Is There A Disconnect With The Bucs?

November 23rd, 2011

Joe can remember once upon a time when just about any car with a Florida license plate had some form of Bucs gear on it, whether that was a flag, a bumper sticker or a window decal.

Getting inside the stadium on Dale Mabry Highway was a tough task. If you weren’t a season ticket holder or you weren’t given a ticket, you had to pay through the nose for a ticket from a scalper outside.

Those anecdotes seem like another generation ago. Veteran sports columnist Gary Shelton typed a piece late last night that suggests there is a disconnect between the team and the fans.

In short, Shelton believes that there are players on the team that fans don’t like, so he wrote in the St. Petersburg Times.

Still, I have to tell you, it was puzzling that Jackson not only was active his first game, but started. And he not only started, but was introduced. And he was not only introduced, but was introduced last and carried the team flag as he entered the field. It was a hero’s return to the field, not the return of a guy who had let down his team by being suspended for drugs.

Now Joe sees where Shelton is coming from and he has some valid points. Joe, however, sees a lot of likable people in the Bucs locker room.

Josh Freeman is a helluva guy as is Gerald McCoy, Brian Price, Mike Williams, Arrelious Benn, Adrian Clayborn, Larry Asante, Davin Joseph, Donald Penn, Corey Lynch, Ronde Barber… Joe could go on and on. Every one of these guys are good people. Stand up people.

Are there a couple of bad eggs on the Bucs roster? Sure, but the few are not reflective of the whole.

As far as Tanard Jackson starting in his first game back, Joe has said it before and will write it again: That move simply demonstrated the vast hole there was on the roster at the safety position.

34 Responses to “Is There A Disconnect With The Bucs?”

  1. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I am so tired of so-called Bucs beat reporters coming up with nothing but negative articles.

    I swear, I’d fire the lot of them and start from scratch if I was in charge.

  2. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Heaven forbid he report on how the Bucs had a better showing in the game than the previous two weeks.

  3. mjmoody Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the idea that the addition of a good player highlighting the complete lack of talent at a given position. I thought Foster did that early on to the LB corps. As far as Jackson running out with the flag, it’s a show. They want fans in seats and many fans were anxiously awaiting Jackson’s return. He certainly did his part in that game. Isn’t that part of the marketing of the NFL–“He paid his debt so he deserves a second chance.”

  4. Jesse Says:

    I wish Adrian Peterson was in the bucs locker room, joe lol

  5. 941-Bucs Says:


    When did we get Adrian Peterson? hehe i know that was a typo, prolly ment Mason Foster in that spot.

    Anyways, when it is a fan base you are trying to please. A few bad apples can ruin the bunch. With players like Aqib Talib and all the non sense he causes. If he played Pro Bowl caliber people forget the mistakes and issues. But while he isn’t playing up to that potential and we still have him starting shines a negative light on the coaches, who by the way the fans are one really bad game from calling for his head as it is..

    The problems with the fan base isn’t anyone on the roster or side lines. It is directly from the owners. They have proven for the last 10 years. They are NOT interested in giving out the proper funding for a championship team. This is the BIGGEST of all the issues fans have with this team. The Bucs will not get fans back unless the owners can prove it’s worth spending a few hundred dollars to go see a game. Cuz as it stands now. If the owners don’t want to pony up the money to make a team worth watching. Then the fans don’t want to pony up the money to come see em. simple as that.

  6. Jake Says:

    Excellent article. I am a big Bucs fan but do not disagree with any point he raised in that article. Pete, he isn’t paid to be a cheerleader for the Bucs and write sweet syrupy articles. He offers editorials and opinions and is supposed to do so in an objective, unbiased manner whether you like it or not.

  7. macabee Says:

    Although there were some things Shelton said that I could agree with, I’m pretty much sure he has burned his invitation to the Bucs Christmas Party. He went off on the Glazers too. Good for him!!

