Another Hatchet Job On LeGarrette Blount

July 22nd, 2012

Joe’s often amazed by his brethren in the media. Some of their judgment calls are real stunners.

One example: Joe’s still not sure why every outlet that was so quick to write about Aqib Talib’s mother’s felony arrest in Texas couldn’t find a little space to write about how charges against her were dropped. For Joe, doing so seemed like common decency, but the media doesn’t always roll that way. Jermaine Phillips got similar treatment.

But now Joe reads Tampa Bay Times beat writer Rick Stroud’s Greg Olson inspired anonymous source attack piece on LeGarrette Blount today, and Joe is shaking his head. Wasn’t the last Times assault on Blount enough? 

Today Stroud ran with the many-months-old gossip of Blount’s tardiness issues.

His lack of commitment was startling to coaches from the day he was claimed off waivers from the Titans an undrafted rookie in 2010. For the first two weeks after being acquired by Tampa Bay, Blount, who was suspended at Oregon for punching a Boise State player, never made it to work on time and compiled fines of more than $15,000. Exasperated, then-coach Raheem Morris and general manager Mark Dominik ordered him to hire a car service with a driver to wake him up in the morning and transport him less than 3 miles from his apartment to One Buc Place. After a few weeks, they canceled the car service for one day. And Blount was late. He continued to need a driver to get to work in 2011. But his poor preparation habits also spread to the meeting room, where coaches said he would sometimes fall asleep. …

This “lack of commitment” Stroud writes about is really amusing to Joe. Funny how nobody complained about commitment when Blount got the rock in 2010, and when he finished with record numbers for an undrafted rookie back. If the guy needs a wake-up call and to be picked up in an executive SUV, who the hell cares if he’s racking up 1,000 yards and consistently tops in the league in yards after contact for RBs.

Funny how Blount’s alleged “lack of commitment” let him rehab and return quickly from a midseason MCL tear last year.

Also, the “sometimes fall asleep” line in meetings amuses Joe. Obviously, the room temperature was too high. But in all seriousness, Raheem Morris and Greg Olson, and to a lesser extent rockstar general Mark Dominik, had ample opportunity to suspend Blount for his bad acts, if they were as bad as Stroud leads us to believe.

Where was the suspension? Olson only ran the guy five times in the season opener. Surely that was a good game to suspend/sit Blount if he deserved it. Geno Hayes lost game time from multiple alarm-clock issues, so the precedent was there.

As Joe has written previously many times, if Blount was so bad — on the field, or off the field with alleged playbook issues — the Bucs could have punished him in numerous ways or cut him outright.

If Blount was such a villian, Joe’s quite confident Earnest Graham wouldn’t be sticking up for him.

Joe finds the timing of Stroud’s unsourced piece feels a little sinister, given that this particular gossip has been out there for months.

68 Responses to “Another Hatchet Job On LeGarrette Blount”

  1. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Your conclusion is equal parts foolish and absurd.
    You criticize the reporter for Blount being habitually late and sleeping at work? Only you would do that with one of your crushes.
    Rahdom coddled and enabled him bc the Glazers wouldn’t give DomDom the money to bring in a professional RB.

    So Rah and Dom order up a limo service solution. Brilliant.
    Schiano would have kicked his sorry a– off the team.

    Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago when someone called me a liar for saying this here about LB. Now that it is on the front sports cover of the Times, who is the liar? How do you like them apples?

    Blount will be out of the league real soon. Players like this don’t change. Doug Martin is not one of these types.

    There is a reason why Blount was never the primary back at Oregon and was suspended often – then cut by the Titans.
    You wait – he will screw up with Schiano and bye bye!

  2. Kirk Says:

    If the sports writers in this town don’t have a leg to piss on or a neck to crap down, they are a very unhappy lot. That’s why they call newspapers fish wraps. Poor form Stroud, very poor form.

  3. Fired Greg Olson! Says:

    If he “never made it to work on time,” he should have been fined far more than 15k.

  4. BucPacker Says:

    This story (from the Times) stinks worse than Mons Venus at 2 am. So we’re to believe that he’s picked up off waivers and the Bucs stick with him when he’s never on time? Either Dominik’s a freakin’ genius or it wasn’t that bad as Stroud says it was.

