Shaun King Predicts Decisive Bucs Loss

November 21st, 2012

The Bucs are taking a big step up in class of opponent on Sunday to the Falcons, and former Bucs quarterback Shaun King, now an NFL analyst for NBC Sports Network, thinks the Bucs aren’t ready yet to tango at that level.

One of three QBs to lead the Bucs to the NFC Championship game, King says he expects a good thumping from Atlanta despite saying the Falcons are “not world beaters when you watch them on film.”

“I think they’ll beat us pretty good,” King said on WDAE-AM 620 before predicting a 27-13 defeat.

King went to say he believes the Bucs will struggle to protect Josh Freeman and the Falcons will bring their A-game Sunday.

King also said the Bucs need to use a “proven” back like Doug Martin more and work to be more of a “run-first team” and maximize play-action.The high-flying heroics of Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams are not something the Bucs can count on. “That’s not something that’s sustainable,” King said.

Joe definitely disagrees with some of King’s takes. The Bucs have done an extraordinary job protecting Josh Freeman, and Donald Penn has historically fared well against John Abraham, who leads Atlanta with nine sacks. Given the Falcons struggles stopping the run, for this game Joe suspects the Bucs will no doubt be a run-first team, even if that’s not the strategy moving forward.

As for King’s score prediction, well, the Bucs haven’t lost a game by more than a touchdown all season. And Joe hardly expects this to be the week that happens. Joe is expecting a tight game that comes down to the final two minutes.

70 Responses to “Shaun King Predicts Decisive Bucs Loss”

  1. Adam Says:

    God damn, he’s fat. He looks like George Foreman.

  2. Kennedy Says:

    Shaun King just ruined my morning

  3. gcarr Says:

    Bitter much. This A$$hole rarely has anything good to say. Stop eating so much.

  4. Adam Says:

    I would like to remind the loyal readers of JoeBucsFan.com that Shaun King was beaten out for the back-up quarterback job by Rob Johnson.

    For those unfamiliar with Rob Johnson, his nickname was “Robosack.”

    That means, coaches looked at Shaun and looked at Rob and said, “You know, given their skills, we would rather take the quarterback who’s reputation for taking sacks is so great that he has a nickname other than the guy who was the starter 2 years prior.”

  5. Brad Says:

    I’m tired of this blow hard talking period. 620 continues to do things that force people to switch to 98.7. Everytime this marshmallow man is on the radio I switch to the other guys. That’s also includes birthday challenges, Ron’s repeated talking about running batches, and Ian being negative about the Bucs. I haven’t listened to Ron and Ian since they finally put another local station on.. And Shaun King segments makes it easy to see why I chose to switch.

  6. flmike Says:

    The Falcons have been taken to the wall by two not very good teams and was beaten by a decent team in a three week time span, they may have peaked already, and now it looks like Julio Jones may be out for them this week. I like our chances, I say it’s close but a Bucs win, especially since I’ll be there to witness it. 24-17 Bucs Win, Bucs WIn, Bucs Win!!!

  7. Brian Says:

    Win or lose, how are the Falcons going to hold our offense to 13 points? I swear some “analysts” don’t put any thought into a question until they’re actually asked to answer it. Statement win time baby.

  8. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    OMG…that CLOWN is FAT !!!!!!!!!!!! He’s ready to have a Heart Attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. J 2.0 Says:

    LOL @ Adam

    Aren’t the Bucs undefeated when King predicts them to lose? This might be a good sign. I think the Bucs win big personally. The Falcons are overrated. They can pass the ball, which gives them a good matchup against us. They cannot run the ball. We know that. So we can finally play the pass all game and probably be succesful. I expect the Bucs to win 31-20. I’m a hack, but I predicted the Vikings blowout and this feels like that to me.

  10. Bobby Says:

    That is just a stupid analogy. The Falcons struggled against teams like the Raiders and got beat by New Orleans. How does that make them out of our class? We can play with anyone and are capable of beating anyone. We have just as many if not more weapons than Atlanta and we will make them 1 dimensional because they won’t run against us. If we beat Atlanta last year with the team we had then I like our chances against them this year. We may get beat but it’s not going to be a beat down. No one has man handled us yet and I certainly don’t expect Atlanta to be the first. A play here or a play there and we could be undefeated and this Bozo thinks that Atlanta is going to come into our house and beat up on us? I just don’t see it. I think close game but we beat them at home and they beat us later at their house.

