs 7-10 years older than he is. The guy is only 1 1/2 years older than Mike Glennon. Only a year older than Wilson.

  100. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    SirustheVirus Says: September 10th, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    “I agree Josh didn’t lose us the game, but he also didn’t win it.”

    Um…actually he did. He put the kicker in position to score, which he did. L. David just gave the game back to the Jets with 7 seconds left. Josh never got tye ball back to even try to fix the problem.

  101. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like Josh but I think he is a big pussy with very small shriveled up balls. I don’t know if the coaches have neutered him to that point, but he wasn’t that way in 2010′. He is a big strong dude and he was fearless back then. I swear now that he’s afraid of his own shadow and I don’t know what caused. Maybe they need to start teeing off on him in practice and toughen him up. I watched Mike Vick slip and slide when his pocket collapsed and then dart and dash for 50 yards. Freeman will cower and fall down in the exact same situation. I think it is really a coaching problem and they have all but ruined the poor kid. He is too laid back and lacks intensity. He is calm but gets flustered and overreacts when things go astray. The guy is really a headcase, needs a shrink and these stupid coaches have caused this dilemma. I fear its too late for Josh. All too often they talk about playing young QB’s too soon and not letting them learn and develop under a veteran QB. I hope I am wrong but GREATNESS wins championships while GOODNESS watches it on TV.

  102. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like Josh but I think he is a big pu$$y with very small shriveled up peanutsack. I don’t know if the coaches have neutered him to that point, but he wasn’t that way in 2010′. He is a big strong dude and he was fearless back then. I swear now that he’s afraid of his own shadow and I don’t know what caused. Maybe they need to start teeing off on him in practice and toughen him up. I watched Mike Vick slip and slide when his pocket collapsed and then dart and dash for 50 yards. Freeman will cower and fall down in the exact same situation. I think it is really a coaching problem and they have all but ruined the poor kid. He is too laid back and lacks intensity. He is calm but gets flustered and overreacts when things go astray. The guy is really a headcase, needs a shrink and these stupid coaches have caused this dilemma. I fear its too late for Josh. All too often they talk about playing young QB’s too soon and not letting them learn and develop under a veteran QB. I hope I am wrong but GREATNESS wins championships while GOODNESS watches it on TV.

  103. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sorry it cam through after all. I give up

  104. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    @Couch Fan

    You completely missed the point of my posts. (Shocking, I know.) I never claimed we lost BECAUSE of our defense. I said the reason Geno posted a marginally better stat line is because he was not facing the same caliber defense as Freeman.

    Isn’t that what stevek has been whining about since Sunday? The QBs stat line? Pay attention.

  105. NY Bucs fan Says:

    I find it funny that so many fans are blinded by hating Freeman so much they fail to see how bad the team played. They put it all on Josh. News flash YOUR WRONG.

  106. mpmalloy Says:

    “I Don’t Know What People Want From Josh Freeman”
    September 10th, 2013

    ^^^2013 Playoffs^^^^^

    Playoffs?!…….PlayOFFS!?……..sheez I just wanna win a game

  107. BigMacAttack Says:

    It really irks the ____ out of me when I listen to Josh. He says “yeah Fran was a great QB and I don’t pay attention to that stuff, only whats in the building and blah blah blah.”

    Josh you sound like a little bitch. Stand up and say “It pisses me off!!! I’m out there trying to make a play, the line won’t block, the butthead coach won’t let me scramble or run it. Futt the Wuck??? If Fran has a problem with me he can say it to may face and I’ll kick his bony white Ass from Dale Mabry down to Channelside. You want a piece of me punk? You want some of this??? Bitch?”

    That’s the Josh Freeman I want to see. I want to see the fire in his belly. Don’t worry about who you piss off. They will respect you more than sounding like Michael Jackson every time you take the podium.
    “I’d like to thank Tito, and of course Diana Ross, my dad for abusing me, and Latoya for letting me play with her snake.”

  108. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Not sure Freeman vocally challenging Fran to a fight would be the way to go. I thought his answers were fine.

    He had plenty of “fire in the belly” to put the Bucs in position to take the lead with 38 seconds left.

  109. BucFan20 Says:

    I truly hope if Nicks does not come back this week they change the OL setup. If they leave it the way it was I think there will be problems. Plus please bring in someone in to replace Stone Hands II.