  5. SGT Mike Says:

    Thats because Stroud works for a rag of a newspaper. I stopped reading the Times sports page in the late 90’s due to the fact that they couldn’t keep there liberal BS out of my sports page on top of the fact that they write crap articles like the one referenced. GO Bucs!

  6. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I don’t believe it, even for a “player’s coach” like Raheem Morris. If any player off another team’s practice squad showed up late everyday for 2 weeks, he would be cut (within a couple days). It’s not like he had any NFL tape to show that he could run at this level, nor did he practice with pads on at One Buc (to show that he could). And where was this huge revelation 2 years ago when it actually happened? I have no doubt he was probably late for a meeting or two, but I don’t believe for one second that it happened this frequently. Regardless, he seems to be pretty damn committed now.

  7. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    This article made Thomas jump for joy. As soon as he’s done partying, he will be here to gloat about this. It’s only a matter of time….

  8. Tommy Boy Says:

    100% with you Joe. I even asked the Commish why he retweeted the story with “uh oh”. Even if it was true, he got a clean slate with Schiano just like everyone else. Shame on Stroud, PFT, and Palowski. Schiano hasn’t blasted Blount at all. If Blount steps out of line he will be gone like everyone else. It’s telling that he is still on the team. He must be doing something right since he’s lasted this long under Schiano.

  9. fernando Says:

    stroud is just creating controversy!!! GOSSIP!!!!

  10. Tommy Boy Says:

    Maybe Brooks should have told Stroud “Don’t create no problems.”

  11. Wally Says:

    Told you about the limo months ago

  12. Brad Says:

    Either Dominik is the weakest GM in the history of the NFL or this story is just BS. If people argue this story to be true on the radio tomorrow then their just burying Dominik.

  13. thomas two point two Says:

    It would be childish and pointless to say – I told you so.

    But since I am being blocked.

    I . . .

  14. raphael Says:

    it is what it is….sry but Muscle Hamster will be the starting RB. I like Blount but he just needs to grow up. # 22

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, thanks for calling out Stroud for this piece of garbage he put out there. This is a new season and Blount looks pretty good. What compels someone to write this crap? The word Hack comes to mind as this report has no merit at this point in time.

    Olson also didn’t know the playbook, and doubtful Raheem did either. Blount was anything but the problem last season. Stroud and Holder have really lost my respect as of late. Then to top it off, at Schiano’s press conference the other day, all they wanted to talk about it was the Price and Barron fight. Idiots

  16. thomas two point two Says:

    Maybe if Blount just blows off practices completely, and Stroud reports it, the hosts can call for Stroud’s firing! Lmao

  17. BigMacAttack Says:

    Anonymous sources are worthless. Just ask Warren Sapp.

    Thomas, you obviously haven’t seen Blount lately. He looks like all he has done since last season is workout and practice.

  18. Oregano Says:

    This story is completely unbelievable. After two consecutive late days someone would have hired a personal assistant to wake him up, feed him, dress him and drive him to work. You can hire a personal assistant for $15K a year. Doesn’t LGB have an agent?

    Stroud wants us to believe that Blount is some kind of moron but the truth is that the Buc’s front office would have to be filled with incompetent idiots.

    I haven’t read a newspaper in 20 years and judging from how tiny they are getting, they won’t be around much longer. Craigslist and the internet killed them. Imagine how stupid you would have to be to advertise in them?

  19. Have A Nice Day Says:

    This is the same exact stuff that was reported, by an anonymous source, of happenings in September of 2010. The problem was taken care of i.e. the fine and no more problems. Why in the world are we rehashing it two years later as if it is still an issue?

    I especially love the over embellishment of “never made it to work on time”. An exaggeration of epic proportions in order to gain views. Par for the course for the typical tmz trend of most media outlets.

    This is not news. Not news at all.

  20. Senor Piva Says:

    Thought this was something new when i first saw it on PFT, and then realized it was just old crap.