  8. FlBoy84 Says:

    Seems the distrust and disregard might be more towards Rah, Dominik and the apathetic owners. Have mentioned recently that the organization could garner some connection by the simple gesture of having the players salute the fans that do show up. It’s a simple, probably overlooked item that the Lightning do after a game, but as a fan it does add a feeling that the players and the organization appreciate you being there, it’s not just about them emptying your wallet. The three Bucs games I’ve made it to so far this year were more remembered for poor football and even worse food/bev service.

  9. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Shelton was right on. Great job Gary. With the exception of a few sheep, the communitu at large has rejected this cheap excuse for a nfl franchise.

    BTW- there arent positives things to say when you have lost 4 in a row, 5 out of 6, are getting blown out repeatedly, team cant sellout, season ticket base at a decade and a half low – and most of all – NOBODY CARES.

    The moment rah rah was hired then produced a 3-13 and was retained, the community has tuned this fraud out and wont return until there are wholesale changes.

  10. Jeff Says:

    I agree with thomas 2.2. It’s unfortunate that every Bucs team must be compared to the Gruden-Dungy-Brooks-Sapp-Lynch-Allstott-Dunn-Barber once-in-a-lifetime group, but there is simply not enough talent, character, and personality on this team to make it something the community as a whole can connect with. Posters on this site should remember that they are the exception not the rule, most people have many other interests that take priority over football coverage and blog site analysis. The average fan needs to be entertained and admire the players. Certainly the Glazers have hurt themselves tremendously in public perception. The combination of cheap ownership (perception is reality), lower character players, miserable effort and sometimes unwatchable performance, and lack of dynamic community presence by players is a recipe for low attendance and interest.

  11. Bobby Says:

    So, Thomas & Jeff…what you’re saying is that if we start off next year at 6-1 you believe the stadium should be sold out and you’ll be on here cheering on the Bucs and GMC right???

  12. Eric Says:

    Totally spot on Thomas 2.2.

    I can just imagine the discontent when they bring Raheem back for another year.

    Then do nothing in FA.

    But your point is well taken – not many care anymore. The heard is dwindling.

  13. frige bob Says:

    Adrian Peterson is a helluva guy, not sure what he has to do with the bucs though.

  14. Jeff Says:

    Bobby–in a word, no. Although 6-1 would help, the point is that it’ll take more than winning to turn the community back to this franchise. They have done everything possible to burn all the good will from the Super Bowl years. The average fan is angry about what’s happening. Period. If the Glazers would address the problem comprehensively as Vinik did with the Lightning, you’d start to see results quickly as you’re seeing with them. Unfortunately it does start with getting the wallets out, which for some reason does not appear likely.

  15. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Bobby – I personally would be thrilled with a 6-1 start, so long as it is not followed by 1-8 – which is conceivable with a rah rah inconsistent and undisciplined team.

    The problem: the average fan has already formed the opinion that rah rah is only the coach to save money, and this rebuild notion is a new excuse for the low budget/payroll. Opinions once formed are virtually impossible to change.

    To eliminate apathy, you must through out thr current rejected cheap model and bring in a fisher or cowher and 2 significant free agents and 1 or 2 mid level fa’s.

  16. Wade Says:

    Anyone who purchases tickets to watch ‘professional” sporting events is a moron.

  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Cowher is not coming to Tampa, Thomas. Get over it and move on.

  18. Eric Says:

    Raheem Morris stinks as a DC and head coach. Get over it and move on.

  19. K2theSoldier Says:

    Nothing quite like media members speaking for the fan base. I absolutely can’t stand that. Also Joe, Gerald is a great guy but from what I’ve read on here people can’t stand him, both because of his attitude and the fact that he hasn’t had a Suh-like career yet. Stupid, yes, but it is what it is.

    Every fan on this site has jumped off the bandwagon, and it’ll prove my point that we have a front running fanbase once the team improves and everybody comes back. Our fan base is different than most die-hards in that the second things look bad everybody quits on the team and stops supporting it. Pathetic.

  20. Joe Says:


    For better or worse, fair or unfair, GMC will always be compared to Suh because of where they were drafted.

  21. 941-Bucs Says:

    I semi agree with a lot of points here. I think this team does need a drastic change.

