Trading Blount Would Be Foolish

September 1st, 2012

Tampa Bay Times beat writer Stephen Holder says fans shouldn’t be surprised if LeGarrette Blount is traded because Michael Smith might have made him expendable. Joe is horrified by this speculation.

Greg Schiano wants to “run the football.” He’s said it a hundred different ways.

His Bucs came out in their first possession of the preseason and ran four times on 4th-and-goal in Miami. Touchdown!

Months ago, Joe joined an off-the-record luncheon with Schiano and various media types. Joe asked Schiano only one question. Essentially, the question was, “what the heck does this ‘run the football’ really mean because we’ve heard that before about how the Bucs want to run the football?”

While Joe can’t reveal Schiano’s answer, Joe feels comfortable saying Schiano really embraces everything that a fan of the ground game could want “run the football” to mean.

So it is with horror that Joe reads Stephen Holder’s speculation tonight that the Bucs’ acquisition of former Giants backup running back D.J. Ware means LeGarrette Blount could be on the trading block.

We can’t assume anything, but you should be careful not to rule anything out, either. That includes the possibility that the Bucs have other plans for Blount, who already has seen his role diminished by the addition of new starter Martin.

Blount could have some trade value, so the possibility can’t be dismissed. Smith’s impressive training camp and preseason doesn’t help Blount, either. He’s capable of playing in all situations and is a real asset on special teams.

To be clear, the Bucs might be content to keep all four running backs on their active roster, even though it’s likely just three of the four would dress on game days. But if that’s not something Tampa Bay is willing to do, then don’t be surprised if there’s a change of some kind in the works.

First off, outside of all the confusing hedges in Holder’s claim, to say Michael Smith is “capable of playing in all situations” is really a stretch. Joe likes Smith’s speed as much as the next guy, but he’s not been running behind the first-team offensive line and he only caught four balls in the preseason for 29 yards. He’s a seventh-round pick with potential, not a 1,000-yard, bruising running back with elite ability.

But forgetting about Smith, it would make absolutely no sense and not jibe with the New Schiano Order to trade Blount. To deliver the offense the Bucs claim to covet, they need Blount in 2012. They’re not going to find a replacement of the same caliber at this late hour to help them pound the snot out of Carolina on opening day.

Last year, Joe and every other Bucs fan was — or should have been — horrified by the mis-use of Blount and the blame cast upon him. Joe’s hammered Greg Olson for not figuring out how to use Blount and floating the foolishness that Blount wasn’t capable of versatility. 

But the only crime worse than that would be to give up on Blount completely. Joe can’t imagine the New Schiano Order would be so foolish.

90 Responses to “Trading Blount Would Be Foolish”

  1. lurker Says:

    they don’t trade him unless they get a really good deal. schiano has no idea what dj ware brings to the table except video and his oc. and if he comes with the dropsies, he will not last long. even less so with smith and martin, who have yet to play a real game.

    the way the cuts went, preseason game production does not equate to making the final 53. could smith get traded? they already had offers right after the draft.

  2. Yar Says:

    I’d trade Blount for a box of rocks. Olsen wouldn’t use him and neither will Schiano. Maybe they know something you don’t. He’s got the best jump back move in the league though.

  3. blackmagic00 Says:

    I would be pissed. I feel he needs his weight back (or at least some of it). With him and Martin we are good. With only Martin and smith say hello to the passing game. Just the thought of Blount being traded should be a crime. And I don’t give a Damn about what the Blount haters have to say, so don’t bother wasting your time. Blount is a Buc.

  4. Tommy Boy Says:


    Your post made me lol. I like your conviction.

  5. Ed Kerber Says:

    The only way I see a trade of Blount is later on in the season. Let’s say the Bucs start off cold but Blount has a good average yard per run (3.4 USA yds or higher), and if we are on way to 6-10 season and somebody is offering a 1st round pick pick, take it!

    Bucs need more 1st round talent. This assumes : season not going to be great, Martin holds his own, and Ware/Smith are solid.