  110. BigMacAttack Says:

    Leaders are vocal. Leaders get their men fired up and ready for battle. Leaders fight and lead from the front by example. Quiet leaders? Thats BS!!! Keeping your mouth shut is following. Leadership is standing up, holding men accountable and rewarding them when they do well. This team has developed a vacuum in the leadership. Freeman should have told his teammates before they voted “I’m the leader of this team and I will lead you to victory!!!”

    WTF??? Our defense has leadership in spades and our offense has a don’t ask don’t tell policy.

  111. BigMacAttack Says:

    All I can say is they better beat the freakin Saints, and beat them black and blue. This is bullcrap. There is too much talent on this team for garbage like this to be happening.

    Hey Schiano, Wake Up!!!

  112. Buc1987 Says:

    Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete! … Let the hate flow through you.

  113. Stanglassman Says:

    Well there is 52 other players, coaches, management and ownership to blame about not making the playoffs recently. Josh has only been the QB for 3 1/2 years now and the 1st year he carried this team to 10 wins when they had no business getting that many. Sheez…Quit blaming the guy that drove your team down the field to kick what should have been the winning field goal. It is not all one persons fault even if they are the QB.

  114. Adam L. Says:

    It’s tough to blame Freeman when he had ZERO running game. His OC did him NO favors by stacking the box on him.

    If they’re going to play like that, start MOTIONING Martin out of the backfield to the slot. Run 3-wide as your base package. The jig is up. The NFL knows that Martin can RUN the ball.

    You see, a CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE OC would DO things like that.

    Actually a 13 yo with MADDEN and an XBOX LIVE account would do something like that.

  115. Stanglassman Says:

    Now it’s because he doesn’t kiss his biceps and be a loud mouth tough guy. Keep up Adam the problem changes by the minute.

  116. Architek Says:

    There’s only two opinions that matter, wins and losses!

    Everyone else thoughts don’t matter. More losses and it doesn’t about anyone thoughts ask Gruden and Raheem.

    Like them or not Schiano will share the same fate along with Dominik.

  117. Mike10 Says:

    I dont understand why we always do this. During the game all fans are chugging beers watching the mediocrity that Josh brings to the field, and then come Tuesday we look for a million other things that went wrong, not including Josh Freeman. SAME $hit as always from him – wasted plays after wasted plays. Either 3 and outs where you’re asking yourself who was that to, or why throw a 3 yd out on a 3rd and 8, or why under throw Jackson by at least 5 yards, etc. If I had the time, I could probably list several dozen plays that went wrong per Freeman on Sunday. He’s not the guy ppl – and why would u ever have someone at QB that you know full heartedly cannot take u to the playoffs let along a Super Bowl.
    Please stop with the bs rationale – he’s the most important player on the field.

  118. Architek Says:

    I agree Mike10 it’s just that until a football team truly experience the benefits of having a elite or franchise QB the fans never know or understand how important that position is.

    Ask The Saints, Colts, Arizona, Pats, and 49ers how many deficiencies a solid franchise qb can mask. The Bucs have a plethora of talent but without the right quarterback and coaching there will be mediocrity. 7-9 but here is the real bottom line – you are paying big bucks out to Gholson, Revis, and others so remember time is of the essence.

  119. Stranger Says:

    What people don’t understand is, as of right now the defensive gameplan against us is to send 5 or 6 guys. Because either way, they will get to Freeman or Martin every play. Not to mention we only have Jackson and Williams to throw to. I bet DCs like their odds with that.

  120. Bobby Says:

    You know what I don’t understand…noone is saying “Doug Martin sucks!!! Dude didn’t do crap against the Jets! 1400 yard back last year and he can’t even get 100 yards against this crappy Jets defense??!?”

    No, we all realize that Martin had zero running room and he’s not superhuman. But, when it comes to Freeman we expect him to go through his progressions with corners blitzing and hitting him as his throws, pressure in his face all day long, etc. We act like every QB in the league does just fine with that kind of pressure when in reality they don’t. Even the elite QB’s make mistakes when they are under duress. Of course, maybe you think Freeman should be different because this is his 5th year in the NFL and he should have a 60% completion rate getting knocked down all day and dropped passes don’t count….Freeman should have caught the ball for the receiver.