  11. Mavsmoney Says:

    Is that Shaun Rogers or Shaun king?

  12. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    I listened to that interview and it made no sense, he says the Falcs are an average team yet they are going to blow us out at home?

    VJax and Mike Will have been beasts all season but now a suspect secondary is going to shut them down?

    Doug Martin vs the 26th ranked run defense not to mention the #1 scoring offense in the NFL and we can only put up 13 points?


  13. J 2.0 Says:

    Joe, this is brilliant. Nothing lights up the message boards like a Shaun King article.

  14. Bucsbabe Says:

    I’m mad at myself for even reading that nonsense! He really knows how to get under everyone’s skin. All I can say is I hope we kick ass Sunday Go Bucs!

  15. kncuknbuc Says:

    Geez, again with this clown Joe? What’s your obsession with him? Im actually glad king didn’t pick us because most of what he says turns out to be opposite anyways so now I fully expect us to win. Thanks for the reassurement, King. At first he says we shouldn’t even be close to beating them but then says the falcons aren’t world beaters? This fat slob has been eating to many mcd’s he can’t even remember what the hell he says. And again joe king didn’t lead us to jack squat. He was just the crappy qb that happened to be playing for us at the time. If it wasn’t for him we would of probably won a superbowl. All he had to do was score 14+ and we win how hard is that. He sucked and was a terrible at qb we shoulda had him put on a couple pounds which it seems hes quite good at and played him at ol.

    Joe has no obsession with King. Joe simply finds King credible and interesting, as does NBC Sports, therefore Joe often shares Kings takes. Why so many of you hurl insults at King is mind-boggling. One day a USF sociology student should do a thesis on Shaun King hate. It would be a fascinating study. –Joe

  16. Adam Says:

    He was only a quarterback because he thought the coach said, “quarter-pounder.”

  17. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    I think Atlanta will win but his prediction is ridiculous. First off, ATL squeaked out wins against Oakland, Arizona, and Carolina and barely beat Denver after the broncos had 4 or 5 first half turnovers. Nothing they have done score wise suggests they can blow out any team much less a good one.

    Also, Carolina’s pass rush is way better than atlantas and we managed it just fine.

    Atlanta has a terrible run d and a hobbled secondary. How in the heck Shaun King thinks that defense will keep us from scoring more than 13 is baffling. That’s the worst part. 13? Where is that coming from? We are averaging 35 in the last 6. 13? Just Shaun King and his sour grapes again. Just wrong.

  18. jLM Says:

    Hey Shaun go eat another Twinkie before they’re all sold out Tubby.

  19. Tim Says:

    I am so tired of S. King, he is nothing but sour grapes. I have met the man and he is a nice guy, but he never has a single positive to say about the Bucs. King must not of watched much Falcons film this year, while they can look fast and very good at times. The also look lost and average at best other times. If Ryan throws us a couple of picks you can give the Bucs the W, but if Freeman plays like he did last week we will be in trouble.

  20. Kennedy Says:

    So much hate. I can’t imagine this crew on Thanksgiving. “Hey, Grandma, you got f’n fat this year.”

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    Adam, LOL!!!

    I see it the other way around. I think the Falcons get brought back down to earth. Julio has a bum ankle and Weatherspoon, if he even plays, can’t be 100%. Ryan struggled last week with 5 picks. The Bucs D line is starting to mesh after losing Clayborn and Bowers is stepping up. I’m not even going to talk about the Buc’s Offense.

    Bucs 34 – Birds 16

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    I also predict the Bucs will win the Coin Toss and defer.

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    They should have flexed this game to Sunday night and a little Faith Hill action.

  24. blackmagic00 Says:

    Damn all you guys just made my day. Lmao. Ty Joe for posting this a$$ clowns prediction.

  25. Dan Says:

    Shaun Who?

