What If Claiborne’s Off The Board?

March 20th, 2012
Might the Bucs grab manbeast defensive tackle Dontari Poe (6-5, 350) with the fifth overall pick? Mike Lombardi, of NFL Network, says that’s the Bucs pick regardless of who’s available for them in the first round.

Rockstar general manager Mark Dominik might not want to inhale this week with all the smoke floating his way designed to cloud his judgment.

The thickest haze, and perhaps it’s true, has the Vikings general manager hinting he wants to draft stud cornerback Morris Claiborne with the third overall pick, via ProFootballTalk.com.

Bob Sansevere of the Pioneer Press writes that Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman is talking like a man who isn’t as high on USC left tackle Matt Kalil as everyone seems to think, and that Spielman has been hinting that he’d draft LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne over Kalil with the third overall pick.

What if Claiborne is gone with the third pick?

The Bucs have no use for a left tackle. Would the Bucs draft Justin Blackmon or Trent Richardson and, likely, stay true to their draft board?

NFL.com/NFL Network guru and former personnel executive Mike Lombardi recently belted out a take that the Bucs would draft fleetfooted, manbeast defensive tackle Dontari Poe (6-5, 350) out of Memphis with the fifth overall pick. Lombardi said the Bucs need to change the attitude of the defense and a ferocious dude like Poe is a good fit after the failures Brian Price and Gerald McCoy.

Joe sure would like to plant surveillance in the Bucs’ draft war room.

84 Responses to “What If Claiborne’s Off The Board?”

  1. Travis Says:

    “The Bucs have no use for a left tackle” FALSE

    Let me explain…..

    Penn will be 29 before the season starts.
    If we draft Kalil (like we should if hes available) we sign him to a 5 year deal for PENNIES. Penn will be 34 at the end of Kalil’s rookie contrat and we no longer keep a 34 year-old slow fat left tackle. We then resign Kalil to a huge contract and sure up the position for a decade.
    Im sure after 1 year of Kalil playing right tackle Penn and Kalil would swap anyway (similar to Doug Free and Tyron Smith)

  2. surv Says:

    I love how Lombardi says we need a change of attitude from a guy who has a reputation for taking plays off.

  3. jvato24 Says:

    The Vikings were pissed and jealous that the Rams made off with a bounty of picks one spot in front of them … and now are like we will take BLACKMON … nooo .. well take CLAIBORNE. HAHA funny

    LETS TRADE OUR 2nd and 3rd round picks so we dont lose HIM !!!!!

    Someone go take a peek at the Vikings starting O-Line and you tell me if they pass on Kalil. If I were ponder and they took a corner … I would request a trade.

    If Claiborne is gone, we go Richardson. It makes more sense with what we have done in FA on offense and did not address any RBs in FA.

    If both are gone, take Kalil and we have a superb back up swing tackle until he breaks into the starting 5.

  4. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Luke freaking Kuechly.

    Case closed

  5. Kevin Says:

    Addition of Kalil could result in an open competition for both LT and RT. Penn would have to fight for the LT spot, and if Kalil wins out, he can move to LT. If Penn beats out Kalil, then it’s Kalil vs. Trueblood for RT. Either way, the line has competition at the tackle position, and greatly increases depth. A premier tackle is an excellent value at the 5th postion.

  6. Meh Says:

    Take Kalil if he’s there. He is definitely BPA, and probably BPA in the entire draft (including Luck). I don’t care about needs when the best player in the draft falls to you at #5. Take him and figure the rest out later.

    But this conversation doesn’t matter, the top 4 is going to go like this: Luck, Griffin, Kalil, Blackmon. We’ll have our choice of Claiborne or Richardson. I’m in favor of Claiborne over Richardson.

  7. Kevin Says:


    Addition of Kalil could result in an open competition for both LT and RT. Penn would have to fight for the LT spot, and if Kalil wins out, Penn can move to RT. If Penn beats out Kalil, then it’s Kalil vs. Trueblood for RT. Either way, the line has competition at the tackle position, and greatly increases depth. A premier tackle is an excellent value at the 5th postion.

  8. Kevin Says:

    @meh – exactly!

  9. HFXBUC Says:

    Lombardi thinks Poe, who tested like the greatest athlete ever yet wasn’t on anyone’s radar before the combine because he was average at best, is an attitude difference maker? Ummmm nope he’s Albert Haysnworth… Remember his combine? He up huge numbers and he got drafted high (15 me thinks) and he managed to produce 1 awesome year a couple good years and the rest has been a side show. Poe may not even give you that much.