    But do not trade early in season. (unless a crazy offer like two high draft pics comes along)

  6. Capt. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Or maybe they are experimenting to see if Ware can possibly be a back-up FB/RB without putting Blount in jeopardy. 🙂

  7. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Yar Says:
    September 1st, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    “I’d trade Blount for a box of rocks. Olsen wouldn’t use him and neither will Schiano. Maybe they know something you don’t. He’s got the best jump back move in the league though.”

    How do you know Schiano will not use Blount? He used him with the first unit during preseason and he likes a two-back system. The only other back he ran with the firsts is Martin…Martin plus Blount equals two-back system.

    So I guess Schiano knows something YOU don’t know.

  8. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I agree with Joe, btw.

  9. Vic Says:

    This trade talk is foolish.

  10. BucNeckid Says:

    Still Thinking that former Rutger’s Fullback Joe Martinek is still in the mix to come to Bucs somehow (Practice Squad?). That would make even one more RB(/FB). Blount is in the dreaded “Contract Year”. Value is high, why not get something in a trade for somebody(Blount) that they apparently do not have long term faith in.

  11. 1976buc Says:

    Ed Ed Ed. A 1st round pick for Blount? I’m a big fan but I’m also a realist. Let’s face it, there are not many 1st round RB picks out there. I have many reservations about trading up for Martin but it is what it is and we need to make the best of it. DJ Ware was not cut because he blew away Giants management. Martin has not shown 1st round ability yet…at least to me. He has been just ok preseason. To have Martin, Smith and DJ Ware as our RB’s scare me. We need OL and DL help.

  12. Eric Says:

    So far none of Blount’s pro coaches share the belief that he is elite. Fisher cut him, rah did not use him, and Schiano replaced him.

  13. Jwayne Says:

    why would you trade blount? Do you have that much faith in two unproven rookies and a Career 3rd string back? come on now… we have a good offensive line, with blount and martin we have the thunder and lightning, keep pounding the ball!

  14. Yar Says:

    Pete I know because I am Yar, Norse god of football !

  15. Eric Says:

    Do we have a good offensive line?

    Highly paid yes, good is subject to debate, except for Carl. Everyone else has issues, with DJ hurt.

  16. 1976buc Says:

    Look guys, it’s all about fit in the NFL and it is possible that Blount does not fit the new regime game plan. The great Earl Campbell would not “fit” into many offenses. He did however thrive under Bum Phillips. Blount has talent and experience tells me he has room to grow. I hope it’s in Tampa but if you will go back and read prior posts from me I have said all along my personal opinion is he won’t be in Tampa next year due to $$$. That doesn’t mean we can’t use him this year.

  17. Machiavellii Says:

    I ain’t sold on D J Ware. As far as I can see the giants fans are happy he is gone. He spent five years at the giants and played in 2 Super Bowl winning teams yet what has he accomplished ?.. He doesn’t stand out when he had the opportunity to do it especially In new York where the smallest contribution seem to get hoed by the media.

    Probably looks like we are going to be keeping 4 backs. If they had 2 cut anyone I ope they cut ware. The other 3 have too much potential over him.

  18. FlBoy84 Says:

    Don’t do it much, but I agree with Eric. That said, don’t see the team making the trade unless they are blown away by an offer they can’t refuse. It’s OK to have four running backs on the team. Look at the Saints last year, they have four quality backs and they were all used last year due to the injury to Ingram. It’s hard to run the ball if you only have two backs to rotate in/out.

  19. Eric Says:

    I think even Rah could have used Earl Campbell.

    Blount apparently hasn’t fit into anyone’s system, with two different teams and three head coaches.

  20. Jwayne Says:

    im not sayn blounts the answer and we should resign him to a huge contract. but i do think we have a better chance with him than without this year. and being as Schiano is planning on running the football like its the 50’s it might be a good idea to keep a guy with some experience…and hoplefully he can keep the ball off the ground

  21. 1976buc Says:

    Rah used him to the tune of 1000 yds plus in 2010 in 3/4 of a season. Blount is one of only 2 undrafted rookies to gain 1000 yds his rookie season in NFL history. There is talent there. Fischer was fired the year after he let Blount go to their practice squad and Rah was fired the year after he misused him. Where is the 3rd head coach? Schianno started him in all but the last preseason game and the season hasn’t even started.

