The Slander Of LeGarrette Blount

August 27th, 2012

As reports out of One Buc Palace over the past few days indicate, it looks like rookie running back Doug Martin will be the Bucs No. 1 running back come Sept. 9 when the Bucs open the season against the stinking Panthers.

And Joe is OK with that because it appears the running back race was won fair and square. As Joe told Toby David of WHFS-FM after the game Friday night, that just means Martin will be No. 1A and LeGarrette Blount will be No. 1B, as Bucs coach Greg Schiano has stated he will have a two-headed monster of a running back attack.

One person who isn’t ready to shovel sand in Blount’s face is Alan Dell of the Bradenton Herald. Dell rages in a column about how Blount has been demonized for reasons unknown and simply cannot understand why so many would be so quick to release a guy who two years ago averaged five yards a carry. It was “as if there were a Pulitzer at stake,” Dell writes.

Blount dismisses criticism that he can’t understand blocking schemes well enough to be on the field on third down and that his hands are made of stone. He says he can be an effective receiver out of the backfield, particularly with his size.

Blount says Martin’s arrival has not changed the way he approaches the game, that he was going to improve his ball security regardless.

“I am OK with Doug. He is a good player, and they drafted him for a reason. I know they appreciate what I do. If they didn’t I wouldn’t be here,” he says.

Joe thought it was an absolute joke how people claimed Blount couldn’t catch out of the backfield when Joe saw with his own eyes Blount catching passes in practice and last season.

If Blount was so awful, why would Earnest Graham sing his praises so?

Again, Martin ran the ball much better than Blount last week. Sure, Blount may have been dinged up, but that’s what depth at that position is for. And that’s exactly why Martin was drafted.

Blount’s biggest problem last year? Two words: Greg Olson.

26 Responses to “The Slander Of LeGarrette Blount”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    He’s not goot a pass pro…sorry…but that’s why Olsen didn’t leave him in all the time. Even this pre-season, I’m watching Blount dance\hesitate at the hole. Martin gets the ball and goes with authority. It’s why he’s the starter and will be as long as he’s healthy.

  2. Brad Says:

    Joe I’m in 100% agreement about Blount. But I don’t agree Martin won it. I also think Blount will show he’s a better running back with better potential for the big run or game changing play. I just hope Martin wasn’t handed the job because of where he was drafted. I really don’t think he won the job at all. Outside of two runs by Martin I haven’t been overly impressed yet and I think Blount hasn’t been given an equal opportunity. With that said the regular season will give both players the chance to prove who should be the starter. My money is on Blount.

  3. Eric Says:

    Looks like Greg Schiano is his biggest problem now, preceeded by Greg Olson and Jeff Fisher.

  4. Brown Bag Says:

    Hey Joe,

    Left Tampa for a conference yesterday (and to dodge Isaac). Finally had time to read the beginning of Mel Kiper’s – Take Your Eye Off the Ball. Something he notes is how running backs have such short periods of real value. They get pummeled by these giant lineman constantly.

    Blount very well might have plenty of gas in the tank and a fairly good bone-structure to endure a few more years of good Football. But he may have possibly peaked, not because of a loss of skill. But because his tendors and other body parts cannot take the pounding like they used to.

    With few exceptions, you are not likely to get more than 3 prime years out of a running back. Blount is getting ‘old’ by those measures.

  5. Joe Says:

    Brown Bag:

    Mel Kiper’s – Take Your Eye Off the Ball.

    Joe trusts you mean “Pat Kirwan’s Take Your Eye Off the Ball.”

    Isaac turned out to be a major snow job.

  6. Miguel Grande Says:

    I agree with Brad and Dell, the 1st round picked didn’t so much earn the job but was anointed the bell cow status. That’s ok.

    LGB ran for 1,007 yards in 12 games in 2010, he had a highlight year. Martin is tiny, he might make it to the bye week before he is so banged up that he steps aside for LGB.

    Why don’t they use Martin on kick offs and punt returns? Answer: He will get beat up. Martin and Smith seem to me to be identical twins, with Smith being just a little faster. Why don’t they save a roster spot and let Martin return kicks?

    Madu made an impressive run on Friday. Are they really going to cut this guy?

    What’s up with Freeman, he absolutley sucks this preseason?? Maybe, Belicheat would trade Ryan Mallett for LGB and Freeman? Mallett’s a stud.

  7. robert Says:

    blount biggest problem is he takes off too slow and does not have good vision when the hole’s not there. he lumbers up to the line and runs into the back of them. He can catch and is unstoppable when he gets rolling….problem is getting him rolling….

  8. Bucworld Says:

    Blount is could be a great back but he is inconsistent. It seems that he plays better in the second half after he has warmed up a bit. He hesitates through the hole and that’s why Martin won the job. This guy has raw ability but has yet to tap his full potential. Earnest Graham said it best,” Blount is his own competition”.

  9. MTM Says:

    Blount and Martin will receive plenty of playing time. Blount will use the criticism as fuel!

  10. Joe Says:


    Why don’t they use Martin on kick offs and punt returns? Answer: He will get beat up.

    Actually, the real answer is Michael Smith.

    Can’t think of too many teams who have their No. 1 back return kicks.

  11. Fernando Says:

    Agree with Joe.this Tampa reporters are loving this. One thing Martins durability will be tested I think he’s go small.

  12. buxter Says:

    This very tired subject will be moot soon enough.