  10. DieHard_Bob Says:

    “Poe is a good fit after the failures Brian Price and Gerald McCoy.” Say what? I think it’s a little too soon to label Price or McCoy as failures. Hopefully we will see Price at 100% for the first time this season, and he was a beast last year at 60% or 70%. McCoy was coming on fine last year before he was injured again and needs to stay healthy for a whole season to see if he can live up to his draft position. Pulling for both of these guys to have a great season!

  11. bucfanjeff Says:

    We don’t Kalil because he won’t play right away and to pay him top dollar and sit won’t fly. Maybe…MAYBE if Penn or Kalil switched to the right side, but I don’t see that happening.
    I would not call McCoy and Price failures…injury prone yes and it is a proving year. I’m not opposed to Poe.

    Bottom line, we need to stay at #5 and take whatever ELITE talent is available, because we need elite talent.
    Given the FA signings, it’s a good bet you can take Blackmon and Kalil off the board. Diversify your portfolio.

  12. bucfanjeff Says:

    ..and he Viking dude is just bluffing. Though the real team to take Claiborne is at #4.

  13. deminion Says:

    kalil if claiborne isnt there im on board with that after tht best available and for the last time no to Luke

  14. Meh Says:

    You don’t pay Kalil top dollar. With the new CBA rookies are cheap. We could take Kalil, play him at RT for a few years until Penn declines (he’s going to just because of age), then slide him over and have a dominant LT for another decade.

    If we take Poe at #5 I’ll flip out. First, he’d be a better fit for a 3-4 team. Second, he has a great combine and not that good tape. Why would we take him top 5? That’s insane. He should go in the late first, but his combine will have someone reaching for him. Sure hope it isn’t us.

  15. jvato24 Says:


    This doesnt make sense

    Bottom line, we need to stay at #5 and take whatever ELITE talent is available, because we need elite talent.

    Then you say to take Kalil and Blackmon off the board. Ummm .. there is only a handful of elite players in most drafts. Take those 2 off and Claiborne is gone, Im not sure how many Elite players remain.

  16. rdbucfan Says:

    I’m sorry but the #5 pick for a DT out of Memphis. Dom will lose any respect he earned from me with the free agents he just signed if we choose a DT from memphis.

    Joe, you are saying that T Rich is a stretch at #5 but a DT I’ve never heard of instead of a franchise running back. I don’t think so.

    I like Morris Claiborne but does anybody know how he did against the likes of Julio Jones and AJ Green the year before last. I don’t recall the SEC having that many elite WR’s last year. My memory may be wrong.

    I did see T Rich bust off a 34 yard TD run against what was arguably the best defense in college football last year. I also saw Morris Claiborne get caught up inside taking himself out of the play and then being outrun by T Rich to the endzone.

    If Claiborne was a Deon Sanders type player I could see the Bucs using #5 but he isn’t and there are other DB’s with the same calibur of talent as Claiborne that will be available with our 2nd round pick.

  17. jvato24 Says:

    But Meh … He ran a fast 40 !!!

  18. Meh Says:

    Haha. What other DB is going to be available at #36 that is the same caliber as Claiborne? Nobody, that’s who. Claiborne is indisputably the best corner available – and the best defensive player available in this draft.

  19. Meh Says:

    His 40 was pretty impressive, that’s for sure. If only his game tape were even 10% as impressive.

  20. Macabee Says:

    There is a lot of gamesmanship going on now and Dominik is in there with the best of them.

    You can’t say on one day I’m open for business and say on the following day you’re drafting Claiborne at #5.

    Everybody’s looking for an extra pick bonanza like the Rams got. Nobody is going to pass on Kalil unless you’ve got a franchise QB sitting there. Just posturing!

  21. Buddhaboy Says:

    The bucs are in position to get a good player. Problem is, it is a crapshoot, and you never really know how they will adjust to the pro game. You pick a dude and give him everything in hopes that he succeeds.

  22. Brain Says:

    Forgive the language but…

    Mike Lombardi is ****ing retarded and an asinine creep who has no business being on TV or writing articles about football. He was a complete failure as a GM and has no idea how to evaluate talent. There’s a reason guys like him and Charlie Casserly are on TV and not in war rooms right now.

