Mike Williams: Punt Returner

July 24th, 2013

Bucs fans attending the first training camp practice tomorrow might want to watch the guys fielding punts during special teams drills. One of them will be the Bucs’ newest eight-figure earner, Mike Williams.

Joe had a chance to talk about all things special teams with new special teams coach Dave Wannstedt today, and Wannstedt said Williams will be in the mix in the “wide open” punt returner competition.

Last season, and during the Raheem Morris administration, Joe saw Williams practicing as a punt returner, but it was very limited work.

Williams has the good hands necessary to be successful. Whether he can be dangerous is unknown. Williams did not return punts at Syracuse.

There’s also another Buccaneer who was once a hell of a punt returner, but the New Schiano Order will never give him a shot. See the Darrelle Revis video below.

15 Responses to “Mike Williams: Punt Returner”

  1. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    That last move he put on the guy at the 6 yard line was reeeediculous!!!!

  2. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Having Mike Williams return kicks of any kind is stupid. You just gave him $40 mill to be your #2, and you risk injury?

  3. PRBucFan Says:

    I trust our organization, so if they make him the punt returner than they are seeing something or understand something that I don’t. That’s why they are the ones getting paid to make the decisions.

    As far as Revis goes, dang lol the stiff arm/spin move was great. I wasn’t expecting it, it’s like the play got better and better jaja.

  4. RastaMon Says:

    bait thread…..gotta sell those banner ads

  5. Bobby Says:

    @Rasta….wah gwan… Joe e no bait…don be rudeboy..jus bout coil mon.

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    off topic : EJ Manuel tweets this question.
    What’s your favorite time of the year? Beginning of football season?…. or Christmas?
    Any answers?

  7. RastaMon Says:

    @Bobbie….bait thread….

  8. Buc1987 Says:

    Rasta…he’s letting you know that in tommorows practice Mike Williams will be returning punts. Something he never does. How is that a bait thread? Light up another spliff and chill.

  9. RastaMon Says:

    Oh…my mistake….it is not even bait…just a MEANLESS chum thread…meaningless

  10. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Mike Williams is in the mix to return punts for the Bucs this year about as much as I am.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Let Myron do it…

  12. MadMax Says:

    I wouldnt want that for Williams….too much tied up in him for our 2nd WR….I mean, come on.

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    @Hawaiian…you are correct sir!

  14. RustyRhino Says:

    Great block by 18 took out two defenders, bam! No return without that block. I am not excited to see Williams or Revis return kicks.

  15. Nick2 Says:

    Sorry I am not getting this either. Punt returns can be career shortening events. Any old time Bucs fans remember the name Nathan Wonsley? Look it up, as an undrafted rookie he started one Buc season with about 3 or 4 games of very respectable numbers. They put him in on a punt return to return kicks and he never played another down in the NFL. Please not Mike Williams….unless your talking about once or twice a season.