  21. james Says:

    let me tell ya’ll a story bout a man named blount-po florida boy-never slept enough-then one day he was skipping camp and school-and up from the ground came a running boise bull- martin that is-black gold tampa tea-well the next thing you know ole dougs a millionare-blounts kin said son move away from there-said california is the place you awt to be-so he hired a driving service-and moved to alameade-oakland that is – malcontents and moviestars- take your cleats off-set a spell- ya’ll come back now-hear

  22. Mike Says:

    Hey Joe,

    It’s strange that you only criticize the Times reporters and not the TBO reporters, even when Ira and Roy have wrote similar articles in the past.

    Stay classy

  23. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Rick Stroud is an honorable man and journalist – by all accounts.

    Nobody would ever believe that he would make something up.

    Stroud isn’t the only one who has reported this, Charlie Campbell is another.

    Yes, the bucs had the weakest GM and head coach in history last year. Rag and Dom were encouraging this stuff, and you guys were yelling that rah would be around “for a long time.” lol

  24. Kennedy Says:

    Encouraging what? Coming to work on time. … Rah would have been around for years if he knew how to coach defense. He didn’t. Chucky was wrong. Dominik was wrong. Case closed.

  25. Fritz50 Says:

    “thomas two point two Says:
    July 22nd, 2012 at 6:10 pm
    It would be childish and pointless to say – I told you so.

    But since I am being blocked.

    I . . ”

    One has to wonder how this got posted, since you’re “blocked”.
    Typical hyperbole.

  26. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    So many homers around here, its pathetic. May be Blount’s bad work ethic is being exaggerated in that report by Stroud, but for some of you to think that every part of that story has been made up… homerism at its best.

  27. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Hawaiian calls rah a “players coach.”


    I hope that was TIC. He is a players coach if: you hate winning, working hard to get better, direction, purpose, common sense, competency, preparation . .

    They solved chronic lateness by providing limo service (I don’t care who paid for it). So amateur – and you guys want him to start over our first rounder bc he leaps corners? Come on.

    The Italian stallion may cut his lazy a–.

  28. Tommy Boy Says:

    Thomas 2.2 Blount ran amuck because he could. He won’t be able to do it now with Schiano at the helm. What makes you think he is still doing it? I bet he above all has been the boy scout now that Schiano is in there. Let’s wait till he slips up before saying he is going to get cut.

  29. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Mike — If eye-RAH and Roy penned this type of story, Joe would be critical as well. Joe has archives, you’re welcome to pull up times that Joe has disagreed with those guys. The major difference would be that those guys don’t engage in this type of journalism.

  30. Fritz50 Says:

    “Rick Stroud is an honorable man and journalist – by all accounts.”

    Not sure passing on anonymous reports is ‘honorable’ in journalism , or in life. I’m sure there’s some kernel of truth in this, but it really DOES seem like Stroud’s stirring the pot, trying to get something going. As bad as all this sounds, it’s strange that nothing was ever said, publicly, by someone with the Bucs Iif there was an issue, they handled it ‘in house’, and, evidently, the problem was solved. So, who are we, to get in an uproar over it. I don’t have anything invested in any back being the ‘bell cow’. If coach has the integrity to REALLY give the players a fresh start, then I think Blount has as good a chance as anyone to be that guy. HE seems to be taking it serious, we’ll have to wait to see if the 2 new kids also want it. If they all do, really good things are bound to happen.

  31. ryan Says:

    I see Joe is still swinging from Blount’s nuts.

  32. bucyea Says:

    This is beyond PATHETIC. Stroud is a complete LOSER!!! Rarely do I even read the Times anymore but for Sundays, well I’m finished. This was the last hatchet job I’ll read from Stroud or anyone else at the Times…good riddance

  33. Tommy Boy Says:

    ^^gonna get blocked lol

  34. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    Rick Stroud is an idiot. I’ll never forget a few years back watching NFL network and the great Rick Stroud proclaimed that Tampa had finished a deal with Green Bay to acquire Brett Farve. Stroud also had his sources inside of the organization that told him that Talib was “as good as gone”.

    Stroud has to resort to making things up to have any relevancy. I’d love to see Stroud try and get a line or two from Blount after he gashes Carolina and their new Ruud 2.0 Luke Kuechley week one.

  35. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Tommy Boy – Actually, Joe found the one-liner from Ryan to be funny.

