Trash-Talking Raheem Back At Podium

June 14th, 2012
“I never looked at it that way. I’m the very best. I was the best last year when I got fired. I’m going to continue to feel that way.” Raheem Morris told the D.C. Media yesterday after being asked about whether learning the 3-4 defense in Washington was a good career move.

The ol’ ball coach, Raheem Morris, was back at the podium yesterday at Redskins minicamp and dished out 13+ minutes of fast-talking fun for the D.C. media. Here’s the video.

Raheem stopped just short of calling a D.C. reporter a mental midget when asked whether learning the 3-4 defense in Washington was a good career move.

“I never looked at it that way. I’m the very best,” Raheem said of the “mentally weak” question. “I was the best last year when I got fired. I’m going to continue to feel that way.”

Among other topics, Raheem talks about trash-talking in practice to get a competitive environment (something Greg Schiano surely would disagree with), building a culture, underwear, how he’s advised the D.C. offensive staff on developing rookie quarterback RGII based on his experience with Josh Freeman, and more.

He also compared London Fletcher’s leadership to Barrett Ruud’s.

Interestingly, the Washington Post noted that Raheem’s style can be an acquired taste.

Earlier, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan joked that Morris can get under his skin with his constant trash talk during practice. Morris said he was glad to hear it and intended to “pump up the juice a little bit during training camp.”

“To create that competitive environment, it’s like playing pickup basketball sometimes and you talk a little trash,” said Morris. “Go out there and have fun, while still getting the job done.”

 Joe doesn’t expect Raheem, as a position coach, to do many more news conferences. But Joe will be listening when he does. These things are just too much fun.

28 Responses to “Trash-Talking Raheem Back At Podium”

  1. T in Orlando Says:

    Doesn’t sound like someone “humbled” by the experience from last year, almost like he feels he didn’t do anything wrong (which means he didn’t really learn anything); that he coached to his best effort and subsequently his team put their best effort forward.

    I liked Raheem, and I do hope him the best, but those quotes leave me to believe he’ll never be more than the most well liked DB coach in the league (even DCs can’t be buddy-buddy with all their players, only position coaches can really be “friends” with the players).

  2. Amar Says:

    Thanks for sharing Joe!

  3. Tim Says:

    Just Rah being Rah. LOL

  4. Bucnjim Says:

    Getting under someone’s skin up in DC? Imagine that!

  5. b.u.c.s.19999 Says:

    just watch u cant say that by reading…i see him moving up to a D.C sooner than later

  6. T in Orlando Says:

    I’m not saying he won’t get a shot at D Coordinator, but if he takes the same approach to how he interacts with his players as he did here as HC, then I don’t think he’ll be a very good DC.

  7. Jrock(mobile) Says:

    I think T makes good points. Unless Raheem molds the best DBs in the league this year oit of Washington I don’t see a promotion coming anytime soon

  8. OAR Says:

    Raheem trash-talking?
    Don’t let your alligator mouth overload your mockingbird butt.

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    he spoke of the culture he is building in his room, and after knowing what we know now, that is a scary thought. I believe Washington may end up with one of the worst secondary units of all time. When the Bucs hired him as HC, I thought he was a total idiot, borderline illiterate at times. Then he fired Bates and things got better, and as our HC, I wanted to believe that he could motivate a talented team to do great things. I was so wrong about him, his lack of discipline, work ethic, and inability to lead by example. Yeah, I was fooled into believing because I wanted to win, but listening to his same crap now, again, this guy is on the fast-track to the unemployment line. He just seems to be lost in cliche-land, and looks ready to go partying with his new crew. I don’t find him entertaining and feel like he dumped on the Buc Fans by trying to put his team on auto-pilot through the 2011′ season. This guy is going down hard and I can’t wait to see Vincent Jackson torch his hungover secondary after a night of hard partying in the Tampa clubs.

  10. Miguel Grande Says:

    I think Raheem Morris proves that old axiom, “You can’t fix stupid.”

    My main problem with Rah was that he refused to adjust during game time. He not only refused to adjust, he refused to believe that adjustments were being made, by the players, the coaches, the referees, the cheerleaders, and even the broadcasters. He had his game plan and that was that. That placed him on an island once inhabited by Ray Perkins, the stupidest man alive.

    You can see that he hasn’t made any adjustments in his career either. This will doom him to an assistant, working well behind the scenes forever. He quickly let the Glazers off the hook by signing with the Skins for next to nothing working under some dominant personalities Snyder and Shanahan.
    I realize they will have to pay him something but nobody respects that.

    Could you imagine Jon Gruden following a similar path. Gruden made the Glazers pay him every penny of his contract, squeezed them for every nickel because he knew that was the best way to get even. Stay away from coaching, make the adjustment to the broadcast booth, and hit that job just as hard as he did with coaching. Out work every other broadcaster in the world and hammer the network for more and more additional programming. If they resist, have your agent spread a rumor about that new head coaching job in Miami, Dallas or New York City.