  22. 1976buc Says:

    Oh…and by the way, if the O-line doesn’t improve you can put anyone you want in the Buc backfield and they will not succeed.

  23. Eric Says:

    Lastly, Schiano made a point of publicly stating the film showed Martin outperformed Blount.

    That sound like a guy preparing to use Blount a bunch?

    Based on that a trade would not be shocking. Of course Blount’s reputation may not create a trading partner.

    And the way this game is Martin could tweak an ankle and Blount is right back in there. Who knows.

  24. Jwayne Says:


    thank you!!!lol

    i dont get why everyone is so off with his head. if thats the case why is there no talks of freeman being traded?! he had a horrible year last year too! oh ya thats right he had a good 2010 season… blount!

  25. 1976buc Says:

    Well hell Eric, Orlovsky out performed Freeman. Your logic isn’t logical lol.

  26. Miguel Grande Says:

    Being that I live in the Pacific Time Zone, I am a big time Oregon fan. Chip Kelly and the Oregon Ducks are up 50-3 over a very good Arkansas State football team before the first half. Stadium is completely sold out.

    If only we had signed a real coach with a real track record. No dress code, no conditioning tests, no stupid rules, no platitudes and no hubris.

  27. Jwayne Says:


    how many teams in this league use 1 back? a small handfull that i can think of. Yes blount was out preformed in PRESEASON but i dont believe by much. Martin is a much better all around back, blocking recieving etc. but keep in mind he was playing against twos with exception of one game and its not like he blew anyones socks off! martin will get a bigger bulk of carries but blount will still play a big factor in the run game!!!

  28. Jwayne Says:

    @ miguel

    Your kidding right?lol ya Arkansas state is a real power house. oklahoma state put up 84 points…are u sayn there coach is the next bill bellich? Nick Saban has a pretty good track record by most peoples standards but we see how well he did in the pros. Maybe wait for the season to start before we begin passing judgement on Schiano. and as for that sold out stadium…idk if you know this or not but students get free tickets!

  29. Machiavellii Says:

    Anyone agree that If chip Kelly were here right now instead of schiano miguel would have been criticising him too…?

    Lol some people think they know a lot but in hindsight look like fools. If Miguel was such a great evaluator of talent maybe he should take up a job in coaching? Get your own nrl team and make your own decisions instead of posting stupid comments.

    And yes we know.. You told us so.. Feel good now ?

  30. Eric Says:

    Only way Blount gets back to number one status is injury, or if they hire Joe as HC.

    The man would get 25 touches a game then, and a statue in front of the stadium.

  31. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Eric – Joe’s not calling for Blount to have No. 1 status, only for the New Schiano Order to undersand the mad talent Blount has and use him effectively. That’s not too much to ask. Frankly, if the staff isn’t up to it, then shame on them. Coaching is about using your talent. You don’t toss away young running backs capable of big plays, grinding out 5 yards per carry, who also happen to be elite second-level runners. You figure out how to get the guy the ball in space in the passing game once or twice a game, and you feed him the rock enough to hurt a defense.

    If that’s crazy talk, well, then Joe’s crazy.

  32. BucfanBF Says:

    I disagree. If blount constantly and consistently outperforms Martin as the season moves on, there is a very real chance that he becomes the 1…..

    are you really being serious here. Have you ever played organized football? My guess is no. I really wish you would stop making these stupid comments because it makes you look real ignorant. Arkansas state a power house? Hopefully you are joking because comments like this really expose you for the fraud you are.

  33. Eric Says:


    I see where your coming from. My point is there is something about Blount coaches don’t like. Whether its other parts of his game beside rushing, or something else.

    Fisher doesn’t toss away elite guys. Rah was going down in humiliating flames yet didn’t use the guy and other members of the staff criticized Blount. He can’t be that big an idiot not to use a guy who could have saved his job. (although we are talking about Rah here)

    Even Dominik drafted a RB in the first round. He can’t be overly thrilled with Blount. Otherwise, why the first rounder at RB? He surely can’t think Blount is elite.

    So, not out of the question he trades him.

  34. Jwayne Says:

    Coaches? i only recall him being cut from one nfl team! and ole Rah misused alot of people on that offense! idk if you could tell or not but Rah isnt a good head coach…Adrain peterson couldnt save his job. The whole team had a bad year last year…not just blount!