  36. [email protected] Roof Cleaning Says:

    Here is another angle, since conspiracy theories are so much in fashion it seems.
    Tampa secretly plans to start the Muscle Hamster, but needs a “reason” to sit Blount. (Blount has a lot of Fans in Tampa, and attendance at Games is crucial)
    So, The Bucs get their boy (Stroud) to publish this story to downplay Blount.
    Of course, Stroud is promised a scoop in the future by the Bucs, for his cooperation.

    Seriously, I am as puzzled as everyone why Stroud would do what he did ?

  37. 1976buc Says:

    I have a anonymous source that says Stroud can’t distinguish fact from fiction or old news from breaking news.

  38. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Rick Stroud:
    “For the first two weeks after being acquired by Tampa Bay, Blount, who was suspended at Oregon for punching a Boise State player, never made it to work on time…”

    I’m calling Stroud out as a liar. Reportedly, it was only once or twice…not every day.

    And Blount showed no commitment since claimed off waivers? I think maybe Blunts first year proves Stroud is a liar. Blount cleared over 1,000 total yards. How would he do that without commitment.


  39. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Frankly…I would find it grounds for dismissal if I were his boss.


    What most of you Nimrods dont realize is that this”NEWS” is 2 year old rehash from a tired ass beat writing hack.
    Do you really think that if here were such a “problem” with everything that was alledged that he would still be on this team? The guy was an undrafted free agent that they could have cut his ass in a heart beat with no real loss in monies by this organization. Rick Stroudis an @&&.
    Check the archives… You’ll see.
    GO BUCS!!!

  41. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Oregano Says:
    July 22nd, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    This story is completely unbelievable. After two consecutive late days someone would have hired a personal assistant to wake him up, feed him, dress him and drive him to work. You can hire a personal assistant for $15K a year. Doesn’t LGB have an agent?


    Not to mention a roommate that was or is on the team. We’re to believe no teammates saw the issue and woke him up because he overslept?

    It’s funny, because the report of him being late a couple times a while back is the ONLY bad thing we’ve heard about Blount. He stays out of trouble, he does what he’s told, and he’s never shown an attitude (unlike Talib or Winslow). He wasn’t being given opportunites to run last year. Did he complain or throow a tantrum? No. The reports, both past and present, reek of lies.

  42. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    July 22nd, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    What most of you Nimrods dont realize is that this”NEWS” is 2 year old rehash from a tired ass beat writing hack.


    Um…maybe you should read the comments here, because EVERYONE got that long before you commented.

  43. lurker Says:

    what do you expect stroud to write? especially if thomas 2.o is his source?


    @ Pete.
    i was interrupted and posted before i could write,this is what I posted on PFT today and that it was deleted from the site twice..
    I guess they dont like folks criticizing the media.

  45. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Thomas 2.2 Says:
    July 22nd, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    They solved chronic lateness by providing limo service (I don’t care who paid for it).


    Prove it.

    Oh, and by the way…Campbell is known for making things up, and in this case, he also used “unnamed” sources. Which means “NO” sources.

    eye-RAH and Roy…I don’t recall either making anything up./ I think I recall them being negative in their stories…but that’s all.

    On the other hand…ALL of the other newspaper sports journalists and half the Tampa sports bloggers…along with a couple local radio hosts….make things up constantly and hide behind the illusion of “unnamed” sources.

    A real journalist NEVER publishes a story unless he can go to print WITH named sources.

  46. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Brock, I wanted to ask you…is your name chosen because of Lesnar?

  47. ben Says:

    i dont care if you have to give him cpr and shove a needle up his butt, dude is a beast, we havent even seen anything from him with coaching, wait till byner gets his hands on him, he has intangibles you cant coach

  48. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    If this is true, which again I doubt very very highly, it says more about Raheem & co. than it does Blount (and yes Thomas, the “players coach” was TIC, which is why I put it in quotes). If it happened and he was a superstar, I would say maybe. However, that wasn’t the case. Also, of it was true, we would have heard other players complain about it (Especially whiny ex-players like Sabby the goat). But nope, we heard nothing until 2 years later, and from a hack that wasn’t even there. But of course you should always trust unnamed sources, because they are always accurate. Isn’t that right Thomas?

