“They’re Very Smart Linebackers”

May 28th, 2012

Soft-spoken Scott Smith of Buccaneers.com was working his video camera again on the practice fields of One Buc Palace and has churned out a feature on Dakoda Watson.

You can watch it here.

Joe always enjoys these Smith productions, which usually provide a few intriguing nuggets and glimpses.

Of note in this video for Joe was Devin Holland getting burned by Mike Williams on a deep route, a seemingly slimmed down Frank Okam, and Watson talking about how he’s getting consideration at SAM linebacker and defensive end.

Joe wonders whether the New Schiano Order has given up on the idea of Quincy Black putting his hand down and rushing the passer. Hopefully, the infamous “Redskin package” found its way to the office shredder when Greg Schiano took over. 

Also, when asked about what he thought of Najee Goode and Lavonte David, Watson said “they’re very smart linebackers.” For Joe, “smart” was an intriguing adjective choice. Not the usual description for rookies.

4 Responses to ““They’re Very Smart Linebackers””

  1. lj Says:

    Watson is a very well spoken player. I hope he can provide some leadership for the new guys.

  2. funkymunkey Says:

    I think we should try and trade Quincy. I also like the idea of Dekoda playing DE but also Sam LB in certain packages. David, Goode, and Foster are the future of our LB core IMO. We could keep Quincy for one more season as a backup player. But then he would have 0 value after that. Unless he somehow finally gets it together. He is still young and athletic, I’m sure some team out there would be interested. Lets hope 2 teams so we can get a better deal.

  3. Andrew Athans Says:

    We have quickly turned on Quincy Black, but I really want to see what he can do when our D line is healthy. I still havent given up on him, and think he can thrive in Schianos defense. No linebacker can do anything when the defensive line is getting blown up. With a healthy McCoy I think Black and all of our linebackers will be much improved.

  4. BamBamBuc Says:

    Najee Good is, at best, another Adam Hayward. An adequate backup that can play MLB when needed and may have some skills suitable for OLB and special teams ability. He’s nothing more. Don’t be fooled into thinking he’s an undiscovered super-star. He’s not.

    David should be a starter, mostly due to our lack of talent at LB. Dekoda Watson and Hayward will probably see more time in the starting lineup than Goode, and split time opposite David. Our LBs are still not all that good. That’s not saying they can’t eventually be decent, but Foster still needs work (and maybe a move to outside) and David will get trial by fire.

    The D will only be improved this year if 1) our DL stays healthy and creates pressure on the QB and 2) Mark Barron is what they think he is and can stop the run and help in coverage.

    Do not count on our LBs to be significant playmakers in our defense this year.