Schiano Talks Fatigue, Penn’s Fitness

August 8th, 2012

The leader of the New Schiano Order has sauteed and fried the Bucs in the summer sun, but now it’s time to freshen up for a game — finally.

Greg Schiano said he liked what he saw at today’s practice, even if it wasn’t pretty. “We looked heavy-legged, but the thing I liked about it. They busted their butt,” Schiano said. “It’s ok to be there [with great fatigue] now.

As for the Bucs worrying about holding back their playbook on Friday in Miami for the preseason opener, Schiano shrugged that off. “I wanna run our stuff,” he said, explaining that the Bucs’ identity will be clear.

No suprise to learn that the Bucs’ haven’t worked on a “game plan” for the preseason opener, Schiano said, but they’ll now “shrink it down” starting tomorrow so players are efficient and ready for Friday.

Asked about Donald Penn’s condition, Schiano paused and explained that Penn’s healing calf injury could be a blessing. “It’s really given him an opportunity to get himself into pretty good shape,” Schiano said.


5 Responses to “Schiano Talks Fatigue, Penn’s Fitness”

  1. HFXBUC Says:

    how does one get into better shape with a calf injury? Wouldn’t running, biking, walking, jumping, etc all be mandatory types of exercises for getting into better shape? Wouldn’t an injured calf prevent you from doing those things? ummmm.

  2. robert Says:

    big red flag!!! Ummmmm, Penn should already be in shape! hello dotson!

  3. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I honestly doubt we will see there real playbook and scheme they will use a majority of the season. He’s been saying all along he didnt want to give it away and wanted our opponents to have to study real hard… Now he’s claiming he’s gonna run our stuff in meaningless games?… That seems rather far fetched.

  4. Miguel Grande Says:

    It looks to me that they’re getting ready to dump Penn for another 7th round draft pick. HFXBUC is right on the money.

    Penn was injured training for the dreaded and unnecessary 110X16 sprints. He hasn’t been able to train for them and will never be able to complete them. He’s got to go!

    Maybe next year we can trade our six 7th draft picks for one 5th rounder.

  5. Joe Says:


    Penn was injured training for the dreaded and unnecessary 110X16 sprints.

    Wrong as wrong can be.