Schiano Really Enjoyed Relinquishing Control

September 12th, 2012

The leader of the New Schiano Order says he’s hands-off on playcalling

It was world famous popcorn-munchingcoffee-slurpingfried-chicken-eatingoatmeal-lovingcircle-jerkingbeer-chugging Peter King, of Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports fame, who outed Greg Schiano as a pasta- and temperature-obsessed control freak on a national stage months ago. Yet yesterday, ironically it was King who set the stage for Schiano to explain that he enjoyed being hands-off head coach on gameday against the Panthers.

The leader of the New Schiano Order checked in on the Peter King Podcast and explained he never delegated all playcalling while leading Rutgers but is now content to be rather hands off with the Bucs.

“This job is really the first one as a head coach that in some way shape or form I’m not calling some part of the game,” Schiano said. “So it was  really different for me in that, you know, I contribute, and I’ll tell our coordinators if I want to do something, ‘Take a shot. Put pressure on them,’ but not having to make specific play calls allows you to really think about the game and the personnel and all those things. And that I really enjoyed. I didn’t think I would. But I did.”

Joe’s glad to hear Schiano is confident enough in his staff to take more of a CEO role and not micromanage the playcalling.

Perhaps King might even dare to publicly renounce the “control freak” label he was so quick to hit Schiano with. Nahh. That’s not going to happen.

19 Responses to “Schiano Really Enjoyed Relinquishing Control”

  1. T in Orlando Says:

    I still think Schiano is a control freak (and I think you can be a control freak without micro-managing), it’s just that he currently agrees with the decisions being made by those he has given up some of his control too. I’m sure if he didn’t like how Sheridan was calling the game, he would have taken over, or at least been a little more hands on.

    By the way, I think a “control freak” is exactly what this team needed and have no problem with that label for our head coach. It’s that kind of mindset that will ensure the players are paying attention to the details, something the previous coaching staff didn’t seem to do too well.

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    As it should be…surround yourself with good people and let coaches coach.

  3. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I like it. And I have no problem with him being a control freak…so long as he doesn’t do the job of a coordinator. I have had enough of that after both Gruden (who was acceptable but not great) and Morris (who outright sucked).

  4. JonBuc Says:

    I enjoy reading King’s MMQB….as does Joe obviously. Raheem snubbed him one preseason 2010 or 2011 and King was anti-Bucs for a while. Perhaps the worm is beginning to turn.

  5. Miguel Grande Says:

    The Little General a control freak? Someone has to collect those fines for hands on hips, droopy socks, untucked shirts, talking in the huddle, chewing gum………………..

  6. stevek Says:


    Trust, Belief and Accountability:

    This is encouraging to see Schiano practice what he preaches.

    Schiano “trusts” his staff, “believes” in them, and holds them “accountable” for calling the shots.

    Schiano is a just what the Doctor ordered.

  7. Miguel Grande Says:

    Control freak or $5 million per year Hall Monitor

    For a real coach check out the Will Muschamp show and he can explain how simple half time adjustments can alter the course of games, seasons and careers.

  8. Miguel Grande Says:

    T-B-A ??????

    Why did they sit on the ball for the final two minutes? Why didn’t he trust his bell cow rookie #1 draft pick to rack up another 25 yards? Didn’t he believe 22 could hold on to the ball? Just give the kid the ball behind our new LG.

    Accountability? Weren’t they aware that their new star RB had 95 yards rushing in his debut? Aren’t they interested in filling that stadium?

    Maybe, he had collected so many fines that he ran out of pages in his little mini notebook?

  9. McSid Says:

    @ Miguel either you are trying to be funny and I don’t get it or you’re an idiot. Why risk an injury, it has nothing to do with TBA ?

  10. bucobruce Says:

    I try not to respond to dumb comments,but when u start bashing the bucs and our new coach i have to draw the line.Miguel are u a buc fan or not.My brother in law is a cowboy fan and he doesent even bash the bucs like u do,and every team in the league for hundreds of years kneels down when your winning and u have the ball and all you have to do is kneel down to run the clock out.Im not going to call u names or anything like that but come on start backing our new coach and the hole team or go to BUCS AND WE ARE TIED RIGHT NOW FOR FIRST PLACE IN THE DIVISION!!!!!

  11. Jason Dearth Says:

    Really Miguel, Will Muschamp? Really….I am a Gator4 fan and would have loved to see Schiano take over the UF program from a coach who has been the worst at halftime adjustments since getting there. Don’t let his coming from behind against two un-ranked teams full you. His lack of preparation in the first half does not make him a genius in the second half. As for running more, we ran him 28 times, way to many for a young rookie, and what the heck does that even have to do with accountability. Grow up and get off the bucs bashing waggon like everyone else. 1-0 season 1-0 conference, be happy and look forward to next week. 16 games make a season, ask Raheem Morris.

  12. Jason Dearth Says:

    Thanks bucobruce, you beat me to the punch. Stay off Miguel if your just going to be dumb. If you have a valid gripe then post it, if not, keep your fingers in your nose where they were

  13. bucobruce Says:



  14. raphael Says:

    lol @ the troll miguel…still trying to get attention….pityfull

  15. OAR Says:

    I can’t even imagine the self control required to work at a bubble wrap factory. How do you do it?

  16. Drew Says:


    I sincerely had my doubts that no one could possibly be this naive and stupid. However, based on your continued comments I like others have turned the corner while coming to terms with the fact that you have the IQ of an Amoeba.

    Allow me to provide a definition of an Amoeba for you given your IQ. It’s a single cell organism without a functioning brain.

    As clueless as they come…

  17. JonBuc Says:

    Miguel Pequeño makes me long for Thomas 2.2…..sorta like Elbert Mack was an upgrade from Tim Wansley.

  18. OAR Says:

    Man, I wish I could forget about Tim Wansley! Nightmares to this day!

  19. JonBuc Says:

    Sorry OAR….that’s blasphomey on my part…won’t happen again. 🙂