“One Of The Tough-Guy Teams”

September 17th, 2012

A true voice of reason here from Sports Illustrated scribe Andrew Perloff on the attitude of the New Schiano Order and why Tom Coughlin was being a drama queen. Seductive and intelligent Maggie Gray joins in on this SI.com video.

29 Responses to ““One Of The Tough-Guy Teams””

  1. Jbrooks Says:

    This whole thing is blown way out of proportion. They didn’t do anything illegal so who cares. I don’t think it was necessary but it doesn’t matter. Instead of focusing on whether Schiano is bringing a tough guy attitude to the team, Schiano better be focused on fixing the offensive and defensive play calling. Doesn’t make sense to me. On defense they were ignorantly aggressive and on offense they were pathetically conservative. That game plan will only work against bad, mistake prone teams. Won’t beat anyone good with it. Let’s see if we play NFL football next week or if we are going to be stuck in the college football mindset of play not to lose on offense and play recklessly and hope the opponent makes a lot of mistakes style defense.

    Your facing pros now guys, you have to win games. Opponents won’t be handing them over like in the big east.

  2. Sneedy16 Says:

    Everyone has their own opinion on the play. IMO no harm no foul. The what “what ifs” will always be there, like what if Eli hits his hand on a OL helmet during a pass or a RB rolls into the back of legs of an OL. What if Eli falls in his house and sprain his ankle. Teams will now play the Bucs to the last whistle now what’s the big deal.

  3. mr.t.50 Says:

    “Rah Rah College Team” lol.

  4. Stanglassman Says:

    How can they talk about the play for that long and not show it? That way people that didn’t see it could make up their own minds.

  5. Teddy Says:

    What good does it do to put videos on the website along with auto-play video ads?

    Come on Joe.

    You’re better than having auto-play crap video commercials that I have to hunt down and turn off in order to see the Bucs video that you post.

  6. Miguel Grande Says:


    I use an earpiece on my computer, I never have to listen to anything I don’t want to until I click play and insert the earpiece. Just a hint.

  7. thegregwitul Says:

    I keep hearing about how every team the Bucs face from here on out will be playing them tough right until the final whistle, and I have to say this:

    So what.

    If the Cowboys are down seven and rush the line when the Bucs kneel the ball down, so what. Be prepared for it. Expect it. Our QB is a big boy, he’s heavier than some linebackers.

    The logic is just so silly. This one overblown play is not going to change the entire course of the NFL, I promise you that. Dallas isn’t going to come in, charge the Bucs line if they are losing by seven, go into next week, where now Dallas and Tampa will both face teams that will also charge the line, only for another week to pass and those four teams will face another four teams and so on and so forth. Ridiculous.

    I hope every team is aware of the snap when a team is killing clock and up by only one TD or less. Let’s not forget that the ‘Victory Formation’ is meant to benefit the offense, as they are running the most conservative play possible to both use up time and retain possession. This isn’t meant to favor the losing team, and if you think otherwise, you might need to study the game a little more.

  8. So. Ill. Bucs Says:

    According to Pat Yasinkas, both Ron Jaworski and Mike Ditka have already come out on Schiano’s side.

  9. Oahubuc Says:

    There had better be fines for the Giants players punching our guys in the head after the perfectly legal football play that ended the game. We don’t do that in this league.

  10. holymoly Says:

    Personally , I loved it . What I didn’t like was eli having all day in the pocket , if the Bucs put any pressure on her , we come home with a win . Schiano made a statement and coughlin is just a SISSY ! By the way , what about the helmet to helmet on V-Jack ? No penalty on that play , so I say live and let live .

  11. BucFan20 Says:

    Maybe it’s a wake up call for the rest of the NFL. Just because your down by one score, YOU DON’T HAVE TO QUIT!!! It’s not in the rules just because the other team wants to take a knee. Novel idea!

  12. Gunner Eleven Says:

    At least “McLovin” has it right. This is laughable to suggest that someone could get hurt. I’ll add that it’s not about playing on the fringe of the rules. Playing every snap is like those other coach’s rules like not sitting on your helmet and hustling on every play. Next, I want Joe to give us answers about LGB.

  13. Gunner Eleven Says:

    Question..Was Coughlin really upset because that will show up as a sack on the stat sheet or at least a knockdown?

  14. Capt. Jean Lafitte Says:

    The fans that agree are football purist, the ones who disagree are women and pansies.

  15. Colorado Buc Says:

    The Bucs aren’t an NFL darling team, they aren’t elite bloodline connected, so it will be blown out of the water. Even at halftime when they were dominant, it was because of Sheridan and Sullivan. Seriously Sheridan hasn’t been in New York since 2009!! I read a lot before I went back and watched it again. It looked like they almost pulled it off, it didn’t work and Coughlin channeled his inner Mariah Carey and the entire City of New York has had sand in their….Ditka said he sides with Schiano, Gollick, hell even former Giant Antonio Pierce. It was not dirty, it was just out of the box. Deal with it!

  16. Colorado Buc Says:

    Tell you something else it took the heat off of Talib, and the secondary for their collapse. Put everything on Schiano and the team can practice without feeling the burn of allowing a huge 4th quarter comeback…. maybe that is why we play until the final whistle….

