Dominik Fielded Trade Offer For Michael Smith

April 29th, 2012

One of the more intriguing nuggets to come from rockstar general manager Mark Dominik’s post-draft news conference Saturday was a trade offer Dominik received for backup Utah State running back/speedster Michael Smith, who was drafted by the Bucs in the seventh round.

Dominik said after he snagged Smith another team offered the Bucs a sixth-round pick in 2013 in exchange for Smith. Dominik passed on the deal and said it was the first time in his career he had experienced that kind of offer for a player right after he was drafted.

Joe hopes Smith can flourish with the Bucs, but Joe’s got to wonder whether Dominik should have taken that deal to give the Bucs more trade-up ammunition in next year’s draft.

57 Responses to “Dominik Fielded Trade Offer For Michael Smith”

  1. JSmalls Says:

    Yeah, trade away a 4.3 guy considering we have all this depth at kick returner. We didn’t have a lot of picks and still were able to move up & down. Trade picks, not young talent.

  2. Stevek Says:

    Good pick up an no trade.

    Time to see if this guy can be our Sproles.

  3. Thinker Says:

    This dude won’t be wearing a hat on Sunday. Wake up.

  4. Thinker Says:

    … and Alan Bradford is our short-yardage beast

  5. Stevek Says:

    Who is beating him out, Thinker?

    Lumpkin? Ernest Graham?

    Who? Byner?

    Martin, LGB, and Smith.

    Let’s go thinker, quit rosterbating off last year’s swag!

  6. lurker Says:

    …and “thinker” is appropriate…

    this was a good pick and great no-deal

  7. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Thinker…Alan Bradford is history. And Michael Smith does have an opportunity to make the team as a kick returner and change-up back. Are you stuck in 2011? Bradford didn’t even make the team last year.

    The only RBs on the roster before this draft were Blount, Madu and Lorig (FB).

    The only positions on this team that do not have openings are kicker and punter. All the others need depth and improvement. Even a Wide Receiver can make the team as a kick returner.

  8. ClayBURN94 Says:

    @Thinker lmao that was a good one!! Oh wait your being serious…..

  9. Jon Sheridan Says:

    Interesting prospect…highlight of Day 3…unless “The Drake” excites you…a tight end best described as a poor man’s Patrick “Grape” Hape.

  10. Adam Says:

    This guy, if he lives up to his potential, will be the perfect #3 complement to our other two backs. It was a great pick and no way you trade him for that.

  11. passthebuc Says:

    He’s at least worth a 2nd

  12. rich Says:

    you MUST be right Thinker…I guess dominik forgot that good players only get drafted in the first few rounds.

    how many talented players need to go undrafted or late round drafted for close minded people to realize that there is such thing as late round value.

    ignorance is so fun to watch and not admire.

  13. st augustine Says:

    great read. very interesting!

  14. Brandon Says:

    Smith was given a grade 5th-6th round grade. Watch some of his tape, and you’ll quickly see he was worth at least that. The guy is a willing blocker, a good receiver, doesn’t get pulled down easily, and extremely fast:

  15. NJBucsFan Says:

    Looking very similar to the 3 headed monster that was Bradshaw, Ward, and Jacobs.

  16. Brandon Says:

    Considering Blount will be eligible for restricted free agency after this season, and unrestricted free agency next season, it’s never too early to acquire complementary RBs. WIth his ability and work ethic (he benches over 400 lbs at only 206) and NFL coaching, he could be a major stud in the league in time.

  17. Brandon Says:

    I think it looks like San Diego’s old 3 headed monster of Tomlinson (Martin), Turner (Blount), and Sproles (Smith)…. Okay, maybe not QUITE that good but the same skillsets in those 3 are apparent.

    Check out the tape I put up and look at the inside runs where he drags defenders and breaks arm tackles, pay particular attention to the run at the 2:20 mark to see his speed and burst, and the one at the 3:30 mark to see his strength.

  18. Brandon Says:

    I came away from watching the interview thinking the most important info shared is that the rookie mini-camp/tryout camp starts on Thursday.

  19. BamBamBuc Says:

    Yeah, this guy “could be” a stud. As a 7th round draft choice the odds aren’t good, but he could be. Unfortunately, I’m with Thinker on this one. He might make the practice squad, but I believe we’ll see Martin, Blount and Madu on Sundays this year. Or we’ll see a new addition to the squad in the near future. Not that I think a 6th round pick next year has much more chance of making the roster, so it doesn’t bother me they turned down the trade.