  23. raphael Says:

    1st choice Claiborne
    2nd choice Ricardson
    3rd choice Blackmon
    4th choice trade down get a LB or OL

  24. Bucsfan47 Says:

    Failures of Brian Price and Gerald McCoy? I don’t want to accuse you of Flip-flopping Joe, but haven’t you sung the praises of those two on multiple occasions?

  25. Chris FWC Says:

    Poe, no.

  26. Eric Says:

    Dom is great at cloak and dagger.

    Not so much on winning yet.

    He can’t possibly draft another dt with the five pic given the “beasts” he has already assembled there, and whom better dang well come through this year for his sake.

  27. thibs5599 Says:

    Failures, they are in their third season and both have injury issues. This is a make or break year for them but they are not failures…..yet….

  28. jvato24 Says:

    I read an awesome article yesterday breaking down Schianos Defensive style. Think is it was somewhere random like the PR message board. But it had quotes from Chuck Pagano who was working with Schiano and Davis in MIAMI.

    He noted he has a history of running a 4-3 Over One Gap Defense with the front 5 consistently charging the Backfield and alot of blitzing. The LBers have to tackle extremely well as the front 4 or 5 will charge their gaps and not wait and REACT to the play and corners are routinely in a cover 1 or cover 0. Strong Safety up in the box alot. Stop the Run #1.

  29. Eric Says:

    Lbs have to tackle extremely well?

    Uh oh.

  30. Dave Says:

    Not a chance of taking a DT. All they need there is health and depth.

    They take Claiborne or Blackmon… case closed.

    I would say kalil, an put him at RT, but now way they spend that much more money on the O-Line. THAT would be insane. They just need depth there now, not a starter.

    There is the strong possibility of trading down and going for a guy like LB Kuechly or another CB (kirkpatrick/Jenkins/etc…) but you need to know if Cliaborne is there or not first and you need a trading partner not too far down……………. just not as easy as many fans like to think.

    Personally, I think the Kalil- Caliborne hints from the Vikings is nothing but a smokescreen to possibly look for someone to move up.

    With AP and Ponder – – – THEY HAVE TO TAKE THE LT

  31. Meh Says:

    And we’re incredibly weak at LB and SS? Eric is right, uh oh.

  32. Meh Says:

    Do I need to repeat this again???


  33. Dave Says:


    “He noted he has a history of running a 4-3 Over One Gap Defense with the front 5 consistently charging the Backfield and alot of blitzing. The LBers have to tackle extremely well as the front 4 or 5 will charge their gaps and not wait and REACT to the play and corners are routinely in a cover 1 or cover 0. Strong Safety up in the box alot. Stop the Run #1.”

    Yes. The front 4 charge and create havoc and chaos and breakup plays. The LBs HAVE to plug the holes and make tackles. They ABSOLUTELY have to get better at LB over the next 2 years, as well as CB.
    The CBs in that style will play alot of man with one safety back deep. My guess is that will be TJax and Grimm will be in the box for the run.

    It is why they HAVE to draft Claiborne and a LB.

  34. BuccFanInHawkeyeCountry Says:

    I say we trade the pick Cleveland Brown style regardless. U know somebody gonna stretch for Tannehill. I’d be down to help.

  35. Dave Says:

    For the record: I have not changed my mind on Blackmon. I think he will be an Andre or Calvin J type of dominant WR.
    It is just that with the signing of VJax to go along with what they have and the style of defense they probably will play, they NEED a CB and LBs.

  36. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    I can see us taking Poe. McCoy needs to be pushed. I heard that even when he was taking interviews for Ochocinco TV during Super Bowl Week, he tore a bicep muscle. Right now according to buccaneers.com we have about five DTs on the roster, we have room for one more. Either a DT or trade down.

  37. Northend Says:

    We need thumpers!!!!!! I dont care who as long as they are plug and play ready with a mean disposition on the field and classy human being off(like lynch).offense,def dosent matter

  38. BonesMahoney Says:

    If Kalil is there and the Bucs pass on him because it isn’t the biggest “need” I will be beyond mad. Penn is not as great as a lot of people make him out to be, mainly because he is constantly way overweight late in every season and gets beat because of it, but with that said he is solid. Our O-Line would be dominant if we had Penn, Nicks, Zuttah, Joseph, Kalil his rookie year then moved Penn to RT and Kalil to LT his 2nd year like the Cowboys did with Doug Free and Tyron Smith(and remember, Smith is getting huge praise from everyone and Kalil was the one that held him at RT at USC).

