Mark Dominik Will Likely Have To Overpay

March 10th, 2012

Joe can sense from the giddiness/impatience of Bucs fans the past few days that they are eagerly awaiting the NFL free agent drive-thru window to open up next week.

Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik all but said he would go shopping for free agents. Many Bucs fans have taken this admission as Dominik will go all Danny Snyder and start filling the roster with big-name talents.

That’s much easier said than done for the Bucs. Sure, the weather here is awesome, and sure the Bucs’ field and facilities are top-notch. But is that enough to lure players here?

Not exactly, says ESPN’s Pat Yasinskas as this very subject came up in a recent NFC South chat.

Dr. H. Doofenshmirtz (Tri-State Area): I know it’s Florida and all, but do you think the Bucs might have a hard time getting free agents to sign there because of the huge step backwards they took last year, and the new coaching staff,etc.?

Pat Yasinskas: Well, I think Schiano will have to sell himself to free agents. But I think if he can do that, Bucs can impress free agents. Show them the facility, one of the nicest in league. Great grass field and stadium. Nice weather. And don’t underestimate this when you’re talking about millions of dollars — no state income tax.

Well, first off, Florida is hardly the lone state in the republic with no state income taxes. Tennessee, Texas and Washington have no state income tax as well. Combined, that’s seven NFL clubs that can use that selling point.

Players want to win first and foremost — the right players — and that is the paradox Dominik will find himself in next week. The Bucs are coming off a horrid 4-12 season with a new coach unproven on the NFL level.

To overcome those obstacles, Dominik will have to throw bags of money in the laps of prospective players to lure them to Tampa Bay.

39 Responses to “Mark Dominik Will Likely Have To Overpay”

  1. 941-Bucs Says:

    Exactly! It’s also why i am cautious of going after the top tier player in each position. Just because we have room to spend. Doesn’t mean we should destroy our salary cap in doing so.

    A few key FA’s + some “Depth” FA (for competition), and a solid draft will help this team tremendously. I really don’t believe the team as a whole is as bad as they were last year. Having a full off season for 90% of these players will pay huge dividends in their progress this coming year.

    I don’t see them going straight to the super bowl. But i really believe we are in much better shape then most think we are!

  2. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Yeah, Florida might have nice weather now, but by the time football starts it will be miserable and even worse on the field. I don’t think that is a good selling point.

  3. Mr Lucky Says:

    Joe you forget about the OTHER category of FA’s that are available; the Chucky Specials….namely Hinez Ward and his ilk; players who are in the downslide of their careers but they still want to play the game.

    Ward could be gotten for a good price and most importantly if he was offered the position of a player/coach with a 2 year contract…..

  4. Thomas 2.2. Says:

    941 – destroy our cap?

    The Glazers have stuffed roughly 300 million dollars in unused cap money in their pockets since 04-05. The cap is going up.

    I wouldnt trust rockhead to make change for my $20 dollar bill for me – after he paid Clayton 10plus million guaranteed for 1 season, derrick ward, nugent, crowell, black and made GMC the 8th highest paid player in the nfl in 2011 by paying him 18mil including prorated signing bonus.

    However, the realistic fan base has come to realize the truth about what is going on – Overspend on Manu, reduce Buc payroll to compensate, Glazer and Allen object and get fired, bring in false replacements, spend less and less, leverage the players for a new labor deal, take Manu public to generate cash – try to “reconnect” with your fan base by trying after 7 years of siphoning $.

    The problem: rah ingrained horrible habits in this roster, and we have pop star or rockhead, your choice, involved – you would do just as well flipping coins to select players.

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    The hardest part in signing a free agent- is going to be trying to convince him, that this is a place he will win, and be noticed

    A well deserved reputation for having cheap owners. New coaching staff, with minimal NFL experience. A 4-12 team- that actually quit on its coach last year, and whose best players seemed to take huge steps backwards last year.