  26. mikeck Says:

    “King also said the Bucs need to use a “proven” back like Doug Martin more and work to be more of a “run-first team” and maximize play-action”

    Am I the only one who realized after the Minnesota game that the willingness of the Bucs to throw downfield successfully in the Chiefs game and second half of the redskins game opened up the run for Martin? Cant stack the box anymore.

    Its not 1982..you dont run to set up the pass. You have to have balance. When is the last time a “run to set up the pass” team won the superbowl? If they come out with 8 in the box, why try running? take advantge of the fade against man coverage.

  27. Gt40bear Says:

    Who cares what a Buc hating, never was, ex-QB says on a Buc hating radio station. While I think the Falcons probably win, I feel they will have to earn it! Go Bucs! Slap Matty Ice around!

  28. raphael Says:

    LMAO That dude must be mad he hasn’t eaten anything in the last 10 min….. should be a great game ..

  29. CarlosI Says:

    Shaun King is just being a hater! Lets face it Shaun, this Era is a Historic one!! Yours, although nice, but not historic.
    Bucs All Day Sonnn!!

  30. SteveK Says:

    I didn’t even read what Shaun King had to say. I don’t want to be angry going into Thanksgiving.

    I can’t take anything Shaun King says, as his hands were too small to hold and protect the football properly. Maybe, when he grows up and can hold onto the rock I will listen?

  31. Gusjackson Says:

    What about this Bucs team leads anyone to think that this team won’t be prepared. 37-13 would mean the bucs weren’t prepared for this game. Mr. King is just doing this for “credibility”. I don’t judge an analyst by how they correctly predict games but how well they explain their predictions. King contradicted himself IN THE SAME PARAGRAPH. He said the Falcons aren’t world beaters and said they can not stop the run. They will be going against a proven runner in Martin. Well that doesn’t usually set up for a victory and especially a blow out. What King could have said was Atlanta hasn’t been playing well for the past few weeks but will get back on track with the Bucs bad pass defense. That would have made sense. I wouldn’t agree with him but at least that would make sense. He also has to explain how the bucs….the number 1 scoring offense for the past few weeks!…..is only going to score 13 points. What are the Falcons going to be able to do that Carolina( pretty good defense), Oakland(good interior and still couldn’t stop Martin), Chargers (great passing attack), Chiefs(at the time was pretty good on defense) and the Saints(winning by a questionable call) COULD NOT DO. And thats stop the Buccaneers from scoring more than 20. This is a poor analysis. If this guy is credible…….where do I sign up. Even going back to when he said Freeman needed a shrink. What does he think now. Does he think Freeman went to a shrink or that maybe he was wrong? No he just make a statement and moves on like it never happened. Game analysis should be an option with facts to back it. I can understand how he thinks ATL will score points against a bad pass defense, but the other said was never explained. THIS IS WHY WE “HATE” HIM JOE. HE DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!

  32. Mainebuc Says:


    This is why Tampa fans do not like Shaun King. He is far too pessimistic. A blow out in Tampa? After the Falcons should have lost to the Cardinals in the Georgia Dome? C’Mon man.

  33. Gusjackson Says:


  34. 911bucs Says:

    We just about beat the Saints. My opinion is Dree Brees is better and more accomplished than Matty Ice. I see this game going down to the last minute of the game. Go Bucs!

  35. Drew Says:

    Damn if he doesn’t look like the Pillsbury Doughboy. I think he played a significant part in Ghostbusters. He may have even played the part of Fat Bastard in The Spy Who Shagged Me.

    King is clueless.

  36. Justin Says:

    Damn, Shaun has really let himself go. What a mess.

  37. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I disagree with Shaun King but some of you immature little kids need to learn how to take someone else’s opinion with a level head and stop overreacting emotionally. Why not offer your own opinion in return and back it up with some facts & observations of your own? What does someone’s weight and/or whether or not he’s a HOF QB have to do with it? He’s a man offering his own take. Simple as that.