    And really? Failures after 2 years? It isn’t like either Price or McCoy have been bad when they were in the game, they just need to stay healthy. Also, Michael Lombardi is a clown. The only team he has “inside info” on are the Patriots and that’s because he has his nose firmly planted in Belicheats ***.

  39. admin Says:

    JOE here,

    For the reading challenged this morning, it is Lombardi who said Price and McCoy haven’t cut it. Those are not Joe’s words.

  40. bucbelevr Says:

    @Brain…10:47 post. Well said!

    He is a fool, Casserly and all them, not in war rooms for a reason. Mayock is believable, on evaluating talent.

    If Lions sign Tulloch quickly, like it sounds, that will set market, then the LB’s will be gone soon. Dom and crew, hopefully chicken works out.

    Draft LB’s good for depth, not our glaring need, as it is. And start cutting people, quickly after signing replacements. Purge, reload, long offseason getting on same page.

  41. Meh Says:

    How is linebacker not a ‘glaring need’? We had the worst linebackers in the NFL last year, and the only move we’ve made so far to improve them is not resigning Hayes (without signing a replacement).

  42. buddah Says:

    McCoy a bust–Lombardi’s nuts. Go look at the tape and how the Bucs played before McCoy got hurt. If McCoy plays the whole season all the talk of bust will be gone, I assure you.

  43. surv Says:

    It seems like most want to trade down, but will someone bite? I really wouldn’t mind trading back and getting Kirkpatrick or Kuechly.

  44. Dylan Says:

    Lol that many people are seriously this blind? like i said months ago the bucs are drafting trent richardson. They invested too much money on the offensive line, and want to get josh freeman as many weapons as possible clearly. signing V jack and Carl nicks should help explain that theory. Greg Schiano likes to get physical and pound the ball and punch them in there mouths then take a couple shots down field. idk if any of you know trent richardson but he matches that motto pefectly. rumored to bench 490 lbs, clean and jerk 385 ( absolutely ridiculous) and had almost 2000 all purpose yards in the hardest conference in college football. when they signed eric wright clearly that showed they are leaning towards trent richardson who is a freak of nature and an all around bruising, lightning fast RB that comes out once every couple of years. trent richardson and leggarrette a behind that new expensive O line will sell play actions like a pro, be probably the most feared duo of running backs in the NFL, and also give the bucs a perfect identity on offense and not be able to be predictibale at all. if trent richardson makes it past 4 he is the pick, idc if claibourne or blackmon on the board the pick is richardson just looks at all the signs.

  45. RealTalk Says:

    I’d take Kalil its not the sexy pick everyone is looking for in the top 5 but it takes a major need away. Trueblood is not that great and Penn is getting old. Start kalil on the Right side next to Joseph and even Joe can run for 100 + yards a game.

  46. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Trade Winslow for Tebow. Bucs need a short yardage back and Tebow weighs around 240lbs now. Put him in the wildcat in short yardage or goal line behind that big 0-line. Talk about physical. He would never see the field as a QB, but could occaisionally throw a surprise pass out of wildcat. If you watch him run in the open field, nobody wants to tackle him.

  47. Macabee Says:

    If it is true that Tulloch is about to re-sign with Detroit and the market is set lower than expected, I am hearing that Lofton is more than likely to re-sign with Atlanta even though they already signed Lofa Tatupu.

  48. Dylan Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmfM5XZaFR0 if you got anything bad to say about trent richardson or doubt him just watch that video. starts off with players in his conference and team drooling over his skill set and how special of a player he is. then the reel does all the talking about his skill set.

  49. Dave Says:


    AGAIN…. anyone who thinks they are drafting a RB at 5 and any team that drafts a RB at 5….. should be committed…. no offense.

  50. Dylan Says:

    @Dave yeah i remember when corners were never taken in the top 5 about 4 years ago until patrick peterson blew up. now look Claiborne rumored to go #3 overall. You draft by how good the player is. If your gonna say RBs never get drafted top 5 just go look at NFL history and previous drafts.. happens for years. and AP would go top 2 in the draft if 2007 got re drafted.