  35. blackmagic00 Says:

    Born and raised in westcoast fan here. Huge bucs, ducks and Celts fan. Miguel your still lost in the sauce.

  36. Capt. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I think you guys with the media, including Joe, and Stephen Holder are speculating just a little to much. By now, we all know that Schiano likes his back-up players to multi position players.

    With that in mind, maybe they brought Ware in and are experimenting to see if he can possibly fill the back-up FB position without even ever putting Blount position in jeopardy. They need another FB plus he can fill in at RB.

  37. Rican Says:

    @Eric uuhhhhhh other than the fact that Schiano has stated that both Martin and Blount WILL be used in a two back system??? lol Sorry dude your argument is an ignorant one.

  38. Rican Says:

    And no im not talking about your Blount to number one status. I’m talking about your comment stating that because Schiano has named Martin has been named number 1(untill proven otherwise Schiano said) that that means Blount wont be used much…lol now thats funny/silly.

  39. Rican Says:

    -That because Schiano has named Martin number 1-

  40. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Blount is the only expendable member of our team worth a draft pick.

    I personally feel, barring a complete breakdown/Greg Olsening of Schiano’s run philosophy, that Blount still has a chance to put up fantastic numbers as a backup/situational player.

    I mean, why not?

    We all know Blount can run. Regardless of any hesitation, or lack of vision, or any of the many knocks against him, the guy can run.

    Blount is already on other team’s radars. They are hoping he is cut.

    I hope this season he is able to lift his NFL value because for him this year is integral.

  41. MadMax Says:

    I, as many, hope Blount stays as long as he’s productive. I was also hoping Underwood would stay, and we see how that went. But based on ground attack, I wasnt very impressed this preseason with Blount. But I want to see him against the kitties. If he cant show out against that lame D, then Im sorry, its over. Hopefully he can…I wanna see the 2010 Blount..Freeman too.

  42. albuc44 Says:

    bruising? he has had 1 – 1000 rush yard season out of three …( that my friend bruises my buc pride..) it was exciting- and so was the rest of the team that one season…but if Winslow can get traded and Brian Price(knowing we are weak at DL) what makes you think Mr. Blount is not expendable? He is … I want my team to succed as much as the next fan .. even if that means trading away for something of need. Blount is not the answer … blame who you want… I blame the player .. he really truly cant pass protect, or find the right hole to run through.. and so when he is in we are predictable and vulnerable … point blank period ..

  43. 941-Bucs Says:

    I would trade LGB for MJD in a heart beat tho!

  44. 941-Bucs Says:


    He had 1 1000 season in 2 years. 2013 hasn’t started just yet. He also averages something like 5.3 yrds per carry in both years.

    Say what you want, Blount can run the rock in a productive way. Tho he does have his faults!

  45. Miguel Grande Says:

    I don’t think I ever said Arkansas State was a powerhouse but they did win their conference convincingly last year which led them to believe that they could compete with a Pac12 team.

    I’m not an expert on their ticket policy for students, I’m just saying all of the seats are full. My wife and daughters who don’t enjoy Buc football were thoroughly entertained. They loved the uniforms, cheerleaders and the excitement.

    I believe Oregon was ranked #5 nationally earlier today but ESPN is now saying #2 and one commentator is saying #1. You don’t rise in the standings that much by beating powder puffs.

    I’m just wondering, what did the Little General accomplish in college?

  46. Miguel Grande Says:

    Also this is a rebuilding year for Oregon which is why Chip Kelly might have been available this year for the right professional franchise.

  47. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Okay Miguel, you are completely stupid. Oregon is #5. You don’t rise in the polls until the polls actually come out on Monday genius! Second, what conference is Arkansas State in? I doubt you even know what state Arkansas State resides in. So because Arkansas State scheduled Oregon, you think they think they can compete with them? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! It’s called money little boy!! Small schools get paid big money to travel to the home of big schools. That’s the way it works, and that’s why the first week is full of these type match ups (FSU vs. Murray State, OK State vs. Savannah State, Ohio State vs. Miami (OH), etc.). It’s really not even fun arguing with you about this, because you have put your ignorance on full display. It’s like talking with a 4 year old that wants the green team to win because they have nicer colors. Somebody needs to call One Buc Place and have them fire Schiano because Miguel’s wife and daughters enjoy the Oregon games more!