    Get over it…damn. You act as if his opinion is worthless but your own homerish feelings are fact. Don’t you realize your own feelings are just as subjective as his are? That your own prediction on the outcome of the game is just as much a shot in the dark as his prediction? I’m telling you, sometimes I’m embarrassed to be a sports fan because of the imbeciles who populate that segment of society. Get a life and get a clue already.

  38. lakeland fan Says:

    Can’t accuse King of being a homer.Wonder if he even watches Buc games.

  39. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Hahhahaha his wife must be miserable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Brad Says:

    I love this. We as bloggers can argue and disagree about this or that but someone bashes our team we come together in Buc Nation and make them wish they weren’t alive. You think the likes of Ira, Tom Jones, Ian, and Fat Boy would learn. Don’t Fu** with us!!

  41. skp Says:

    the homer in me wants to rant and denounce shaun king, but the logical NFL fan in me says that the bucs will suffer their worst loss of the year on sunday. neither team has stepped up and squashed mediocre opponents this year, but the matchup between the falcons QB\WRs\TE and the bucs pass defense favors the falcons way too much. we have too many inconsistent stretches on offense to keep up in a shootout with them and i do believe that matt ryan’s 5 pick day was the sort of complete fluke every good QB has once in a blue moon. i’ll be rooting for a win, but i won’t drive home from RJS in shock if they make us look like playoff pretenders sunday

  42. OAR Says:

    Boobytrap backwards is partyboob. Carry on.

  43. stratobuc Says:

    I don’t know why anyone would listen to anything said by a washed up former mediocre player, who was carried by everyone else on the roster. King sucked when he played, and he’s still sucking now as an “analyst”. His 15 minutes were up about ten years ago.

  44. SensibleBuc Says:

    “Joe definitely disagrees with some of King’s takes. The Bucs have done an extraordinary job protecting Josh Freeman, and Donald Penn has historically fared well against John Abraham, who leads Atlanta with nine sacks.”

    I disagree with your disagreement Joe. Carolina showed last week just how flimsy our protection is. We made each one of their defensive linemen look like a pro bowlers for about 56 minutes.

  45. JJ1977 Says:

    This BUM also said the Bucs would go 5-11 this season!!
    Bucs over the Falcons 28-24…

  46. Jbeachbuc Says:

    I think the reason I dislike “the hometown Shaun King” is because he was gifted the starting job when Dilfer went down with a broken collarbone, Dilfer believe it or not was playing well, and IMO he could have let the defense carry him to the NFC Championship just as King did. The big difference for me is I know Trent wouldn’t show up to work every off-season fat and out of shape. He never seemed to sacrifice (put down the cheeseburger and pick up some weights) and do what he needed to do to excell. So therefore he screwed the team and his hometown area … So screw him.

  47. Rob Says:

    Whenever this has been Jaba the Hut looking bonehead says something, I just laugh and move on to real reporting. Don’t pay attention to what he says as he normally gets things dead wrong. The Bucs will be prepared this weekend, as they have been in every game under Coach Schiano. If we run the ball, don’t turn the ball over, and take shots downfield when the Falcons stack the box to stop the unstoppable Double Deuce, the Bucs will have a good chance to once again silence their critics. Bucs 35, Falcons 31. Go Bucs!

  48. Biff Barker Says:

    Less of King on JBF please.

  49. AK Says:

    Lock of the week, win, lose, tie, whatever…Shaun King will consume no less than 200 hot wings, hit on no less than 200 waitresses,and draw interest from no more than 0 of said waitresses.

  50. Brandon Says:

    Let’s see… I stated before the season that the Bucs would go 9-7 (http://www.joebucsfan.com/?p=73088#comments) and I even stated as I ran down on a game-by-game basis: Bucs answer the critics and doubters and go out and manhandle the Falcons, team moves to 6-5 as Bucs trounce dirty birds 27-10.

    Now I wrongly predicted the Bucs would be 5-5 going into the game (sue me!) and now after seeing King say 27-13 I feel I need to change my pick… I like his number and I agree, Bucs win 27-13. Atlanta will be manhandled by the stronger, more physical team.