  20. Thinker Says:

    Look clowns, I didn’t say he wouldn’t make the team. Maybe he will. I’m saying he won’t wear a hat on Sunday — two different things. My guess is Stroughter beats out Brizcoe and returns kicks. Strougther is a hell of a returner. We also have Parker and Benn who can back up Stroughter.

    The point with Bradford was sarcastic. We were all giddy about him last year.

    I completely expect Dominik won’t be stupid enough to NOT have a veteran running back on this team next year. Therefore Smith’s chances of flimsy at best.

  21. demetrios Says:

    I’m glad he didn’t touch the offer. So we can draft an extra ST LB next year?? The late rounds are for what he did with Smith. He may not do anything, but you cannot teach someone to run a 4.25. That dude is freaky fast, and for all the talk of needing to draft “Buccaneer Men,” they also needed to draft speed to fill a gaping capability gap.

  22. Kujolw Says:

    @The Dutcher Journal

    We also had Robert Hughes before the draft at Rb, But I do agree he will make it as a return guy. We let Spurlock go, I don’t know if Stroughter is going to be with the team much longer with Parker and Brisco. Parker was ok except the Jags game.

    Smith will bring an elite speed to the team at RB and thats something we don’t have. I think RB coach Earnest Byner is loving for what looks like a Blunt, Martin, and Smith.

    Can you imagine now they also get to run behind a Penn, Joseph , Nicks, Trueblood,and Zuttah. You can pretty much guess well have Lorig will be in as a TE with Stocker blocking on goaline situations. They wont be able to stop the run this year.

    This season can’t start fast enough!!

  23. Architek Says:

    So Joe why would you trade one of the few burners you have on your team for a 6th rounder when it’s obvious that he has potential and we are in dire need of speed. No trade and lets see what we have. You could increase his value.

    That doesn’t make sense to me to trade a position where we are unproven and thin and Smith is explosive…If he was like a Dexter Jackson type then sure but this guy is a ball player. See what happens and tight. Patience.

  24. Pete 422 Says:

    Smith filled in very well for a guy who got drafted in the 2nd round. Gotta be something to him.

  25. L.J. Says:

    Spped Kills!!!! I like this guy and I am glad we have him. Every so often a 7th rounder is the best pick made. Who knows, this might be one!!!

  26. Stevek Says:


    You’re the “Clown”.

    Martin/Blount/ KR M. Smith.

    Better rushing attach then 2011, for sure.

    Quit being the lone sheep.

  27. Stevek Says:

    Maybe we picked “Ahmad Bradshaw”? We picked Lumpkin instead, last tile around.

  28. Brandon Says:

    Pete 422 Says:

    April 29th, 2012 at 10:51 am
    Smith filled in very well for a guy who got drafted in the 2nd round. Gotta be something to him.


    Actually, Turbin wasn’t drafted until round 4… and he didn’t fill in, he split carries and was often in the same backfield with Turbin at the same time. He still managed over 800 yards on the season and 7.6 yards per carry.

  29. bucswin Says:

    “Joe’s got to wonder whether Dominik should have taken that deal to give the Bucs more trade-up ammunition in next year’s draft.”

    I love this site for the links but usually ignore the opinions of the Joes. This is one reason why.

  30. Thinker Says:

    Madu has a better shot of making the team than Smith. Love how all you guys now think he sucks. He was a Dominik pickup too, you know.

  31. JonBuc Says:

    Stinker is one angry/sad clown with Dilfer-like analyst skills…

  32. Fin Says:

    So Joe suggests trading a nobody for a sixth-round pick and you guys all jump down his throat. Classic after-draft “everybody’s great” going on. Y’all keep celebrating your backup Utah State running back.

  33. Kryq Says:

    LGB, Martin and Smith im excited.

  34. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Madu has a better shot of making the team than Smith. Love how all you guys now think he sucks. He was a Dominik pickup too, you know.
    If Dom or Coach were so thrilled with Madu, they wouldnt of just drafted 2… yes thats right 2 more RBs. I think Madu will be on the practice squad once again… and nobody said he sucks but he hasent shown much of anything yet

  35. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Architek and others – Joe wrote about considering the deal because Joe would like to see a veteran running back added, a guy who could be a versatile No. 3 back and provide some leadership for Martin and Blount. … So if that guy is added, Joe’s hope, then Smith might be far less valuable than a sixth-rounder in 2013 when the Bucs could be looking to trade up. That’s all Joe’s saying.