  51. Gus Says:

    When it comes down to it. It really doesn’t matter. Who ever we get at 5 will strengthen the team 10 fold. We already know that so far it will be Luck, RG3, _______,_______. That means we will end up with either Richardson, Claiborn, or Kalil. Any one of them would help out enormously. Honestly out of the bunch I would love to have Kalil. Possibly the best player in the draft and would make our offensive line the most feared in the league.

  52. 941Buc Says:

    @Creamsicle – I agree if we cant get Claibourne and cannot trade down, then we need to take Luke Kuechly.

    If we can trade with the Dolphins and get their #9 pick, 2nd round, 3 round and 2013 1st round pick I would do it in a heartbeat!

  53. bucbelevr Says:

    @Meh…11:24. Words misconstrued.

    I should have typed about LB, “drafting LB for Bucs is good for depth, and not a good idea for Bucs for clearly our glaring need, LB for starter and run-stuffing leadership in middle”.

    Rest of my comments supported that.

  54. Meh Says:

    Why would the Dolphins make that trade? Maybe we can trade down, but there is zero chance we get 2 1sts, a 2nd, and a 3rd for #5 considering the board.

  55. Nate Says:

    All our Dts are injury prone! Has Gerald even recovered from his injury? Has price even been 100 percent? If you dont have good starting DT then we will get ran over again just like last year!

  56. patrickbucs Says:

    BuccFanInHawkeyeCountry Says:

    March 20th, 2012 at 11:12 am
    I say we trade the pick Cleveland Brown style regardless. U know somebody gonna stretch for Tannehill. I’d be down to help.

    Why would anyone negogiate with the Bucs at 5 when they probably could with the Rams who aren’t drafting a QB. They already traded down so they may not again and take Blackmon or whomever. I’m not so sure Bucs will get a slew of picks unless someone wants Clairborne or Blackomon (like Julio) last year, will see.

    I personally think Kalil is the pick for the Vikings. They desperately need #1 LT, #1 WR, #1 CB but the odds of stud starting left tackles seems to be more consistent lately then the other “can’t miss positions”. The Browns need offense and to keep that fan base happy so I think they go Blackmon 1st option, 2nd option Richardson (Holmgren had a pretty great back from Bama in Alexander in Seattle) which should leave us with Richardson and Claiborne. I would have to think even if Talib’s case is dismissed before the draft he’s going to get suspended for a couple of games. Who really knows if the Bucs even want him anymore? I see them going Talib unless this new regime thinks draft offense and sign key free agents and draft defense and coach them up.

  57. Steve From Oregon Says:

    These are the types of great debates that I like to read.

    At #5, I think we have to sit and let the draft come to us. If somebody wants to trade up and give us extra picks, Im sure Dom will take it assuming its not out of the top 10.

    If we stay where were at, take best player available, you can’t go wrong with that. If you have two players rated the same, then you take the greater need; however, you dont reach. If Claiborne was gone and we have our choices between the top RB, WR, and OT….I think you would have to take the tackle. Maybe left tackle isnt our biggest need, but who cares, he is the highest rated player outside of Luck. In my opinion he would instantly upgrade RT and possibly LT, pushing Penn to the right either way, it would strengten our line even more…….Either way…..we are in a good position at 5.

    Oh….Meh is right…with the new CBA, rookie contracts shouldnt have any influence over who they pick…its not like the old days.

  58. RustyRhino Says:

    Until Trent Richardson has shown he is healthy this month(27th) then I say NO to drafting him, if he is healthy and has a good showing at his “pro day” then we should all be talking about him and our #5 pick. Until that happens I would say he is a injured RB that we don’t know what type of minor knee injury he had “repaired”. What we do know is he hasn’t worked out yet for any one.

    Looking at his college film he looks like a great draft choice, but with him not doing anything at the NFL combine makes him damaged goods, until he proves he can run and cut and stop and go on a regular basis. We would have pages and pages of JBF “fans” vocally drumming the “Ride The GM/coaches out on a rail” scupper night and day if we draft him at #5 and he is damaged goods.
    Just my opinion.

  59. patrickbucs Says:

    good points RustyRhino

  60. BigMacAttack Says:

    I would take Kalil in a heartbeat if Blackmon and Claiborne are gone, but if Blackmon is there at 5, and no trading partners are available, I’d draft Blackmon. He isn’t that tall, but the guy has mad skills and is a game changer. He would be an instant upgrade, with Jackson and Williams as the Bucs’ top 3. I like Kalil though because he could move to the right side and solidify the Bucs O line for years, even making it better. Any of those 3 players will make the Bucs better. Trent Richardson will improve them also, but for an injured RB, I would not pick him at 5, no way, no how. I would look to LaMichael James later in the Draft, early 3’rd round if available.

