Offense, Defense Confusing Undefined Freeman

October 1st, 2012

“The problem you have with a guy like Josh Freeman, we’ve seen him make all the throws. … This is a guy we’ve seen throw it to the open area, let the receiver get it. We’ve seen him drive it in the seam with authority and accurately. And he can throw that ball up over the top. So the tangibles are there. He’s big. He can run. We’ve seen him do it in the past. So this where, if they somehow sneak out a win yesterday, it’s obviously not as magnified. But the problem is he hasn’t really defined himself yet. ‘Am I going to be a pocket guy? And if I am, when I go through my progression before I leave the huddle, I have to know where my checkdown is. If I don’t like what I see or I’m confused, I have to know where Doug Martin is checking down. I have to know where that release route is to get it out of my hands.’ Because sometimes it’s like, in your fourth year you have to know when that clock goes off when those rushers are going to get there. Sometimes he looks tremendous, and sometimes you’re wondering why he’s hanging on to it for so long.”– Former Bucs tight end and current network radio analyst Dave Moore on Josh Freeman.

Moore’s interview below on the Ron and Ian Show on WDAE-AM 620 is well worth the listen. Click below.

Among many other topics, Moore breaks down why he believes the Bucs offense, as well as opposing defenses, are confusing Freeman, plus other discussion of No. 5 and the Bucs defense.

22 Responses to “Offense, Defense Confusing Undefined Freeman”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    It’s simple, some QB’s have IT and some don’t.

    Freeman DOESN’T.

    Joe you had it right 4 years ago – Freeman was/is a bust in waiting.

    If Tampa wants to continue to be a losing Franchise then yes Freeman IS the Tampa franchise QB. I’ve seen way too much and I’m convinced he is NOT the answer and it’s time to move on.

  2. Eric Says:

    Delayed bust maybe. But this Wannstedt approach with Ron Turner sprinkled in is depressing.

    We dont have the freakin running game or smothering defense to support it.

    Its a one way ticket to mediocrity at best.

  3. Ladyz Says:

    Joe, would you please ask Schano about his statement about players having to earn their play time. Why hasn’t he replaced Freeman when he stinks so bad? This along with Tiquan playing so well, is about to nulify Schano’s credibility. Set Freeman down, no more prevent defense and live up to your “play to the last second”. I’m Lady Z and I approved this ! Got to laugh about something.

  4. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I’m as frustrated with Freeman as much as any other fan, but I’ve noticed that he does well when they open up the offense. The times he sucks are when they try to keep that ball-control crap going. Schiano seems hell bent on trying to make every drive take ten minutes. They don’t open things up and set Freeman free until it’s an emergency that they need points to catch back up late in the game.

    They need to open things up early and often. I don’t care if drives only use up three or four minutes on the clock because POINTS ARE MORE EFFING IMPORTANT THAN USING UP THE CLOCK! Get that into your thick head Schiano!

  5. Bobby Says:

    Not sure Freeman is the answer either but ‘move on’ to what?? If you are picking #1 or #2 in the draft then you have the ability to get the top QB in the NFL draft but we won’t be picking there. I expect us to do a lot better as the season progresses.

    It’s 4 games into the season and unlike last year we actually have to watch or listen to the entire game to find out who wins. That alone encourages me.

  6. patrickbucs Says:

    I totally agree FlyBoy. I don’t understand why we have to wait until late in the 3rd or 4th quarter to open it up. The rush defense has been very dissapointing as well which hasn’t helped. If Vincent Jackson or Mike Willams are in man coverage Freeman should be able to chekc out of it and throw it up so they can go it. It’s worked a number of times this year so continue to exploit. Then the oppostion will have to drop a safety back for help and he can check into runs.

  7. patrickbucs Says:

    I meant rush offense, well after last game add rush defense:)

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    It’s a PASSING LEAGUE. I’ve said this for a long time…years. I bought into the Schiano way, run first…blah blah. The reality is Freeman works best when it’s a pass first mentality. Go back and look at all his come backs or heavy passing games. He gets in a groove. Hell, look at his K-State play even. We went pass heavy this game and Freeman did fairly well considering Larsen and Dotson were getting beat like a drum…so much so we had to give them RB and TE help on blocks in the second half – WHICH gave Freeman some time and he found his groove.

    Let us not forget he’s still learning a new offense and we ALL knew this would be at LEAST a half year for him to get comfortable with coaches and players. After 4 games we are at our expected\predicted 1-3 record and have been in EVERY game. So much so, a few plays here or there and we could be 4-0.

    Lighten up people – the BUCS are going to be ok.