    As for Shaun “Burger” King. He hasn’t been right this season, he’s rarely been right as an analyst, and he was never right as a player. The thing that held him back most as a player was his poor work ethic (good feel for the game, average tools, good game player, but did not work hard in practice or study the film) is also holding him back in life. Work ethic. He hasn’t watched tape, he doesn’t make the effort to come to logical conclusions, and he fails to push himself away from the buffet table.

  51. BucsOrDie!!! Says:

    Honestly I’m a little disappointed in my Buccs fan based not because of the attendance but because how we always doubting this team this year. I’m tired of people worrying about who Atlanta or anybody else got, let them worry about who we got smh. They got Matt ryAn we got Free they got Gonzalez we got Clark they turner we got Martin they got Roddy and Julio we got VJax and Mike they got weatherspoon we got Lavonte and etc. This Buccs team haven’t lost a game by more then a touchdown yet people still say “Atlanta will probably win” why??? So we got a bad pass def they got a bad run defense last time I check running the ball controls the game and passing yards and actually scoring is two different things. All I know is this Buccs team can play with anybody and until a team beat the fight out of us I’m always predict a Buccaneer victory becuz they atleast earned that much.

  52. Oahubuc Says:

    Maybe he thinks he’s still under center. If that were the case, his 13 point prediction would be accurate as long as the D scored. Clown.

  53. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Last week when King actually said something positive I said it wouldn’t be long before he resorted to old ways.

  54. Joe Says:


    Carolina showed last week just how flimsy our protection is. We made each one of their defensive linemen look like a pro bowlers for about 56 minutes.

    That’s what happens when your offensive line is decimated by injuries, including down two Pro Bowlers.

  55. Jimmy Says:

    You jackwagons can’t handle the truth. If you lived in Atlanta in the Civil War, you SOBs have such rosecolored glasses you’d actually say that Sherman at least took care of the controled burning for the season for you.

    Lay off Shaun King. You guys act like he gave your sisters the clap. He did more for the Bucs than Josh Freeman ever has.

  56. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    I love Shaun King and the weekly article featuring him. If he was a member of the Buccaneer Amen Chorus, he would be unemployed.

    I would never predict the outcome of this game, but I’m glad someone does. I usually pay attention to what Bucobruce predicts.

    How can anyone figure out this team. When they got the ball before the half they had 2:45 to go. They ran one play and brought it down to the 2:00 warning. A complete waste of time. Then they shot themselves in the foot and gave it back to the opponent with 1:00 left.

    11 points down in the 4th quarter and they performed miracle after miracle to come back and win. Which team is going to play the Falcons?

    The Bucs should tie in a “Red Dawn” promotion coordinating Sunday’s game with the opening of the movie. Many college teams are using “Black Outs” to increase attendance at home games. It could become a regular theme.

  57. Fred Says:

    Can’t we just stop covering fatty fatty small hands? I seriously don’t know how such an ignorant unsuccessful player ever made it into the NFL analyst realm. He is qualified to analyze high school football, but not much else!

  58. Dreambig Says:

    I agree with Mikeck 1000%. All year it’s been our pass setting up the run. As soon as our coaching staff stopped the “we run when we want to” nonsense, and Josh started lighting it up down field, then all the sudden Doug became much more successful. Same thing last week, Freeman comes out of his slump, hits some passes, and suddenly Doug is breaking off big runs. King is ass backwards and clearly has not been watching. When Freeman is on his game, our offense and Doug Martin are damn near unstoppable.

  59. Lion Says:

    He made no valid argument at all, he seems bitter that the Bucs are having so much success so quickly and almost like he is wanting a loss, just so he can say “I told you so”. The Falcons are the most over rated team the NFL has seen is quite some time, they have been barely winning their last several games and Matt Ryan threw 5 picks against a piss poor team. Yanno, the same Falcons that managed a mere 2 points in a home playoff game last year. The same Falcons that got beat by the Raheem Morris’ version of the Buc’s last year. See the trend?

    “The high-flying heroics of Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams are not something the Bucs can count on. “That’s not something that’s sustainable,” King said.”

