Is Perry Fewell On The Radar?

January 10th, 2012

Former Bucs defensive end Steve White (1996-2001) threw a new name into the hat of potential Bucs coaches yesterday during an appearance on PrimeTime on WHBO-AM 1040.

The outspoken, analytical White said he’d give consideration to New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, whose defense revived itself in December and pitched a shutout Sunday against Atlanta in the Wild Card round.

Fewell’s an interesting candidate. He went 3-4 as Buffalo Bills head coach during an interim capacity in 2009. He’s 49 years old and must be a disciplinarian type if he’s working for Tom Coughlin, and he worked for Coughlin for in Jacksonville as secondary coach. He’s also weathered major fire in New York and has been lauded for making adjustments over the past four weeks after the Giants defense was torched by the Saints, Packers and Cowboys.

Surely a Fewell interview would get a collective “Who?” from Bucs fans. But if you’re going to interview Brad Childress, then Fewell should probably be on the radar.

15 Responses to “Is Perry Fewell On The Radar?”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    It can’t hurt.

  2. jvato24 Says:

    ehhh ..

  3. Buc Neckid Says:


  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    Billick and Zimmer need to be the next two guys interviewed.
    Do it for the F’ing fans.

  5. Sensiblebuc Says:

    He seemed like a rising star a few years ago but then the Giants D took a step back this year. A month ago Giants fans wanted this guy gone and he was throwing players under the bus for not executing (…sounds familiar…). He may need a few more years of seasoning…

    Side Note: Everybody’s Shaun King mentioned Eric Mangini as a guy he’d like to see interviewed yesterday on his show. He’s an interesting guy too.

  6. ClayBURN94 Says:

    No thanks ill pass on eric mangina

  7. eric Says:

    Teams are getting scared of the coordinator route. When Rah was hired a bunch of other supposednly hot cordinators were too and a lot failed miserably.

    So, swing the other way with experienced coaches.

    Contrasting the current search with the way Rich Mckay operated is pretty revealing IMO. Surely Dom is following marching orders – he cant be the one directing this circus.

    Totally different level of competence and professionalism.

    Eric Mangini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Macabee Says:

    This man has a promising career ahead of him and should not come anywhere near the toxic environment in Tampa. Notice how quickly the chorus has changed from “we want Cowher and Fisher” to “we’ll take the AARP list and be happy with it”. A healthy dose of reality set in when we realized that those guys would not even consider Tampa and nobody with considerable upside should either!

    The Giants are going to give Green Bay all it can handle this weekend and it’s not because of Eli Manning, It’s because of Perry Fewell’s defense – healthy again and a force to be reckoned with.

    So if you’re reading this post Perry and you get a call from the Bucs, make your voice sound like an automated recording and say “Mr. Fewell is away from the phone right now and will not be available for 10 years!”.

  9. Jonny Says:

    Fewell is quite popular, he isn’t really a “who?” candidate unless someone is really a casual viewer of NFL.

    Like it has been mentioned before, my only problem with Fewell is his defense taking a step back early this season and late last season when Giants were in the playoff hunt.

    A very underrated candidate of course considering Zimmer, a DC of a mediocre defensive unit is getting much more hype, but his hiring as the HC would not get me as thrilled as say Schottenheimer.

  10. sunrisejeff Says:

    Sure as long as he can bring JPP, Osi and Tuck with him 🙂

  11. Jarret Says:

    This isnt even a story. A former player threw the name out. The Bucs have shown no interest in him…Anyone can toss out random coordinators and say the bucs should interview him, but it’s not gonna happen. The Glaziers dont care about winning. Blame it on business or blame it on religion. The fact is, that family just wants to make a profit.

  12. thibs5599 Says:

    as long as we win I don’t care who is the coach. Let it be Fewell or let it be 70 year old Marty, whatever the case is lets get some discipline in this team and see what happens.

  13. chargedcbh Says:

    LMAO, I love how these fans act like they know who these coaches are. To respond its a reach or no thanks. YOU PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!!!!

  14. Patrick Says:

    “He’s also weathered major fire in New York and has been lauded for making adjustments over the past four weeks after the Giants defense was torched by the Saints, Packers and Cowboys.”

    Well, why did his defenses get torched to begin with? Sorry, I’ll pass.

  15. Big Marlon B Says:

    i live in NY so i’m also a Giants fan and i watch every single one of their games. i can tell u the reason they got torched was because of a lot of injuries. Terrell Thomas who is their best CB went on IR in the preseason. they lost 2 other CBs, and their starting MLB Jonathan Goff (who is underrated). Tuck and Osi were banged up for parts of the year and missed time. Michael Boley (their best LB) also got hurt and missed some time, so at one point they were forced to play all rooikies at LB. i know people will say any good coach should be able to overcome injuries….im just saying sometimes it takes a little while to figure out schemes or personnel groupings that can help u make the most of what u have.

    Perry Fewell is a very good coach who is highly regarded. he is intense, his players absolutely love playing for him. he is also pretty creative, as last year he ran 3 safety formations pretty often to compensate for the lack of quality LBs on the team. Deon Grant played pretty well in the hybrid S/LB role.