    As for them selling out, that has nothing to do with nothing. It’s a college game in f-ing Oregon. Last I checked, there’s no pro team in Oregon. Last I checked, there isn’t sh!t in Oregon. Every big time school sells out every home game. Hell, Ole Miss sells out every game too. So does South Carolina, USC, Cal, Boise State, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Utah, BYU, Colorado, and a ton of other schools. Do you want to bring those coaches in? Your stupidity amazes me.

    What did Schiano do in college? Let’s see, he took one of the biggest doormat teams in the history of 1-A football and made them into a winner. You obviously know nothing about college football (or pro football for that matter), but college football is far from a level playing field. He churned out a ton of NFL players, even more than Arkansas State. Probably even more than Oregon, but I’d have to double check that.

    And no, this is not a rebuilding year for Oregon. They are loaded and bringing back a ton of starters. That’s why he didn’t leave there in the first place. Learn a little more about Oregon, that way you may be able to fool some people.

  48. Miguel Grande Says:

    I believe that Arkansas State has a senior QB and a full complement of senior receivers. While Oregon has a freshman QB and LaMichael James has gone pro.

    “What did Schiano do in college? Let’s see, he took one of the biggest doormat teams in the history of 1-A football and made them into a winner.”

    Exactly what did he win? I don’t believe he ever won anything, anywhere?

  49. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Is that your best argument? So weak! That Oregon QB is a redshirt freshman from Hawaii who was highly recruited. Arkansas State, lol! You still didn’t answer who was in their conference.

    As for what has Rutgers won, quite a bit. They may not have won the Big East, but you don’t understand the landscape of college football, or the Rutgers program. Can’t help you there if you are ignorant.

  50. Miguel Grande Says:

    On December 1, 2000, Schiano accepted the head coaching position at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. In 2001, his first season as head coach, the Scarlet Knights posted a 2–9 record (0–7 in the Big East), followed by a 1–11 mark (0–7 Big East) in 2002. This was followed by a 5–7 record (2–5 Big East) in 2003. In 2004, Schiano took on defensive coordinator responsibilities as well, and the team finished 4–7 (1–5 Big East). Although Schiano was producing solid recruiting classes, especially by Rutgers standards, his 3-24 record in conference games and 4–17 record in road games in those first four years were a cause for concern for some fans.

    Oh, I apologize, the Little General is a freaking football genius and the Bucs will certainly win the Super Bowl in his first year.

  51. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Why don’t you finish the rest Mr. Wikipedia? You know, the part about the 7-4 season the next year. And them getting to their first bowl game since 1978. How about them finishing in the top 25 for the first time since 1976. How about him winning coach of the year in 2006? Michigan sure as hell wanted him, as did the U. Funny how you leave all that out.

  52. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    He also went 5-1 in Bowl games as well.

  53. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Why do you feel the need to constantly criticize our coach? If you even are a fan, you are the worst possible fan. You want a guy fired before he’s ever coached a game. You want a guy fired who, by all accounts, is a well-respected family man. His players all speak incredibly highly of him, with the exception of K2 (shocker). It’s pathetic that you spend so much of your “wonderful life” complaining. It’s really sad, and I feel very sorry for you. You are now the biggest joke on JBF, congratulations. Not one person respects you, or your opinion. Nobody believes a word you say, and nobody would care if you left this site forever.

  54. Piratic Says:

    Your posts are predictably terrible. You’re the new Douchebag Champion of JBF. Congratulations.

  55. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’ll let everyone else take it from here Jock Strap Grande. Go watch your Ducks defeat another powerhouse team next week, and leave the real football talk to us.

  56. Piratic Says:

    Hawaiian Buc Says:
    “…nobody would care if you left this site forever.”

    WRONG. I personally would care very much. JBF is a better place without our last resident troll, and we would benefit just as much with this idiot’s absence.

