Bucs Lucky To Have Tiquan Underwood

October 14th, 2012

When Joe watched so many training camp and preseason practices this summer, there was one player who jumped out repeatedly: Tiquan Underwood.

The former Rutgers (always important) and Patriots wide receiver was making play after play in each practice, and continued to do so in preseason games.

Yet, when the final cuts were made, Joe was flabbergasted to learn Underwood was a causality. Joe just couldn’t believe this and still Joe shakes his head.

Early in the season, Underwood was brought back when Sammie Stroughter went on the injured reserve list and Preston Parker was sent packing.

Underwood showed again today why he is a valuable receiver, and perhaps the Bucs new No. 3 receiver when he fought Chiefs defensive back Kendrick Lewis for a pass that turned into a 62-yard reception.

Underwood spoke about the play, and what it meant to return to the Bucs and play significant roles in games.

“We made plays for [Josh Freeman] today,” Underwood said. “[Lewis] actually tipped it, I was trying to reach for it, we were righting for it, fortunately, I was able to catch it. As receivers, we do a lot of ball drills and with [Bucs receivers coach] P.J. Fleck, we work on a lot of things.

“For me, I just control what I can control, and that is my play. I cannot control who they cut. I can’t control roster moves but I can control my play. I did that in the preseason and I am trying to do that now.”

16 Responses to “Bucs Lucky To Have Tiquan Underwood”

  1. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Did Benn even run a single route in this game? I saw him blocking on a couple run plays but that was it.

  2. raphael Says:

    underwood is a player ! not sure about the haircut …lol

  3. Jrock(mobile) Says:

    From being cut from the Pats to his rollercoaster ride with the Bucs, Underwood has showcased class and a great attitude. I hope he has a long future with the Bucs man, he’s a great asset

  4. BucFan20 Says:

    Love the way these articles lined up. Time Management then this. They can not manage time . They better be glad Time was on their side and nobody got him before they could get him back. We all knew how good he was but it took time for for management to figure it out.

  5. passenger27 Says:

    Benn on the trade block… really doesn’t fit this offense well at all Mike Clayton 2.0

  6. Ladyz Says:

    @ Jrock, I agree 100%. This guy has really displayed real character. Don’t cut him again.

  7. Nate Says:

    Benn = bust

  8. FloridaGirl Says:

    T.U. was a great add during training camp and bringing him back gives me more faith in the coaching staff. I don’t think he should have been released and time has proven his value to the team. He has always been a high class guy through the process and is the best slot receiver we have on the team. Seems to fit the mold of a ‘Buccaneer Man’…Keep him this time.

  9. 1976Buc Says:

    Underwood is another one of those Schiano personnel decisions that’s just hard to explain.

  10. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Luckily, Tiquan had completed the gauntlets and his legs had recovered. It was a no brainer to resign him.

    I may be wrong but I don’t think the Bucs have been able to sign, sprint and play anyone new this year. It keeps biting them in the ass week after week.

  11. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Miguel, you should write fiction novels…it’s clear that you make things up as you go along here.

  12. sandbagrudy Says:

    The guy they need to keep involved in the gameplan is eraserhead Underdog the kidd makes Plays kidd and play Albert made mention of his 80′s retro hightop fade during the game that catch changed the direction of the game

  13. lurker Says:

    hey pete, did you uhear about miguel thinking cancer is a fungus? this guy never lets facts get in the way of his opinions/comments!

  14. PewterC Says:

    The Bucs aren’t “lucky” to have Underwood. They’re “lucky” that their stupidity didn’t bite them in their rear ends for cutting him in the first place. He was a clear standout performer throughout TC & pre-season.

    I’m glad his talent is now more appreciated.

  15. Jwayne Says:

    So glad we brought him back! Good receiver even better attitude! I seen him at the cheese cake factory after the game, super cool guy! Make him our #3 and trade Benn while we can still get something for him!

  16. Mike J Says:

    Interesting that they had Underwood in the slot (how many plays?). That will present some real match-up problems on down the road; slot corners rarely run real well.
    Yeah, Joe, when Tiquan was cut, I said to empty air, ”He must be asking himself, ‘What more can I do?’.”

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