  49. JA Says:

    Its the dry season, he needed something to write about, so he could be right or wrong as the season starts. Splash, shock and awe, every writer and journalist is full of it to move Ads! As much as I love your blog, u are no different! You are entertaining as can be, Keep it it going in you’re own way and I don’t think less of u because I understand the game….


    Have been BROCKTACULAR since I was a kid. Way before Lesner was even sperm.

  51. BigLebowski Says:


    I’m no fan of Stroud. I think he’s a crappy journalist; he’s a malcontent bottomfeeder who gets haughty with an attitude when he actuallyh has to work.

    HOWEVER, every single one of you fanboys who thinks that this is all made up need to take a deep breath and step back. THere has been a LOT of smoke with Blount. While he is talented, there is obviously some fire though. I find it amusing htat everyone instantly discredits everything Stroud says because they don’t like what is stated. It’s like everyone screaming that Obama wants to take guns away from the public, even though all evidence shows that he is more lax on gun laws than any president we’ve ever friggin’ had.

    Sorry. I do hate Stroud. But I heard that limo story before. Do I blame Blount? Sure. Do I blame Rah Rah for letting him get away with being late/ Hell freaking yea. That’s what happens when there is no depth and the starters know it.

  52. JA Says:

    Dutcher, do u have any sources, or just an opinion?

  53. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:


    In regard to? If you are referring to my comments above most of it is opinion…except the journalists hiding behind “unnamed sources”, which is simple fact. The Campbell comment is through my own experiences as a PR subscriber some time ago.

    As a paying customer at the time KI noticed supposed inside scoops disappearing when they proved to be wrong. And it wasn’t just Campbell. Others left for similar reasons at times. (along with the fact that anything other than opinions expressed as facts at PR could be found elsewhere for free).

    If you are referring to my journal (which is undergoing a makeover at the moment), I present two things…news pieces without opinion, or straight forward opinion pieces. Sometimes, if I do have an opinion about a news item, I supply it below the news as “My Opinion or Comments:”

    What Stroud should have said, if anything at all is: “It is my belief that from the day he was claimed off waivers Blount…”

    But instead he presented it as fact.

    Joe is a Bucs blogger, which is not a reporter, although he occasionally writes his own thing or interviews someone. But if you look back at everything he’s posted, you will see that he makes the separation of fact and opinion clear. That’s one of the reasons I stuck around when I gave the site a try.

    Rick Stroud has professional training for his job, and he still does not seem to grasp the concept.

    When I told Thomas to “Prove it…” it was because he presented something as fact without providing evidence to support it.

  54. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    BigLebowski Says:
    July 22nd, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    THere has been a LOT of smoke with Blount…


    What smoke? This “rumor” is the only thing other than the punch in college. Are you sure you are not confusing Blount with Talib?

  55. BigLebowski Says:


    I have read a lot of stories with issues about Blount….I also know people familiar with the organization, and while he works hard, it just seems he is irresponsible (yes, yes, I know – “unnamed sources”. Still, these “sources” don’t rip on him in terms of a bad person so much that he is one of those that constantly needs someone riding him to keep him in line. Which does add credence to the whole “late to work” issue we heard).

    I guess my bigger issue here is that Joe goes apecrap whenever a source isn’t praising Blount. I agree that he should have gotten the rock more, but that’s what you get when you hire morons to lead the troops. Whether it was coaching, lack of talent, or lack of “want to”, Blount was one dimensional last year. I really hope that changes. I hope he and our 1st round pick are both 1,000 yard rushers with over 500 yards receiving. A nice dream, I know.

    Plus, I must say, Hawaiin has been tripping over himself calling out Thomas. I typically agree some and disagree some with most posters, but this Thomas/everyone who hates Thomas bickering is getting annoying and puts me in a foul mood.

    To sum, who cares what people say about Blount. He will either put up or be forced to shut up this year. Ever since Sapp, Lynch, Alstott, then Brooks left, I don’t really care about individuals on this team anymore. I just hope they win. I hope Blount puts up so that the team does well.

  56. SeminoleSam Says:

    Perhaps Blount was too busy ordering parking garage woopins on fans. It’s hard to get to work when you’re the ringleader.