    And how pitifully stupid is it to say all of Freeman’s passing yards came ‘after the catch’. Sometimes ignorance rears it’s head just so everyone can look and say “Wow! That was stupid”. That’s like saying most of Doug Martin’s running yards came after he broke the line of scrimmage. The job of a good QB is to get the ball to a receiver who can get yards after the catch. Boy Josh sucks for doing that huh???! SteveK…..I’m tired….please call yourself an idiot for that one.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I don’t care if Freeman has a 30% completion rate if he puts enough points on the board for us to win the game. I’m not looking for pretty….I’m looking for a W. He did just what he was supposed to do Sunday..when the game was on the line he marched the team down the field and got us the go ahead score with only 38 seconds to go. His only mistake according to SteveK was he threw a perfect pass to Jackson and allowed Jackson to get yards after the catch. I like it so much better when our receivers get tackled immediately don’t you guys? That way all of Freeman’s passing yards are legit like the other QB’s in the league whose receivers never get any yards after catch.

    Could Freeman have scored more points?? I don’t know and don’t care. He scored enough to win and once again the defense let a team go right down the field and score.

  121. BigMacAttack Says:

    Freeman and the offense didn’t score enough to win because they lost. It’s pretty simple. Not all his fault but it wasn’t enough to win.

  122. Bobby Says:

    The glass didn’t hold water because I dropped it and broke it. Pretty simple really. It’s the glass’s fault. Good logic BigMacAttack….

  123. McBuc Says:

    I hope joe changes the subject tomorrow.

  124. Nick2 Says:

    Anyone want to know the quarterbacks with worse opening day QB ratings? Its a great list Josh was at 67.9 then you have the stellar Christian Ponder at 63.1. Brandon Wheedon 48.4, and Blaine Gabbert at 30.8 . Who did better than Free??? Well we know about Geno Smith, how about Tyrelle freakin Pryor ofcourse Sam Bradford and Jake Lccker. Are you kidding me Becht??? What else do we want from him???? Give me a break how about a decent performance against a terrible team.

  125. BigMacAttack Says:

    No really Bobby. It is the fault of everyone involved, not just Freeman. It was a group effort. I’m not a stat guy but a defense that can hold opponents to 16 pts per game is usually tops in the league and usually a Playoff or better team. If the Saints hold opponents to 16 pts every game they will win the Superbowl. Same goes for the few other teams with GREAT QB’s like Denver, New England & Green Bay.

  126. Bobby Says:

    I agree and that is why I said if we continue to hold teams to 18 pts a game and our offense has the same ppg as last year we win a lot of games. I’ll tell you one thing…that was a good Jets defense on Sunday. If they play that well up front all year no one will roll that team, especially at home.

  127. BigMacAttack Says:

    I agree, they played especially well upfront. That is where OC & HC had an epic fail of not using a FB, quick routes or virtually any adjustments at all. It almost makes you wonder if Sullivan is afraid to deviate from the game plan be ause of Schiano. Our offense appeared to be on pins and needles, everyone except Mike Wil & V Jax. Our defense was awesome for 99% of the game. I hate prevent defense because it prevents you from winning. More blame goes to coaches than anywhere else IMO.

  128. Capt. Tim Says:

    Josh would be better, if he was “permitted to roll out and throw on the run. He won 10 games doing that- with a totally talentless team. Josh is a moble QB. He is more accurate on the move. Plus he can be a great threat to run. That’s his game. A very contemporary skill set for a QB.

    But our college coach has demanded that he become a pocket passer. No roll outs. No runs. Coach is trapped in the 80s. Running teams, with pocket passing QBs went extinct about 10 years ago. This is a passing league! And QBs that can throw on the run are at an all time premium.

    Except with Shiano.

    Josh won Sundays game. A drive that leaves you ahead, with 34 seconds- that’s a win.

    But Schiano gave it away. Our 4 man front had been effective all day. So of course- Schiano stupidly goes to the totally ineffective 3 man rush. No pressure on QB at all. All day to throw. Schiano lost two games last year- with the same stupid move

    But lil college coaches don’t adapt. They remain Bullheaded.

    If I was Josh- there is no way in hell I’d resign here. I’d be trying on other jerseys every week- seeing how ill look next year

    Then the Glennon idiots will get their wish! That kid won’t ever win a game in the big leagues