    Maybe the Bucs will go with Blount as their most experienced RB. We’ll see.

  36. Thomas2.2 Says:


    StePhen Holder tweeted that Schiano selected the players, Dom did the maneuvering around. Pretty obvious that Schiano was selecting the players?

    Just a different player make-up than years passed. No toughness concerns like with the Gerald pick.

    The point: the only rock star in the draftroom was Schiano.

  37. Pete 422 Says:

    @Brandon, work for me, thanks for the correction.

  38. Big Picture Guy Says:

    With all due respect to stephen holder, he wasn’t in the draft room, and also couldn’t get his facts straight on UFA’s the bucs were or were not signing. This was a speculative tweet that used the words “I think” and “influenced,” not “did all the work.”

    Schiano knows guys from college bc he just came from there. This won’t be the case in 2-3 years. Maybe he will have his boys still working the college game, but make no mistake, the scouts are the ones who did all the work.

    Bruce Allen’s best draft was never as good as Dominik’s worst.

  39. Big Picture Guy Says:

    And if anyone cares for a bitter-sweet laugh, have a gander at his draft history.

  40. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Kujolw Says:
    April 29th, 2012 at 10:36 am

    @The Dutcher Journal

    We also had Robert Hughes before the draft at Rb, But I do agree he will make it as a return guy. We let Spurlock go, I don’t know if Stroughter is going to be with the team much longer with Parker and Brisco. Parker was ok except the Jags game.


    Stroughter is not good enough to return kicks. Has he taken any to the house? I don’t recall one, but I could be wrong. Besides…I suspect he’ll be more active as WR this year. He did have some decent punt returns…solid ones…but scores?

    Parker will be benched or cut by his third fumble. Everyone rags on Blount for his fumbles, but Parker had more…8 total. And he was horrible at kick returns. If his fumbling can be repaired, he’ll make a good pass catcher.

    We need a kick returner who is a burner once he gets into the open field. Smith has the speed to jet pass defenders before they can close the gaps.

    Mind you…I don’t know if that is the intent or if he will succeed at it, but I still believe Thinker and BamBam (sorry) are wrong about him. He’ll get a chance to where the helmet…because every rookie has that chance this year.

    Michael Smith also plays FULLBACK, which surprised me considering his size.


    THOMAS 2.2

    Actually, Stephen Holder is mistaken. Dominick, Schiano and multiple coaches, scouts and assistants reviewed tape. Schiano stated the type of player he wanted, had a few names…and the rest they decided on as a group…with Schiano having final say so one the players in the war room when the time came.

    But don’t even try to claim Dominick had nothing to do with choosing the players in this draft. There was a consensus. I know you are trying to do damage control so you can keep talking bad about Dominick…so you don’t want him getting any credit for this draft. But deal with it. He had a LOT to do with it…and not just the maneuvering.

    How do I know this? Watch the freaking press conferences leading up to the draft and listen to the radio interviews. The process was clearly stated well before the draft came.

  41. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    A word on kick returners…

    Michael Spurlock was an energizer for this team. His returns for touchdowns inspired players to come from behind and win games.

    That why we need a scoring kick returner.

    I don’t know if Michael Smith is that guy…I’m hoping he is. And just think…we could still yell “Run, Michael, run!” when he takes it to the house 😉

  42. Lion Says:

    But Joe if a team is that willing to call and try and make get the Bucs to trade him that quickly, then it’s clear that this kid has something special. Plus considering we used a very early 7th on him, getting only a 6th rounder is not a very good offer by any means.

  43. Lion Says:

    @ Pete Dutcher

    Well said my friend. I agree with you 100% on what you were saying to Thomas.

  44. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Damage control? I have commented on how the quality of player being brought in via draft and free agency has improved since rahrah was fired – what has changed since then? Not Dom.

    I also have commended the team for firing players like THC Jax. Who made that decision? Not Dom, he signed him to an extension weeks before RahRah was fired.

    See the difference? Schiano and co. have completely controlled the rebuild of the failed prior rebuild – this time it looks like we may be fixed.

    Now can the remaining hacks – K2, Talib. Make Okoye the starter and Gerald a rotational player. Make Martin the primary ball carrier. Move Foster to Sam and give Goode a real shot to start! Lookout.

    Thanks Dom for sitting quietly in the corner.

  45. Lion Says:


    Yeah starting two rookie LB’s, one being a 5th rounder makes all the sense in the world. Are you kidding me? You clearly want to have the same problem as last year don’t you. You want our 5th round linebacker in the middle of our defense, calling the shots as a rookie? You are clueless dude.