  9. BucFan20 Says:

    Here we go with the excuses again. New system my Azz. Throwing behind, way in front, at peoples feet, over their heads and staring down receivers is not the system. It’s the same old Freeman. When the other team tries to cover deep knowing they need 2 scores the put more men back which gives Freeman more time. The O line can at least pick them up. He got lucky on 2 bombs. Ever notice his receivers look back at him when he’s off target like asking where the hell were you throwing that to? Most of his passes receivers have to dive for , leap or layout. Good QBs know what to do under pressure and don’t panic. Freeman is Freeman. If he keeps it up after this season he will be a Free Man.

  10. Caleb Says:

    sick of hearing how well josh plays when we “open up” the offence. He only plays well when we are down and defense goes into prevent like the skins did yesterday. freeman is bad, i sat in the stands and watched him stare down every receiver he threw to. And if i can tell you where its going before he throws it, im sure the defense can to. As i recall we were 3-1 last year at this point. As a REALISTIC bucs fan i can say to this point in the season as compared to last year we are no better. who knows this is the same team that quit after starting 3-1 who knows after 1-3

  11. KT Says:

    This is a tough call, hard to put everything on freeman when he did enough to win the game yesterday and the defense failed miserably, especially on the last RG3 drive. I will never say he is a top 10 QB but when he is allowed to throw the ball he looks much better than he does when the coaches try to go into control mode and force little Doug Martin up the middle. You let him throw he makes plays, you make him run and run again and pass only on 3rd down he looks awful. There is plenty of blame to go around for this but it starts with coaching, offensive and defensive alike. Explain how the RG3 scramble and the porous defense with under 2 min left is Freeman’s fault???

  12. BucFan20 Says:

    Explain how Freeman missed the pass on the last drive.

  13. tye Says:

    My young son asked me during the game yesterday why I liked the Bucs…. When I gave him my answer he said, “Well OK but I have decided that they just consistantly suck so I am going to be a fan of ?”….

    He is right so I can’t criticize him for his desicion…. If only the Bucs could find a REAL quality NFL QB to turn this mess around!

  14. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    Josh has his swag back! He overcame his poor play in the first half and put the team in a postion to close the deal, but defensive play calling doomed us!

  15. KT Says:

    @bucfan 20 I can explain it like this, he should not have been throwing in the first place on the last drive. That more than any other time was the time to run and use clock and make Washington burn time outs. That again falls on poor coaching and playcalling. Under 2 min, in fg range and you call a throw??? Awful decision. I wouldn’t do that in Madden much less real football

  16. Colorado Buc Says:

    Freeman will benefit from having a O-Coordinator for more than one season, so PLEASE stop trying to run Sullivan out of town after 4 games(to bandwagoneers). Sullivan is gaining experience as well, if you didn’t notice there were not very many successful coordinators hitting the market, unless it was for a head coaching gig.

    The fan base needs to be patient, this is not our year, we need to understand this. Understand that ownership tried by spending huge money, and enjoy the good things they boys are putting on tape. There is PLENTY of good being put on tape.

    #1 priority for Bucs this offseason is a shutdown corner, and complimentray safety to Barron. The LB’s are looking much better, the D-Line needs more depth for rotation, once our secondary is in place everyone will look better.

  17. KT Says:

    Colorado I hear what you are saying about consistency but Sulliavn’s play selection in general is very questionable. He may be gaining experience but where is the common football sense to run the ball under 2 min when trying to run te clock as much as possible so the opposition does not get it back? Why throw there and risk Interception (which almost happened) and clock stoppage? Or in the previous games on 3rd down and 4-5 and running Martin? This is not smart football. If he made better calls on the field and freeman just didn’t complete them that’s another issue but these are just bad football plays that should never be called based on the situation. Just speaking having been a coach on some level before…

  18. Colorado Buc Says:

    I hear you, but if he completed the pass we wouldn’t be talking today. Sullivan will learn, but that was a batted ball that could have been a crucial first down. If it was caught then we run 3 times and kick it…the clock dwindles, and Sullivan is a genius.

    I agree with what you are saying, but I still think the guy deserves a chance to learn. Playing musical coaches slows the progress in the development of Freeman and the rest of the team. I think Schiano has the right idea and will be a good coach for us. The question is, will we give him the chance to do it?

  19. Oahubuc Says:

    Offense, defense, shapes, spacial relationships, colors, sounds… all of these things are confusing Freeman. He’s a vegetable.

  20. 1976Buc Says:

    @Tye, my young son asked why we didn’t just let Blount run the ball this year and use our 1st round pick to get a QB? Maybe we should let them go to work for the Bucs because they make a lot of sense.

  21. greg slother Says:

    I have no idea why you insist on defending Freeman. The guy is a Raheem legagcy disaster. A mediocre QB at every level. Raheem wanted to be Tomlin so a big QBwas on his agenda. Problem is Freeman is big and that’s it

  22. DrJ Says:

    Don’t understand why we don’t use Blount more often.