  17. Colorado Buc Says:


    The V-Jax hit was a 1st down then a noncall, double whammy. then an INT on the next play momentum swinger… Robinson will gladly write a check for $21,500, but V-Jax got robbed

  18. Jose Negron Says:

    Ohh, shut up, NY, you are all drama queens, starting with your head coach, all the way down to the water boy, you have always been and will always be crying babies, (notice Hakim Nicks, always getting up crying after every play) and then “The biggest drama queen of NYC” , Coach Tom Coughlin at the end of the game: ” Buuhhuuu, what if you hurt my QB?”, if you do not want your QB to be hurt, don’t play him, period, this is the NFL, got it ,you whinning sissy!! (of course I’m a Buccaneer, and very proud) Like Donald Penn said, “We are no joke” , live with it!!

  19. thegregwitul Says:

    I was furious when the game ended, in part because I felt the Bucs were robbed of a chance to tie on the Mike Williams catch reversal, and for a good part of today I was annoyed due to the overblown debate of rushing the line at the end of the game.

    But now, it seems like a lot of people in the media and the general public have had a chance to really let this debate sink it, and the tide seems to have turned in coach Schiano’s favor. Sanity has set in, thank goodness.

    And now, in a way, I’m happy this happened the way it did. This non-story which has become a small circus has shifted a lot of the heat off the players, and while I want the team to feel the impact of a heartbreaking loss, I think going toe to toe with the defending champs will help boost the confidence, and I think the team will grow closer and stronger rallying around the coach. There are still some major issues on both sides of the ball to work on, that much is clear, but I have a good feeling about this season, and I think in the longrun the team will be stronger from this kind of loss.

  20. Oahubuc Says:

    If you’re that worried about your babyfaced QB, and have no intention of running a play, then put your backup in there. This debate is over. The league supports Schiano.

  21. Jamesrunningwilder Says:

    I thought the Bucs had One Timeout still left… so if somehow that snap isn’t Clean and we’re able to come up with the ball, we still have time for One More Play. Is that not at least Logical? Phillip Rivers has lost at least One Game because of a Bad Snap under Center… Anything is Possible. And the Amazing thing about it is that a Former Player of Coughlin, Antonio Pierce, has already gone on record as saying that a Coughlin Coached Giants Team has tried the Same Exact Thing when He was Playing for him! I like the New “Never Quit” Attitude and it’s gonna change the expectations of the Teams that have to face us in the future.

  22. Colorado Buc Says:

    Yeah I know Mike Fereira said it was incomplete, but Mike had 2 feet down and turned his body towards the endzone(football move) then had the ball come out on a hit out of bounds….To me by the definition of the rule it should have been a catch, but since the entire booth was made up of a panel of giants fans, i’m not surprised.

  23. blackmagic00 Says:

    You know, after the Williams catch and Freeman int. I felt empty. Then I saw that last play and I had an instant smile and a feeling of just pure satisfaction. It took some of the sting away from thinking we had it won and the having a broken heart. I could not believe my eyes watching talib get burned play after play. But that final stamp on the game made me feel like this game is only one loss and this team will reunite and wreak havoc on the next 14 teams they play. I believe this is a 10 win team. Yes areas need to be addressed and fixed fast but at least it’s fixable. This team has heart and grit. I keep watching that last play like somehow the ball will come out. Oh well come on cowgirls.

  24. BucFan20 Says:

    Chip Carter at Fox 13 in Tampa who on the noon news cast had his panties all twisted has changed his tune. In fact, Now he shows the Panthers Game. Freeman stepping back then taking the knee. In his wisdom says he can’t figure out why they were not more aggressive even with the Bucs in the victory formation.
    Coach will prove his point. His teams are here to play 60 mins. Not quit or go to the local party spot with him. He gives 100 % and excepts no less from his players.

  25. Paul Says:

    That dumb bimbo said “there wasn’t a good motivation behind it”. I guess going for a win in a close one score game isn’t a reason. She really showed her ass and should stick to volleyball or ladies golf.

  26. Mark Says:

    I’m on Shiano’s side here but don’t think he’ll do it again. Or will he just to do it again? Who knows?

    I do take issue with Joe’s claim the babe is seductive. Maybe on the backside at Pimlico.

  27. Pelbuc Says:

    What a croc! I lost all respect for Coughlin. The so called preacher of “just finish” has a problem with a team trying to do just that. You don’t dress down one of your colleagues for coaching to the very end. To all those idiots who have a problem with charging the line when you’re one score down, it’s a violent contact sport the last I checked. Also, what no one has said is that good coaches (like Schiano) have their QB take a few steps back and then take a knee. I got your back coach Schiano. Us Bucs fans have been begging for a disciplined, all effort team. I know we’re headed in the right direction. Thanks for making the Bucs relevant again. Not to mention you’ve turned a bunch of quitters into a competitive team.

  28. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    During 11 years at Rutgers, Schiano’s defense twice forced a fumble in victory formation.

  29. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Why would Bucs fans have a problem with this play? It was the only f’in time all game we knowcked Eli down. At least they have to wash his jersey now.