    A. a New Head Coach OR a New Offense Coord and a Defense Coord
    B. Some Stars. Simply put big names fill seats.
    C. a couple F/A potential stars
    D. <<< the most important in my eyes. NEW OWNERS ( possibly ones that care more about winning and this football team. Then all there little businesses and money hoarding.

    The Owners are Cheap, The coach is more of a friend to the players instead of the boss and can't control the team, The magic Dominik had evaluating talent is GONE, The OC calls weak trick plays, and we basically have a college team in the NFL with possibly 5 Stars total. Freeman, LGB, Haynesworth, Foster, and Barber. but 3 out of 5 are still REALLY new and learning the game, 1 has a diva past, and Barber. well he's the ish. Of course no one is going to care about the team. The owners obviously don't. Jerry Jones is a retard but at least all he wants is a winning team and does what ever he can to produce one.

  22. 941-Bucs Says:

    Also i mentioned this on another fan site. Florida is horrible with fans. We have WAY to many options. We have what 3 NFL teams, 4-6 college teams, 2 NBA teams, and a few NHL teams. All with in reach from any point in Florida with a couple hour drive. If one team isn’t doing good. We move onto the next team. It’s sad but true!

  23. 941-Bucs Says:

    oh don’t let me forget, a few MLB teams too.

  24. K2theSoldier Says:

    If I read one more comment about how Raheem can’t control the locker room I am going to go insane…..That is such an unfair and ignorant comment it blows my mind.

  25. K2theSoldier Says:

    And that’s true 941 Bucs, there are a lot of choices in Florida.

  26. 941-Bucs Says:

    K2 no one is saying it just to say it. The proof is in the pudding. The penalties and the tempers that flare on the football field and a few that have off the field issues. IE Aqib and Tanard. Yet both still play and both are considered the starters. Even when Talib cost us the game with a personal foul.. he still got to play the next week. Yet Geno gets benched. If you see things like that on say the Pats, Saints etc etc teams The coach would have already chewed them out and benched em till they got the point this is a Professional job in which you get paid millions. To act like a child is unacceptable except here in Tampa.

    I’ve always gave Raheem the benefit of the doubt, but the body language from the team is proving otherwise.

  27. K2theSoldier Says:

    No. People are saying it because they need somebody to blame for the players actions, besides the players themselves. These are grown men! What is Raheem supposed to do that he hasn’t already? Bring out the whip? Waterboard them? People always conveniently ignore the times when Raheem has chewed his guys out on the sidelines; Talib during the Bears game, Blount after he hit the guy in the face mask, Sunday when he chewed the linebackers out and benched Geno.
    You saw the depth we have at corner against the Packers and Falcons when they spread us out and threw a lot; pretty ugly isn’t it? Yet you’d be willing to bench our best cover corner? Of course he’s going to play. Geno was benched because he sucks. We didn’t have a huge penalty problem like this last year, so did Raheem suddenly forget how to discipline his players?

    We have so many people on this site that want to relentlessly criticize the coaching and his discipline yet have no realistic ways to fix it!

  28. McBuc Says:

    K2…Not everyone has jumped ship. I have always been and will always be a Bucs fan. I will support any coach and GM they hire. I agree with the A Traib, the mistakes and penalties are a product of youth, and players have to go through them on their own. maybe it is time to go after a couple more vets, but we do have a few on board as it is. I made it through the early years, and this is nothing compared to the 80’s and early 90’s.

    All you do gooders, was Gruden a chump for letting Pit and the King of Turds play in Tampa? Thise two had crimes worse than talib and Jackson.

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Big difference between your statement and mine. Yours is an opinion, and a very questionable one at that. Especially coming from just a “fan”. What expertise do you have in analyzing the ability of a coach? Where did you coach? Who were you a GM for? Where did you play pro football? I think it’s safe to say you just talk out of your arse, as we pretty much all do.

    I don’t see Cowher coming here. No credible source has him even returning to coaching, period. He’s been out for quite a while, and he doesn’t seem that interested to return. Even if he did, he’s probably going to want to take a team loaded with talent in its prime (I know I would if I was in his position). Tampa is not exactly primed and ready. But I guess in your opinion, Cowher would have had us in the Super Bowl this year, because it is all coaching. If only some of you people would take a step back and realize how stupid you sound.