    Did he forget that we have Doug Martin? It’s totally sustainable, when teams are loading the box to try to slow down Martin and the pure talent of Vjax and Williams on the outside, coupled with Freeman’s home run hitter, the play action pass, it is almost unstoppable. Seriously. Who is King trying to fool?

    The Bucs offense is dangerous folks and can they hang with any team in the NFL.

  60. iamabuc Says:

    Iam sick and tire of this “burger King” guy and of Gary Shelton, they always have something negative to say about the Bucs. The way I see it, the Bucs are good enough to trash the Falcons and I believe they will, after all, the Falcons are beatable, specially if the Bucs play their best game, just be positive and don’t even pay attention to this guy, who obviously is munching down on something when the Bucs are playing and not watching.

  61. DenverBuc Says:

    Jeez – what happened to him? He is double the size he used to be!

    Apparently he not only is not staying physically sharp, but mentally, too.

    What I don’t like about his “opinions” is how sensational they are. He very often does not just take a stance or state an opinion – he does so in a way that begs people to attack his opinion. He incites people on purpose.

    My guess is that he either does not think that way in real life, or he has just turned into an old bitter fat man who wishes he wasn’t old and fat and lashes out to make himself feel better about life. It is easier to criticize others that to look at yourself!

  62. DenverBuc Says:

    +1 This:

    Brandon Says:

    As for Shaun “Burger” King. He hasn’t been right this season, he’s rarely been right as an analyst, and he was never right as a player. The thing that held him back most as a player was his poor work ethic (good feel for the game, average tools, good game player, but did not work hard in practice or study the film) is also holding him back in life. Work ethic. He hasn’t watched tape, he doesn’t make the effort to come to logical conclusions, and he fails to push himself away from the buffet table.

  63. Tom Says:

    Mother father!!! Shaung King!!!!!!!!!If u have nothing good to say..Plz don’t say it at all…. No wonder 1010 or 98.7 don’t want u there…….So negative….

  64. Adam Says:

    Jimmy Says:
    November 21st, 2012 at 2:43 pm
    You jackwagons can’t handle the truth. If you lived in Atlanta in the Civil War, you SOBs have such rosecolored glasses you’d actually say that Sherman at least took care of the controled burning for the season for you.

    Lay off Shaun King. You guys act like he gave your sisters the clap. He did more for the Bucs than Josh Freeman ever has.

    Excuse me “Jimmy.” Would you mind laying out Shaun King’s credentials for me and what he’s done for the Bucs?

  65. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sean “Burger” King” I like that, good stuff.

    OAR, you crack me up.

    Sean King should call Mike Tomlin and see if he can get a tryout with the Steelers. Even at 400 lbs, he can’t be much worse than Leftwich with a busted rib.

  66. holymoly Says:

    I don’t know what the outcome or score will be but if matt threw 5 picks against the cards he doesn’t wanna see the Bucs . I believe Doug Martin will run rampant against the #30 ranked run defense . And good luck covering V-Jack and Williams and Tiquan or Lorig or Clark . Yea shaun , they’ll probaly blow us out ! Eat another Quarter Pounder with cheese and STFU !!

  67. BigMacAttack Says:

    Weird, my earlier comment didn’t post. But that’s ok because I really don’t know what I’m talking about anyway…… kind of like Sean King. Idiot.

  68. Jwayne Says:

    You sir are one snickers bar away from diabetes! This cheese burger locker makes no sense!

  69. Justbuc Says:

    I’m quoting this from a comment of a previous blog:
    It’s amusing to see people that were cut from their junior varsity high school teams think they know more then a 6 yr NFL QB. Many on here blast King for a lack of performance(at the NFL LEVEL!)… Who are you to criticize? How far did Mark Dominik go in ball? How bout Raheem? (Schiano)Does that mean that cant judge talent? Most of the people on this board think the only former athletes with an ability to provide analysis is a former Pro Bowler… If that’s the case, it looks like the Bucs Dline coach is the only guy in the Bucs org that should have an opinion.

  70. Rob Says:

    The mature fan in me that would never make a fat joke, says I don’t like the match-up of Ryan throwing against our secondary. That being said…HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY JUST ATE BYRON LEFTWICH!

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