    Raheem didn’t have the brains to exploit his situation but he had a lawyer and an agent. He should have announced that he was going to play golf for two years and see what develops. Some other team after that time frame would have come his way in desperation looking for a HC. His agent would tell every body that Raheem is really the next Lombardi who just got screwed by the tightwad Glazers and a back stabbing GM. He could have got paid, really paid! He would have failed miserably again, but he could have gotten paid.

  11. OAR Says:

    He already failed as DC once, twice, and even three times…… a lady!!

  12. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I dont get all the hate for the guy. He tried and he failed. Wish him luck for the rest of his career but no need for all the hate… It really makes you look like the fool, not him.

  13. OAR Says:

    I resemble that remark!

  14. Eric Says:

    My how quickly things change.

    Yesterdays Chuck Noll is today’s idiot……..

    Tough profession, but it pays well. I for one wish Rah nothing but the best. Wasn’t his fault the Glazer Boys made a ludicrous decision to throw him into the Head Coaching gig with nothing but Mark Dominik drafts to work with.

    Simply was not ready for the job. Add complete lack of organizational support and it was doomed to fail from day one.

    I have the same concern about our current coach from Rutgers. But he does have more ammo to work with.

  15. Ian P. Says:

    He compares London Fletcher’s leadership to Brooks and Ruud – two guys that Dominik cut just before the defense took a nosedive.

  16. George Says:

    Raheem is a good DB coach, but he should never be put in a position where he has to give press conferences ever again. You can’t get a straight answer outta the guy — it’s all a bunch of nonsensical street-talkin’ horses**t. Getting actual information from one of his answers is nearly impossible. Is he as dumb as he sounds?

  17. Justafan Says:

    Silence – its not hate. The guy fielded the worst Bucs defense of all time, then stands in front of the press the following season and says “I’m the best.”

    Trying and failing is one thing. Trying and bombing without a shred of humility is the reason why he earns disrespect. He’s representative of some of the worst aspects of professional sports – talking trash is great, but manning up and accepting responsibility for shortcomings never happens.

    A man that refuses to be accountable just isn’t much of a man.

  18. bucyea Says:

    well said justafan

  19. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Did he make any sense? Where did the I am the best answer come from – he was being asked about the 3-4?

    I wonder what happens in his head between hearing something and saying something.

  20. jb Says:

    I’m in total agreement with justafan.

  21. McBuc Says:

    FUnny…the only post today not related directly to the 2012 Bucs gets the most comments.

  22. Bucfever40 Says:

    2.2 that was funny! He’s right though, I think Raheem tried to out talk the press sometimes with that machine gun dialect, before you tried to disect what he just said, he’s rambling on about something else, as if everything he says is one big inside joke, I didn’t get it then…..I do now.

  23. McBuc Says:

    He is not saying he is the best, he is saying he gave it his best. He did not succeed, and has moved on…who knows what will happen with him in the future, and pretty much who cares. He is no longer a Buc, let’s see what Shiano can do.

  24. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    Trying and failing is one thing. Trying and bombing without a shred of humility is the reason why he earns disrespect. He’s representative of some of the worst aspects of professional sports – talking trash is great, but manning up and accepting responsibility for shortcomings never happens.

    I disagree with this. He had 2 losing seasons sandwhiching a 10-6 season… I would call that a failing not bombing… he had some success. Does not matter what the circumstances were, but he did have some success. I just dont see anything wrong with believeing your the best in pro sports. If you think your a loser then you will be. However I do think he just needs to stfu already.

  25. BigMacAttack Says:

    I supporte Rah all I could because he was our coach. I’ll support Schiano the same, with all I can muster. But Rah presided over the worst defensive run of any team I have personally seen in my lifetime. To say Rah’s defense SUCKED would be so overly generous and such an overstatement. As mentioned above, he did nothing to fix the problems, and they just kept playing worse and worse until they quit on the field. Greg Olson was just terrible in 2009′, then bounced back by giving Blount the ball in 2010′ and allowing Freeman to make some plays with his feet, much appeared to be on the fly and not the produce of Olson calls. Then in 2011″ Olson just checked out on the team and was the true leader of the BIG QUIT. Still Raheem was the boss, the one that ran Club Med practices and just didn’t man up, letting other Coaches kick him in the teeth week in and week out. Now that he is no longer our coach, I can speak freely about how bad he was. It was also very difficult having to argue losing points with Thomas each week, when he was right, but I just couldn’t bash my team or Coach. Now that Rah is gone, good riddance, and he will be out of the NFL completely by 2013′ only to retreat to the High School ranks in New Jersey where he belongs. His 15 minutes is almost up and he never was the best at anything no matter what he said. But yes, I homerly supported him, and I was wrong, and now I’m glad he someone else’s problem, not ours. Yeah!!!

  26. hamilton Says:

    good luck rah.

  27. hamilton Says:

    rah look like he is having a lot of fun.

  28. j lynch Says:

    He is an idiot!!!