  61. BigMacAttack Says:

    I wish the Draft was here already, or the Bucs would find a FA linebacker to hold me over for another 6 weeks.

  62. bucfanjeff Says:

    @jvato24, take them off the board meaning that’s what I think Dom does based on our FA movement and defensive needs.

  63. bucfanjeff Says:

    I still think we take TRich if he’s there…especially if Claiborne is gone.

  64. bucfanjeff Says:

    The draft will go:
    1 – Luck\RG3
    2 – RG3\Luck
    3 – Kalil
    4 – Claiborne\Richardson
    5 – Richardson\Clairborne

  65. bucbelevr Says:

    So MLive in Detroit has “inside sources” within Tulloch’s camp saying he wants “no less than 6 million annually”. I think that’s reasonable, 4 years, 24 million, for a starting MLB with Bucs glaring need there?!?!!! Structure the money the same as rest of FA’s we signed. Then, cut Quincy Black. Start cutting people….

  66. bucfanjeff Says:

    No way we spend all that money on the OL and ONLY have Blount. Not happening. If we don’t pick up a RB in FA, RB will be our 1st pick, LB our second pick. If we trade back, LB will be our first pick and RB will be our 2nd pick.

  67. Eric Says:

    I’m no doctor but that price injury was horrific.

    Be surprised if he can have a long career.

    Then there’s bower’s knee and Gerald’s arm. Whew that’s a lotta ifs in the health department for one d-line.

    Maybe address it in later rounds just in case.

  68. Kujolw Says:

    If he’s not there and Richardson’s gone then I would trade down. Stock up on draft picks for this year and mabey next year also.

  69. Bvert38 Says:


    Is Claiborne really that much better than Kirkpatrick? I don’t think so. And after the Wright signing I would say CB is less of a priority than LB.

    If Blackmon is still on the board at #5 I think you will see some teams try and move up to grab him. You could really start a bidding war between the Rams, Jags, and Dolphins and get some quality picks back, possibly along the lines of a 2nd rounder. Ultimately I think the Jags will pull the trigger and move ahead of the Rams, giving up the 2nd rounder this year.

    I think we will end up taking Kuechly. MLB is our biggest need, and I know you don’t want to draft for need but he is the safest pick in the draft and Shiano knows him from coaching against Boston College the past few years. I think he automatically upgrades our run defense and is a true MLB that we desperately need and the type of no-quit player Shiano wants to build around on this team.

    If you think that’s a reach your wrong. Look at his combine #’s and his production. This kid is going to be a stud. I was begging for the Bucs to draft Willis when we got Adams, but people said it was a reach. That position is really the heart and soul of a defense and I don’t think you can pass up upgrading that position.

    Then the draft goes as follows:

    Colts- Luck
    Redskins- Griffin
    Vikings- Claiborne
    Browns- Richardson
    Jags- Blackmon
    Rams- Khalil
    Bucs- Kuechly

  70. Meh Says:

    Yes, Claiborne is that much better than Kirkpatrick. Other than being a much, much better cover corner, Kirkpatrick interviewed very poorly at the combine, was evasive on the answers for his pot arrest, and has had two serious shoulder surgeries. I’m not saying I’d be disappointed with Kirkpatrick if we traded down, but there is no question who the best corner in this draft is.

  71. Capt.Tim Says:

    Who cares about the draft? After that great post last night, I’m fired up about signing TEBOW!!

  72. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Anyone who thinks we take Khalil is clearly placing their own desires above what the Bucs will actually do. They did all they plan to do to the offensives line.

    They will not be taking Blackmon because they addressed that need in free agency. There is a slight chance they take Richardson, but…with Nicks added to the offensives line and Blount finally getting the benefit of an off season training program in Tampa (after 2 years) the Bucs can wait to take a RB later in the draft andget good results.

    The same with defensively line. With all the other needs at CB, Safety and LB, there isn’t much chance of a DT either.

    So, if Mo happens to be gone, what you should be asking is whether there is a safety or linebacker ranked higher than Dre…because he’ll be the pick if there isn’t.