  57. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    On a side note, I hope to God Zuttah does well at center. Next year we’ll need to find Penn’s replacement in training because he’ll turn 30.

  58. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Big Lebowski,

    I call out Thomas for fun because he’s the most predictable poster on this site. He’s called me out many many times, so it’s all fair game. I don’t mind, and I doubt he does (I think he actually likes it). Did anyone have any doubt whatsoever that he was going to comment on this article? Did anyone think for one second that he would disagree with Stroud? Go back and check the archives, if there’s a post related in any way to Blount, GMC, Dominik, Raheem, or the Glazers, he will be front and center in the comments section. So it’s sweet that you like to protect him and stick up for him, but he gets what he deserves.

  59. Architek79 Says:

    Why is there an issue with Stroud pointing out the truth of the situation?

  60. Scubog Says:

    I’ll bet Charlie Campbell has a mole at One Buc Place. After all, he’s the one who reported the confrontation between Price and Barron. And now this from Rick Stroud. The same Rick Stroud who reported that Aqib Talib was about to be released after the “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot” incident. Why it brings joy to people like Thomas, the reincarnation of Bucfan47, is simply comical. I’m starting to think guys like Thomas are actually hired by these sites to create controversy. Admit it Joe, Thomas is on your payroll.

  61. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Scubog – You’re not alone in thinking Thomas is some sort of paid plant. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, Thomas wastes a lot of Joe’s time since Joe is forced to monitor Thomas’s stuff for lies and misrepresentations about Joe and personal attacks against Joe. Secondly, Joe doesn’t have the disposable cash to pay for drivel.

  62. Bobby Says:

    LOL! Thomas is definitely drivel. As far as Stroud, that dude is a hack. I can’ t stand listening to him when he’s on WDAE and his articles are pure garbage. He is exactly the type of guy Thomas would call ‘honorable’.

  63. thomas two point two Says:

    Drivel huh? Lol

    Read your ridiculous article above.

    If it would have praised Blount without naming a source you would have celebrated. If it would have attacked Quincy Black without naming a source you not have cared. But since it cruliticizes one of your babies, it is crap. Lol

    Maybe Stroud’s basis is first hand?

  64. Fritz50 Says:

    ” cruliticizes ” thus proving, once again, the value of reading a post before hitting submit. Really, though, the only difference I see between you 2.2 and most other posters is the overwhelming negativity of your posts. I don’t recall very many , if any at all, positive posts coming from you, ever. I don’t care how bad the Bucs are, there’s got to be something that went right. You choose to dwell on the negative, how wonderful for you.

  65. Bobby Says:

    @Fritz50. 2.2 is Thomas’ age…..

  66. holymoly Says:

    Rick Stroud – a joke waiting to happen

  67. BigMacAttack Says:

    My issue with Stroud and Holder both is they keep strolling in the gutter. They have been looking for any garbage or negative stories they can find or concoct to embarrass the Bucs. My problem is the timeliness of this story, It is old news and now we have all new leadership and these twon hacks won’t even take a wait and see approach to Schiano’s team. I have stopped going to their site and it has been over a year since I even clicked on it. They are typical lame stream media hacks that only look for crap and negative BS. I used to like Stroud and Holder I quit caring for some time ago, but now Stroud has turned me off too. The Bucs should bar them from the building. They are useless, and lick the balls Joe is swinging on.

  68. Piratic Says:

    “admin Says:
    July 23rd, 2012 at 7:02 am
    Joe here,
    …The fact is, Thomas wastes a lot of Joe’s time since Joe is forced to monitor Thomas’s stuff for lies and misrepresentations about Joe and personal attacks against Joe.”

    Y’all admit that he’s a liar and that has an agenda contrary to what JBF is all about, yet you allow his presence here to continue–why?

    He has shown to have a typically adolescent and argumentative mindset, and still we’re all obliged to endure his incessant lies and taunts and insults. He’s a coward that hides behind his keyboard, like so many other pathetic losers out there. You can be certain that he would NEVER have the courage to insult us were we face-to-face with him.

    You’ve become his enabler, Joe, and we’re all forced to suffer as a result. His presence here is the only thing that’s not good about JBF.