    Blount is just too way slow to the hole and his upright running style leaves him wide open to injury too.

    Sad to break this to you Joe but the man crush on Blount may be over soon. He was the second option before we ever drafted Martin.

    BTW, how about spilling some ink on Michael Smith? I thought he made the most out of the carries he got last week.

  13. bucfanjeff Says:

    Ask Ray Rice and MJD how size has ruined their ability to be a quality RB.

  14. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Stop listening to the claims of other people and watch the games. Blount can catch fine.

    Martin has not earned the starting spot. He did better this week because he started and had more opportunities.

    Otherwise Blount has been more consistent and more productive. I think just handing Martin the starting spot is a mistake. He should have to work hard for it…just as Blount should have to prove he SHOULDN’T be the starter…because he’s earned it.

  15. bucfanjeff Says:

    @Dutcher, above I never said he couldn’t catch…I said he’s not good at pass protection..aka blitz pickup. He is also not good at change of direction when the hole isn’t there and dances or hesistates. I like Blount, he has a place, but Martin is your starter and the better, more complete back. I think YOU need to watch the games…my vision is fine.

  16. Bob Says:

    Joe! His biggest problemis fumbles! If he doesn’t he is great.

  17. princespanky Says:


    Did you just say that Doug Martin was too small. Oh man that makes my day.

    Dude, he has no neck; he might be short but he is far from small. Joe let this guy know about how Doug Martin is built from your first hand experience.

  18. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Apparently nearly 230 is small for a RB – huh?

    Schiano gave blount the advantage to start the preseason – Blount got spanked fair and square and now he is the number 2. We are fortunate to have a capable backup at the position.

  19. BucfaninMi Says:

    Wait till the games count, we’ll see a different LGB!

  20. Buc_The_World Says:

    People who claim that Martin didn’t win starting job answer this question, what did Blount do to earn the starting job? From what I have seen Coach Schiano seems to be a fair man. These two looked pretty much equal to me, but if I had to go with 1 it would be Martin. Martin hits the hole with power and he has better vision than Blount. Blount is a beast and still needs a little more improvement, but until he can hit the hole with authority and do it consistently, he will be #2. As an undrafted free agent the burden is on you to prove that you are better than the first round draft pick, I don’t care what you did in 2010, it’s 2012 now. If Bount wants his job back, it’s there for the taking, but don’t say Martin didn’t earn it. Also stop it with the “Schiano just shouldn’t hand Martin the Job”, no one is complaining about the other first round draft pick being handed the job, though I still feel that Martin earned it fair and square and I was rooting for LGB to win the starting spot the whole time. Unfortunately for my expectations he fell fell short, but fortunately he is on the team and we have two damn good RB’s.

  21. Brown Bag Says:

    yes Joe. thank you

  22. Miguel Grande Says:


    “Why don’t they use Martin on kick offs and punt returns? Answer: He will get beat up.

    Actually, the real answer is Michael Smith.

    Can’t think of too many teams who have their No. 1 back return kicks.”

    I don’t think you understood my comment. What I am saying is, why waste a roster spot by having two identical players? I don’t see any difference between Smith and Martin, two small little running backs that run very low hiding behind the OL. The difference is Martin is 10LBS heavier and Smith is a little faster. Also, Martin is paid a lot more.

    Give the #1 RB spot to LGB and pick one little Darren Sproles type. If you chose Martin, let him play special teams. Maybe, if the Rockstar is truly a genius, trade Martin for a couple starters. Maybe a quality RG and a starting DT and keep Smith who has less trade value.

    Smith and Martin on the same roster is redundant. Gaining 3.6 ypc in three preseason games will hardly unseat an experienced RB with a 5.3ypc
    NFL career average in the real world.

    Is Martin the bell cow, I’m not seeing it.

  23. Architek Says:

    No Joe two words. “Tip Toeing”

  24. OAR Says:

    Pfft! Regular season in two weeks! We can rediscuss this then.

  25. ryan Says:

    does Blount pay for this site’s domain fees or something?

  26. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Alright Miguel, our little honeymoon is over. Basically everything you just typed is absolutely ridiculous. How can you possibly say Martin and Smith are the same thing? Martin is so much quicker and more explosive, and has vision unlike any back we’ve had in a long time. He runs lower to the ground as well. He may not be as fast as Smith, but fast is very overrated for a RB anyway. You bring up the 3.6 ypc, but that is very misleading. He’s been the one installed in the short yardage situations, and he has gotten it. If you run from the one yard line and score, your ypc goes down. Have you not noticed him springing several great runs this preseason? Everyone else has. And by saying he shouldn’t get the job, then why would you give it to Blount? What has he done in the preseason? Are you going to give the job to Blount because of how he performed 2 years ago under a previous regime? How does that make sense? Putting Martin mainly on special teams is the single stupidest ideas in the history of ideas. I’m shaking my head in embarrassment for you.

    As for Mallett being a stud, heh? Because he led a couple TD’s against guys you will be ordering burgers from in a week? So now you want to get rid of a player who has a great season under his belt 2 years ago, for an unproven player? That’s a bit hypocritical don’t you think? So that logic applies only to RB’s but not QB’s? Freeman hasn’t looked great, but he hasn’t been nearly as bad as everyone is making him out to be. He has no turnovers, and he has led our team to the end zone. He had a couple drops last game which hurt his numbers. Yes he made a couple bad throws, but that’s what preseason is for.