    Those are hard points to sell to a free agent. They can go anywhere they want. We have lots of money- but a few playoff games can mean a big difference in a years income- and we have no idea when we’ll be playoff ready again.

    The way to beat that, might be exactly what Finnegan has been talking about.
    If we actually Do a ” threesome” signing! Signing 3 quality NFL players, shows all three that this team has recommitted to winning. One good player may feel that he is just a token jesture to the Fan base.

    Signing 3 players will impact this team’s ability to win in a positive way.

    That might be just the commitment they want to see- plus hellacious amounts of cash each! That parts ok. They are worth it, and we won’t win with some of our current” players”

    So that may be the madness behind the method. Might work!

    But how do we convince Vincent Jackson that he will continue to improve, and be an allstar- when his position coach is PJ Fleck???

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    And I realize that a bunch of you homers are gonna start whinning, because joe and I implied your new hero – Shiano- might be a deterrent to Free agents signing here.

    And because I said that an inexperienced Position coach might turn away veterans like V. Jackson

    Like it or not. It’s the truth. I hope Shiano becomes the greatest coach in Buc history. But it’s not gonna be easy. An established NFL coach has many opportunities afforded to him, that an inexperienced Coach won’t. Credibility with veteren Free agents is one such benefit.

    Go ahead- start the – Capt. Tim is a hater retoric! Ignorance is bliss.
    Til it cost us a few great players. Has probably cost us a few Asst. Coaches already! Not Shiano’s fault- just the way it is.

  7. RastaMon Says:

    It ain’t over paying….it is the marketplace

  8. Bulldog Says:

    Simply amazing. This is better than Springer.

  9. RastaMon Says:

    Think of it as your/credit score
    the NE Patriots credit score
    the Tampa Bay Buccaneer credit score
    higher score pays less
    lower score pays higher prices

  10. Bobby Says:

    The motto in football is ‘show me the money’. If Dom opens up the wallet, he’ll have no problem signing FA’s to come here. It will have nothing to do with position coaches or Schiano. Football players in the NFL know that the talent level between teams is usually very small and on any given Sunday any team can be beat by any other team. They see we have a very promising front 4 on defense, a franchise QB who can make all the throws, a whole slew of superbowl rings on the coaching staff, great weather, no state income tax, cheap housing, etc. They know we have the #5 pick in the draft and a ton of money to spend in FA to improve the team…..what’s the deterrent?

  11. Bobby Says:

    I’m sure Vincent Jackson is going to hate the idea of working with Mike Sullivan as OC. What has that guy done?? He only has 2 rings…. I mean, Schiano won’t want him touching the WR’s will he? That will be all P.J. Fleck…sure it will. Same way Sullivan won’t be working with Freeman at all….
    Geeeez…..some of the reasoning is so lame on these posts. P.J Fleck is going to be a deterrent when Mike Sullivan is there…..Really?????

  12. Bobby Says:

    And another thing…if you’re gonna continue to rag on the coach, spell his damn name right! It’s Shiano. Thanks!

  13. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Not 1 NFL player will turn down a larger Buc contract offer because Greg Schiano is the coach. Many NFL players will view Schiano asvan asset.

    Tim, your disgraced ex-coach is being ridiculed by your favorite under-achieving player. Seems to me that GMC blames Rah for his horrible first 2 years. GMC may be right.

  14. eric Says:

    But I thought we had a rock star GM that has the team bursting with young talent, on the verge of an unprecedented playoffs and championships run.

    surely players in the league must understand that.

    They should be taking less money to come have some a this!

    Plus, a lot of our coaching staff have super bowl rings from prior assistant jobs!

    All that and PJ Fleck has just GOT to be super attractive.