  46. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I say keep Foster in the middle and move Goode to the sam.. that seems the most logical line up right now until atleast Goode gets familiar with the defense and the NFL speed and all that good stuff then maybe switch them. But barring an unforeseen signing of a more Vet LBer… what other choice do we have than to 2 start 2 rookies there?… I would take both rookies over what we had last year for dam sure!

  47. Lion Says:

    Goode is the type of player who needs to sit, learn and and grow as a player for a year or so. He is not the type of guy you go throw out in the starting line up on day 1. Mason Foster will be miles better next year with an actual off season and a year under his belt, Lavonte David can adapt right away and make an impact in his natural position as a rookie, and Quincy Black with some real motivation (competition) will be just fine next year as a Sam backer, just watch.

  48. Thomas2.2 Says:


    Playing Quincy “jane” Black next to Foster will ensure similar LB play to 2011.

    Jane needs to be off the field. I am not sure if Foster or Goode are ready, I said give Goode a fair chance – lets evaluate through pre-season.

    We know Jane sucks, we know Foster looked awful at middle. Barron and Grimm (if healthy) are strong run supporters. Give the kids and Dekoda a shot to play LB.

    Really 2012 if is a year to shake off rah’s unprofessional impact on our players and have Schiano mold them while they gain experience on defense. The offense with Free, the O Line, Martin and V Jax should score points.

  49. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    With the money there paying Q I guess starting him for 1 more year just to see if he has anything is a good idea but I just dont think he is very good and Goode will find his way onto the field more and more as the season goes along.. and btw i dont believe in someone needing motivation… in the NFL if you cant motivate yourself then you dont belong

  50. Thomas2.2 Says:

    By week 8, Goode will be a much better Mike than Foster – Foster exposed his inability to cover and physically take on blocks in his gap.

    Foster is a pursuit player, not a physical gap filler, i.e Hardy Nickerson. Goode is in the Hardy mold – obviously we dont know how Goode he will be, but he is similar.

  51. passthebuc Says:

    Remember, just the appearance of speed changes the defense. I think DS proved that by making the defenses around the league kick away from him, providing better field position.

  52. Alan Bucs Says:

    The one factor that I think alot of bucs fans and fans in general don’t consider is chemistry and scheme. Quincy Black has never been great but he wasn’t as bad as last year. The same is true for many players on our team. It just kills me how after one really bad year, some people think that everyone on our team is bad. I think people will be surprised by how much better even quincy black will be once he is with a few new players and new defensive scheme and coaches.

  53. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Its not that Q hasent been great, but he hasent even been good or even average?.. What exactly has he done since being here for what 5 years now? We’ll see when they hit training camp but I’m not expecting much of anything from him… Hoping he proves me wrong but im not holding my breath

  54. Bobby Says:

    Actually, Goode probably could play the middle this year. It’s a brand new playbook. Nobody knows it so they all start on the same level as far as knowledge. Experience? Foster has one year playing out of position. I think they put Goode in the middle with Foster and David on the outside. Rotate in Black and Watson.

  55. 941-Bucs Says:

    It seems Dominick is trying to replicate what the Saints did last year. He has a FULL Stable of Good WR’s and good RB’s.

    The Saints spread the ball around so much. Playing the match up battle. They have 4 very good RB’s that all got used. Darren Sproles (big impact on the passing game) Pierre Thomas (Bell Cow), Mark Ingram (bruiser), and Chris Ivory ( another bruiser with quick feet).

    Thomas was the starter majority of the season. Ivory got playing time after Ingram went down with injury. Darren Sproles played a unique position. Mainly they just got the ball to him in space. Screens, Bubble Screens, Slot, out of the back field. He was all over and used as a play maker and not an every down player.

    Ours will be more of a hybrid between that and the Giants of 08; Earth, Wind and Fire.

    Blount will start (at least in the beginning), Doug Martin will get 3rd down duties. While Smith will be moved around on passing downs from time to time to get him the ball in space and allow him to utilize that speed of his.

  56. positive dude Says:

    I hope he pans out, nice change of pace with that speed. Imagine Smith swinging out with blount in the backfield.

  57. RickinFL Says:

    If Michael Smith works out to be a productive back even as a change of pace to the battering rams of LeGarrette Blount and Doug Martin, then the “bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” applies to Mark Dominik turning down the offer of a sixth round pick “in the bush” in 2013 to the “bird in the hand” of Smith on the team in 2012.