  73. Eric Says:

    Tebow says he wants to play in Florida. Make the trade it’s a no lose deal.

  74. Mikenice Says:

    Lol @ Tebow..nonsense. Why would you want to draft Kalil with your first overall pick when he wont even start right away? To add depth to a position that needs it far less than several other positions on our team? Nope. No way. We can take a range of people..Blackmon, Claiborne, Richardson, and we can even take Kuechly or Kirkpatrick too..any of these players would add instant talent and depth to much needed areas. Honestly, would you prefer to see Vincent Jackson, Justin Blackmon, Mike Williams and Benn all running routes for us, or would you like to see Donanld Penn and Matt Kalil swapping in and out at LT fighting for a starting spot? Would you rather see Blount and Richardson running all over opposing defenses behind the blocking of Zuttah, Nicks, Penn and Joseph, or would you rather see Matt Kalil sitting on the bench? Or how about Claiborne/Kirkpatrick, Wright, Talib and Barber in the secondary? Granted Barber isn’t what he used to be and Talib is questionable, but it sounds a lot better than our secondary last season. Some of you are dillusional fans. Tebow and Kalil. They will take us to the next level! Take us to chapionship games! Yeah, right!

  75. Meh Says:

    Pete, that’s a recipe for poor drafting. Kalil is so much more BPA than Kirkpatrick it is ridiculous to think we’d take him over Kalil. Need or not.

  76. brady Says:

    I think the analysis by Bvert38 is right on the money. It appears that Richardson may be damaged goods….he has yet to run for anyone and you just can’t risk a #5 on a RB in that situation! (Cadillac Williams comes to mind). Anyhow, if JB is available I take him as the best available. If not, do the trade down, pick up nothing short of a #2 and hopefully grab Kuechly and perhaps CB Jenkins in the 2nd rd.

  77. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    Trade down. Tebow is going to the Jets or Raiders anyway

  78. GenocideD Says:

    Mikenice, if we draft Kalil, it’s for an immediate starting position or soon to be starting position.
    We need to draft whomever is highest on our BPA chart. We’ve done too much drafting for need, as of late, and we can’t waste the opportunity of a top 5 pick.

  79. Sam Says:

    @Bvert38 thank you i have been begging for Dominick to make that exact move our biggest need is LB!!!! Hands down we had the worst group of LB’s last year and we have done nothing but release one of them. So we either have to sign Lofton before the draft and if not Luke Kuechly is the only answer!!! Think about how much sense this would make we get the best LB available and hes rated as the #7 prospect already so its not like we would be taking a reach. ANd just like he said if you have any doubts about the kid go watch his highlight film he doesnt miss tackles. Also if he would’ve came back for his SR year he would’ve shattered the NCAA career tackling record, no doubt about it. Also he is a true 3 down LB he would never have to come off the field. His career at BC he averaged 13.5 tackles per game!!!! That insane especially when you realize he started from his freshman year. He made BC fans not miss Mark Hurzlich when he got sick because Kuechly held down the defense single handedly. And we would be able to get atleast another 2nd rd pick in this years draft which would give us 2 picks early in the 2nd round. Then we could either go rb,cb, or another lb actually we could get 2 out of the 3 in the 2nd round alone and then just draft for depth after the 2nd rd. This would give us almost endless options and make the most sense.

  80. USMC-BUC Says:

    Man what a dammin comment on G-MAC and BP,

    With that Said, I would Draft whoever Butch Davis likes.

  81. Bobby Says:

    Pass on Kalil if he falls to us???!! Are you crazy?? A blindside LT that is dominant is the next best thing to a franchise QB. I would say get him and move Penn to RT. That would equal MOST DOMINANT O-LINE IN NFL. Heck even Lumpkin could run behind those guys!

  82. Bobby Says:

    Look, everyone who keeps saying we need to take ‘elite’ talent….you never know where elite talent is until they actually play. Nicks was a 5th round pick but he’s the #1 Guard in the NFL. Wes Welker, Tom Brady, etc. Either undrafted or low round picks surprise us all the time. High round picks disappoint the same way. We just need some talent, I don’t care what round they find it in. Whether they are ‘elite’ or not will have to wait until they actually play at the next level.

  83. Bobby Says:

    I like on CB we have already. I think he could turn out to be very good if given the chance.


  84. Heath Says:

    no excuses for skill position players from the “blame the OL” crowd is Kalil is the pick