  30. BamBamBuc Says:

    My question… If there is so much apathy, if truly NOBODY CARES… they why post here? Why not find a team you care about? Or is that simply false? Do the fans still care but simply have other notions of how to “fix” the problems? Based on all the banter about Olsen and Morris and even Dom, my guess is the fan base isn’t lost, they do still care, they simply have different opinions of how to turn this team into playoff contenders.

    I’m not one to jump up and down, screaming and yelling mid-season for changes that will likely further damage this season. I may not be happy with the losses and what they’ve looked like, but I don’t think wholesale changes mid-season correct the problem this season. If we’re looking to next season, make the changes in the off-season. But seriously, what good does it do to bitch and moan day in and day out about things now. There’ll be plenty of time in January, February, etc.

  31. FunkyMunkey Says:

    Easy fix with a little bit of luck involved. Draft Quinten Couples in the first round. I think we will end up with the 6th pick in the draft. If so Couples should be there. He would solidify one of our DE spots for years to come. Then in the second with a little luck, draft LB Zac Brown. Beast of a WLB that would pair great with Mason Foster.

    These guys are both UNC players whom I’ve watched for a few years now. Fans would have two new players to love and would shore up our defense. And if he turns pro. Hopefully in the third round draft another UNC player. The CB Brown who was suspended last year. Paired with Talib, would give us great production on all three levels on defense. Come on Tampa lose everygame for the rest of the year. Wins now will only hurt us when it comes to draft picks.

    And honestly there will be some good talent at the end of round one. I think its time to trade a future 1st if the right person is there. I personally would like to see Robert Griffith III around pick 28. Gives us a great backup QB and would offer great trade bait a couple years down the road and gives us great insurance incase “scared to type this” Freeman were to get hurt or continue throwing picks. And truth be told, I think RGIII might be better than Freeman in the pros. His athleticism with Blount, Williams, Benn, Parker…yes sir. That might be a real “dream team”.

  32. Mr. Lucky Says:

    HawaiiBuc – Proof is in the Bucs record, it’s in the fact that the Bucs DC/HC has the Bucs ranked 31/32 in defense.

    As for all you people thinking/talking about draft picks – why bother? The current coaches can’t get these kids to step it up anyway. You can have all the high draft picks you want but without good coaching (i.e., mentors and learning) what difference does it make? The rookie Andy Dalton – second round selection looks a lot better than OUR #17 overall pick who has 2 years experience! Why? Better coaching and play calling.

    Let’s face it most people have done to the Bucs what the Bucs did against the Texans – given up.

  33. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Mr. Lucky,

    That is a good point about the defense, and you may very well be right. I would, however, remind you that the team was gutted of all veterans, so we are having to play players that typically would not be playing on a more veteran team. I know that was a decision made by the organization and backed up publicly by Morris, but you are a fool if you think Morris REALLY wanted to do that. Any coach would want to be in a situation that gives him the best opportunity to win NOW, but that was simply not the case with Morris.

    I really hate the argument of looking at his total record and judging him. That’s also not fair of Gruden either (whom I believe barely made it over 500). I care more about last year than 2009. I care more about this year than 2010. As I’ve said many times, if we continue down this hill, then it will be hard to argue against a coaching change. However, if we finish strong, then I don’t see how you can get rid of him (as a HC at least).

    I will say this, no matter what happens with our team and our coach, I will still support the team. I will not be a crybaby little girl like so many of the people on this site if I don’t agree with the hire. I don’t believe in acting like I know more than the experts, and I will never understand why so many “fans” truly believe they know more than the experts.

  34. FunkyMunkey Says:

    I hope we don’t fire Raheem if we continue to lose this year. Our players are young just like our coach. They need time to build cohesiveness and adjust to eachother. We still need a ton of help on defense. I didn’t like the McCoy pick or Price. We have made some great additions on offense. But our D. needs a ton of help. We need help on all three levels.