  57. Machiavellii Says:

    I think the best we all cold do is just ignore the existence of guys like MG. I think guys like them thrive on sucking in others to chat about nonsense, so I’m hoping if I jus ignore him and his silly little posts he would just give up and go away some day.

  58. lurker Says:

    miguel payasito’s life must be sad, sad, sad. his posts are mostly composed of ignorant statements and trollish comments. i can’t believe he needs the negative attention from a website to feel satisfaction.

    i am sooooooo glad we didn’t get chip the dip kelley. schiano is more like an ol’ ball coach vs the wishy-washy liar in oregon. so payasito is in eugene? i thought he was an island hopper that drove a clown car.

  59. Macabee Says:

    Let’s step back for a minute and look at the Ware pick-up. If you are a conspiracy theorist, then there is enough speculation to give credence to the possibility of a Blount trade.

    Look at this through a coach’s eyes. Take Blount out of it for a minute. This pick-up makes sense. Ware knows this offense hands down (Sullivan) and can step in and play right away. He brings experience to the locker room as a winner. He can block and has been extremely effective as a receiver out of the backfield. Someone asked what has he done? He has 6 years tenure on a Tom Coughlin team that is not known to put up with loafers or non-contributors. He’s been what he was supposed to be, an effective back-up RB.

    If you buy that he, on his own resume, can help this team, then the Blount trade talk becomes subjective. Blount’s future will be determined by his own performance. If I look at a highlight tape, I say no way is he traded. But if I look at a game tape, the big plays are few and far between and not enough consistent production.

    I do know this. Schiano is sending the message that nobody is safe on this team, even walking out on the practice field and taking two players off the field advising them that they are no longer a Buc. It is unwise to doubt what this coach may do. And Blount would be wise to not take anything for granted!

  60. Eric Says:

    It’s possible that Schiano still intends to us Blount a lot.

    But he is a calculating guy and says stuff for a reason. He said Blount is smart enough to know that the film showed he was outperformed.

    That doesn’t sound like a two headed monster approach to me.

    Good news is they are kicking off the ball in one week and we will have real games to discuss.

  61. Brad Says:

    I totally agree with Joe on this one. How many true playmakers are on this team with proven tape? Blount can carry a game and a team. I would be highly disappointed if the team traded a dude that is a human highlight reel. If Raheem and Olsen were smart and knew how to coach they would have used Blount a hell of lot more and they would probably still be coaching this team.

  62. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Yar…now that was funny! 😉

    Eric Says:
    “So far none of Blount’s pro coaches share the belief that he is elite. Fisher cut him, rah did not use him, and Schiano replaced him.”

    That’s a bit misleading and I can’t believe other didn’t see thru it.

    Blount had been undrafted and Fisher has stated he took a gamble trying to sneak Blount onto the practice squad. Almost as soon as we got Blount, Fisher said he made a mistake.

    Olsson was a pass first coordinator, so he wouldn’t have used ANY running back much. Blount had a few fumbles…this was not an excuse because Parker had several MORE fumbles and Olsson went to him anyway. Olsson used Blounts fumbles as a justification to not run the ball…which he really did not want to do anyway.

    And finally, Schiano has not “replaced” Blount. Schiano likes to run a two-back system with 2 very good runningbacks. Schiano didn’t replace Blount as much as he completed the set.

  63. Bucnjim Says:

    It’s also hard to get a running game going when you’re behind by two touchdowns in the first quarter. Even in 2010 the Bucs were always in come from behind mode.

  64. Mbaby Says:

    If I remember right, coach Fisher said that he regret everyday that he had let him go.I’m thinking if they do traded him,it’s because they know that Blount won’t b back next year,so it’s better 2 get something for him n return for . A undrafted RB that’s going 2 leave for a draft pick or someone that’s going 2 help us out would b a win

  65. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    albuc44 Says:
    “…he has had 1 – 1000 rush yard season out of three … he really truly cant pass protect, or find the right hole to run through.. ”

    Okay…hold up.

    First, you are holding this season against him and the season has not even started. Second, NO ONE on this team did well last year except Clayborn. Blounts coaches could have coached him through the fumbling, but that’s not how things were done under Olsson. He didn’t coach at all…he just issued orders, and usually bad ones.