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    No. Bobby . Sadly , they won’t
    They will see a 4-12 team. A new head coach, from a small college, with virtually no NFL experience.
    They will see a defensive front four, that was last in the league in sacks, and couldn’t stop the run.
    They will see a secondary and LBing corp that are worst in the league. Gave up huge amounts of yardage thru the air, and on the ground.
    They will see A new Defensive Coordinator. He was a DC in the NFL once before. Fired after one year
    They will see a first time NFL offensive Coordinator in Sullivan. He wasn’t An OC when he won the rings.
    He was a QB coach.
    They will see a QB who went 4-12. Showed horrible mechanics
    Threw 16 TDs, and 22 interceptions. Finished the year with a 74.6 passer rating.

    They will see the NFLs youngest team, youngest coaching staff, and an ownership group that pays both groups the least in the NFL.

    They will see a team that has gone 17-31 the last 3 years

    Yet, until I had to respond to your post- I was feeling a lil optimism growing.
    Now, you’ve depressed me again! Thanks

    Nah, not really. We have talent. We just have a couple areas that are horrible(back Defensive 7)

    We get some help there, and some talent on Offense at the skill spots- I believe we can turn it around quick!

    I even think these coaches may turn out good!

    Aaah- first time back on a boat, since I got sick. Amazingly, it seems to be improving my optimism!

    Meybe I can get HawaiianBuc off my ass finally! Lol

  16. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Good point Bobby!

    Sullivan wins a super bowl as a NFL qb coach and Tim dismisses his experience as a NFL coordinator. Yet, RahRah, who hadn’t done anything above the d backs coach level, except get blown out as a DC against Rutgers in the Texas Bowl, somehow had sufficient experience to be a head coach.

    You have to remember, Tim was ALL in with RahRah, like Joe is to Dom all in. He told us all to get used to RahRah bc he would be here for a decade or so. Lol. He loves the Bucs but feels so exposed bc of RahRah’s embarrassment – that he has this compulsion to want Schiano to fail so he saves some face – meaning wasn’t RahRah it was someone else- the Glazers or Dom.

    It’s okay, he will be right on one someday, maybe GMC will finish a season for him someday!

  17. Capt.Tim Says:

    Eric- lmao- yeah, what did happen ta all this great talent the rock star has gathered?? We should be favored in Vegas for the SuperBowl, with 3 full years of the Rockstars ” SuperPicks”.

    I’m buying my plane tickets and getting hotel reservations to the SuperBowl now- after 4 years of that great “plan” he had, we gotta be going this year!

    Oh, and Thomas- did I mention that Raheem is tied for Fourth best record in BUC HISTORY!!! Tied with Gruden, Dungy, and MacKay!!
    Pretty sweet- 37 years of football, and he has the fourth best record ever!
    You gotta admit- that makes him one of the all time greats!
    Embrace him Thomas! If Scaniho wins 10 games- I’ll acknowledge him as an all time great!!

    Right up there with Raheem and the guys!!


  18. eric Says:

    In all seriousness, i think freeman enjoys a very good rep in the league.

    i would think a wideout would relish playing with him. And the young defensive lineman are likely recognized too.

    stay on the boat capatain, we need your optimism on here. As you are aware, your always right!

    these FA just wanna get paid mostly, the team is a secondary factor. Unless your afraid of boats like Albert.

  19. RastaMon Says:

    if only the Costa Concordia had Captain Tim instead of Captain Francesco Schettino…
    both the passengers and Buc fans would be safer

  20. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    RahRah is also tied for dead last in NFL history for number of playoff appearances after 3 full seasons as head coach with Zero.

    Reportedly, it is impossible to do worse than 0 playoff appearances. At least he finished out of the South cellar one year with an admirable 2nd to last in 2010.

    Most people think of Sam Wyche as a failure in Tampa. Few people remember that he never won fewer than 5 games – RahRah accomplished that twice in 3 seasons. Lol. Wyche also left sapp, Brooks and lynch.

  21. Capt.Tim Says:

    WHAT??? Not acknowledge the accomplishments of the QB coach, in winning a SuperBowl!!
    That’s just crazy talk. I ( and many, Many others!) velieve that The QB coach is THE MOST IMPORTANT member of the coaching staff.

    I mean- the QB throws the damn Ball!! right?

