Da’Quan Bowers Mystery Continues

August 24th, 2013

Bucs anointed left defensive end Da’Quan Bowers, who Bucs coach Greg Schiano has been riding hard to improve, did not start for the second straight preseason game.

Joe does not recall hearing Bowers’ name called until the second half and he only had a few first-half snaps.

Now remember the Bucs made a decision to let sack leader Michael Bennett walk for a paltry sum of cash, despite tons of cap space available. One reason the Bucs let Bennett walk was the Bucs’ belief that Bowers was ready to take over as the team sacks leader. One could argue Bowers, now in his third season, is off to his worst start (even when he started last year late because of injury) after being all but given a job.

The Bucs passed up chances to get several free agent pass rushers, even though the Bucs clearly knew pass rush one was a critical area needing an upgrade.

No, Bennett may not have been a toes-on-the-line kinda guy. No, Bennett is not nor ever will be the second coming of Bruce Smith. But in the immortal words of Raheem Morris, “I will tolerate you until I can replace you.”

The Bucs, clearly, have not been able to replace Bennett.

9 Responses to “Da’Quan Bowers Mystery Continues”

  1. john Says:

    would have signed two db’s in free agency and drated richardson dt 1st and marcus hunt 2 oya i would have drafted Keackly over Baron. my front 7 would rip your ass

  2. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    I suspect the Bucs will be picking up the scraps for some pass rush from the rest of the league on Wednesday when the first wave of cuts happens.

  3. daniel Says:

    Joe that was not dwight freeney who sacked freeman he plays for the chargers. that was jonathan freeney from where else rutgers

  4. Architek79 Says:

    Trade Bowers to Dallas for a late pick or conditional. This kid is not going to make it with this roster.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Corners NEED TO JAM THE RECEIVERS!!!!! WHAT IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM??????? I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!!!!! Every year I watch good defenses jam the receivers against high powered passers and receivers. WE DON’T!!!!!! Get PHYSICAL FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!!!!

  6. Illuminati Says:

    @ SeanyMac in SC

    Scraps is mostly what will be available Tuesday night. I think the real action will start next Saturday night, after teams make their final cuts.

  7. GenocideD Says:

    Bowers was an embarrassment having only knocked down one pass from the 2nd string QB. Cut our losses this guy’s a turd.

  8. Patrick Says:

    Should’ve gotten rid of Bowers and kept Bennett. Bennett deserved a contract, Bowers doesn’t even deserve to be on the roster honestly.

  9. Tim Says:

    Bowers has always been overrated, in college he didn’t do anything his freshman and sophomore year and got lucky his Jr. season. He is not a pass rusher and to weak to play the run… SUCK!!