    Blount had no holes to find. The offensive line not only didn’t open them up but they also did a poor job protecting the quarterback…which is part of the reason Freeman had a bad year. How many times did we see defenses go unhithered to Freeman? Simply put…last year the oline sucked in pass AND the run.

    They were not great the year before regarding the run either. If you think back, the reason Blount had so many yards is because he made his own holes. That’s why there were so many comparisons to Mike Alstott.

    And speaking of Mike Alstott…he couldn’t catch the ball or run/pass block at all the first few years. In fact…he also had a fumbling issue early on. So by your reasoning, Mike Alstott should have been cut after his second year.

    You are just another of these “please me now” fans that doesn’t understand player development is the way teams traditionally end up with great players. Only rarely are there exceptions to the rule. Even Mike Alstott was NOT an exception.

  66. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    The only reasons they would trade him is if he were becoming a locker room issue or if someone offered an insane trade for him (even I would not turn down 2 first rounders).

    The fact that both Martin AND Blount did not play in the final preseason game put the writing on the wall. Even though Martin MIGHT be listed as the official starter, Schiano and Sullivan plan on starting both.

  67. rizo Says:

    He can’t block, he can’t really catch, he can’t hit the hole, he doesn’t do special teams, so pray tell why would you keep this guy!? He’s not even a good 3rd down back option. 3rd down backs need to be able to block, catch and sometimes, sometimes run it. Don’t forget the muscle hamster is a gem and will have us all forgetting LGB was ever here. Instead of Joe bucs fan it should be Joes a blount fan ZING!

  68. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Hawaiian Buc, you nailed it all the way.

    Miguel is trying to become the new Thomas 2.2. Actually…he is succeeding in that. I’m sure he’ll go the same way Thomas did eventually as well.

  69. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Again…people that say Blount cannot catch or find holes are simply showing their ignorance. And btw…Martin might be good…but he has not proven anything yet.

  70. MTM Says:

    The season hasn’t even started and Blount is being run out of town. I don’t see Blount going anywhere. With nature of RB injuries in the NFL the Bucs should keep as many as possible especially if Schiano is going to emphasise the running game.

  71. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    I think your reading into Schiano’s words a bit to much. We all agree Blount has been out performed by Martin in the pre-season and training camp but that does not mean Blount has been bad or suggests he wont get much playing time. It simply means Martin has looked better.

  72. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I personally don’t care which is starting…because I know both will have 1k yard seasons.

  73. 1976buc Says:

    These people having Hamster Orgasms amaze me lol. Potential? Yes, but don’t lose your virginity to this guy until he proves it during the season.

  74. bucyea Says:

    It’s no wonder fans dont go to Rays games, no wonder the Bucs cant sell out it home games…unfortunately, we have the worst, by far, the worst, most ignorant fans in the country. I dont mean all, but so many are led like sheep by the pathetic “sports media’ of this area. No where else in the country would a 1000 yd rusher be treated like a child molester but here in the “special Ed” class of American sports.

  75. Jwayne Says:


    I hope your not being serious about DJ Wear?! an effective back up? in 6 years 81 carries for 324 yards and 1 td! he has only broke a 100 yards in a season 1 time and he had a solid 3.5 avg that year. when i think of an effective back some one like…lets say Ben Tate pops into mind! blount broke 1000 yards as an undrafted rookie…it would take Ware about 20 seasons to acquire those numbers going by his “effective stats”!

  76. Jwayne Says:

    btw Kregg lumpkin broke 100 yards last year.. by ur standards he must be an effective back up! Damn how did we let that guy go…lol

  77. Macabee Says:


    You’re right about his stats and let’s hope that he never sees the field as was the case when he played behind Bradshaw and Jacobs. If our 1st team RBs can be as effective as Bradshaw and Jacobs were, then his stats will be the same here.

    I think you misunderstand my post. I’m not suggesting that he s a possible replacement for Blount. I place no value in that speculation. I’m simply saying he did his job at the Giants. Surely you don’t believe that Coughlin would keep an ineffective RB for 6 years if he did not make some contribution.