    How can ya win with out that?

    I realize that typically, they are the lowest paid member of the coaching staff( other than assistants- but they sometimes are paid more, also!). And I realize that they don’t have to design schemes, or formulate game plans.
    They pretty much just review the QBs reads and Mechanics- over and over again.

    None the less!!! I (and many,Many others) still consider them the most important Coach on the team!!!

    Now that’s funny- I don’t care which side of the fence yer on!

  22. Capt.Tim Says:

    10-6 Thomas- 10-6. Wyche- and many,many others here never managed it!

    Yet Raheem did it!!! With the youngest team in League history!!!
    In part, thanks to his dominant young DT, McCoy!
    Who I ( and many,Many others) believe will be an all time great!!
    Embrace him Thomas .4th best outta 37 years!!
    Just amazing!

  23. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Thomas 2.2 says
    RahRah is also tied for dead last in NFL history for number of playoff appearances after 3 full seasons as head coach with Zero.

    That was totally made up. As usual.

  24. Big Marlon B Says:

    @ Rasta

    that is the best comment i’ve seen on here in quite some time. well done sir.

  25. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    I am glad that you are having a great time on your boat. I wish that someone would embrace me after I finish 3rd out of 4.

    You know what, I guess when you finish dead last 67% of the time, like RahRah, second to last is a reason to celebrate.

    Great job rah, you weren’t last once!

  26. Patrick Says:


    I don’t like Rah either…..think he was joke too…..but I hate it when you refer to 2010 as……”3rd place in the division” or “2nd to last finish”. Bottomline is…..that year featured a lot of competitive teams in the NFC!! 90% of the time, a 10-6 record gets you a playoff spot! We lost it on a tiebreaker! At least give him “some” damn credit for a decent season.

  27. Brown Bag Says:

    It is true that Florida has no state income tax versus some other NFL cities Keep in mind, players pay tax based on what stay the game is played. So there is a benefit to playing in Florida, but they’ll still be dealing with state income taxes each season.

    On another note, the Bucs always seem to do better when everyone is pop-poo-ing them. (except the Rah years). I’m certainly looking forward to free agency, the draft and the future (at this point)

  28. RastaMon Says:

    jezzo pizzo…..

  29. Big Marlon B Says:

    Steve Hutchinson got cut by the Vikings today. He’s 34, and his best days are likely behind him….but i think his leadership, experience and toughness could bring a lot to the team. Let’s face it, as great as Carl nicks is, that would be an awful lot of $ to tie up on guards btwn him and Joseph (and Zuttah, if he doesn’t get moved to Center). Grubbs is a possibility too, but I think Hutchinson is an intriguing possibility to hold it down for a year or 2 and help groom a raw young draft pick (Kelechi Osemele, Brandon Brooks, etc). Just a random thought, something to think about. That type of incredible veteran influence is something that cannot be understated, and clearly this team didn’t have enough of it last season.

  30. FlBoy84 Says:

    First off, NO ONE knows what’s going to go on in the players mind when it comes to making their decision. Anyone who thinks they do is mistaken. Don’t agree that the Bucs will necessarily have to over-spend to bring in quality FA’s. There is plenty of experience in the coaching ranks, and would think most players will respond better to Schiano’s up-front, honest approach than Rah’s “sign here & we’ll party our butts off” rhetoric. Guess we’ll find out in a couple of days. Agree with 941 that a couple premium players and some quality depth FA’s along with the draft would be a great start.

  31. passthebuc Says:

    I wish Thomas 2.2 would stop sugar coating his comments and tell us what he really thinks.

  32. Capt.Tim Says:

    Well, at least we finally figured out his motivation

    ” I wish somebody would embrace me!”

    Aww- he just wants a hug!

    Hawaiian- yer the feminine type around here- give the lil bastard a hug!

  33. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    passthebuc- Ill tell you what Thomas really thinks. He’s just overjoyed that the new coach is a nice middle aged white man. That was pretty much Thomas only requirement for the position. Just dont be a young black guy and your an alright coach in Thomas book.

  34. bobby Says:

    How do players pay tax based on what state the game is played in??? You trying to tell me that every player on every team has to pay taxes to every state they play an away game in?? That’s crazy. They are employed by the Tampa Bay Bucs and they get paid by the Tampa Bay Bucs who reside in the state of Florida. It’s no different than when an executive travels for his company. He doesn’t have to pay state income tax to every state he visits if he is not receiving compensation from that state.

  35. bucbelevr Says:

    How about Bucs trade down from #5 to say #12, pick up a pick or 2, then trade #12 to Pittsburgh for Mike Wallace, a proven commodity, signing him to a heavy signing bonus contract, that cap-strapped Steelers can’t financially match?…instead of gamble on Blackmon?..

  36. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Thomas 2.2.. Says:
    March 10th, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    RahRah is also tied for dead last in NFL history for number of playoff appearances after 3 full seasons as head coach with Zero.

    You know, I was going to let this slide with no further comment…but then I thought, “Thomas would call anyone else an idiot for getting it wrong…”

    So I suppose what is good for the goose is good for the gander, right? So here are some coaches who had as many as, OR MORE, seasons without playoffs:

    Gary Kubiak: Houston Texans (2006-2011?) –
    4-5 years without making the playoffs

    Dick Jauron: Chicago (1999-2003), Detroit and Buffalo (2006-’09) –
    10 years head coach experience and only made the playoffs one time.

    Dennis Erickson: Seattle Seahawks (1995-’98 (4 yrs), 2003-’04 (2 yrs)) –
    Never made the playoffs.

    Dave Shula: Cincinnati Bengals (1992-’96)

    Dave McGinnis: Arizona Cardinals (2000-’03)

    Marion Campbell: Atlanta Falcons (1974-’76, 87-89), Philly Eagles (’83-’85)
    Three 3 year NFL Head Coaching stints, and he never even sniffed the playoffs. That’s 9 years without playoffs.

    Bart Starr: Green Bay Packers (1975-’83)
    Eight years as head coach, and only one winning season. No playoffs.

    John North: New Orleans Saints (1973-’75)

    Romeo Crennel: Cleveland Browns (2005-’08)

    Dan Henning: Atlanta Falcons (1983-’86), San Diego Chargers (1989-’91)
    Never made playoffs

    John McKay: Tampa Bay Bucanneers (1976-1984)
    5 of his 8 years did not make the playoffs

    Darryl Rogers: Detroit Lions (1985-’88)

    Lindy Infante: Green Bay Packers (1988-’91), Indy Colts (1996, ’97)
    Six years as a head coach, only 1 playoff season.

    Joe Bugel: Phoenix Cardinals (1990-’93), Oakland Raiders (1997)
    Four years with the Cardinals before they changed their name, and did not make the playoffs.

    Phil Handler: Chicago (1943-’45, 1949)
    2 winless seasons in a row, then a 1 win season. Was given another chance in 1949 and won 2 games…it was a career best. Now that is a bad coach.

    So, Thomas 2.2,
    How about you stop making things up in the hopes that no one will check and see if what you said is true?

    No way around it…you just got pwned.

  37. Capt.Tim Says:

    BecklesheartsRuud – that is a possibility. I don’t think so, and I certainly hope not. I don’t know why Thomas hates Raheem- but I don’t want to believe its racially oriented

    Anymore than I want to Believe that Ian Beckles( and you, if I recall) campaigned against our only good LB- because he was white.

    Neither of those guys was great at their job. But both seem to be have gotten more Hatred than their performance warranted.

    Gotta wonder why? Lol

  38. Capt.Tim Says:

    Jesus, Pete! Ya coulda just said “liar liar!!”
    I woulda believed ya!

  39. Pete Dutcher Says:

    @Capt. Tim
    Thomas would have claimed I knew nothing about NFL history. This way I made it clear Thomas makes stuff up.