    This is what RotoWorld has to say about the pick-up:

    “Ware also reportedly received interest from the Raiders and Seahawks, but opted to join former Giants QBs coach Mike Sullivan in Tampa. A savvy pickup because he already knows the ins and outs of Sullivan’s system, Ware can play on passing downs and get most of the yardage blocked by his offensive line. No. 2 back LeGarrette Blount is incapable of doing the former, so the Bucs are now protected in case every-down back Doug Martin gets injured. Sullivan would turn to a Ware-Blount committee if the Bucs lost their lead back”.

  78. teacherman777 Says:

    RB’s go down people.

    We need the depth.

    Madu and Smith were the same type of back. I am happy we have anither bug RB on the roster who can run hard.

    Trading Blount?

    An absurd idea!

  79. Jwayne Says:

    i see your point and do believe he is a good addition simply as a 3rdback. but not on the bases of his numbers or production. because u cant go by something that isnt there. the numbers dont lie. i only like the signing because we can always use veteran leadership on such a young team and he is familar with Sullivan. But if martin goes down or blount gets traded i think we will be in trouble using him in a primary two back system that intends on a very run heavy offense

  80. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Macabee, Roto is wrong about Ware in this case. He may be able to block, but he will never be part of a 2-back system as Martin and Blount are.

    Roto only said that to put a positive spin on it. Ware will be a special teamer and a pass blocker, absolutely nothing more. MAYBE he’ll catch 2 passes this season and run for 76 yards. And he probably won’t even be active for half the games unless on ST.

  81. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    My prediction is that Ware will become more and more useless as the first half of the season passes, because Sullivan will be teaching Blount to pass block, just like Alstott was taught.

  82. Jwayne Says:

    and its not like Ware was a huge signing and teams were dieing to get him on the roster.He went to a former coach from a team he spent 6 years with. Its the same logic with all off the Bucs flunkies going to washington. Keep in mind before people start wanting a draft pick for blount…there is a chance Ware doesnt make the roster.

  83. Macabee Says:

    I agree with both you guys about Ware not being a #2 back. I had to report RotoWorld as they said it, not just the parts that I agree with or supports my opinion.

    Remember, this was not a trade. This is a pick-up that was cut by a team that has a pretty good record on judging RBs. So I’m expecting for him to provide a limited role, but a role that is nonetheless needed by the Bucs.

    I should also correct a small point – he had 5 years with the Giants, not 6. And he has already made the roster, he just may not be there for long.

  84. Eric Says:

    The Blount resume also contains the fact all 32 teams passed on drafting him, ignoring his elitism, just as fisher, Rah, Dominik and Schiano have.

  85. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    All 32 teams passed on Brady for 6 rounds…. Mistakes do happen.

  86. Mr Lucky Says:

    Does anyone remember the last Giant the Bucs signed: Derrik Ward….

    Just saying….

  87. Paul Says:

    If we did, it’d be yet another rash decision by this staff. After missing out on a 4-5th for Briscoe and missing out on a 6th for Winslow, this would just top it off.

  88. Patrick Says:

    I’m getting really f’king tired of the way Blount is being treated. The guy has had the ONLY 1,000 season of ANY Buc for the last SEVEN years! He produces! This “Michael Smith” dude has proven what?

    What does the team have against Blount? I don’t get it!

    DJ Ware has exactly 324 yards in his five year career. Woohoo! To think there’s even a possibly that Blount could be traded in favor of this cast off……smh.

  89. bucobruce Says:

    No way their evan thinking about it,when u say your going to be a running team then u go and get three really good backs and a great special teamer in smith who could see some action at rb. look how many good rb carolina week till Tampa rips some panthers heads off .We will be the talk all over espn monday morning.TAMPAAAA BAAAAAAY

  90. 1976buc Says:

    @Eric, here’s the way I look at this “passing” you keep speaking of. Fisher waived a player that gained over 1000 yards the year he waived him. I would have serious issues with Fisher not Blount. Second, we all know why teams passed on Blount out of Oregon. This has not proven to be a problem since. So, there are 32 teams that “passed” on a 1000 yard rushing rookie. Won’t even go into Rah “passing” on him…Rah was fired. There is obviously issues there. Can we talk about Josh Freeman? The O-Line? The D-Line? There are far more questions at those positions than there are at RB.